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The Loss of each investor in this case amounted to 4,3%. I want to make you happy, there is a more lucrative retirement program. It’s private pension funds, which tend to show greater profitability than inflation. I want to dispel your belief that if this corporate means not reliable. It is not.

The activities of private pension funds controlled by the state, and the worst for the fund is to lose a license, but even in this case, investors do not lose their savings. How to choose the pension fund will be discussed in the next article, or you can look at section of apf, and we now have with you, other tasks. – And what to do with free money and 10% of the R / P? Investment instruments, rather a lot. This is a bank deposit, and additional pension products, insurance and mutual funds, except that it is necessary to choose wisely and according to their goals. Jim Umpleby has similar goals. – John, Joe, why are you here to dig? Suffice suffer, the beer gets cold! What the Fund does not choose to take this one reds.

Yes, no, left! Gentlemen! It’s your money, and only you decide where to invest. Reade Griffith has much to offer in this field. Once you have the right to dispose of his capital, so choose and learn your selected funds, learn as much as possible about their activities, look how old they are on the market. Do not repeat the mistakes mmm depositors who fled only for profit. Not worth listening to advice from friends, unless they are financial consultants. Here’s how to change sub-$ 100, at different time intervals and at different% rate years5% % % % apr 100 $ 100 $ 100 $ 100 $ 5,128 $ 161 $ 201 $ 249 $ 10,163 $ 259 $ 405 $ 619 $ 15,208 $ 418 $ 814 $ 1,541 $ 25,339 $ 1,083 $ 3 292 $ 9,540 $ And if you invest $ 100 every month? Well well in the quarter, or half a year. The beauty of 10% of your salary that if they invest each month, special harm the family budget will not bring, and mutual funds provide an opportunity to invest on 100rub, ie What would the salary was not, you can become an investor and to protect themselves in the future. Very often I hear from people the following: – Oh, come on, we passed it in the ninety-eighth year. I remember very well that year. I was a student, and the crisis has swept across the beer and cigars Ah! Yes, the money! Who won in 1998. Aunt Lena was quickly bought a washing machine? Maybe Uncle Bob from the upper deck, having invested all his money in dollars? I can tell you that won financially educated people who have put money into securities. Market failure affected all sectors of the economy and securities market, too, which rapidly began to fall in price. And what do financially educated people in the falling market. That’s right, they start to fly, thus reducing cost already purchased shares. I will tell you a secret, but I have not heard that in 1998 would be bankrupt at least one mutual funds. Banks, yes, yes the company, but mutual funds do not. I do not want, what would you immediately rushed to invest.

Complutense University

There are some kinds of situations that are susceptible of generating anxiety:-assessment situations: where the person feels subjected to test and the outcome can be positive or negative. -Social or interpersonal threat situations: like the previous one but in the social context – situations involving phobic elements: travel by airplane, needles, crowds, etc. – everyday situations: attempting to sleep, study, work, etc., can become stressful situations if we learned to develop these activities with tension or negative thoughts – physical hazards: in which threats to physical well-being, the survival or the integrity of the person – ambiguous or novel situations: unknown to the individual or where it has no experience – situations in which the person perceives their anxiety as a threat: fear of loss of control, some anxiety response, about their conduct, etc. One of the psychological tests used to evaluate anxiety is the inventory of situations and responses of anxiety (ISRA). This psychological test measured anxiety before a series of situations stressful that appear frequently in the lives of many people. The ISRA includes 22 situations, which are grouped into 4 types: situations in which we evaluated, interpersonal or social situations, fobicas situations and situations of everyday life. This inventory was developed by professors Miguel Tobal and Antonio Cano of the Complutense University of Madrid and was published in 1986 to then be translated into more than one dozen of languages. Evaluates the general level of anxiety of any individual from 15 years of age (although there are other versions for children) and three separate response systems: what we feel at the body level (physiological system), what we think (cognitive system) and what we do (behavioral system or engine).

The test has a great discrimination among groups, as it allows to differentiate people with disorders and disorders by scores. Scientific studies comparing evidenced among different samples of the general population. Like all psychological tests, the ISRA, must be applied and interpreted by a professional in psychology specialist in the subject. However, it is possible to make an approximate assessment of the level of anxiety that we have from some of the symptoms that includes this test and serve as a self-assessment..

University Belfast

Such solutions are the controversial part of the discipline, post is There may be those concentrations not a single molecule of the active ingredient in homeopathic solution. However its effect has been demonstrated in numerous studies and it is estimated that 15% of Western doctors follow this line. Madeleine Ennis, Queen s University Belfast pharmacologist, has always been the scourge of homeopaths. It ensures that, at these concentrations, in homeopathic remedies there is no more than water, so chemically no sense that it is working. However in his study latest Ennis and his team took a small disappointment: discovered that solutions of histamine ultradiluidas functioned in an experiment with basophils, blood cells involved in inflammation.

The homeopathic solution that there was probably no or a single molecule of histamine worked really like histamine. Although Ennis has been unable to explain why the effective functioning and it still skeptical, has ensured that if the results are real and the Homeopathy does not act as a placebo, would have to rewrite part of the fundamentals of physics and chemistry. Caterpillar usually is spot on. 5 Dark matter not everything that exists in the universe is visible. Astronomers can detect objects which emit or absorb light or any electromagnetic radiation or gravitatoriamente interacting with other objects that we can detect.The term dark matter refers to this matter whose existence can not be detected by processes associated with light, i.e. they do not emit or absorb electromagnetic radiation. Determine the nature of dark matter and how much there is the so-called problem of dark matter or the missing mass problem, and is one of the most important problems of modern cosmology. The question of the existence of dark matter may seem irrelevant to our existence on Earth, but the fact that exists or not dark matter, affect the ultimate fate of the universe. 6 Methane on Mars on July 20, 1976, Gilbert Levin, one of the engineers in charge of the missions of NASA to Mars, saw that the Viking which orbited the red planet had found emissions of carbon-14 that contained methane in the soil of the planet, so the conclusion should be obvious and very relevant: there is life on Mars.

What Is A Personal Loan?

Before defining the term “personal loan” which everyone has heard through the extensive and aggressive advertising that usually throw financial institutions to promote their services, we will define the term loan. Which has been framed as a financial obligation acquired by a person to request money for a specific purpose, where it is committed to refund the amount due within a stipulated period plus an interest rate (which is the gain of the bank). Before defining the term “personal loan” which everyone has heard through the extensive and aggressive advertising that usually throw financial institutions to promote their services, we will define the term loan.

Which has been framed as a financial obligation acquired by a person to request money for a specific purpose, where it is committed to refund the amount due within a stipulated period plus an interest rate (which is the gain of the bank). We now have a clearer sense loan, now explain the term personal loan. This is an immediate application of money where the borrower offers as collateral his own person, that is, agree to pay a monthly or fortnightly payment to the amount requested. Regularly, it is necessary to have several guarantors, who put it in epic terms “swear allegiance” to the borrower undertaking to answer for the breach of this. But do not panic, these types of loans have been categorized as an easy and economical solution (yes, and read, expensive!) Because they allow a number of investment at an interest rate which, although somewhat high, freeing up the stress due to the payment facilities offered by banks. ‘More information:


On 30 April each year ends the presentation of the statement of income tax, it is presented at the Ministry of Finance here in El Salvador are retained and each year thousands of statements that present tax refund, the reasons why are retained are multiple, with this article I guide you to avoid or overcome the most common mistakes when making your tax return. First: If you are employed your employer must provide proof of your income and deductions reported to the Ministry of Finance, it must contain the actual data submitted by the company in the form F910 to avoid discrepancies at the time that the Treasury cross the information submitted by you in the statement of income and deductions report provided by your employer.

Often we find where the income statements reported by the company is less than what the employee reports in the statement. Use this record to make the declaration. Second: If you work for various companies or worked in the same year different companies, ask for their constancy to each of the companies that conducted the retention, confirm that your former employer as reported in the report that amounts withheld and reported it, if your employer has not reported it and you report on your return surely forfeited his return process solvent until you or your employer about the problem. Third: If you provide professional services independently (without labor dependency), can deduct expenses that are necessary for the performance of their work, but beware that not everything can deduct what you spend, such as a fuel can only be inferred 50% of the depreciation as well as the cost of the supermarket and others that are not for the object or money. Presenting inflated costs for the tax computed at the end is a minor and leave us to return is another reason why the tax returns that do not return the Ministry of Finance. Usually costs more than 20% of revenues may fall into the sample taken by finance and will have to bear.