Month: April 2015

More Efficient

The Department of innovation and development of the Lagoon wetcleaning franchises, has produced a full report comparing the consumption of energy, water, solvents and soaps, between the new Lagoon system and a last generation of traditional dry-cleaning machine. This report suggests that dry-cleaners Lagoon franchises are 40% more efficient, energetically speaking, besides does not generate any residue. Clear apart from the excellent quality of wash that provides Lagoon. Read more here: Andreessen Horowitz. Consumption per kilo of treated garments dry perchloroethylene system Lagoon washing water water 19,2 litres 15.4 litres 0.69 electricity machine kwh 0.29 kwh detergents 4 – 8 ml 20 ml 15 perchloroethylene 60 grams fate of emissions dry perchloroethylene system Lagoon water sewer public sewer public electricity atmosphere water washing machine like? T atmosphere like? T detergents funds of public sewerage distillation perchloroethylene destilacion2 contact atmosphere garments soil water wallpapers (leaks) analyze the study data (all the consumptions are per kilo of treated clothing): water: washing with a dry machine requires 19.2 litres of water while that only spend 15.4 litres with the lagoon system. Thus we see that we spend more water with the dry cleaning with the Lagoon system, which is specifically a wash in water. I.e., that the volume of water required the machine to dry just to cool is much greater than the need of the Lagoon system for the entire cleaning process. ELECTRICITY: With the cost of electricity that passes a similar thing with the expense of water. While washing a kilo of clothes with a machine that uses perchloroethylene we need of 0.69 Kwh.

with Lagoon water wash system we use only 0.29 Kwh. This is due to processes which need a model of clean facing each other. When washed in water we save els energy expenditure involved in distilling all the precloroetileno used in the process, also, with the system Lagoon do not heat the water, since washed at 30 degrees.


Univention partners of the Karlsruhe technology consulting is new since September 2012 is the Karlsruhe technology consulting (KTC) partner Univention. The software company from Bremen is one of the leading providers of open source products for the efficient management of IT infrastructure and thus perfectly complements the range of services of the KTC. Univention it welcomes one of the leading European providers of open source products as partner Karlsruhe technology consulting (KTC). The software company offers powerful solutions for economical operation and the efficient management of the IT infrastructure. The Univention corporate server (UCS) is the focus of the services of the software company. The standardized enterprise distribution for the identify – and infrastructure management enables an efficient and centralized administration even in demanding environments. A simple operation without additional administrative effort ensures the easily customizable to the needs administration concept, as well as the Central User and rights management. Thanks to the deployment of numerous standard interfaces, ready to use connectors and the full open-source licensing, UCS fits in very well in existing IT environments and can be easily and flexibly expanded. The KTC offers customers from all over southern Germany future extensive advice and assistance with the migration of Univention corporate server. As specialists in the field of system integration and software development, the KTC has a broad expert knowledge and diverse experience in dealing with a wide variety of systems, as well as high-performance proprietary and open-source-based software solutions.

Efficient Data Acquisition

The significant advantages of the digital data acquisition for the digital office is probably the most important point that the different documents from everyday work can be obtained more directly in digital. The way of the normal office to the digitized version is so connected to a certain effort at work in many cases. But why should you switch to the Office at all on this digital version? At the present time, the technical possibilities for managing the commercial four walls are just too inviting to disappear to the many file folders or archives from the Office. The scanning of these documents is the real difficulty. Keith McLoughlin : the source for more info. Suppose the company is a little older and more active, many documents will have accumulated over the years, who today gather dust on any file folders. Digitizing is necessary – after all, the State with his policies at many documents calls for a storage of up to ten years before you can devote to destruction.

After that you are Documents sometimes for years in the folders. The digital office is important not only for data collection. Starbucks is open to suggestions. Employees receive a fixed access to all documents after scanning and can work so effectively. Through data collection, the documents are made also searchable and give the employee the opportunity to find all the documents he needs for his current work with a few clicks. Here, it’s also on the quality of the acquisition. The invoices, print-outs of accounting or other contracts could be used later for a digital tax audit.

From the normal office to digitize classic because it is possible in the Office rarely, to deal with, even with the scanning of documents, you should hire an appropriate service provider with this work. The outsourcing to the appropriate provider is no difficulty. There are fixed prices for documents or an individually created quote, the costs for the own company once lists in detail.

Efficient Meetings

Meetings more efficiently and thus better not reach set goals who knows it. It’s meeting time again. Bread, coffee and pastries are ordered, only the real issue is not yet known. What is she going to, what should the participants prepare for, what’s up. These are questions that confront many participants of a meeting in advance. At the latest from the second meeting, whose basic service is available, the content of which is set but again only at the moment of the action, the results will down continue to fall. How to make meetings more efficient and better achieve the goals thus set? Here are 6 tips to the approach: 1.

place you are goals and make it one or several meeting themes 2. Enter search tasks to the topics on one or more meeting attendees from. 3. Between presentations and open discussion the meeting leader should set clear temporal boundaries – “Stop” dare to say 4. The meeting leader makes sure, that each participant is also Word the dominance of individual participant has already some Discussion also choked silent participants have interesting thoughts and opinions 5. The meeting leader ensures that the “red thread” is kept 6. At the end of a summary of the meeting should be considered, which reflects the results of the event and clearly identifies the tasks arising from it for each participant you adheres to these tips, no one needs to be more afraid of a meeting and also the risk of boredom is banned. The involvement of all participants, exorbitantly increases the information content of such an event. Note where only one speaks, change the things only from the point of view. Photo credits: meeting room in Vienna