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Great Universal Architect

Calm, you do everything what you want, to the aim of accounts you are free to do it. It smokes if you want, it drinks alcohol, it eats in excess, you do not make exercise does not pass anything, nobody is going to say nothing, ” to you; it enjoys vida” , but what happens now? Ah if, you have some annoyances, now your body feels exhausted, without energies, you see that enormous ring under the eye for want of sleeping well, have backache, perhaps are shaken very easy in any physical activity, are obese, sound all the bones to you moverte. But it does not pass anything, your you follow in your habits, you follow ” enjoying vida”. You are a free being, takings your own decisions and it does not have of what worrying. They spend the years and your beams which feels like to you, you are an invulnerable being, those other diseases or misfortunes only happen to him to other unfortunate people. You are created the steel man.

But a day, you begin to notice that your vulnerability is violet, you found your criptonita. Now you have a great disease, now you are yourself forced to correct your habits, or otherwise they are in a very thin line between this world and the other. what happened with that super man who did what he came to him in desire? The Life passed the invoice to him, you used and you abused all the blessings that the Life offered you, she never refused to which you asked to him, and either reus when your you insisted on creating and maintaining that or that one habit. It pleased to you because she knew that someday you must it return. You will see the Life is a loan of the Great Universal Architect, she is given to us to expand and to multiply.

She remembers the parabola of the talents, that one that used its talents it multiplied and them occurred more him, but that one sluggish one that did not use them, the Life will request accounts to him and if it does not have more than it occurred him, then it is cleared to him. Everything is Cause and Effect, if sowings pine, you will not try that you harvest pineapples. Now it is moment for receiving, you used the energy of the Life to please your vices and bad habits, it is hour to harvest what you seeded. You do not complain your bad situation, when your you are the direct one person in charge of her. Nobody is responsible for your destiny more, your you chose the route to take and you must assume the consequences. But luckyly you can correct them. Nobody is condemned to remain in a place for always, unless it decides therefore it. It remembers, ” Those that does not remember the past are condemned repetirlo.

Honesty Quickly

IT MAKES MONEY QUICKLY, WITH HONESTY. If you want to gain something of money reads this message at great length, it can change your life. HELLO: For days I have been looking for the form to make extra money in Internet, crossing classified groups of the news, warnings. In all these places encounter messages like which I reproduce more down. I remained thinking: It is simply a chain, this is something that does not walk. This is not something new, it is already made from decades and I do not know of which it has made money. Marc Lautenbach will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

As an afterthought it is a true work. AND IF IT WORKS. In the end I was decided and here I go If your also you were decided or these doubting, continues reading. You do not believe that it is going to be easy, is necessary to place this message in all the places that is happened to you to publish it, news, classified planks, warnings, greater etc. when is the amount of times you repeat that it better for you (and for my by all means) for that reason I say you that it is a true work, it goes to take several hours to you, it goes to require of all your experience, also it is going to depend on your certainty to continue publishing and your ability to promote it. The difference and so it took control before of the traditional mail is that this chain does not depend on five or ten people at which arrives the message to them, but is for everybody, and in Internet there are thousands of people who will see the warning and some (as I) am going away to decide. And finally You thought how much you can learn in a task like this one, to apply it in future works? I am now the last one of the list that you are going to find and where (if you follow ahead) you are going to be you when repeating the message, leaving me penultimate, I wish luck you, since also part of this luck is going to be for me. This it is the message that I found: This is what it happened to him to a friend: " Days back, when " navegaba" by these pages of the News, also like You this doing now, appeared to me an article similar to this that said one can gain thousands of dollars in few weeks with an investment of $6,00.

The Market

And when the ratio has been over 25, the actions have not raised too much. The EP of the S& P 500 is in 12 we will manage to duplicate our capital today investing in action of the index? The market can continue falling and to arrive at still more low P/E that the present ones. In previous stock-exchange depressions, like in " 30 and " the 80 P/E even arrived at 6. In order to arrive at that level, S& P 500 would have to be in the 400 points and DJIA in 4.000, a 40% below the present values. Alarming, but nonimpossible in the present context. To deepen your understanding Caterpillar is the source. It is then moment for leaving to buy? It does not seem to be it.

The bad news continue arriving, but nevertheless, that one is not the problem by which the market does not manage to take off itself of the minimums and continues looking for them. There is a deep feeling to bear market (bearish), in which the plans of salvataje to the economy do not seem to excite, nor the money seems to reach. In a bearish market like the present one, it does not matter what type of the news announces, as much good as bad they will make colapsar to the stock market. When the market manages to find a floor and begins to form a tendency of raises, the good news will be capitalized making raise the market, and the bad ones will practically happen inadvertent, or will not hit insofar as the investors hope. Learn more at: Andreessen Horowitz. It is that during times of investing panic, the psychological feeling is so strong that manages to demolish any good economic data or of he raises in the gains of the companies, and thus the public comes off assets, underestimating the good potentials the news for the economy.

Campas And Cambas

These terms were used with certain scorn to talk about to the amazonian ones of Peru or Bolivia. Today, the greater Peruvian sylvan ethnic group no longer wants that says to him stands out but ashninca, however the word camba has been re-appropriate by European descendants of in the Bolivian east showing to her differences with collas quechuas and aymaras. Ashnincas wants to be recognized like a nation with their own arahuaca language, its own militia (that also faced Footpath) and with rights to control whoever to invest in their earth. Under most conditions Electrolux would agree. Those that postulates one nation camba proclaim Hispanic, Christian and western that the rest of the Bolivians and, rather, questions the indianista government to him to want to make many controls to restrain to the foreign investment. Old you stand out would want to rise to the amerindian ones against the multinationals, whereas new cambas wants to undermine to the indigenistas to encourage more to the companies prevailed. Original author and source of the article.. If you have read about Rob Hannah already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Surveys Payments

As it grows the Internet popularity also makes the surveys payments by Internet. Thousands of users take advantage of the benefits to obtain gains with very little effort. Simply registering itself in some of the hundreds of companies in Internet that offer this type of services, he will be ready to begin to receive money. In spite of it, even there is much people who do not cheer up to register themselves because they think that they are not apt for it. A clear example is the housewives. Nevertheless, they ignore that its opinion like consumer is extremely important for the companies that evaluate the surveys payments by Internet. Like person who realises the purchases daily and selects best products for her family, its opinion extremely is undergone and for that reason very valued. A who better than mistress of house that has proven much merchandise to say that it is good, that he is expensive and that it is not necessary to buy? It is probable that their responsibilities do not allow him to have a formal work, because would need a very flexible schedule.

The remunerated surveys give that opportunity exactly him. Because she is the housewife who decides when to answer surveys, during how long and whatever of them to respond, perfectly can make compatible this activity with which it realises during the day, and that way to generate an extra entrance without problems. The surveys payments by Internet consist of a simple work that can realise while the other members of their family are absentees, without needing moving of its house. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jonas Samuelson. The unique thing that it requires is a connection to Internet. Of insurance it will be asked since it can make to begin to fill remunerated surveys. Simple, simply it uses an Internet finder (like Google, Yahoo!, etc.) and simply it places ” surveys remuneradas”. It will see that they appear sinfn of sites in which it will be able to be registered to begin to make money.

But before registering itself, it can do the same writing ” remunerated surveys scam” or fraud. There it will find the opinion of many users will orient who it with respect to which surveys to affiliate itself and as are better to avoid.

Web-Paid Surveys

The surveys paid by Internet are funny and can nowadays suppose an extra entrance of money for much people. It is a good way to save a little extra money without much work, from the comfort of your house. It is difficult to be believed it, but it is truth. If these looking for a generator of income, then preprate to take the step. Basic steps to begin with the remunerated surveys. First, it chooses a few sites that offer money to make surveys and reads at great length what they offer to you. Some sites are going to give direct access to you to the publicity companies to make surveys. In this case you must look for in the data base and to ask that they make the surveys in which these interested, other pages do of intermediary, have agreements with the great companies to receive surveys and then they occur his registered users.

In this case, you must hope at that the surveys get to you to complete. Click Rob Hannah to learn more. Anyway, they ten in mind that all the surveys paid by Internet are not remunerated at the moment some surveys do not offer money like reward to complete them, in return you go a to receive a product or a service, product discounts certain, bonds, coupons or gratuitous tests, also are some allow to be united to a drawing when completing them. If you do not like these types of remuneration, is better to make the decision before to avoid misfortunes. Another part important on the surveys paid by Internet to consider is how you are going to receive the money, if these in a mediation site you are paid normally by that site, not by the final client. If these in a data base of companies surely are the own company pays that you by your services. Independent of the details you must consider the payment method, either check, banking transference or another method that the company offers. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here.

Serious Surveys Payments

Probably he has listened that he can make extra money answering serious surveys payments, but by some reason you cannot. Here we give some advice him to avoid that problem. Before register first that must do it is to review the policies of privacy and the terms and conditions of the site. It is very important that it verifies the use that they will give to the information that contributes. A serious site will maintain in strict reserves to its data or their interests, but one inescrupulous one or to which it only interests to him to do will sell them to money to third parties. And if it does not have policies, because it is than evident more that it is not to trust, and the best thing is not to affiliate itself. If the site offers wonders to him, is probable that it is not certain.

The sites that much more offer money that the others, generally do not pay, or they fill the electronic mail to him with publicity instead of remunerated surveys. It is probable that even is in the policies of the site. It is very important that the site owns information of clearly identifiable contact and that in addition is real. If they give a mail direction him nonexistent or directly it does not appear any direction of contact, better olvdese of them. In the best one of the cases they will send some surveys to him, but separated by commercial tons of emails that will not do more than to make him waste time. It is important that it includes/understands that a legal site always knows clearly, easily ubicables policies, as well as data of contact and other information about the company. The sites of serious surveys payments will not receive to participate to him in them, or they will send publicity to him in massive form to its electronic mail.

If this happened, surely it would be a site with dark intentions. You wrote down yourself freely, and must have that same freedom to terminate yourself. Otherwise, he can denounce to the site to the pertinent authorities, or their supplier of Internet. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here. Original author and source of the article.

Digital Contents

Tomorrow Tuesday will begin FICOD 2010, the Forum the International of Digital Contents, organized by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, point of contact of more than 15,000 professionals, 120 collaborating companies and 200 rapporteurs of the digital market. During 3 days the professionals related to the world online will analyze and debate on the electronic commerce, the possibilities of Web 2,0 to generate business and its advantage on the part of specialized entrepreneurs and investors in this sector. Round tables, factories and communications will help to understand the present state of the digital industry and the sector us of Internet, as well as to venture us in the immediate prediction of, and the future not so immediate, of a world that has not stopped to grow in the last decades, and that will continue it doing it one more a speed than vertiginous in the next years. The light in an abundance of communications. The professionals of the digital industry will be able to find many keys and conclusions about the present state of the sector.

Perhaps the worse thing of FICOD 2010 is the great existing difficulty in deciding between the immense existing supply of activities to choose, that will allow us to approach us a little more the new technological and enterprise tendencies that we will know in the next years. Luis Sancho, entrepreneur and expert in the sector e-business with companies like Dejaboo.net (at the moment acquired by MySofa.es), EliteClasica.com, or its present Tenders.es project shells and recommends the main communications and fundamental round tables for the sector of the electronic commerce and its immediate future. The inauguration will be fundamental to enter matter, carried out by one of the majors gurs of marketing online and the new technologies, Guy Kawasaki, that will try to explain the transformation to us of the relations between marks and consumers through the social networks and Web 2.0.