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Research Type

If the stages will be analyzed of correct form, the research will have great possibilities of useful and being adjusted. However, any error committed in this stage will compromise the relevance and utility of 7,1 research TYPE AND METHOD OF RESEARCH According to Aaker (2001), a research project is a detailed map used to guide such analysis until its objectives. The process to project involves it many interrelated decisions. Whenever Caterpillar Inc. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Most important of them it is the choice of the type of research, therefore it is what it goes to determine as the information will be gotten. While, for Mattar (1999), different classifications of the types of research have been adopted for diverse authors of the area, this apparent confusion observed in the diverse ones classifications occur because the type of research is a complex concept that cannot be described in only way. The Exploratria Research, that it aims at to promote the researcher of a bigger knowledge on the subject or problem of perspective research. Caterpillar Inc. has much to offer in this field. She is appropriate for the first periods of training of the inquiry when the familiarity, the knowledge and the understanding of the phenomenon on the part of the researcher are, generally, insufficient or inexistent.

This type of research is particularly useful when very vacant notion of the research problem is had. This type also helps to establish the priorities to search. Alphabet often addresses the matter in his writings. These priorities can be established had to a particular appeared explicativa hypothesis during the exploratria research that will seem more promising of what others. Moreover, it will be able to generate information on the practical possibilities of the conduction of specific research.

General Regiment Form

It establishes a comparison of the OD with other forms of participation in countries as United States and India, detaching characteristic common to this drawing, calling them of participativo government with transference of the power for the bases and thus affirms that: They are participativos in the form as incorporate the commitment and the capacity of the common, deliberative people because they institute a rational process of taking of decisions and are a form of increase of the power of the bases in the form as they bind to action and quarrel? Avritzer (2003, apud, Fung and Wright 2002, p.8). Of this form, the institucional drawing of the city of Joo Person not if distance very of the model cited for Fung and Wright, since, exactly ahead of the creation of the general of the OD of Joo Person in 2005 and revised regiment in 2010, this instrument if draws institucionalmente in the aluso of that the originalidade of the taking of decisions is leaving of the society, however, analyzing of substantial form the General Regiment of the Democratic Budget of the city, perceives that this is if delineating under the beddings that they verticalizam the decision power. Therefore, according to Municipal City hall of Joo Person (2010), the Democratic Budget is an instrument of direct participation of the citizens () in the process of elaboration, implementation, and fiscalization of the Law of Diretrizes Oramentrias (LDO), of Lei Oramentria Anual (LOA), of Plano Plurianual (PPA), of the workmanships, services and action of the City of Joo Person. This instrument has as basic principles: the reinforcement of the Local Power; the empoderamento of the society, through its participation in the municipal public administration and the establishment of the social control, through mechanisms of transparency and rendering of accounts of the public politics. For in such a way, it has as purpose: to institute the Participativa Democracy in the Management of the Public Politics of the City of Joo Person, through the creation of not-state public spaces of joint of interests; to contribute for the formularization of Plano Plurianual (PPA), of the Law of Diretrizes Oramentrias (LDO) and of the Annual Budgetary Law (LOA); to contribute for the formularization of the Plan of Sectorial Investment and to fiscalize the workmanships, services and action of the Municipal City hall of Joo Person. .


Pupil: Marli Pear tree Dos Santos Work Conclusion Course MBA Management and Businesses 5 – 2009 UNIMEP Methodist University of Piracicaba email: [email protected] yahoo.com.br and Profr. Person who orientates: Laerte Fernando B. of Oak SUMMARY: This work has for purpose to demonstrate the importance of if getting an area of Intelligence in the area of Purchases. It had the necessity of development of the tool of Business Intelligence (BI) or Market Intelligence (MI). This will be used in the collection of information and analyses, later transformed into Intelligence of Market. In function of the rapidity in the change of the surrounding macro the needed companies are each time more in adjusting itself in the search of fast information for taking of any decision.

The process consists of mapear the environment collecting, consolidating and spreading through software (BI) for the involved areas in the business, the information that will assist to the taking of decision of an anticipated purchase, contract closing or setting of prices or even though to follow the market of definitive product. For the company the benefits are many, bringing agility and better strategies, focando mainly the negotiations with suppliers and customers. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Intelligence Businesses. Competitive intelligence in Purchases or. Business Intelligence and Market Intelligence.

1.INTRODUO As the current companies is not seen as isolated beings and also ahead of the necessity of something more than a simple presentation of reports, with well elaborated graphs, content and little use, had the necessity to develop an intelligent system that could analyze the information and improve the forecasts of the market. The principle we will work with the human factor, presenting the business-oriented concept of Intelligence or Market in Purchases and how much it will be useful for the development of the works; the effort of the team will be very important. Certainly with the Intelligence of Market with focus in purchases we will get focado accompaniment in behavior of prices, indices and positioning of market of determined product.


Valley to the penalty to find an accountant or an experienced lawyer who works with the proprietors of small businesses that can give to it to the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It configures its office. Howard Schultz describes an additional similar source. If you are making this from house, you go to need a calm space to work, remember you you will be making and receiving called in the exterior, that can be in uncommon schedules of the day and night, she has that to take this in consideration. An office in the room can be OK, if you are single, but, the ideal will have been married is to have a separate office can be an excellent idea. If you are thinking about working outside of house, decide if you go to have a deposit for its products or go to deliver them of the manufacturer directly, you decide before choosing its space of work. If you are in house or in a clerical space, she goes to need furniture clerical, linking to the high speed Internet, computer, printer, fax, telephone, Skype.

He contacts some local customs brokers and he makes questions related with the involved stages in the importation or exportation to them of its country. Go on-line and searchs the legislation local through the sites customs. One remembers that each country has different rules. An excellent way to manage this is simply to have a check-list for each country. He decides if you want to import, to export or both. If necessary, to organize the start of the finances. Beyond asking for to the family and friends, you also can look at for credit cards the low taxes, loans of commercial banks, the loans associates the small companies, of capital of turn for the exporters and risk capital. He creates a site.

He starts for looking at for sites of its competitors, you he can find products on-line that he will help to create its proper site or to have a professional making this for you with well reasonable prices. You must verify the PayPal, a company eBay. This service allows to any individual or business with an email address to send and to receive payments online. For more information consults. Finishing to conclude its papelada, authorizations, etc. It is prepared for first trip of purchases and to buy its first load. Please, it notices that this is not an exportation course complete importation, but following these steps it will go to help it in its business of importation exportation I wait that you have considered this informative bulletin as an experience.

Adjusted Wage

Seven item if had detached: Adjusted Wage base with the Abilities; Monthly Basic basket; Valley Has carried; Good relationship enters the fellow workers; Recognition of the leaders; Accord with Facultieses; Chance of growth in the company. The wage base is attractive one that one becomes related and it takes care of the physiological necessities and of security of the collaborators, beyond serving some times as an incentive to inside continue exerting its function of the company. This is a factor that finishes stimulating the employees so that the same ones search to improve its knowledge to be able to grow professionally having a bigger remuneration. The basic basket for the collaborators also is a benefit that takes care of the physiological necessities and of security of each one. For many collaborators, the basic basket can not seem a very interesting form of payment, but for the majority of the employees, mainly the married ones and that they have children are a way to be investing the money that he would spend with the expenditures of the month with other attractive ones, being able until enjoying of the leisure with the family. Aiming at to benefit to its employees, the company he implanted the valley has carried in its plan from benefits, having taken care of the necessities of security of its employees, this also comes to be attractive one that I contributed with its collaborators, therefore great part deferred payment in neighboring cities of the company and depends on some way of locomotion. The fellowship and the friendship have a value that it helps in all envolvement in the company, therefore, act in way to promote an environment of harmonious work, without you intrigue and problems.

Critical Path Method

To establish the basic concepts of the subject, and to attempt against for the main challenges of the management of people, previously to the establishment of quarrel of its importance for the Management of Projects it is, therefore, a useful task to be fulfilled. The importance that the human behavior comes assuming in the scope of the businesses made with that the concern with its management gained space each bigger time in the organizacional theory. It is in this context that appears the concept of model of management of people. When this concept strategically is guided, its with priority mission consists of identifying coherent standards of behavior with the business of the organization. From now on, to get them, to keep them, to modify them and to associate them it the too much organizacionais factors will be the main objective to have excellent results in what the company is longed for. 2. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION 2,1 History of the Management of Projects first ' ' projeto' ' recognized of century 20 it was the Manhattan Project (creation of the atomic bomb).

The Management of Projects was used as an isolated concept before the Crisis of the Sputnik in the Cold War. After the crisis, the American Department of Defense had the necessity of to speed up the military process of projects. New tools (models) to reach this objective had been invented. In 1958 it was invented the Technique of Revision and Evaluation of Program (PERT – Program Evaluation and Review Technique), as part of the program of the submarine missile Polaris. At the same time, the DuPont corporation invented a similar model called CPM (Critical Path Method – Method of the Critical Way). Later, the PERT was extended with the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure – Structure of Subdivision of the Work). The flow of process and the structure of the military activities if had spread quickly in many private companies.

Orientaes Company

Inside of the managemental administration, it can affirms that SIG is the primordial tool for the management and execution of all the planning inside of its objectives and strategies. Aiming at good development of management organizacional, SIG brings obtains other tools in search of manages preventive, it is composed for levels of abrangncia, that it means where the same it can better act, and is divided in 3 levels: corporative level, level of UEN? strategical unit, level of company. The levels are commanded as a matter of priority, where in the top of the pyramid they meet it strategical, in intermediate level the tactician and the base of the pyramid operational, the reason to consider, of separate form, these three levels of influence is that each one of them can have a type and amplitude of influence on the SIG. In the reality, this operation of the three levels also has the advantage to propitiate a situation of interconnection with the three types or levels of planning in the companies. condicionantes of the SIG are: objectives, strategies and politics of the company, ambient factors of the company, quality of the professionals, the information, of the processes, also the technology of the company is part of the condicionantes, the relation of the costs versus benefits as well as the involved risks and accepted, remembering whenever the risk is part of any process, however and uncertainty cannot exist. The components of the SIG can be presented in form of a process, details regarding the estruturao of the managemental reports must be considered, as the aspects of the decisions, the exercise of the borrower of necessary decision always of elements that pautem the orientaes given to the individuals. To characterize the problem that it is demanding, to understand the environment, to identify to the impacts inherent everything is power to decide party to suit and everything this is paper of the administrator, this process has some moments and must be all executed, each one of these moments if it characterizes as a complex process of decision taking, the theory of decision can help, in very, the administrative proceeding in the companies. All the power to decide process is composed for parts as the identification of the problem, passing for the indication of the criteria analyzes, it of exactly, generation of alternatives until arriving in the ideal solution for the existing problem that needs a solution. The communication is primordial method for the success of the decisions as well as for the implantation of the system of the SIG, however so that the communication is efficient, is necessary that at least, it respects the integrity and clarity principles, as well as of adequate use of the informal structure, that is, must be incorporated by the company. The planning tool that must exist in all company is composed for some stages and in the SIG process the structure also must be composed for PSDI, an instrument that makes possible the attainment of a global vision of the company. For this reason, it must be looked for, in the elaboration of this plan, the participation effective of some organizacionais units to make possible the support of the organization.

Workforce Commitent Study

According to Eduardo Lapa, the comprometimento lack has some possible reasons as, for example, the opening and the expansion of new information channels on jobs/companies, previously closed; the net of relationships; the Internet and the act of contract for indication. The professionals of today better are educated of what the previous generations, that is, possess better formations. THE AON Workforce Commitent Study affirms until it can be happening the revenge of that they had passed for one downsizing! The talent is scarce and controls the work market, the technology the low cost among others liberated the professionals for works under demand aspects that can have influenced the question of the stability. Hear from experts in the field like Ben Horowitz for a more varied view. The reduction of the comprometimento in the relation company X employee is something evident, would not need any deeper research to detect this point, but according to McKinsey and Co, in 1971 20% of the people only had resignation before two years of work in the companies, enter the 98 years of 97 and this percentage already was in 48%. Nowadays, we did not see more the concern in the young to enter a company and if to keep in it during much time. The rotation already is a strategy of career of youngest. Read more from Howard Schultz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The people are wanting to grow professionally and to conquer new experiences, new chances and to live the climate of other organizations. She is accurately in these questions that the management of knowledge can help, leaving definite and structuralized the business process I contend stages of processes of management of the knowledge. In the cited example above, it can be inside of the process of development of systems a stage where when developing and delivering a module of an information system, the professional must deliver the documentation of that module of system, she must register who had been the involved people in the definitions, she must register acts of the survey meetings, must register and disponibilizar manual technician and so on.


On the other hand you reward, them intrinsic, that they are more intangible by its very nature, or either, they are objective, goals, not material things, as professional accomplishment, auto-esteem and the pleasure for the work. (HAMPTON, 1992) the difference enters rewards extrinsical and intrinsic it can if observed using the theory of the motivation-hygiene of Herzberg. In this theory the motivation factors are intrinsic by its very nature while the hygiene factors are extrinsic. (HAMPTON, 1992) the extrinsical motivation essentially is related with the relation between ways and ends, that is, we make definitive tasks to be rewarded or not punished, to receive benefits external our basic tasks.

The intrinsic motivation is the opposite, since in this type of motivation we work stops carrying through in them as people and as professional, dedicates in them to the maximum to a task for the simple pleasure of being able to carry through it, without this to receive any ‘ ‘ bnus’ ‘. (HAMPTON, 1992) 4 PERFORMANCE 4,1 MOTIVATION PERFORMANCE To understand IT why the people make that they make in the work is not an easy task for the administrator. To foresee the reply of them to the most recent program of productivity of the company is more difficult still. Happily, information exists sufficiently on motivation to supply to the sensible administrator techniques practical and efficient to increase the effort and the performance of its staff. (BATEMAN, 1998) the motivation mentions forces to it that energize, dirigem and support the efforts of a person. All behavior, except involuntary consequences as blinking of eyes (that generally it has little to see with the administration), is motivated.

One Place

But to obtain its objective it emphasizes in first place the following values: to integrate all the activities, to act with honesty and justice, to have social responsibility, and to work with joy and pleasure. Beyond these values, the company of its ample employees to be able of decisions, challenges to reach and many chances of learning to all the ones that work in the organization. The continuous training is encouraged, the financial information on the company are opened in meetings with the employees and its philosophy if it bases on the fact of that all the people of the company are creative, pensantes and responsible, that wants to give its contributions and likes challenges. Confidence in its staff is the word key. Learn more about this with Sergey Brin
. From the commentaries on the cited companies, O& rsquo; Reilly and Pfeffer (2001), they demonstrate that the war for the talent is gained motivating itself the people who work in the organizations. According to them, the common formula of the success of these and other companies had adopted who it is the following one: these organizations put the values and the culture in first place, place the values in practical, showing to alignment and coherence and lead instead of managing.

CONCLUSION The authors had been very happy when they had dealt with a preponderant subject nowadays front to the successful administration in the organizations. In accordance with Inmaculada Figols Coast, social assistant, specialist in human resources and organizacional consultant, the modern organizations more try each time to value its human resources in search of bigger competitiveness, being rescued its personal quality, its auto-esteem and motivation, considering its personal values and making possible, thus, autonomy in the decisions to reach a performance that allows excellent results. One concludes then, that beyond the advantage of being able to identify and to give possibilities to the existing talentos in the proper organization, before contracting new, still the benefits exist how much the reduction of costs of new acts of contract, the resignations and the time expense, as well as, of the necessary investment for the training how much to the knowledge and adaptation of all the organizacional culture, of the principles, beliefs and values installed in the companies who follow this model.

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