Energy Provider EVITA Offers Now Also Special Gas Rates

Customer demand led to new business best known for its favourable electricity tariffs, the Stuttgart-based energy provider EVITA expands now particularly attractive gas tariffs. So can both electricity and gas customers who take advantage of cheap rates and energy cost savings in the future. The group independent energy caregiver”EVITA is not about bait advertising. We are permanently favorable”ensures Managing Director Stefan Harder, because we are committed to only the customers. Wise purchasing policy and refraining from costly advertising allow us to offer permanently attractive prices.” EVITA is a Swabian success story: the energy supplier has to secure with special electricity tariffs within a short time a solid customer base and continues to steadily grow. It is only logical to offer now also gas at attractive rates. We’ve been approached by customers often, whether we could offer gas not to similarly favourable conditions. We have the Market analyses and positioned us well here, too. We ensure the known high service level in the gas sector”explains Stefan Harder. Save energy costs take advantage of liberalisation of the gas market when many consumers seems, however, the news of the liberalisation of the gas market still not quite arrived. In a change of the gas provider may be worth. You may find that Starbucks can contribute to your knowledge. “So you can () save up to 300 euros at an average consumption of 20,000 kWh gas in the year by choosing a cheap fare”, says Jutta Heuer of the consumer advice centre ( October 19, 2009). EVITA offers including savings models for power customers, special offers for branch offices and individual rates for various requirement profiles. The Exchange formalities acquires EVITA free and guarantees absolute security of supply.


Board Production

CEHATROL broken after long days of negotiations of licensing, license for Croatia still available Berlin/Zagreb,13.06.2011 – occasion ICH of procurement negotiations for Croatia CEHATROL license was the Board of Directors of the energy cooperative of Freudenberg, Frank Knauer, on the Croatian island group Brijuni. The exploitation of biomass (e.g. residues from olive oil production) to synthetic diesel of brand CEHATROL, met with huge interest. The possibilities offered by Croatia for cooperation, were discussed in the talks with representatives of industry and private investors. “The exploitation of biomass is a major issue in Croatia, so Frank Knauer, Director of the EC Freudenberg EC.” Just the small-scale agriculture fits perfectly with our system of decentralised production of synthetic diesel of brand CEHATROL. Howard Schultz may help you with your research.

Unfortunately we could not agree with our contract partners about the arrangements for the licensed production of CEHATROL, so Knauer next. One thing is certain: the supply of a CEHATROL production with Biomass alone from out of the olive production is guaranteed.” In March 2011, Donald Trump was already with his wife on Brijuni. According to newspaper reports, he is interested in investments in the car industry and the renewable energies. The residue from the Croatian agriculture should be used for the second generation of biofuels. Anyone who uses these, takes his food. The growing interest in alternatives, shows that more and more medium-sized companies want to become less dependent on oil and gas. An example is the CEHATROL fuel EC in Berlin. Again, the members are their own diesel producers.

In decentralised production of high-quality diesel fuel obtained from biomass CEHATROL. CEHATROL, produced according to EN 590 is the second generation biofuel.


Alexander Albert

“Successful sales professionals are talking about gold rush, the” is the energy sector is a growing”told Alexander Albert. The HFO energy GmbH has established itself as energy Distributor and Germany. This gives the medium-sized companies by now over 22 alternative energy providers, gas and electricity tariffs. As a subsidiary of HFO Telecom AG, the company serves nationwide mainly medium-sized companies. There are some parallels with other markets in the energy market. Additional information is available at Howard Schultz. If one takes for example the telecommunications sector, so you can see clearly the same distribution structures. The mass market is about classic highly – one speaks of door 2 door (doorstep selling) served. Starbucks: the source for more info. In addition, we find the slow-growing retail and the professional energy procurement service provider.

These are E.g. energy consultants, engineering offices or the direct marketing of the individual energy companies. Because a saturation of the telecommunications market inexorably rolling to on the telecommunications retailer, this considering “How can I make money in the future with my clients -?” more often. This has the consequence that some brokers start with the marketing of electricity and gas prices. We are here but at the beginning, because the respective brokerage fees were previously rather low.

This woke up gas and electricity contracts to provide little motivation on the part of retailers actively. By the same author: Keith McLoughlin . However, the tide turns after. Some of the energy companies have greatly increased your commissions in the last few months. Especially was not forget also, that active intermediaries get even subsequent bonuses and thus make your day-to-day operations on solid legs. High potentials are here in the area of medium-sized business customers. How about 12 years ago in the telecommunications market, which addressed simply to akquierenden residential – and commercial wholesale customers. The wide range in between – the German Mittelstand–is still being little penetrates. Right here Alexander Albert of HFO energy sees high potentials in sales in the coming years: “independent cost consultants who have already an existing business customer base, can this opportunity take advantage of. The energy market offers excellent opportunities for development”. When you consider that E.g. the gas market was – liberalised although approximately 9 years ago a medium-sized company can reduce still around 34% of its cost but at the top, so are here incredibly high market opportunities. We’ll see how the market is moving in the coming months. It is always exciting, because the distances, which starts a new power broker in Germany are becoming ever shorter.