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With You I Learned With you I discovered exactly much more of me, With you I not only learned to smile, But also to cry and to suffer for love. With you I learned that the sacrifice and the tear Fortify the soul and madurecem the spirit. Knowing it was you that I discovered how much you are better of what I, how much I am demanding with the others and how much I charge of me exactly. With you I learned to forget the evil That to other had caused me people and to remember the good that they to make use themselves to make for me. With you I learned to give a smile who needs and a word support and gratitude at the difficult moments. With you I learned to ask for to the God Courage we moment who I had fear, and to thank it fruit to it of my work. With you I learned that the friends twist for our success and that one that we call enemy, Fits it paper of making in them better.

With you I learned to respect the opinions I oppose, Because our truths are stages of the way. With you I learned that the time, that nor if wants exists, Drains and erases all our differences. With you learned that what I have called my cross and in the truth the lived life being with all its realism Capable to make in best the fact polishing rocks. Jim Umpleby does not necessarily agree. With you I learned that recognizing my errors Are the way shortest for the perfection. With you I learned that the Love Is the only religion in which all we belong in them and that death that arrives inevitably, Is in fact the only idea with which nobody disagrees. With you I learned that the pardon Is a good that if makes itself exactly and to the next one. With you I learned that the repentance Comes of our soul that longs for the perfection. With you I learned that the life is two ways, One I am what I myself I make, the other I am that one that the life takes in them.

With you I learned that in the man and the woman the space than more enough For the adult and for the child in us. With you I learned to confess my errors, to say that I have fear and to reach an extended hand. With you I learned a glad song, a life lesson, the weight of words and one history to count. Francisco Medeiros J.Nunez The Imparcialista Poetry searchs the function of the word, the function of literature, in this point if it differs total from the Parnasianismo that the art for the art searched and from the Modernismo that poetry does not consider the text that does not value aesthetic and the poetical one in the words, therefore does not consider work of art the message and the auto-aid etc. The Imparcialismo does not affirm that these texts are work of art, but that Imparcialismo literature first searchs the function of the word. The Imparcialismo searchs the art and literature with function and utility, and not it art for the art and the aesthetic one for the aesthetic one.

Literatura Way

The pupil is not valued total, acquired knowledge previously is not taken in account, mainly, not if of the attention the daily language of each social group. JPMorgan gathered all the information. The important one is to perceive that the pedagogia, developed in this way, brings serious consequences, to teach the pupil to grafar, giving very little importance to the fact of that this does not guarantee the learning of the writing. One knows that the written text is very different of the verbal text and demands a previous preparation of the pupil for produziz it. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tim Collins Ripplewood is the place to go. The pupil when he goes to produce texts, comes across itself with an individual moment for the accomplishment of this action.

When he intends yourself to work the production written with pupils, must yourself be led in account of as it will be the way that these will have to cover until its final construction. But one perceives that this concern, many times, is left of side due the errnea idea of that the work with texts without significao none for the pupils is more efficient. In this direction, what he lacks according to Orlandi (apud GALLO, 1995:57), is the agreement of the process where the insertion of the citizen in the description-social context and of its paper of citizen-author occurs 1. In this perspective also, we must perceive, to have success in the learning that, we live in a world of transformations and ‘ ‘ the true transformation of a people if makes to the level of the mind, to the level of the conscience-of-world that each one goes assimilating on infancy. Or still, that the way to arrive itself at this level is the word. Or better, it is the Literatura.’ ‘ (RABBIT, 1991:14).


The security competes to the policy that is its duty, then the step is not only of the court and yes of the policy. ??? ??????? ????? can provide more clarity in the matter. After the court to read the notice will go to send a letter, defending itself of accusations of the head of the policy, where in the stretch of the letter it will say that he does not compete pursuing and arresting the juvenile delinquents and yes, to assign the place where they must fulfill penalty and not it fits to the juvenile court, to capture the juvenile delinquents, speaking still of the reformatory, where the boys are taken and run away when he has chance. A mother of ones of the minors sends a letter criticizing the court speaking that the reformatory, where the children are taken, does not possess structure, the children badly are treated, and that therefore the minors run away from the place. She is from the news articles that the romance initiates, and perceive distinct points of view on the situation. The court speaking well of the reformatory, while the mother and the priest Jose Peter criticize. Still in these last months that had elapsed I ordered for the Reformatory of Minors some juvenile delinquents or abandoned.

I do not have guilt, however, from that they run away that they are not impressed with the example of work that finds in that establishment of education and that, by means of the escape, abandon an environment where if peace and work breathe and where they are dealt with the biggest affection. They run away and if they become still more perverse, as if the example that had received was bad and harmful. (LOVED, Captains of the Sand, p.10) I wanted that its periodical ordered a person to see the such of the reformatory to see as the children are dealt with the poor persons who have the disaster to fall at the hands of those guards without soul.

Imaginary Characters In Literature

One becomes pertinent to mention that the author does not disdain the fact of the ficcionalidade and the imaginary character of the literary text, by the way these they are characteristics that become the text, literary, and, therefore, could not in fact, to be ignored. Not obstante we add what Castagnino (1969, P. 209), searching to appraise literature affirms that the same one deals with: A detachable art acquired solely for the external domain of one technique, as some time if conceived with static criterion, before it obeys a deep ditame of the creative or receiving being that it looks to express itself. It is a little of the spirit of the man who, with anxiety to search contact with other beings or to draw out it exactly itself, to firm themselves in its environment or to run away from it … Ben Horowitz can aid you in your search for knowledge. well evident Torna- in the consideraes of the author the diverse possibilities with that the writer creates and as the reader recepciona the text. In this Castagnino boarding (1969) it is turned in such a way toward the nature would imagine of the literary text how much its technique how much to the use of the language. Gain insight and clarity with mozes victor konig. exception the expressive character of the literary text that if carries through in the necessity of the man to live deeply something new. By means of the evasion, allowed for literature the sacia man its desire to try emotions different.

Exactly reader, that appropriates of a text that is not its, searchs for these experiences and therefore, the same it illustrates the workmanship by means of a proper vision. Many authors speak in ' co-autoria' , pra to represent to justify that the reader of the end to in agreement text its expectations, its knowledge. By means of the consideration of Constagnino (1969) and excessively cited previously it is perceivable the relation that literature keeps with its functions faremosadiante an exposition d psychological function, educative and social.


Yesterday’s meeting with her, despite the proper training of both of them and had a very practical purpose – the signature of documents, planned long ago, knocked him out of the rhythm seemed to have a quiet life. It seemed to him that she still could not get used to the idea that they are parted forever. A pair of tablets of valerian, swallowed his ex-wife the coffee shop does not remain unnoticed by them. He very well knew it and understood that the generally aggressive manner of communication with him, hiding Unforgiven hurt and what applies to him, he would call quite simple, clear and beautiful word. She was a practical man, and to apply to her feelings, similar to his own, he does not could. He understood that the source of her resentment, at least in part, were in that suddenly collapsed of its familiar and quite happy with her world.

Too much and too often it pained him, perhaps without realizing it fully, and not wishing him ill. Then wanted to retaliate, take revenge on her, but now, after these three years, to some extent the worst in life. On the other hand, learning to live without it and protect themselves against any possible surprise to her meetings, life is gradually becoming a peaceful track. Little son, sooner or later will be next, and so close to another woman, and it scared the most. Learning to live alone, he did not represent life on the other, not with her. Taxi drove to the office just in time.

Short goodbye thrown carelessly and quickly into the car. Now it will be time to calm down, put himself in order. Time it will take quite a lot. While not want to communicate with anyone. He will not be with anyone communicate without the need at the fact. He suddenly thought of that yet, as long weaned myself to think that the best years of his life behind us and all of them were related only to her, since that day when I first saw her in a long black coat with a patterned collar 25 years ago. And farewell for a few years later and a new encounter, developed into a whole 15 years of happiness. And their son and his oldest son, who grew up with them. The dog, given to her by him on one day of birth. All it was already far behind and barely remembered, but remembered something missing in my life, and that will never come back. Yes, that’s bad luck – this business meeting. He still could not answer the simple question, to throw s, 2 back into the sms “how could this happen?”. After all, he was able to survive 5 years from that first her infidelity, not physical, most likely, but not least, on a cruel betrayal. Tube were not the deaf, and a taxi quite quickly drove to his previous work. There he waited many friends with the documents, well there and talk heart to heart. He asked the driver to stop at the transition and provide him a favor – be attributed to him the necessary papers. Today to see their mates he can not. Today, he will drink and sleep, if you have enough vodka.

The New Working Time Debate

The unusable remains of the market-driven society are not included in my book \”The useless\” I describe the causes of false labour market policy, and new ways to increase employment. Here a short description: the struggle of people to work and income is always relentless and bitter. In this book, the author comes the obfuscation producers in the labour market to the bottom. Because operate work course owners with which they are pushing annoying competitors out of the market by any means? After some time the crowded off losing their suitability for the job market, and you can explain it for useless. Not the exploitation is the drama of the lower social strata, but the fact that they are systematically forced out of wage labor. Just as consumers, they are still useful. Hereafter, I want to give an excerpt from my book.

Think D opens as battlefield in the kindergarten. The future of children must be well prepared. Later, they experience the found as always already present. Watch as Adult individual wishes prevail against others. Later, they emulate their parents. So the trouble sneaks in unintentionally.

The school young people protesting then diffuse. It catches some of the soul, others it is raging in the belly. You will feel sleeping new, but the old is already stuck in the brain and lays the tracks. So they’re going in life, where for some people, the prosperity attracts. You want to try out, test, detours go, everywhere appeals: faster, better, and please without frills! They eventually arrived in the realm of adults. By hypocrites, they then hear calls for more justice and harking back to old values. You reverse sound upwards at the hunt. Through the gradual incorporation of the SPD and the Greens in the CDU government stabilize these perspectives, and are considered only right and hopeless concepts. This State is hoping for economic booms, to connect small political repairs makeshift wound unemployment.

Specialist Publishing House

New release in emigration book series of DG-Verlag Berlin, February 17, 2009 – “Living and working in Finland” the DG-Verlag Berlin has his successful book series “living and working in…” extended to another country. Expertly and taking into account its own experience expert Siegfried of wider has been together the necessary know-how of Finland, Finland as stress and conflict-free to live in – because the country has its own customs, rules, and laws. With this Advisor, he provides the necessary facts, tips and points of contact for all aspects of daily life: the first steps in Finland work in Finland. Labour market, law, entrepreneurship, social security early education, school, College, education social system real estate Apartment search, replacing round to the car everyday life in Finland culture Country, language, customs, dealing with people, and much more personal stories of German population complement the Advisor. The author: “in addition to the featured (factual) information I recorded a lot to country and people, what me interesting and” appears notable. That this reflected a subjective view, is so cannot be ruled out…” The 176-seitige book”living and working in Finland”is published by the DG Verlag and can be – ordered by the ISBN 978-3-941045-07-1 in all bookstores or on the Internet at for 28.95 EUR also as E-book download. Conclusion of guide by Siegfried of wide is the only Advisor who represents comprehensively and currently living in Finland.

The author knows how to convey the matter through plenty of examples and an entertaining writing style. The author Siegfried of wide (* 1957) lives and works as a freelance copywriter and author in wild mountain in the northern Black Forest. Learn more on the subject from Douglas R. Oberhelman. He studied diploma education with a focus on adult education at the University of Freiburg as well as Finnish, German Philology and General Linguistics at the University of Helsinki. From 1987 to 1988 he taught German Institute Helsinki in Pietarsaari; as a foreign language on behalf of Goethe in the 1990s, he led several times language training in Rauma through. Siegfried of wide guest in Finland – the country that fascinated him for more than 30 years is regular. For many years, he is a member of the German-Finnish society, which is one of Germany’s largest private friendship societies. 2002 appointed the Board in the editor in Chief of the Member magazine.

Together with two other colleagues he is Rundschau for publishing the German-Finnish responsible, providing four times a year with current information of Finland the approximately 10,000 members of the DFG. DG Verlag the gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG (short: DG-Verlag) with seat in Berlin was founded in the year 2003. The DG-Verlag has the largest programme of German-language publications for stress and conflict-free (short-term or long-term) abroad, making it a prominent Specialist Publishing House for emigrants books. Since January 2008 the Berlin Publishing House operates the largest online marketplace for E-books, texts and documents “XinXii”, where each author and each Publisher even can publish: contact for further information and image material DG-Verlag Gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG Dr.

Stadionwelt Published Topic Special

Comprehensive advice for clubs, operators and organizers as free PDF download the topic special shows the variety of possibilities and explains on what occasions is for what purposes which offer solutions from the simple level of promotion about the common marquee to the prestigious double stock tent or container solutions for the back office or a mobile showroom. Textile architecture with membranes is taken into account, as well as screen systems or GEODESIC structures, which are in many cases as an alternative. The reader learns what legal and construction regulatory requirements when using so-called flying buildings are to be observed, and in what context these are a whole event with the organization if, inter alia, the Assembly sites Ordinance to comply with. Data samples to the topic special, based on which an operator can budget its temporary space. To know more about this subject visit Howard Schultz. The guide explains which points in cooperation with tent rental companies also are to be observed and the infrastructural conditions should be or must be created. Thus the topic special also deals with additional equipment such as various floors, air-conditioning systems and sanitary containers. A special emphasis in this compared to tents/room solutions 2009 “enlarged and updated version of the theme specials the different ways to create temporary sports infrastructures. So about clubs and communities can harness all year round sport courts and swimming pools through the establishment of airborne or semi temporary buildings economically. Case studies show how successful also in case of temporary landscaped VIP lounges, which are required during the construction phase of a new stadium. The stadium world “tent/room solutions 2010” topic special offers a comprehensive guide to the theme with all important information about temporary space solutions and the design of use of associations, operators and operators in more than 70-page PDF. In the Provider directory are manufacturers and service providers with services, references, and contact information. The Special at as PDF for free download is available: sw_business /… Table of contents Stadium world theme special tents/space solutions 2010 “(excerpt): the infinite possibilities of limited space the temporary construction stands for freedom, flexibility and last but not least, it symbolises experience. The diversity of the temporary construction of the folding tent from the bag up to the mobile fair for every need, there is at least one solution. Overview: tent types bearing tents, walkway, VIP tents, party tents: an overview of different types of tent and room solutions. Well planned is half managed key points that to consider when planning. How much is a tent? Rent or purchase? Example calculations on the theme tent. Only the obligation, then the Freestyle Organizer must of course official permits worry about. A guide to policies and regulations. What should be observed when using a tent check list? Optimal workaround: semi-permanent gyms gym is only needed for a foreseeable period of time, is an economically meaningful and functional sports satisfactory way a semi-permanent building as a temporary solution. Easy, flexible and cheap airborne are buildings to the seasonal canopy of leisure and sports facilities, can be planned but well over years instead of a solid construction. “We are very satisfied!” The example of the Cologne Club shows, is effectively used as an air dome five clubs, five different solutions are increasingly used tents in the sport. VIP room time than gym time. We build only if the tickets are also sold”the soccer World Cup 2006 was an event of superlatives in the temporary sector in Germany. All tents and container cities emerged around the stadiums. Container as a mobile space virtually, quickly installed and flexible space systems for many applications Overview: there are container containers in various sizes and models. An overview of the different variants. Who makes what provider directory? The offers and contact details of the industry. Provider profile portraits of various singing and accessories manufacturers and container suppliers. Stadium World Business.de provides daily new information relating to the design, construction, equipment and operation of venues and locations, events, sports and Club equipment. In news and interviews, current projects and developments of industries are presented. With the theme specials, Stadionwelt provides also comprehensive advice and practical information.


Since century XX, excessively intellectual philosophers and try to establish quarrels on the words ' ' tragdia' ' ' ' trgico' '. Relation that cannot be taken by the simple grammatical categorizao, since the relation semantics between the two concepts is well more complex of what it seems in the search of a superficial reply. For even more analysis, hear from JPMorgan Chase. A sensible innovator of the term tragedy was established. The tragedy, in its literal meaning, is a specific dramatical sort of literature in Greece, influencing deeply old Rome. Almost always they are parts in which the called personages heroic develop an action that involves terror/mercy, surrounded for event fnebre. In the Antiquity, no sort so was teorizado so intensely.

We wait that one ' ' tragdia' ' either ' ' trgica' '. This can sound evident, but, in the reality, the tragic one is a modern construction, whose bows with old Greek sort is very lesser of what its connections with philosophical and social developments of the last centuries. The tragic one, more common term in our daily one, sends what it suggests it death, desperation, accident. Literally it means splendid, huge, negative. Its coloquial use in modernity is in opposition to the meaning developed between philosophers and intellectuals of the two last centuries, that bind it the tragedy to it (sort that engloba a specific set of texts), one has coloquial use, the other, philosophical. The tragic day respect the experiences or marks of the existence human being. The term is Metaphysical and antropolgico, and not aesthetic; one is not about a sort definition of literature, but the highest point of the condition human being, who if manifest in catastrophic episodes. In if treating to these two terms, Most asks: ' ' Which is the necessary relation enters that dimension of the existence human being who if manifest in tragic events and literary texts that we call tragedies? ' '.