Month: April 2013

Cano Leon

Today, consumers have a wide range of possibilities when buying, know gimmicks and deceptions when making the purchase. Today, the consumer is a person who knows what she wants and has many companies that offer the same thing. Companies must understand that the only way to win is putting great effort in enhancing the relationship with the consumer, that today is called customer. That relationship must be sustained by the stock exchange, the client gives something and expects the same or greater on the side of the firm. And it is at this point where the enterprise must comply as promised.

Customer loyalty must be achieved through honesty, from the sale of products that comply with. It is very easy, with the help of technology, modify photographs, images, perform work in 3D that are identical to reality itself, today it is very easy to lie to reach the customer with subliminal elements but beyond ethics that a company should be put when making their marketing campaigns, honesty is the basis of the relationship in the future which will be a company with your customer. Companies that were involved in acts few licit noticed falling sales of unintentional way. The personality of the company and their respect in questioning constantly, since today there is internet and with the thousands of sites where users show their dissatisfaction and spreads around the globe. Finally, treat your customers with honesty and interest remember: there are hundreds of companies that provide the same goods and services equals or lower price, with greater or lesser quality but when choosing these values, human values are those who weigh more. Mr. Guadalupe Cano Leon Blog personal:

Alarms Security

Every year, after an intense cycle of work and obligations we feel that it is time to be able to take a well deserved holiday. And if we are lucky, many times we can also make a trip that will allow us to disconnect us from everything. Now, the serious proposal much more interesting if we could go us leaving our home or our business in perfect condition and reassured that are insured. We have an excellent option for you: the alarms of security for homes and businesses. On our website we have various proposals for alarms security ranging from alarms for cars and motorcycles, up alarms to homes or businesses. All these have the best technology equipment that will assure us a very relaxing vacation.

At a very affordable price you can install an alarm system that will make your home, a safe and quiet area every day of the year. The first option is bi-directional central alarms system of zones 4-8. As its name suggests, you can have a total of 8 zones wired and supervised via radio. This alarm has an excellent memory capable of storing up to 512 events. It also has supervised siren output, and even two programmable sirens.

It is really an excellent product. The second proposal, ideal for businesses or buildings where we have various access and a lot of movement of persons, is the Central bi-directional alarms px of 0-512 system guardall areas. This alarm is really impressive because it makes the possibility of programming up to 32 hours and 14 days holidays. In a model much more counter-intuitive above, this security alarm with 32 outputs modules, memory up to 1000 events and 200 security users. This power plant security alarms we are presenting to you, also lets you control access up to 32 doors and 1,000 users. You can also print real-time events and perform local or remote diagnostics via keyboard or gsr program. Whether you’re thinking in securing your home or your business, security alarms allow you to take these anticipated holiday of a relaxed and carefree manner. Enter our web site and discover which of the security alarms that we have in our catalogue most fits your needs. Our sellers will know advise him, telling them payment arrangements and highly affordable prices.