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This assay is, therefore, before everything, one reencontro pleasant with the past that I consider very rich, having prominence to make a personal study on the importance of the Buclicas and its contribution to the long ones of the times. Stuart Solomon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The structure of this work consists of introduction, development, presenting argument for the preposition to demonstrate, demonstrating if the premises are true and finally it stews, it of conclusion. Pablius Virgilius Maro was born in day 15 of October of year 70 before Christ or, either, in year 684 of the foundation of Rome, in Walks (one vilarejo situated close to Mntua), in the consulate of Pompeu Crasso. Its filialidade is of parents peasants, son of Magic Pla and Virgilius, but they had strengthenn sufficiently to give study. Virgilius studied with Pertmio, the great epicurista philosopher.

Virgilio, at the beginning of the life of the poet, wrote in the walls coliseu of it very, leaving August praised, and wanted to know the author, but who if presented was one such Batilo, this was rewarded, leaving irritated Virgilio, then Virglio wrote underneath of the verse for the such Batilo completed. Virgilio to prove that it had been whom he wrote was homaged by the August emperor. It travelled for Greece and Asia, perfecting the intellectual knowledge, falecendo in Brindesi. The Buclicas is pastoral poems, formed of 10 glogas (cantos dialogued). While the Gergicas is didactic poems made to the order of Augustus.

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Something breached in the belly of Tchrviakhv. It withdrew for the door, without seeing, hearing thing some, left for the street and it walked slowly Arriving maquinalmente in house, it was lain down in the Div without taking off the gala uniform and it died. (The death of the employee, P. James Joseph Truchard follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 38). Therefore, it is different of the classic hero, who for being determined, faces its sina without running away and he fears neither it. Although the tragic notion of either still sufficiently hesitante, if compared with the old time of the Greeks in face of the modern time, we try in this article to turn on the same in modernity, basing itself in the notion of mercy, fear and catarse left by Aristotle, and perceive that the scene had a change, however the modern human being made one raises of utopias that are uncertain, homologating tragic in the so alive modernity how much times of the old Greeks.

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Word-keys: Literature? poetry? the text? human being? universe Many try to study it, to describe it, and they are always questioned: What it is Literature? Some give vacant answers speaking that it is the art that uses the language is of the daily one. But, it will be that it is only this, codes, readers, languages without ' ' sentido' '? Without the least to know what he is Literature the literary critics appear, who thus define themselves. I am here to question me: it will be that literature is so little to the point of being studied to the light of a formalism, a estruturalismo, or a hermeneutics? Perhaps not yet we discover its value. We inside do not find in them of the literary world, perhaps because not yet we break the limits of our proper vision, as Frei Betto says, ' ' where they are the borders seno in the limits of our proper viso' '. In Literature, the poetry and the poem find its place, not in a permanent place, therefore it also desires to be to world inhabiting other worlds. what it is the poem? poetry? Some, as the formalists say that it is only form, without idea.

On the other hand, Octvio Peace says in them: The poetry is knowledge, salvation, power, abandonment. The poetry discloses this world, creates another one. (…) The poem is a snail where the music of the world resounds, and metric and you rhyme are only correspondences, echoes, of the universal harmony. We perceive that each poem inside brings a world of itself, the poetry. this universe cannot be broken up in codes, readers, sign, structure, form. Literature, therefore, is a universe where it is difficult to appraise it, definiz it. But, over all it is easy to feel when we develop the capacity of enxergar the world of another form.

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In reply on the commitment of the writers, of Latin America, Alberto Escobar affirmed: ' ' Maravilloso Pero yo encuentro lo en los libros, cuando sound literature, y cuando if justifican for being literature, sea cualquiera el subject, en measured en there that construye un world y you are coherente since adentro, treats del love woollen muerte pparently deals with, it joins capable banal inicidencia, pero of descubrirnos algo.' ' (EL COMPROMISO DEL WRITER, p.57) This that said Escobar is excellent, therefore in this round table other writers had taken left in defense of Cortzar, one of them were Carlos Brown Martinez Columbian writer: Hay one sews muy important. All los that creen that literature you are one there subproducto, empiezan for pedirle that in sea literature. Young Ese that habl in conoce the Cortzar in it has penetrated en Cortzar if dice what dice l. Learn more at this site: Charles Kushner. (EL COMPROMISO DEL WRITER, 1971, p.46) This quarrel concerning the power of literature and the commitment of the Latin American writers, in the University Catholic of Valparaiso in Chile (1971), is the consequence of the inquietude of the man in search of answers, therefore Rojas student questioned the writers who in its majority lived exiled in countries of the Europe or the United States and, thus, searched to understand as they would obtain to locate politically in its workmanships being forgotten it ditatorial sea that devastated this continent. In this context also literature appeared of Ricardo Guillermo Dicke, being man of its time, and, with a social philosophical vision, it knew to argue in its romances this frantic search of the man in trying to meet. Presentation of use of masks, in narrative, can to be observed as disguise social, where a veil exists that hides the events of our daily one, similar to dictatorships of Latin America, where all know what it is happening, know who are the oppressors, but of common agreement this is masked.

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The alfabetizao, despite massiva, it does not imply a democratization of the reading and the access to the knowledge. Visit Stuart Solomon for more clarity on the issue. In contrast, for the great mass, the world of writing (e, therefore, of the formal knowledge and the literary experience) he continues interdicted. If at a previous moment of history this interdiction if gave through statutory privileges, now if of the one for the same impossibility to understand? not to codify? the texts. (ABREU and BRITTO, 1995 P. 12) the understanding of the reading is interdicted for a great majority, people who do not only have access to the act to read, as well as cannot decode or if appropriate of this universe of the speech. A quarrel, sufficiently old has all, on the process of appropriation of the reading and the formation of the reader, having, also, quarrels on reasons that lead to the exclusion of the possible readers, as the elitizao of the book, either for the received status, either for the price, many times impracticable for a great majority, or same for the difficult understanding and assimilation on the part of a reader who comes unprepared to the act to read.

What we know of beforehand is that apreciador of reading not if form only with favorable economic conditions, if thus was, would have many readers come of the most varied particular institutions, what in short it is not materialize. Brazil, in the evaluation made in 2000 for the International Program of Evaluation of Students? IT STEPS ON? it was in last place, being that it was analyzed together with others 31 countries. It must be noticed in such a way that the evaluation is made with pupils in the etria band of 15 years, approximately, and proceeding from public schools how much of private schools, proving the previous information of that the economic conditions are not only the determinative ones.

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The principle two workmanships are of sedestacar: Skin Beyond black Skin, white masks, Fanon wrote more four books, amongst which Oscondenados of the land (Les woollen Damns Terre), of 1961. At Kevin Johnson you will find additional information. The commentary already of the counted turbulence that its> thought produced in the decades of 1960 and 1970. It’s believed that JPMorgan Chase & Co. sees a great future in this idea. Critical Aprincipal of Fanon is the negation of racism against the black in France, oque also happened and happens to a large extent of the modern world. Temacontinua current, mainly in Brazil, whose idea of national identity sustentada by a pretense harmony between three races. But nestetema, by itself extremely capable is not only to give cloths for sleeves, that Fanonenvereda. It moves in other wasps’s nests, as of that the negation is presentetambm in many black people.

It does not consider everybody racist, masexamina the problem in its more varied levels beyond if leaning over on ocampo of the construction of conhecimento' '. Black skin, you around mask brancasrevoluciona the vision of the world on subjects of the preconception, therefore it is aviso of a black, enabled and with tools to analizar the cituao doambiente to the black. Fanon ratifies in this workmanship the vision of the black, but nodefende that no culture is never unitria in same itself, nor simplesmentedualista in the relation of I with the Other. Humanistaque does not have to some panacea, above of the individual cultures, all belongs to the culture of the humanity; neither it must to an ethical relativismo that suggests that, in our capacidadecultural of speaking on the others and judging them, we necessarily ' we noscolocamos in the position of them ' , in a type of relativismo of in the distance on oqual Bernard Williams in such a way it wrote (Bhabha: 1998: 65). When dealing with the culture, not to bastaconstatarmos the diverse revelations ' ' problematic happened of the convivnciahumana; dosproblemas and of our differences fulfills to us to interpret deeply the multirreferencialidade, aiming at to the reach, most possible, doentendimento that we search.


With You I Learned With you I discovered exactly much more of me, With you I not only learned to smile, But also to cry and to suffer for love. With you I learned that the sacrifice and the tear Fortify the soul and madurecem the spirit. Knowing it was you that I discovered how much you are better of what I, how much I am demanding with the others and how much I charge of me exactly. With you I learned to forget the evil That to other had caused me people and to remember the good that they to make use themselves to make for me. With you I learned to give a smile who needs and a word support and gratitude at the difficult moments. With you I learned to ask for to the God Courage we moment who I had fear, and to thank it fruit to it of my work. With you I learned that the friends twist for our success and that one that we call enemy, Fits it paper of making in them better.

With you I learned to respect the opinions I oppose, Because our truths are stages of the way. With you I learned that the time, that nor if wants exists, Drains and erases all our differences. With you learned that what I have called my cross and in the truth the lived life being with all its realism Capable to make in best the fact polishing rocks. Jim Umpleby does not necessarily agree. With you I learned that recognizing my errors Are the way shortest for the perfection. With you I learned that the Love Is the only religion in which all we belong in them and that death that arrives inevitably, Is in fact the only idea with which nobody disagrees. With you I learned that the pardon Is a good that if makes itself exactly and to the next one. With you I learned that the repentance Comes of our soul that longs for the perfection. With you I learned that the life is two ways, One I am what I myself I make, the other I am that one that the life takes in them.

With you I learned that in the man and the woman the space than more enough For the adult and for the child in us. With you I learned to confess my errors, to say that I have fear and to reach an extended hand. With you I learned a glad song, a life lesson, the weight of words and one history to count. Francisco Medeiros J.Nunez The Imparcialista Poetry searchs the function of the word, the function of literature, in this point if it differs total from the Parnasianismo that the art for the art searched and from the Modernismo that poetry does not consider the text that does not value aesthetic and the poetical one in the words, therefore does not consider work of art the message and the auto-aid etc. The Imparcialismo does not affirm that these texts are work of art, but that Imparcialismo literature first searchs the function of the word. The Imparcialismo searchs the art and literature with function and utility, and not it art for the art and the aesthetic one for the aesthetic one.


The security competes to the policy that is its duty, then the step is not only of the court and yes of the policy. After the court to read the notice will go to send a letter, defending itself of accusations of the head of the policy, where in the stretch of the letter it will say that he does not compete pursuing and arresting the juvenile delinquents and yes, to assign the place where they must fulfill penalty and not it fits to the juvenile court, to capture the juvenile delinquents, speaking still of the reformatory, where the boys are taken and run away when he has chance. A mother of ones of the minors sends a letter criticizing the court speaking that the reformatory, where the children are taken, does not possess structure, the children badly are treated, and that therefore the minors run away from the place. She is from the news articles that the romance initiates, and perceive distinct points of view on the situation. The court speaking well of the reformatory, while the mother and the priest Jose Peter criticize. Still in these last months that had elapsed I ordered for the Reformatory of Minors some juvenile delinquents or abandoned.

I do not have guilt, however, from that they run away that they are not impressed with the example of work that finds in that establishment of education and that, by means of the escape, abandon an environment where if peace and work breathe and where they are dealt with the biggest affection. They run away and if they become still more perverse, as if the example that had received was bad and harmful. (LOVED, Captains of the Sand, p.10) I wanted that its periodical ordered a person to see the such of the reformatory to see as the children are dealt with the poor persons who have the disaster to fall at the hands of those guards without soul.

Imaginary Characters In Literature

One becomes pertinent to mention that the author does not disdain the fact of the ficcionalidade and the imaginary character of the literary text, by the way these they are characteristics that become the text, literary, and, therefore, could not in fact, to be ignored. Not obstante we add what Castagnino (1969, P. 209), searching to appraise literature affirms that the same one deals with: A detachable art acquired solely for the external domain of one technique, as some time if conceived with static criterion, before it obeys a deep ditame of the creative or receiving being that it looks to express itself. It is a little of the spirit of the man who, with anxiety to search contact with other beings or to draw out it exactly itself, to firm themselves in its environment or to run away from it … Ben Horowitz can aid you in your search for knowledge. well evident Torna- in the consideraes of the author the diverse possibilities with that the writer creates and as the reader recepciona the text. In this Castagnino boarding (1969) it is turned in such a way toward the nature would imagine of the literary text how much its technique how much to the use of the language. exception the expressive character of the literary text that if carries through in the necessity of the man to live deeply something new. By means of the evasion, allowed for literature the sacia man its desire to try emotions different.

Exactly reader, that appropriates of a text that is not its, searchs for these experiences and therefore, the same it illustrates the workmanship by means of a proper vision. Many authors speak in ' co-autoria' , pra to represent to justify that the reader of the end to in agreement text its expectations, its knowledge. By means of the consideration of Constagnino (1969) and excessively cited previously it is perceivable the relation that literature keeps with its functions faremosadiante an exposition d psychological function, educative and social.


Yesterday’s meeting with her, despite the proper training of both of them and had a very practical purpose – the signature of documents, planned long ago, knocked him out of the rhythm seemed to have a quiet life. It seemed to him that she still could not get used to the idea that they are parted forever. A pair of tablets of valerian, swallowed his ex-wife the coffee shop does not remain unnoticed by them. He very well knew it and understood that the generally aggressive manner of communication with him, hiding Unforgiven hurt and what applies to him, he would call quite simple, clear and beautiful word. She was a practical man, and to apply to her feelings, similar to his own, he does not could. He understood that the source of her resentment, at least in part, were in that suddenly collapsed of its familiar and quite happy with her world.

Too much and too often it pained him, perhaps without realizing it fully, and not wishing him ill. Then wanted to retaliate, take revenge on her, but now, after these three years, to some extent the worst in life. On the other hand, learning to live without it and protect themselves against any possible surprise to her meetings, life is gradually becoming a peaceful track. Little son, sooner or later will be next, and so close to another woman, and it scared the most. Learning to live alone, he did not represent life on the other, not with her. Taxi drove to the office just in time.

Short goodbye thrown carelessly and quickly into the car. Now it will be time to calm down, put himself in order. Time it will take quite a lot. While not want to communicate with anyone. He will not be with anyone communicate without the need at the fact. He suddenly thought of that yet, as long weaned myself to think that the best years of his life behind us and all of them were related only to her, since that day when I first saw her in a long black coat with a patterned collar 25 years ago. And farewell for a few years later and a new encounter, developed into a whole 15 years of happiness. And their son and his oldest son, who grew up with them. The dog, given to her by him on one day of birth. All it was already far behind and barely remembered, but remembered something missing in my life, and that will never come back. Yes, that’s bad luck – this business meeting. He still could not answer the simple question, to throw s, 2 back into the sms “how could this happen?”. After all, he was able to survive 5 years from that first her infidelity, not physical, most likely, but not least, on a cruel betrayal. Tube were not the deaf, and a taxi quite quickly drove to his previous work. There he waited many friends with the documents, well there and talk heart to heart. He asked the driver to stop at the transition and provide him a favor – be attributed to him the necessary papers. Today to see their mates he can not. Today, he will drink and sleep, if you have enough vodka.

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