Month: March 2013

Finally Experience

This story, it could be repeated in some form in any other company, at the end of accounts was an experience lived, captured by the right side of my brain, which has made it possible for the type in detail for you. What can we draw as learning this? For more effort that made the company to capture my attention, called promotions, assemble your duo, buy two for one, card points etc nothing is used if the experience finally generated frustration in me, as he expresses it Juan Carlos Alcaide when he speaks of the loyalty of clients. Alcaide presents a survey by CRMGuru in which respondents indicate the service customer with 74% as the main reason for abandoning the poor quality to its suppliers, in second place with 32%. The interesting thing about this survey is that, from the perception of managers, allocated firstly with 49% price and secondly the need for change, with a 35%. There is no doubt that they are different perceptions.

For my part I have to say that the majority of companies, when there is a deficiency in the service, put focus in their processes, while the client does so in the same experience. So it is that upon presentation of a complaint, the customer does not understand or assumes no as an answer, sorry, is that failed the process this or that; the only thing you want is that they solve the problem. According to warden, there are two key aspects, which I also share, in quality of service. The internal quality and external quality. Internal quality refers to the functional aspects of the service (what the customer buys).

In the case of the fact that I mention, we could associate it with the first part: have the technology to identify who called, my data, the flavor of the pizza log, all that was at the height of my expectations. External quality refers to the way how the service is delivered, in this case the experience was negative, by all the discomforts that I mentioned. We can say that for the client Finally, is the external quality determines the quality of the service. Do the test and think when they go to lunch at a restaurant, when they take a flight or any other service, which is what determines the quality. Therefore it is very important to reinforce the attitudes and behaviors of people, because they are that finally incline the scale at the trial that the customer makes. Smiles from home and communication techniques, are important, but not decisive, unnatural in some cases, and it does not end by convincing the customer. Do not forget that the success of your company depends, now more than ever, of the quality of service provided and it is therefore essential to have a high motivation of individuals, of the orientation to the client that have all (front office and back office), internal marketing, media and forms of internal communication and the values that convey. For now, I must confess that I am going to miss the taste of the pizza, but I prefer not to risk another long wait I accept suggestions. Until next time!