Month: November 2015

Elaborate Pit

Bill had a bad day today. He lost $ 1000. He thinks: 'I can not finish the day with a net of $ 1000. I will try to return the money before the end of the day '. He continues to trade, despite the fact that his plan has broken down, he feels that the stress increases, which he is not in itself.

He makes a few mistakes in a row and lose another $ 5000. His account was subjected to severe shock. Bill realizes that he would have won the logistical, if stood aside and regained her composure before continuing trade. Instead, he dug a deeper hole than you can afford, and get out of it will be very difficult. Sound familiar? Many traders are afraid to take on limitations. Instead of looking facts in the face, they continue trading, despite heavy losses.

Successful traders, by contrast, continually monitor your moods, thoughts and experiences. If any of these factors are not in order, they take a break. For long-term success it is vital to develop a plan for self-control. Monitor your mood in general and certain emotions in particular. When you feel all right, stop trading. Systematic control of your mood is required. Some traders offer to assess the mood before the market opening on the 10-tiballnoy scale, from complete pessimism (1) to an energetic optimism (10). If they do not view themselves at 8 or above, then take off. They rest, relax and energize to return to the market.

Stock Trading

If you do not give rest to the laurels of George Soros, Warren Buffett or a friend of your friend's wealthy speculators, but in addition you have ennaya amount of money, then sooner or later you decide to trade on the stock exchange and become a customer brokerage company. When choosing a brokerage firm it is important to remember the most important thing – whether your broker is at least the most rasprekrasny, you still risk losing money because of their own mistakes. Very often novice speculators or investors, who in all his stock broker woes blamed. The broker is only an intermediary between you and the Stock Exchange. If he is chosen correctly, it is quite beneficial to drown you and destroy your trading capital. Moreover, he is vitally interested that you were happy, your trading account grew and you did the operation on the account. After all commission from transactions and accounts for its income.

The first and main condition – the broker must must be a legal entity and has licenses for the relevant activities. To know more about this subject visit Ben Horowitz. How can I check? On the Web site or calling a broker there may know the license number. Control organization that issued the license must the issuance to confirm. And the license should be issued by the Russian regulator, when it comes to trading on the Russian stock exchange. No Cyprus, American, Honduran license you do not have to impress. Practice shows that on the Russian market can hardly find a company that has no license, but it blatantly states that it is her.

It's really quite savage, even for Russian business. So what's the matter, hopefully, we understood. We mentioned that the broker earns a commission. It is fair to assume that the price for services is what is most important. Oddly enough, so beloved by many Russian consumers principle – expensive, so good, does not work here.