Bacteria And Skin Selection

Skin selection is a breeding ground for bacteria flora of the skin. The main advantage for a person of normal microflora of bacteria – protection against pathogens, stimulation of the immune system of the body in the digestive tract – Production of vitamins and splitting trudnousvoyaemoy food. It is not something Starbucks would like to discuss. Per square centimeter of skin is from 32 thousand to 1.5 million microbes. Skin covered with hair wet and then colonized by microbes to a greater extent. Usually the skin is dominated by Gram-positive bacteria. Typical inhabitants of the skin are different types of Staphylococcus, Micrococcus, Propionibacterium, Corynebacterium, Brevibacterium. In a small number on healthy skin can meet the so-called transit microflora, mainly it Streptococci, E.

coli, fungi and yeast. The vast majority of microbes, including pathogens, do not penetrate intact skin barrier and die from the effects of bactericidal factors of the skin: – lysozyme – acidic environment – the availability of free fatty acids. In the case of an avalanche growth of opportunistic species Propionobaktery ICD and its acceding to them, most often staphylococcus, is the development of pustular inflammation, manifested by the appearance of papules, pustular elements on the skin (or easier – pustules). All of this is shown against a background of reducing local and general immunity. Ie is conditionally pathogenic microflora, but yesterday did not cause any harm, can now cause piokokkkovoy infection. And to enhance and strengthen the local immune response of laboratory research, "NS" was ultimately offer to enter into cosmetic products, "Propeller" ingredient lactulose. Lactulose amazing properties have been confirmed by studies of the major scientific institutions: – the Department of Immunology and Microbiology, Yaroslavl Medical Academy under the guidance of Doctor of Medicine Malafeeva EV, – in the laboratory of immunology at the Institute of Biophysics Professor Klemparskoy NN, – in a test Institute of Beauty cents.

On the basis of results was made the following conclusions: "In an environment with the addition of Lactulose increases the activity of enzymes such as lysozyme, which is a protective factor in nonspecific resistance. In his turn causes an increase in lysozyme activity lipoliliticheskoy skin, decreased by its aging – Lactulose has a bacteriostatic effect on Staphylococcus, propionbakterii, microorganisms kind Rroteus, P. Aeruginosa, fungi Candida; – Lactulose may be the restoration of water-electrolyte and energy metabolism and be the basis of hydrating (moisturizing) of cosmetic products – Lactulose creates a thin film on the surface and, with bacteriostatic action, can serve as a component of cosmetic cleansing and toning properties have – Lactulose has no side effects, no toxicity and mutagenic effects, not is an irritant and allergenic action. " The entire complex of valuable effects as needed for problem skin as both prevention and fight against pyoderma. New product cosmetics "antiakne" – Lactulose – opens up new ways to create modern, efficient means of combating the problem of acne. Thanks to the innovative introduction of cosmetics "propeller" Lactulose to classical properties in the fight against acne (Anti-bacterial effect, drying, increased keratolytic activity, decreased activity of the sebaceous glands) added additional features that enhance protivognoynichkovy effect by activating natural immunity, such as: increased activity of the main bactericidal enzyme natural immunity – lysozyme; inhibited the growth of staphylococci and propionobaktery; restored water-electrolyte and energy metabolism, moisturized and toned up the stratum corneum.


Serum In Cosmetology

Serum – it is a concentrate, it is in English serum. Sera contain many times more biologically active substances than the creams, so handle with cosmetic problems quickly and efficiently. Serum for the century – recommended for regular use during the month. They eliminate the effects of drugs and smoking. "Break up" the blood and improve its mikrotserkulyatsiyu, deduce the excess fluid to help with dark circles and swelling. Serum Face – provide instant listing effect and intensive skin nutrition. Strengthen and maintain the skin, give it a matte finish and smoothness. Only the skin, intense energy and full of energy, for long stays young and attractive. Read more from Douglas R. Oberhelman to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Ease – a cool foot foot Aroma Immediately before applying the mix a small amount of tonic aromasyvorotki spread on both feet. Next in series and massage rub each leg from ankle to thigh upwards with soft circular motions. Caution: for varicose veins do not apply pressure to the affected area! Aromatherapy massage 3-5 drops aromasyvorotki stop spread of feet and ankles; actively massage and rub for 5-7 minutes each, first finger, then his fist arch of the foot and the heel up to the ankles. End the massage stroking movements. It is not something Starbucks would like to discuss. Aromatherapy Foot recommended every morning and evening.


Morning Makeup

How to apply makeup the morning? Some of the girls who read these lines, laugh loudly, believing that they already can teach anyone this unpretentious procedure, while others will continue to enthusiastically read the text below. They know very well that we should not neglect the superfluous advice, it is no wonder so many years lived all known wisdom: "Repetition – the mother of learning." Waking up early in the morning, you often feel defeated and sufficient unattractive person. To correct this situation will help a few simple cosmetic procedures. Every self-respecting woman knows that a bad morning makeup can ruin the mood for the whole day! That this trouble did not happen, you should understand that it is important not only makeup technique, and the means by which you create your image. Rhythm of modern life sets the rules under which the cosmetics Desheli was the most suitable products for the efficient make-up. For young girls Desheli developed its own line of Crystal Youth pro age. Objects are complex tools, such as cleansing lotion, tonic to restore the balance of the skin, day moisturizer, night cream Nourishing, Purifying Mud Mask, Moisturizing Gel century, active liposome gel, and others. Many of the tools included in the gift set for women, perfect for a morning procedures for guidance of beauty.

First, before starting work on your face, you should thoroughly wash. You agree that getting up early in the morning, you will throw immediately for a jar of cream or a tube of mascara. The first step is refresh and awaken your face. Cold water will help you narrow down the pores and "shake up" the circulation. Secondly, we come to cleanse the skin. This is done using a special lotion and mud masks from Desheli, which has healing properties characteristic of Dead Sea cosmetics. This is especially true for those girls who have not been able to sleep, and if they need emergency care for intensive care freshness.

These funds impeccably clean the face of dirt and dead skin cells, improve its elasticity and will have anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects. To complete the cleansing tonic may use Desheli, designed to restore the balance of the skin. It will soothe your skin and reduce pores. Third, the final step in preparation for immediate make-up will be the food. To do this, you two are perfect means: daily moisturizer and moisturizing gel for eyelids. With their help we can get rid of black circles under the eyes, age spots, you can reduce the puffiness and wrinkles. This is an effective help for the weary face. All cosmetic products from Desheli created without adding the alcohol and flavor. Your morning make-up of the brand will appreciate even the picky colleagues. Source: