Month: September 2011

Choose Consulting

In the world of consulting comes in a variety of reasons. Women and men who have the most varied experience in the most unusual, and sometimes areas. Having a different status and position in society. With the most daring and very, objectives and hopes. I know of so far three most important reasons for this are: 1.

Some stupidly tired "to work for his uncle," selling the most valuable thing we have – time, days and hours of their personal lives for, not always an adequate salary. 2. Second burn use its expertise to help its clients 3. Others simply hope to cut down some money on the side of each owner can now use the more flexible modern business model. He is able to attract outside experts, without having to state his or when they do not satisfy its requirements in the conduct of affairs. You've probably often see among their friends, as they or someone else, provide consulting services, it is legally and effectively adding to your budget. And while many believe that the main reason that most go to counseling – it's money, yet, in many respects they are wrong.

It's not quite true. Naturally, many are konsaltery really big money with this silly argument. However, most people come to counseling are not limited to the size of your bank account. Each of us understands perfectly, or in any one area. For example, you worked for many years as a lawyer in real estate. As a friend of mine Maxim Grishakov.

Successful Business, Phone

Successful telephone calls part of a successful business. Where managers are trained to properly and effectively speak on the phone, customers are happy, loyal, and ready to apply again. Circulated the view that on the phone are able to say everything, and it's partly true. But the conversations are different. There is a huge difference between the business phone calls and conversations of two friends yesterday about the film. With friends and colleagues to chat many do not mind and it can do well, but why it is important to learn to conduct business by telephone? Because there are a number of important features. 1.Phone negotiations is strictly targeted action, leading to planned results. 2.Telefon one of the most important means of making money (or losing them).

3.Telefonnye negotiations require brevity and clarity of expression, which is provided with special training, thoughtful discussion of possible scenarios. 4. Need to present their arguments, views as vividly and lucidly. How does it – you can learn in detail the training 'expert of speech influence'. 5. Telephone calls require high skills and voice emotions displayed by voice. These are the only instruments of impact, in addition to the credibility of the content of speech. To learn more about the negotiations as a whole can in the training 'Negotiations undefeated.

" Just phone calls are different from those that occur directly to the man – when it can be seen. 1. During the telephone is no non-verbal contact, no information about facial expressions, gestures, posture, the other person. Up to 70-80% of the information is transmitted non-verbally, that is through the visual channel of perception, so only listen carefully to the voice and influence, using intonation, loudness, timbre, and other parameters, creating and passing the desired emotional state. Manage voice and his speech, to achieve high results can be learned at the training "Erickson's hypnosis." 2.Po phone can not demonstrate what you are saying the only way to gain confirmation of your argument is a set of emotions transmitted by voice. 3.If you call, you can catch a person not in the best mood. He may be upset, sad, depressed feelings, and so forth. The main thing in this case to be able to hear and understand the emotional state of the interlocutor. 4.B telephone conversations easier to deny than to personal ones. In Eventually, the caller can simply initiate a 'disconnection', and instead you will hear his consent telephone dial tone. 5.Vy not seen, during a telephone conversation, your buddy can interfere with, distract outsiders people. Therefore, it is important to 'hear' the state of inattention to respond and be sure that you not only listen but also hear. 6.B telephone communication most misunderstandings, inaccuracies, misunderstandings as a result of the above, misinterpretation of what he heard in the absence of visual observation of the companion. Thus, any talk on the phone to work it – talks which have their own characteristics, their knowledge and skills of successful telephone lead either to attract customers, increase profits, create a favorable image of the company, or a loss of customers, money, reputation.

Internet Business

What profit can be obtained by doing business on the Internet? It's no secret that the Internet – one of the most rapidly growing areas of our lives, a virtual world that exists independently of our consciousness. Every day updated with the audience of Internet users and hence, new respondents, who may need your products or services. It is difficult to imagine the huge number of people who are looking for a network exactly what you can offer them, and can not find just because you do not have an Internet resource. What is a "Site for Business"? The answer is very simple – it is a site that makes money. Many people ask the question "- whether it is possible developing a website to increase sales of goods and services? "Of course! Every day, millions of people in Russia use search engines such as,, etc. People are looking for goods, services, information and write in the search bar so called "key phrases". Take the example of the key phrase "cell phones" and see the search results in Yandex.

You will see more than 150 million matches! This suggests that trafficking of cellular phones in Russian Internet has gained a very tangible dimensions. But, in fact, is not the point. Let's talk about the attendance of those Internet resources which are in the first lines in the search engine Yandex for these keywords: Number queries per month on the words "mobile phone" based on a search engine Yandex statistics: – 199 293 requests per month – 6600 queries a day – on a site located on the first line, for "cell phones" in the search results pass at least 10% of applicants, ie, at least 660 people daily and about 20,000 people a month. It can therefore be a logical conclusion that, of course, not all those people who write the word "cell phones" are ready to go to the first caught site and order a cell phone. Let us take the basis of the so-called "minimum" – 1% of total visitors to the site is located on the first line and we will consider them as "real clients". We get about 6-7 customers daily and about 200 a month. Sincerely, "Elite-Studio" Web Design for Business

Internet Business

I decided to make its own study and determine the number of people interested in the work on the Internet or already making money on the web. First of all, I have determined the most popular queries that users ask search engines. earnings in the Internet business on the Internet 55 123 41 467 41 103 online earn work at 37 785 home to find work in the Internet work on the Internet 36 980 26 843 26 843 earnings in the internet how to make a network 13 283 12 008 Internet commerce work on the internet earn money online 7401 6921 work Internet site to make 6344 3986 3291 Internet business looking for a job on the internet in 2559 earn online 939 work at 795 of the Internet As a result, about 55 thousand people daily interest earnings on the Internet, but only every 17th person has the idea of how to implement it. Indicator is the query 'to make the site'. Its 7% of the respondents were asked. Although this type of income is the simplest and most profitable on the Internet. Freelance I include in the study did not, because a separate form of the linear and the business is not a great attitude.

Conclusion: There is a vast field for activity. Every day, thousands of people looking for information that can help them implement their ideas, but not everyone knows where to begin. Postscript: This year, the Public Opinion Foundation conducted a study of the number of Internet users in Russia. According to a study in 2008 the number of users has increased by almost 4% and 29% of the total population – 32.7 million people. This means that the Internet audience will grow even quite a long time. Options to grow your business a huge amount. Work in the information market is not the problem from the lungs, together with the prospects of huge! Do it or not – the choice is yours!

Russian Products

How much can you earn? Earnings will be respectable and business will pay off in a few months or a year. You need to understand that there is no need to join as many sales, thinking this: the more selling, the more get profit … you will deliver products of the villages lying near, and there a village, not a warehouse of vegetables! Can grow to ten times more vegetables than there (in the countryside) are grown now, just need something a couple of tons of biological additives and other chemicals, but if your shop is not how it is different from the thousands of others, and this is a failure of the business. Therefore it is better less but better. It is better to raise the price of products rather than selling stuffed with food. So same as the version you can supply products from different villages. And remember the motto of your company – The quality of products first.

Although sounds simple, but still:) The second way. One option for healthy food business we have considered, but This business does not end there. The second option I like the idea, as it requires less costly and has little competition, which is very attractive today. The principle is the same as in the first contract is sluchae6 to farms or private persons residing in the village to grow organic vegetables and fruits. But further there is something that we do not open interesnoe6 shop, and open office …, but it was the office. Why the office we will tell you! A everything is artfully … The essence of business is in the exclusive supply of fresh products to individuals, ie the rich Pinocchio:) Our country has a lot of rich people and people with average incomes.

Most of them cares about their health and their loved ones, buy filtered water, all kinds of air cleaners and stuff, forgetting about what they eat. Well, actually I think the idea is clear: open the firm to contract, remove the warehouse, hiring staff, including couriers (and you thought to be products will be delivered directly to your home), give the ads and the like. Summing up, I can say that both types of business can be very popular and profitable, if approached with care. So those who do not know what to do go ahead, a small competition – a business profitable with a relatively low cost. Under item 2, I can say that this is only a few major cities in Russia. On This business is booming west for several years …

Sony Vaio

This is a rather small segment, so you can build a point Unique communication with them. A little later, when attention is captured by the first segment, direct communication to the massive task forces, and supported by the opinion of innovators your messages very effectively to achieve the goals. Sometimes entire sectors of outliving its relevance under the influence of competition of substitute products. Traditional print izdaniyanahodyatsya today under serious pressure the Internet. However, some players in this market find vozmonosti maintain and even business competitors in the vacated segment. For example, the appearance of a pocket-sized glossy magazine – a great idea to increase loyalty in the segment of passenger public transport, which is not decreasing.

There are many other unique opportunities for business, the 'falling' markets, and entrepreneurial flair and imagination – the key to this market secrets. As do pioneer of conservative? Basics of the propensity to innovate or are conservative in attitudes. As we know, can not be installed virtually transformed by outside influence, so transform an innovator in the conservative or vice versa can only uncontrollable factors: time, lifestyle, social environment, consumer confidence, the stage of the life cycle and so on. It is theoretically possible to affect only laying installation on new product categories or specific products just entering the market, especially if the degree of novelty of these proposals are relatively high. In fact, the very purpose of the transformation described consumer types is questionable. Each of these segments has its own features in terms of business. Of course, the ease of making innovative and captivating loyalty of conservatives, but combining these properties in one person can not by nature.

Innovator and as such is only because they can easily throw back and rushes to the new. Tory, on the other hand, balances the rate of progress and give the same chances conservative producers. As far as innovation and the relative conservatism? Very often, the lectures have heard remarks like 'I'm very conservative in dress and food, but buy every new model of mountain ski, because I'm a fan of winter sports! So who am I: an innovator or a conservative? " From this model the segmentation made to exclude areas from which the user is connected at the level of the profession, hobby, hobbies, or other special circumstances. Of course, a dedicated artist will not pass by a new brush, but it has nothing to do with psychological features of his personality. In general, the category of 'innovator' and 'conservative' are not relative. As mentioned above, innovation and conservatism, as risk appetite or excessive fearfulness, are due to the properties of nature, rather than the degree of involvement in the subject market. Results previously mentioned research agency Quans Research confirms this hypothesis completely. Instead of a postscript. This article is the first material that is created on a new computer from MacBookAir of Apple, the author purchased a laptop instead of Sony Vaio. Moreover, it is the first in the life of the author of thirty-five article written by the operating system MacOS. Innovation – it's not easy:)

Air Containers

Percentage of freight containers, compared with other ways of transportation increases, despite the crisis. The development of this form of transport is the percentage growth of no less than the existing ones. Traffic volume will grow as construction of new multi-modal container yards. As practice shows, the terminals for the transportation of cargo containers are needed in each locality with a population of half a million inhabitants. Container transportation have tangible benefits. Reducing the need for storage space – one of them. The container has a roof, so no need to find special storage facilities and terminals built for them.

Especially in Russia it is very important because the lack of effect of warehouses. Another advantage is not required loaders. Typically, the work overload by a special crane. That, in general automates this process and leads to faster delivery. And environmental conditions for the part does not affect the transport and cargo safety. Container shipping is economically beneficial to various businesses. Benefits can be obtained during transportation, as various consumer goods and food, clothing, footwear and household appliances.

It is possible to carry bulk cargo in specialized containers. In this case, a special technology, and it is also beneficial. Now the main railway transportation is carried out containers. The owners of cargo moving away from the usual method of loading bulk. They understand that the rail transport containers provide them additional features, including the cargo. Unfortunately rail transport containers have their difficulties. One of the disadvantages – lack of specialized rolling stock. For example, for Rail tonnage container used container platforms. But their number in circulation transport companies are not very large. Fitting platforms in this country produce more plants.