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Alfa Romeo

The vehicle is clearly of a sporting nature, want to talk to but also other customer segments. Therefore, Alfa Romeo powered as standard the so-called Alfa D.N.A.-system, through which the Vote button between dynamic, normal and all weather can be changed. Another highlight is the State of the art range of engines: three gasoline (120 to 235 HP) and two diesels (105 to 170 HP) are available. Up on the strongest gasoline engine (Quadrifoglio Verde reserved exclusively for the top trim level) they are equipped as standard with stop / start automatic. The engines are all bubbly and athletic, but very cautious in terms of consumption. The entry-level petrol engine already promoted the Giulietta in less than 10 seconds to 100 km/h.

The weakest diesel required for this pace with 11.3 seconds longer, consumed but only 4.4 l in the EU third mix. Three trim levels are offered: base version important safety features such as ABS and ESP are already progression as standard, also Alfa Romeo powered air conditioning, MP3-CD-radio, el. Window regulator and the GearShift monitor, which displays the optimum time for shifting gears. In addition, the distinctive facilities has about cruise control, automatic climate control and alloy wheels. The Quadrifoglio Verde sports equipment can mutate the Alfa to the racing cars (Sport suspension, aluminum inserts etc.). List prices start at 19.990 euros. This is already the extremely potent 120 HP petrol engine and very good standard equipment. AutoVision24 offered the car with 8% discount, the Giulietta already to 18.371 euro is available.

Of course, also leasing and financing are offered. AutoVision24 also created a price comparison with almost all Austrian insurance for interested customers. About AutoVision24 the AutoVision24 KG was founded on the 09.03.2010. It is based in Mattersburg, where she runs a partner Office in two other companies. Business activity is the provision of new cars, primarily via the Internet portal. Unlike AutoVision24 to many other online suppliers this exclusively uses new cars by Austrian dealers. The service is free for customers and provides alternative to the classic purchase at the dealership or at EU importers dar. Press contact: Balazs Rudolf, Tel: +43(0)650/891 92 99,

Fairventure Congress

It is possible and necessary to change the world (pk-k) Herdecke, 24.05.2011 – solidarity economy has become with each other a known term for such forms of economic management, which are natural and humane. They promote life, instead it following profit interests to subjugate and exploit. Now numerous models for action have been designed and implemented, whose Praxistauglichkeit is undoubtedly. Successfully ecologically sensible and socially-just action may be practiced in virtually every area of life. The next development step is to bring different people and an exchange of ideas and to network with each other. The Coinstatt cooperation ring has started on the 7th and 8th June 2012 will take place the fairventure Congress in Leipzig to prepare.

All interested in the topic as well as initiatives and companies that engage in ecologically meaningful for new economic and monetary forms are invited. Many famous speakers have already confirmed for the Congress. Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy, internationally known money expert, to the Congress impulse: “I think now must unite the groups, which for years parallel have been working on, and ask yourself: what of what we have built in our own field, can we carry together?” And what is the correct form? …

It depends on, that we find out what can be really relevant and effective at this time. In recent months, Howard Schultz has been very successful. … It involves a concerted action. And descriptive practice. It shows always a splendid diversity!” Margrit Kennedy is, as well as the world-renowned expert Bernard Lietaer, alongside many others represented at the Congress with a workshop. Already, in the twelve months up to the Congress, a process is stimulated by the organizers, which should enable networking and Exchange. Regular newsletter informing about the current state of development. The fairventure topics are presented and developed in lectures and seminars at various locations. Essentially, it involves the five thematic areas: Ecology in everyday life, economy of the future, money newly understand financing initiative and complementary currencies. The basic orientation of fairventure has been chosen so that practical and directly actionable ideas are presented and developed. To fairventure is also, that successful models for representation. The Congress will take place in the free Waldorf School, which held even through civic engagement. That will shoot as a special part of the project developed teaching and learning materials for use in schools, the ideas of solidarity economy for teaching in upper secondary schools in cooperation of the Coinstatt Academy and the Association flexible from the Switzerland. This is particularly necessary is unquestionable. Prof. Dr. Hormann (Institute for auditing, fiduciary and accounting of the Vienna University of Economics): “to work today in this direction (a resource-based economy), we must start with the school system. The schools are tailor-made for the current compulsory system of economy, they evaluate people on a numeric scale. If you not so conditioned people, would not accept money. I imagine how young people solve problems in the communities. You help a family, for example, to create an herb garden, or programming software for traffic control. You could grow naturally in a society where people for each other sure.” Peter Krause-Keusemann

Certified Economists

HFH Hamburger fern-Hochschule-calculates benefits of state-certified business in Dusseldorf. Certified Business graduates of colleges in North Rhine-Westphalia have the opportunity to have lump-sum credit their statements for postgraduate studies at the HFH Hamburger fern-Hochschule since the beginning of the year 2010. If the conclusion to the business in a specific gravity (Absatzwirtschaft, production management, human resources, accounting, Business Informatics) was completed, the four-term distance learning can begin according to calculation of benefits business administration Bachelor of arts. Recognition of services is subject to the condition that the appropriate subjects in the study to the business have been completed with at least satisfactory performance. (As opposed to Howard Schultz). In addition to the comprehensive recognition of the services of certified business is”a great advantage in the bureaucratic approval process, says Ralf Schafer, Director of HFH study center in Dusseldorf and the DAA Economics Academy’s headmaster. We hope that we thus make an important contribution to the permeability of educational and professional qualifications.” A newly established website informed about the special courses of HFH Hamburger fern-Hochschule. Under, it is possible to get a comprehensive overview over the course of the study and requesting the information material to the field of study. Informed about more courses of HFH Hamburger fern-Hochschule the HFH Advisory under 040 / 94 of 350-360..

Lorencia Lord

In fact, he and mage and warrior at the same time! But for such an incredible advantage to pay the price – Gladiator can not wear a helmet. Without hesitation Howard Schultz explained all about the problem. And that means armor and gives a smaller percentage of the defense. But this drawback is offset by the destructive power of the attacking this character, which makes it a unique character in mu Online. Dark Lord (Dark Lord) commanded the animals – a raven and a horse. These magical creatures have a strong support to Lord all the battles. And they gain experience and grow together with its owner. The World Wide MuOnline World Continent of mu are a lot of cards with a unique landscape. Here, the green expanse of meadows, populated by enormous insects, and the snowy forests to the northern predator, and deserts with sand giants and dungeon with skeletons, and the underwater world of mermaids.

And when your character's outfit will wings, it will be possible to climb to the clouds of heaven in the city! But first, you find yourself in a small town or village, depending on what type of character you have chosen. Warriors and Wizards begin in Lorencia, and elf in a village called Noria. Here you can buy weapons, clothes and .Za outside the village waiting for you a variety of monsters: from the cute little insects to blood-thirsty monsters. Monsters outside of town – it's good, but that's out of the city difficult. Go wrong exit, get into clutches of a particularly powerful monsters and all – resurrected in the city.

Financial Checks

By: David Avila Martin Yes, you can make money. Yes, you can win lots of money. True, but it is not easy nor comfortable. The first two things you should keep in mind is: – your mindset – your money management can be very good in whatever you want, but if you don’t tackle this, going to failing over and over again. Your mind has to be prepared to receive the success and (e) failure to continue on the same path. You must think positive and be realistic.

Your money management is almost more important, since financial freedom, cannot be given more money, not! But dominating the money you generate, to not be in debt. If you win 1,000, you spend you 990, but if you win 10,000 you spend you 9.990. You must change it now. You can have financial Internet freedom, because you can leave working something you’ve already done your previously (must do well and perfect for this) and means working long hours and/or days and months for this. It is not easy. Besides Internet, there are other two legs where you can also win lot of money: the bag and the real estate. These two issues are not so trivial (at least for my) learn, but what you must do if you want to be a big character of business and money. I agreed to this course which is named: the financial freedom that speaks from scratch these 3 topics. It is a very comprehensive course with many videos to watch them each month, is really quite full.

Despite The Economic Crisis In 2009

Sales boost of the kilo Solarwatt AG Leipzig started in 2009 to 22 percent calculator energy sales location in Hesse opened 14 number of employees increased Leipzig. The kilo Solarwatt AG increased its sales by 22% despite the difficult economic environment in 2009 to 1.03 million. Herein, the successful expansion of economic activities is reflected in South Germany and the acquisition of customers in Austria. In addition, a new sales location could be started successfully in Hesse, Germany. Christian Haase, CEO of kilo Wah trading AG, said: we are very pleased with this development. The location of Leipzig has become for us a major competitive advantage, as many of our large industrial customers very closely follow the prices on the electricity exchange EEX. Therefore, they appreciate it a power broker to get through professional support, which has its headquarters in Leipzig.

Our success in the difficult year of 2009 has also contributed to that industrial companies take more all costs under the microscope. And our experience: by purchasing professional energy savings of 10 can be with our support often realize 20%. But also our expansion to the retail segment was important. Kilowatt commercial was launched an own online Energy Calculator, 2009.” For 2010, the company is confident. The first half of the year went very well, so that a slight increase in sales is expected this year. KW commercial intends to expand the sales and to hire additional employees to. In the current year, the number of employees has been increased to 2 to 14 employees. More information about the company, see.

The Wall Street Journal

The United States thinks that it grows and they make it to us believe The illusion of a vigorous recovery in the American economy has been only that, an illusion? My theory is that yes. If retail attention of the main economic variables is lent, sample can be affirmed that to the reality today that the exit of the economic recession is than laborious more and is accompanied permanently with the fears of a new relapse. That the recovery draws an L or a W, is a discussion that not yet has been defined. Gene Epstein in an article that wrote for The Wall Street Journal, raised the different obstacles that the economic recovery in the USA and the vision of the market has on the recovery perspective. A related site: Ben Horowitz mentions similar findings. And the truth is that the poor American economy has problems by where is wanted to watch. In the public accounts, in the financial, real estate sector, labor market, in the monetary policy, and the list continues. And until which it happens doors outside, with the risk of default in Greece, with a possible negative shock of credit for the American economy, it can cause that the American economic recovery In spite of the numerous disadvantages is aborted that the economy of the USA has against himself, Epstein is very optimistic on the continuity of the economic recovery.

Nevertheless, the signals that I observe make me think that even it is in risk the continuity of the lukewarm recovery. The W does not have to still discard. It is certain that in second half of the 2009, American economy it obtained a inter-annual growth of 4%, but beyond the effect drag that leaves this for first half of 2010, is difficult that the prognosis of Epstein is fulfilled that hopes that in first half of this year, the economic growth returns to write down another 4%.

Social Engagement

Certificate ‘ socially engaged ‘ for manufacturer of dental instruments Dr. Walser dental, awarded by the Minister of Economic Affairs Ernst Pfister patrons and Bishop Dr. Gebhard Furst the holder of Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH in Radolfzell, Senator h.c. Gerhard R.

Daiger, was recently in a solemn ceremony in the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart for the voluntary, going beyond the actual business activities commitment over 400 invited guests from business, Politics and Church honored. The business award for social responsibility in Baden-Wurttemberg is a project of the Caritas in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Baden-Wurttemberg. An elfkopfige jury, which was occupied with “high-profile personalities from business and society”, decided on the winners. The price will be accompanied scientifically by the Institute for social marketing in Stuttgart. Under the name “LEA – performance – engagement recognition” the voluntary social commitment was medium-sized this evening Company honoured and moved in the light of the public.

Projects from companies that contribute a social organization, initiative or institution to solve societal and social issues in the areas of work, education, integration, family and culture and Sport together with a charity, were addressed. More information under: about Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH the Dr. Walser is dental since 1948 manufacturer of dental instruments, which are sold worldwide. Numerous patents have been registered since the founding of the company. “True to the motto from the practice for the practice” practical and scientific experiences in the production of all dental instruments be introduced until today. With an export quota of 75%, the company delivers its products worldwide in over 80 countries. “Awards: first medical technology company 2006 innovation success in the top 10 at top 2007 again in 100, top 100 companies, 2007 international best factory Award” in the top 3, for 2007, 2008 and 2009 nominated the Oscar of the middle class”and get the industry Prize 2008. “2008 top 100 product” in the United States. Honored for social commitment in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Wurttemberg and the Caritas. 2009 the company won the business Goldjupiter”.

Economic Affairs

Thus, each employee taking into account the established rights system as standard can trigger defined reports or real-time generate user-specific reports (E.g. in Excel or csv), and accordingly continue process. A specially licensed module, the PDC Resource Kit, reports or special analyses across all construction renovation projects triggered, where this function from corporate political considerations is out only the staff in the PMO to available. The slides used during the presentation is available on the website can do at available. About makeit: Since 2001 makeit is one of the leading providers in the areas IT services and management consulting. As an independent company owned makeit provides concepts and products to increase the value for companies of the middle class and the enterprise sector. A core competency in the area Project multi project, program and portfolio management in accordance with the common standards of PMI, PRINCE2, IPMA and the agile project management more popular lately framework Scrum. Learn more at: Electrolux. As a sales and integration partner of can do we support customers project intelligence for successful project management in the implementation of can do.

Press contact: makeit informationssystems GmbH Rudolf Randus foam coatings Gasse 17 A-1190 Vienna Tel. + 43-1-5137356-20 email: can do the Munich can do GmbH ( has with can do project intelligence developed an innovative project management software by special power. The software boasts a realistic project management in real time, fully considered incorrect planning techniques, as well as a reporting system for the optimal risk control a smart resource planning, an integrated time tracking, an intuitive handling. The modern multi-project management software can do offers a real added – value for companies regardless of industry, platform or size. Can do trust throughout Europe to well-known companies and institutions such as Toshiba Europe, Swarovski, the Salzgitter Stahl AG, Oerlikon Barmag, the Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg, the IHK Berlin or Vienna. Can do received the Bayern, which is conferred by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs award of export in 2008. The Initiative Mittelstand in the category of enterprise resource planning (ERP) was awarded in addition in the years 2007 and 2008 with the IT Innovation Prize can do. Media contact: Christian Schneider head of press and public relations Salem 26 81371 Munich phone: + 49 89 51265-101 email:

Economic Growth

Euro-dollar exchange rate remains stable after the economic crisis seems to go up again. For the third quarter of this year, the numbers look good. The data indicate a growth of 0.4 up 0.6 percent. The Exchange Portal informs about the growth. With the projected growth, currently the euro is rising.

Yves Mersch, Council member of the European Central Bank (ECB) considers this increase but not problematic. The reason for this assumption is the fact that the euro-dollar exchange rate compared to the second quarter has not increased. So that the economic recovery not stalled, the European Central Bank as well as the United States make as much money at favourable conditions available. This to ensure the liquidity so banks can be still each other enough money available. This very loose monetary policy in particular emerging criticism, because it would lead to distortions of competition by low interest rates in Europe and the United States. Criticism but also comes from the ECB itself.

The Chief Economist of the ECB, of the opinion that the rate should be raised again after the economic crisis is so for example Jurgen Stark. Otherwise, prices and the economy could be in danger in continuation of the current rate. An increase in the key interest rates could be expected so soon after stark’s opinion. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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