Month: April 2012

Manifesto Against The Controlling Head

Certain time, in a plant, was allowed that the employees took its radios and heard music while they worked. Some claims existed, are clearly, especially of controlling that argued that this type of distraction would be harmful to the performance of the work. Until, in a beautiful day, an employee innovated: he took a television for the work! The attitude of it finished excessively costing the right them, therefore the fact was used as example for the controlling. The result is that the radio use came the order of the direction forbidding during the expedient (before more nothing, does not please to hear me radio in the work environment, this depends very on the place, the type of task and the involved people? but this is not the point in question now). I also remember the commentary of a friend who, working in a great company of consultoria, was obliged to write down all the photocopies that he took off. It seems me that it had, also, one ' ' quota of fotocpias' '.

However, this my friend played functions of high responsibility and was well remunerated for such. the company was not small, was about eminent multinational. Which, then, the direction to control the amount of photocopies taken off for the employees? To prevent that they took off copies of material for personal use? Which would be the impact of this measure in the profit of the company? In what it touches to the personal experience, I passed a period of the life working of second a sixth, morning, late e, many times, part of the night. Invariably also it worked in Saturdays per the morning and, time or another one, to the sundays. It made many things, it kept me busy, it felt me necessary and it did not have time for nothing more. It was the period less productive of my professional life.