Month: December 2012

Sustainable Society

The waves of change of direction of the society human being One of the biggest world-wide authorities in terms of vision and fight for the future and understanding of the phenomenon of the changes are Alvin Toffler, visionary and American futurlogo. Its books have the great present time, still had become best-sellers and the forecasts on the future that bring have high taxes of rightness. Toffler affirms that the world lives a revolutionary period of route changes, that only occurred only two other times in the history of the humanity. The first one when the race human being passed of a typically nomadic civilization for a civilization basically agriculturist, has 10 a thousand years. Second it was when the race human being passed of agricultural civilization for industrial, it has three hundred years, in U.S.A. and the Europe, although many regions in the world not to have reached this period of training. The third revolution is in course and was initiated for return of 1955 in U.S.A. and other countries that lived the height of the industrial development, as England.

To these revolutions if gave the name of ' ' ondas' '. The third wave was called of revolution of the knowledge and the information. What it distinguishes a wave from the other is basically a different system to create wealth. The alteration in the form of wealth production is folloied by deep social, cultural changes, philosophical, institucional, economic and religious politics. In the first wave, the means of production to create wealth was the culture of the land. The human being contribua only with a minimum of knowledge on when and as to plant and spoon, with the physical force to work next to the animals. This form of production of wealth caused deep transformations with regard to what it existed in the preceding civilization, the nomadic civilization.