Tarot Art

Over the variety of forms to throw letters of the tarot and voices that take part in the forms to interpret it, there is a wire defines that them in a same restlessness: the unsalvable distance between which one says and what it is interpreted. Because in all the cases, when something is intuited, like too beautiful, the final fall threatens inevitably, taking step sometimes to the suffering of the person who consults letters of the Tarot. In letters of the Tarot they are possible to be seen reflected the discovery of the love, the generational conflicts, the forms of love and lack of affection, the past like lost paradise, the inevitable passage of time, the face to face with the death always reflected in a distance of letters. The tarot ignites each situation in the people from live coals of the heart abriendo a universe of memories, peregrinating by the human interior, and discovering the present one to guess the future. In each distance of tarot letters it waits a surprise to us, sometimes also the insuffrable mixture of attraction and distrust that the curiosity wakes up, but this curiosity surprises when we more discovered the extraordinary world of the Tarot, that is not, peculiarly, a easy world since the distances of letters are many where the auguries of pink color are very far from which would wish. Because the Tarot is also that uncomfortable friend who shows our defects to us, that force to us to watch us to the mirror and to know us as we are, but the tarot is smooth and subtle and it does of a form that is impossible to resist to the attraction of a distance of letters. A distance of letters of Tarot is like a long way towards itself that always finishes in the departure point: something of letters causes that it becomes the glance back and there is the walked way, del that frequently forgets the landscape; there this our life, of that often we did not remember to have been protagonists, taken of here for there without controlling our own destiny. The letters are a beautiful surprise that the Tarot provides for all nourishing the senses of those who go to him annoying the desire of a same restlessness: the unsalvable distance between the present and the future..


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