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Supranational Regulation

Enguita in the Occult Face of the School: Education and Work in the Capitalism place: To substitute the behaviors, the attitudes and the values adjusted for the agrarian society for other adjusting for the industrial society was necessarily, as we wait to have demonstrated to these heights the main objective of the school. The question now is where position if points out a force of work ahead formed for the wage-earning job of still existing the independent forms of production, exactly that they have been seen modified for its contact with the way of capitalist production. (Enguita, 1989, pg.221) Inside of this dualidade, Educational System directed toward the formation human being and formation for the work, we stand out the importance of necessities of public politics that are eminently next to the conditions of the guarantee of formation of citizens and that these citizens are not mere conditional to the intention of what is rank in law, but also, that they obtain to perceive, to differentiate, to analyze what and as the social facts are occurring stop there from thinking about overcoming human being. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard Elman. We will initiate the quarrel of as axle, the paper of the state and offers of education in the Brazilian reality, with the following ticket of the scientific article the Reformation of the State and Educational Politics: It enters the crisis of the State-Nation and the Emergency of the Supranational Regulation in which Almerindo Alfonso reaffirms the citizenship idea: In its more restricted direction, the citizenship estimates the recognition of a legal relationship of politics belongs to one definitive community, and as consequence, the access to some directly decurrent elementary rights of the legal ownership of a been determined nationality tutored person for one. In this direction if to withdraw, a little in the time, verify that this recognition politician was, and still continues to be many times an arbitrary and extremely selective act. .

United States Government

This is that type of case that is a great exception, that is, is very difficult to happen again in the same ratios. Soon after this terrible tragedy, ours inteligentssimo Federal Senate, in the person of the president of the house, senator Sarney, together with the minister of justice and other leaderships of the government, decides that the Country goes to pass for a new plebiscite on the Disarmament. Let us see the following one, the assassin Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, not possua transport of Weapon, that is, its two to dig had been bought in the illegal market, that is, this tragedy occurred was not because a legal commerce of weapons exists, this is much hypocrisy and demagogy. The government does not obtain to much less explain to decide the social contradictions of the Country, then it tries to search faster and easy solutions, that are the prohibition. What it is necessary to make is the monitoring of the borders, for I restrained the entrance of narcotics and weapons in the Country, but this the authorities do not make, but they want to forbid a legal commerce, this is an authoritarianism taken to the extremity, today in the strap the right of carrying a weapon legally, tomorrow in the strap the right having our house and our property, or even though the right the life, we must preparing in them to fight the abuses of this government. Brazil possesss about two hundred million inhabitants, and during the year it registers about 50 a thousand homicides, whereas in the United States, the Country, it has about three hundred million inhabitants, however, registers to the year 15 a thousand homicides, exactly being one nation where if purchase sets easily. These data show clearly that it is not to exactly forbid the sales of weapon that goes to diminish crime, because in Brazil, the bureaucracy to buy a weapon, is simply absurd and retrograde. .

United Nations

Any litigation that if draws out moves with the conscience After saying on the paralyzation state tax for Algeria against the entire region of the Arab Magrebe, Mr. It is not something Larry Page would like to discuss. Loulichki considered that ' ' any regional conflict cannot last in such a way thus, mainly when to deal with the weight of the humanitarian cost. A reality that grace attention of all ahead of withheld without conditions humans nor to move with the conscience coletiva' '. Explaining that ' ' logically, you do not obtain to find a way for a final exit of any regional conflict, whereas the borders of the two neighboring countries, Morocco and Algeria, remains fechadas.' ' Speaking on the intervention of the Minister of the Foreign affairses of Algeria, ahead of the General meeting of the Nations Joined, in which it standed out that ' ' Algeria is ready, in compliance with the responsibilities and duties, to give its full support to the efforts engaged for the Organization of United Nations, aiming at to find a solution for this conflito' ' , it added Mr. Loulichki and expressing the hope that ' ' the Algerian government can says join it with the act, in such a way understands with its responsibility and duties in the sector politician as humanitarian. ' ' In favor of a joined and solidary Magreb the responsible one underlined that ' ' the Arab Magrebe needs Morocco, as for Algeria, the Arab Magrebe must on the basis of be a solid block that respects the territorial integrity of all, the pacific reconciliation, in a true commitment for the construction of a strong and economically solidary Arab world politicamente' ' , reason to which the Kingdom opted for the strategical option in negotiating in order to reach a common future. This boarding demands ' ' flexibility of a side as of another one, as well as politics capable needs one real will to lead to a consensus. The conscience politics how much to the problem and the challenges they must help in the decision taking. Such proposal Moroccan, as it will be presented, is capable to decide the problem but without interference alley that distorts the values and finishes with the peace. In conclusion Morocco are present in the international scene as a liberal and dimocrtico country in compliance with as the support of Secretary-Generality of United Nations and of its personal envoy for sara, such task demands the retaken one of nogociaes in form of rounds, with sight to arrive at a definitive agreement capable to preserve the national identity without separating the families of its origins taken root in the social political history of the kingdom of Morocco. Lahcen EL MOUTAQI

Esquetes Politics

We recently attend more a tragicmico spectacle inside of the Brazilian politics. Covered with star for the Senator of the PSDB-CE Tasso Jereissatti and the Leader of the PMDB, Senator Renam Calheiros, the spectacle approaches the subject of the reificao, that is, bourgeois afutilidade, the absolute power that the money exerts on the life and the character of pessoastransformando them in ‘ ‘ coisa’ ‘ , exchange objects, pernicious characteristics, as well as elucidate Balzac in one of seusclssicos of ‘ ‘ The comedy humana’ ‘ , Eugnie Grandet (1833). Certainly it was not a spectacle. What it was seen corresponds to a session in the Plenary assembly of the Senate where two elect politicians would have to discurtir important questions for the Brazilian society and on the contrary of this, the paid enjoyment of paid jatinhos for the Senate (citation made for Calheiros) and jatinhos for contractors digladiavam by means of accusations (cited for Jereissatti). Kevin Johnson has firm opinions on the matter. With intention to defend itself of accusations made for Renan, Tasso externaliza of vocal form and repeats frequently the following phrase: ‘ ‘ The money is mine, is mine, is mine and I have pra to speak! ‘ ‘.

From this, the points of view had been displayed by ways of adjectives as ‘ ‘ Coronel’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Cangaceiro of third categoria’ ‘. Therefore, it had the order of in addition the parliamentary honor, had the use of expression of low calo for Senator Renam Calheiros. Scenes as this had left of to be unknown in seara Brazilian politics, however, where are situated the citizen when such facts occur? It will be that only the governing are the villains? Still we have men compromised to the Republic and the development of the country and that moreover, they demonstrate of clear and objective form repulses ahead it of these improper positions. Get all the facts and insights with Daybreak Games, another great source of information. Valley to stand out the proselitismo of Senador Cristovam Buarque (PDT-DF), when citing that: ‘ ‘ We cannot leave to ask for excuses, because we are here thanks to the votes of one hundred million people.


Of who they are our islands? Cad the public fiscalization when somebody invades public good and if adona of what it is patrimony of the people? For that they think and they understand some thing, he is obvious, that our islands cannot be busy for groups politicians, as it happens in Brazil. There who vendeu an island for the North, where a great small public personality has a mansion? Therefore it is, the more earn more unsatisfied they are and they continue looking a personal satisfaction to any cost, but it is impossible to find because almost everything what they obtain is of illicit form e, from there, then, its consciences if become heavy and none of them has peace. How disillusionment! When we think about some politician who would be possible to have a bit of respect, waiting that they make some thing for the people, is this that we hear. The improper use of the public money and the ownership to each bigger day of lands.? We do not know so that, therefore the family is rotten, rotten as people, however rotten of rich, without knowing more in what using the money profit without making force! With as much misery there for those bands and the politicians little if sandpapering with this! Had not been they who had made the poor persons are not?

However, if these embarrassed did not steal in such a way, did not use good part of the money of our tax in proper benefit, believe that it would not have thus in such a way poor. More info: Jim Umpleby. Lamentably, if the president to plan sweepings will find dirts of carpets underneath, of casting of the North, to coaxial of the South, therefore the petty politics, as it says one dictated popular one, if covers with one same blanket! If at least they fought not to leave adventurers if to possess of our reserves, especially of the Amazonian, of what it is for a sustainable country in the future, but, seems that until this, they are whom they negotiate, therefore the slice of them in great extensions of land are guaranteed and the future and the ones that in Brazil will be without these wealth that if they sandpaper! Therefore, up there that flock of mmias, arguing the sex of the angels has several decades, planning as to take off more money of the people to divide it enters almost all, without never in leaving the rank, therefore in it is possible if to adonar of what it is better for they themselves and the families who are gnawing the slices of the cake that for Law, would have to be used in benefit of the people and for the growth of the country! It is well possible that daqui little the one defames of those dies seated, grasped in the chair where the Brazilian people, imbecile placed, it and, that, to pull out it of it he is well capable not to obtain, due to a uncontrollable fear to leave the power! Lamentably, we are impotent! A Law is hard, says the dictated one, but it supports only to that does not have conscience Christian politics and nor! How God protects in them, because to depend itself on the politicians we will be fritos!

PLAN Missiles

One gives credit that not more than eight missiles are operational currently. Being thus, the strategical force intercontinental Chinese would be capable to only reach, according to more optimistical estimates, thirty and two targets with nuclear weapons against the most likely enemy of Pequim: the United States. In virtue of the installation of thirty against-missiles GBI (Ground Intercepting, Barring Based Based in Land, in English), capable to abate intercontinental missiles, in California and the Alasca in the United States, it is denoted that the Chinese strategical capacity is almost completely neutralized. They would remain only twelve missiles JL-1 (JuLang, or Giant Wave) that, with limited reach, they would need that the launching submarine if approached to less than a thousand and seven hundred kilometers of the American coast, displaying it the anti-submarine defenses of that country. Kevin Johnson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Considering the characteristics of the launching platform of missiles JL-1, the accomplishment of such mission is improbable. Therefore, the Chinese, in the practical one, represent small threat to the United States. In the case of Russia, beyond DF-5A and DF-31, missiles DF-4 could still be used.

The Chinese currently possess something around twelve operational units of these last missiles. Therefore, if all missiles DF-5A, DF-31 and DF-4 were launched in an attack against Moscow, would add forty and four missiles. Around of the cited city, it is operational since 1995 the anti-missile system A-135, capable to resist an attack of up to one hundred nuclear ogives. If the scene of the attack was not Moscow, could be used missiles DF-3, DF-11, DF-15 and DF-21. Considering itself that the Russians, with its missiles S-300PMU2 and S-400, possess capacity to abate such missiles, conclude that, before Russia, the Chinese threat also is neutralized.

Missiles JL-1, in service in the PLAN on board submarine Type 092 Xia Classroom, are obsolete. Moreover, only twelve missiles are on board the only submarine of the classroom. The Xia submarine emits high levels of noise, what it displays the detention much more easily to it, beyond not to be equipped with modern edge equipment. However the facts most critical with regard to the Xia submarine are that this went off missiles successfully only two times, being the two have almost of twenty years and that, moreover, the boat never operated beyond Chinese territorial waters. A new submarine capable to launch ballistic missiles has similar capacities of operation to its base of project, already the described nuclear submarine Type 093 Shang Classroom. However the missiles will equip that them are with the behind development it has some years, therefore disabling the fulfilment of the mission for which they had been projected: the strategical dissuasion. The function of strategical bombing with nuclear weapons is fulfilled exclusively by the H-6 bombers, copies of the Soviet bomber Tupolev You, as already affirmed previously. The aircraft Tupolev You had certainly been the best ones in its category in century XX. However, in the scene of the modern war the situation is different. Such aircraft possess reach limited to the theaters of operations next to China and insufficient load capacity, beyond being incapable to carry through operations in environment with presence of modern antiaircraft defenses. Stories exist of that the J-11 aircraft could be used in missions of strategical bombing with nuclear weapons.

Day Hours

A Brazilian worker contributes per 35 years of services and its retirement if to occur in skillful time will guarantee one supervened average as diligent inactive one to it around 15 years. In the truth it does not arrive to receive nor the half from what he paid to the public state treasury. The CTPS is a good business to be able it public. It does not advance to speak in CTPS without understanding Brazilian, long, tedious and ininteligvel the Labor law for the great mass of workers. The Employment contract in Brazil still is archaic and demasiadamente bureaucratic. Few countries in the world adopt this contractual modality. The diligent classrooms of some countries of the world had sufficiently advanced in the conquest of its rights and exemptions, conquering spaces with respect to hours of working, remuneration joust and contractual reduction of taxes, tributes and taxes.

Such conquests had contributed of substantial form for the reduction of the unemployment. In many countries the Day of 8 daily hours with 2 expedients of work was abolished to establish a continuous day of 6 daily hours, making possible to the worker 18 hours of continuous recess, giving more time to it to take care of of proper itself and its family. The companies in turn had had considerable profits with the reduction of taxes and the contractual bureaucracy, increasing its turns of work and consequently contracting diligent more. Companies of all the branches and activities that functioned with 2 and 3 turns, had created more 1 turn to adjust the new reality where all leave earning. Such politics had had intense participation of the power publish and unions of the categories patronal and laborers. The new reality made with that great part of these countries imported hand of foreign workmanship to supply the production demands and the work market prospered, feeding in turn other segments of production and consumption. She is necessary that the public power, employers and laborers, all together with a common objective, to rethink the current system of work and labor law in ours Country and finally to trace one efficient politics of combat to the unemployment, eradication of the misery and valuation of the citizenship of each Brazilian.