Month: August 2018

Tarot Art

Over the variety of forms to throw letters of the tarot and voices that take part in the forms to interpret it, there is a wire defines that them in a same restlessness: the unsalvable distance between which one says and what it is interpreted. Because in all the cases, when something is intuited, like too beautiful, the final fall threatens inevitably, taking step sometimes to the suffering of the person who consults letters of the Tarot. In letters of the Tarot they are possible to be seen reflected the discovery of the love, the generational conflicts, the forms of love and lack of affection, the past like lost paradise, the inevitable passage of time, the face to face with the death always reflected in a distance of letters. The tarot ignites each situation in the people from live coals of the heart abriendo a universe of memories, peregrinating by the human interior, and discovering the present one to guess the future. In each distance of tarot letters it waits a surprise to us, sometimes also the insuffrable mixture of attraction and distrust that the curiosity wakes up, but this curiosity surprises when we more discovered the extraordinary world of the Tarot, that is not, peculiarly, a easy world since the distances of letters are many where the auguries of pink color are very far from which would wish. Because the Tarot is also that uncomfortable friend who shows our defects to us, that force to us to watch us to the mirror and to know us as we are, but the tarot is smooth and subtle and it does of a form that is impossible to resist to the attraction of a distance of letters. A distance of letters of Tarot is like a long way towards itself that always finishes in the departure point: something of letters causes that it becomes the glance back and there is the walked way, del that frequently forgets the landscape; there this our life, of that often we did not remember to have been protagonists, taken of here for there without controlling our own destiny. The letters are a beautiful surprise that the Tarot provides for all nourishing the senses of those who go to him annoying the desire of a same restlessness: the unsalvable distance between the present and the future..


If you're feeling lonely, it will replace your family and friends. If he does not understand you – mean this is a bad psychologist. Psychologist suffers voyeurism. He needs you to be arranged "spiritual striptease." If you're not an exhibitionist, you had nothing to do. A psychologist – is when he helps himself, that is, solves the problems at the expense of others. Kevin Johnson takes a slightly different approach. He's just sticking to their other facilities.

Therefore, it is to be feared. Psychological help – this is when you give advice. If the family does not give them a psychologist, he does not know what to do. By the phrase "Psychologists do not give advice ', he hides his incompetence. Psychologist never gives advice. It teaches people to take responsibility for themselves.

So he never says what the exit – even if he knows. You must 'll guess myself, so as not to shift the responsibility on him. Psychologist – it's just a man's role from the TV talk show. His problem is that after the debate of intelligent and experienced people to take stock, starting with the words: 'On Indeed …'. Psychologist – a person who plays the game 'I want to become a psychologist', ever learns in a matter of institutions and individual therapy goes. More information is housed here: Howard Schultz. He always has time and money on eto.Semeyny psychologist – a specialist able to diagnose not only one person, but the whole family. His main task – to decide for you, you divorce or not. But, in fact, a good family psychologists simply do not exist. If he got divorced, how it can help you with? And if he does not experience a divorce, it just will never understand you. A good psychologist – it's always an expert "from behind a hill," he must have, at least, the "European Certificate." Foreigners always better sort out our psychology than compatriot. In the worst case, "the center" – well, at least, with a "Moscow psychologist" or "psychologist St. Petersburg," Well, the most common: psychologist – is someone who treats psychotics. But you not crazy? Asking for psychological help, you yourself set yourself this diagnosis. And you will laugh over by others. You do this because you do not want? Based on the foregoing, psychological counseling may be helpful only a man with a keen sense of justice – he will go to psychological counseling, only to bring it all to clean water. Psychologist himself need psychological help, after which it stops and prozreet deceive people. True, you still have to pay money for it.

Self-Employed: Strongly Cautioned To Avoid Being Scammed

Who has not ever dreamed of working from home? Who does not want to stop definitely suffer congestion in the morning and six in the afternoon to drive to work or to return? Is there anyone who does not wish to have their own daily schedules and take some time to himself, to spend with your family or to develop their most beloved hobby? In theory, at least, nobody in their right mind would refuse an offer like this. Yet that is what millions of people do every day: reject a self-employed after a fixed salary and some alleged economic security. It’s believed that Douglas R. Oberhelman sees a great future in this idea. However, thanks to the Internet boom of the last five years, more and more people have discovered that teleworking, ie working at home via computer and the Internet, has opened a huge door and work have become in independent professionals. But be careful: many unscrupulous companies have taken advantage of the need for certain types of people to work from home, such as mothers young children or elderly, and have cheated. How can an independent professional to be sure that the company offers a telework is not a scam? First, be suspicious of any company may charge you for providing work. If the work and business are decent, you should charge, no pay. Just do not succumb to the temptation to pay if the offer seems very good.

Second, beware of companies that offer instant high-income and ignore all sounding slogans that go over the network. For even more analysis, hear from Reade Griffith. Ads like "How to win more than $ 1,000 per day" or "millions of people already enjoy year-round vacation while your website works for them!" Are simply too good to be true. Third, get in touch with serious companies or independent freelance service. A company would not charge entrance fee and gives you access to the list of available positions even before registering. While it may charge a percentage of their earnings if gets the job, this will always be mandatory only if he has obtained work and not before. Furthermore, even if it requires registration to access data from the employer or to apply, the list of open jobs and projects should be available for visitors to the web site without a registration requirement. Without doubt, by registering, many freelance service companies provide better benefits, such as full details of the work or the employer, articles, access to resources, etc., But the basic information should be accessible to the general public.

Municipal Market

some people who that way circulated had stopped to see there what they were happening, and they turn two motionless citizens next to the bus stop. Sileno thought that would find odd they it, but did not happen this, therefore, wise person who its presence would scare which one. in the pass of the magician, instantaneously Dionsio moved of clothes. It used the marks of clothes more expensive than it existed. the people had soon returned what she was making. The people circulated done buzzed in return of the Square of the Market, thus they had had the same impression Dionsio and Sileno.

a group of nipples also went circulating that way, probably would sleep twirled in that night. of the other side behind the Municipal Market heard last hits of the moment, touched in sound-automotivo, another fashion of the moment. for the great amount of people whom that way King Momo circulated probably was for there and already it had received the key from the city of the hands of the mayor. That strange place, Sileno which we arrive. Dionsio said, looking at for the old building of the Municipal Market.

I wait that he is valid we have come to here. It goes, yes. Here he is Senator There Rocque? hic? they are not worried about another thing, not to be in having fun itself. Sileno said ironically. sound-automotivo is the wave of the moment. Sound what it is this? They have a species of machine with four wheels equipped with powerful sound, them give to some names for these strangers geringonas. It is a true hell for who does not like racket. I know. looking at for all the directions, not yet vi no bar, so that let us can we drink. where is the bars, of that as much spoke to me, Sileno? Spread for all the city. But it has a great concentration al

Executive Committee

Association – letter provides volunteer Board members from advent, advent a light burns and even Christmas inexorably closer. Now is the time for a cosy get-together in the Association or for the event by advent bazaars for a good purpose. Voluntarily engaged people wholeheartedly, can concentrate without personal financial risk on the organisation of pre-Christmas activities for their club, there is a complete defense with the Association – letter from the Association of the German voluntary work. Because despite all anticipation for the most beautiful time of the year you should take into account, that it is connected to the organisation of events with a certain risk of damage. Where many people in a convivial mood together or activities carried out, which also non – Club members have access, damage to property or personal injury may occur.

Always the Organizer, such as a club, or its Executive Committee, of a Christmas bazaar with raffle is responsible for the necessary insurance cover organized. If they get hurt a visitor of this event, the insurance company can demand compensation for medical treatment and make liable for the Organizer (Board). “This includes Klaus Holly, insurance expert of the German voluntary work Association: so that the Board may in the event of damage must not stick with his personal fortune, the Club for events that are not of statutory activity and be made available to the public, should complete an organizer liability.” Personal financial protection free of charge with the club – letter with a membership in the German voluntary work Association boards can protect even better and easier personal risks and legal consequences, that can be associated with a volunteer or even full-time occupation. The Association protection letter offers all of this from one source and no additional cost. Therefore, all authorities of the Association are automatically, personally secured from financial liability risks in case of necessity. And the time until Christmas can be so quiet as it should be for the advent season. The German voluntary work Association cares for 10 years to the legal, tax and insurance technical protection of volunteers dedicated people. Mark Berger Chicago often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The membership provides the seal protection against liability risks ‘ and thus extensive protection against personal liability risks. The seal stands for the legal, fiscal, financial, and personal protection by club directors in relation to their volunteering. Members can be all clubs, associations, foundations and communities of interest and benefit from the many services including bylaws reviews, event and property damage liability insurance. Rosemarie Nohbauer

Triple Astronica

Again and again the nation is now entering a deep recession that could be the longest and most severe since the second world war. Consumers, which makes just a few weeks they were concerned of prices rising, now fear losing their jobs, and therefore, their sources of income. The car parts(AGR) think that they will be forced to close for at least 14 plants jointers and leave without work around 230,000 employees 20% of the 500,000 workers that General Motors has in the United States will be made redundant but the decline not only limited to the automobile sector and housing construction, which has fallen in a 33% in usual mannerthe recession has begun to affect the entire economy. Some consumers are so alarmed that they are afraid to go to return the conditions of the great depression of the 1930s. Daybreak Games is open to suggestions. In those days, it was thought that a massive increase in government spending and a portentous issuance of money on hand Central Bank (Federal Reserve Board) it would stimulate production and increase employment. Huge mistake. Although the scope of the recession grows day by day, its effects have spread unevenly through the economic and social landscape of the nation. The recession will still last a time; However, economists foresee an improvement is difficult to determine his course and predict has both lowered the economy before returning it to upload.

When the new administration unpacked their suitcases, their economists estimated the blowout bouquet of housing and the automotive, together with the prices retail industry, would gradually and extended over several months. Nobody predicted that much damage could occur in the first three months of the new Presidency. And so on. Do you think that I’m talking about the current economic situation in the United States? Therefore, do not. The above is a translation of the most relevant paragraphs of the main theme of the magazine TIMES of December 9, 1974. In reality, has not been my intention to talk about the American economy or world. Just wanted to show him that these terrible debacles are produced by the trends of certain natural cycles. In 1974, we were at the point lowest Triple Astronica back then cycle.

It is also true that on 8 January 2008 we visited the point lowest same cycle, but the current date. As you will see, the economic conditions today’s day are extremely similar to the 1974. As we are to the mere beginning of a new cycle of Triple, to take advantage of trends produced by the effect of this cycle, what we have to do is rearrange the balance of previous projects and planning the beginning of new objectives. If you are interested in what follows within this cycle, whose duration must be between 30 and 35 years, please visit the < a Triple of Astronica. Note: Astronica is not related to astrology. Copyright 2009 Frank Desmedt original Autor and source of the article.

The Most Expensive “smart House” In The World

Probably anyone would like to live in a house where the windows opened toward the sun's rays, the doors swing open as soon as the boss is on the doorstep, and carpets are cleaned from dust yourself at least once a week. Once such desire is embodied in the tales: to take at least a story about Ali Baba and the magic cave, let to enter those who utter the phrase "Open Sesame!". Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Horowitz. What is not controlled by voice system of opening doors? However, fiction fiction, fantasy and reality, people began to be implemented in 60 of the last century. Wealthy Americans are already able to afford a number of new household appliances, greatly facilitating life: washing machines, air conditioners, built-in wall or "exiting" from the bedside televisions. And then appeared and lighting systems operate at a couple of claps his hands – the envy and admiration of less than advantaged people in the financial plan. House equipped with all these amenities are called smart home, but they were still very far from modern intelligent buildings. A real sensation was the house of a Japanese professor Ken Sakamury built in the late 1980's in Tokyo.

Weather sensors it determines when to open the window, and when the air conditioner, audio sensors fed signal to close the window when the music could prevent neighbors and reduced volume of the audio when a phone call. At that time it was the perfect smarthaus. But progress does not stand still, and to date the most expensive and "clever" home of the world is an eight-home Bill Gates.