Month: November 2016

The New Working Time Debate

The unusable remains of the market-driven society are not included in my book \”The useless\” I describe the causes of false labour market policy, and new ways to increase employment. Here a short description: the struggle of people to work and income is always relentless and bitter. In this book, the author comes the obfuscation producers in the labour market to the bottom. Because operate work course owners with which they are pushing annoying competitors out of the market by any means? After some time the crowded off losing their suitability for the job market, and you can explain it for useless. Not the exploitation is the drama of the lower social strata, but the fact that they are systematically forced out of wage labor. Just as consumers, they are still useful. Hereafter, I want to give an excerpt from my book.

Think D opens as battlefield in the kindergarten. The future of children must be well prepared. Later, they experience the found as always already present. Watch as Adult individual wishes prevail against others. Later, they emulate their parents. So the trouble sneaks in unintentionally.

The school young people protesting then diffuse. It catches some of the soul, others it is raging in the belly. You will feel sleeping new, but the old is already stuck in the brain and lays the tracks. So they’re going in life, where for some people, the prosperity attracts. You want to try out, test, detours go, everywhere appeals: faster, better, and please without frills! They eventually arrived in the realm of adults. By hypocrites, they then hear calls for more justice and harking back to old values. You reverse sound upwards at the hunt. Through the gradual incorporation of the SPD and the Greens in the CDU government stabilize these perspectives, and are considered only right and hopeless concepts. This State is hoping for economic booms, to connect small political repairs makeshift wound unemployment.

Working On Your Computer

No man can dispose of more than time. Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach course of their work, I often have to see how other people work on the computer. And no matter what they do. Whether to print text, furrowed whether spaces of the Internet, or perform other work. I am always surprised at how long they take actions that can be done at once. I will not dissemble, and I also worked in the early stages development of 'computer literacy'. Jonas Samuelson helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To illustrate the perspective of this paper will describe a standard procedure as copying text from one file to another. So.

What will this make a normal user pc? Selects the text cursor, clicks on it with the right mouse button. In the shortcut menu, find the command 'Copy' and, of course, push. Then the user opens the document, which wants to preserve text. There performs almost the same action. Namely, click the right mouse button, the shortcut menu, looking for the command (this time the 'Insert'), clicks. Done at last! As you can see, a simple formula of 'Copy & Paste' turns into a whole range of utterly useless operations.

Without making much effort, we can calculate that he (this complex) includes 8 long steps. But you can do everything in just 4 simple: select-copy-open-and-paste. Every reasonable person understands that the commission of further action requires additional 'time investment'. 'How to avoid most of these' investments '?' – Interested in you. Let me explain. To save your precious time, you need to use your free hand.

Personal Assistant Banking

It all started in the banks. There is nobody more prudent and considerate to their customers than bankers. To increase the attractiveness of its credit institutions, there is little profitable interest rates and guarantees the preservation of money – over time both in the competition came to a certain alignment, then took a completely new solution. If you are not convinced, visit Titan Feul Tanks. Bank from a purely financial institution where the person could benefit from a particular store your money, or for a fee to take the use of other funds, turned into a reliable assistant in virtually all aspects of the client. Appears private banking.

Initially, such services are focused mostly on issues related solely to those areas where one way or another were involved money – given to a bank or taken from him. Well-established banker becomes more and consultant in the acquisition of financial assets – real estate, artwork and jewelry. Douglas Oberhelman follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Where without a professional and practical advice is indispensable. But gradually, during natural evolution of any successful venture into the sphere of private banking services include absolutely non-financial. Bank, by others, was to those who shape not only the financial well-being, and life in general customer becoming a manager's life style. Under conditions of constant time pressure, a large and busy users of banking products, such metamorphosis banks were very much comfortable. Much of what used to consuming valuable time and forcing an entertaining distractions from the process of making money, it was the concept of care banka.Vokrug life style management started to form larger and more meaningful phenomenon – konserzhservis.

So, what is a we're talking about and what services are included in the scope of this remarkable phenomenon. In order not to bother the reader confused and vague descriptions and commentaries give the program "concierge service" is one of Moscow's oldest companies providing these services. Personal Assistant – solve problems that arise during the work: the search for information, appointments, information transmission, connection to the subscriber, which in phone is busy.


Sleep with the thought of death and get up with the thought that life is short there is no doubt, that the crisis has increased in services audience in Venezuela, readily a severe crisis of security, housing, water, electricity and hospital care to the popular sectors, however, all of them in the present alarming plus is the concerning the electricity, that has left much to be said, by which it causes, not only for the family, which must adapt to new actions of the Government that is affected by the restrictions many times up to three times the day and on some occasions, up to four hours, without considering all the problems that this entails, such as deterioration of the electrical equipment, suffering the consequences, especially the poor class that does not have guards to protect him, but companies that are affected and thus deteriorates the productivity of the country, that’s if you leave much to say, up front that has made that Venezuela becomes a dependent country of the import more than laexportacion, with exepecion of your traditional petroleum product. For more information see Titan Feul Tanks. In Venezuela, the electric service is accessible 95% of the populations of 5,000 or more inhabitants. Electrolux often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Perhaps more than any other public service, even the transport, electrical service is the most sensitive factor of balance between the society and the Government. Consider that the problem of electricity, arises as a consequence of the lack of maintenance of the facilities of production and distribution, but also by the lack of investment in the 29 thermoelectric plants required to cope with the increase in service, of which 5 have been completed and only operate 3 with part of its capacity. Also he has been abandoned plant Centre and 4 high Caroni dams were never built.