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Nobody only lives in this world. The decisions, private attitudes of each member of our society affect, of negative or positive form, the life of third. Being thus, we can perceive that our life depends, each time more, of the will, the opinion, the individual desires of other people, also many times of unknown people. It is not difficult, from this analyzes, to perceive that the social organization is not far from easy. How we can make with that thousands of people with interests, opinions, completely different vises of world coexist efficiently, pacifically, of the best possible form? How to make so that the wills, the individual dreams can generate, produce the good for all? How to make with that the freedom of choice of each one does not affect of the next one? At last, the difficulties are innumerable that any politician, any jurist, any conscientious citizen faces when trying to organize our chaotic society. The life in group never was, possibly, never will be easy.

However, our society current, our current thought makes it difficult much more this organization, this because, the global capitalism? dominant form of production? it stimulates the individualism, the narcissism. The capitalist philosophy affirms that each one must defend what it is better for itself, to carry through all its individual desires, therefore, it fits to the market to organize of efficient form the private attitude, fits to the market to produce, to maximize the corporate property. The reality, however, is not so simple thus. A igualitria society, more joust, more efficient, in short, a better society is of the interest of all, benefits to all; however, the only form to reach this ideal is through the collective activity, working in set, only making concessions, opening hand of its interests in favor of the collective, of the will of the group as a whole.


The distinction between work and interaction in condiz Habermas with the distinction enters the action guided to the success and the action guided to the intercompreenso. Blake Krikorian usually is spot on. The notion to act communicative is the only type of social action guided the intercompreenso. The concept to act communicative, that it has as deep cloth of the linguistic agreement as mechanism of coordination of the action, makes with that the contrafactual assumptions of the actors who guide its to act for validity pretensions acquires immediate relevance for the construction and the maintenance of social orders: therefore these if keep in the way of the recognition of normative pretensions of validity. The tension between faticidade and validity, inlaid in the language and the use of the language, come back to the way of integration of socialized individuals, the least comunicativamente, and must be worked by the participants. The teaching work conditions the professor the paper to articulate in classroom the educative intentions of the pedagogical project of the school. This to make pedagogical is not untied of the determinative social conditions of the school, even so some practical insists on being unaware of the significao of the lived contexts. In the present time, educational projects through fragile and distant rational sustentation of the understanding of the possibilities and limitations of the proper rationality are developed human being.

The thought, in education is broken up and imediatista to serve a society determinatively consumista: everything must have utility to be consumed. For Habermas (1990), the education is changedded into instrument of the functional stabilization to the time where if it colonizes and it assumes the condition of an instrument manipulation technician economic politics and in the place of a resource of opposition and social transformation. The rationality theory searchs to rehabilitate the idea of that its emancipador power exists a universalista direction of reason reestablishing. In this way, the habermasianos arguments say that the use of the language follows at least four levels of significao: what it is said is intelligible, that is, has use of intelligible semantic rules for the others; the content of what it is said is true; the sender justifies for certain social rights or norms that are invoked in the use of language and the sender are sincere in what it says.


The used materials had been papers and penxses. Hear from experts in the field like Rob Crossland for a more varied view. The night had the moment of the integration to know, that it was very procedural, therefore allowed that many acted as protagonists. Then it had presentations, with the stories of what if it had made in the community, some to banish, and some confections were displayed, others had sung, declaimed and were very heated, however some had said that they were not prepared, therefore had not been informed that it would have this moment. Fourth? fair 14 -07 -20 Encetamos with video, that approached the thematic ones: trust and diversity of culture. Emps, had retaken of tera the fair and at this moment it had one brief argument related to the discomforts, in not finding that the study it was supplying the necessities. With this, the expectations in relation had been displayed to formation and from there one better adjustment for continuity of the same one. Then to the being displayed you distress them to all in relation to the formation, the necessary formation was concluded that to be focada in the areas (sciences and mathematics), and a bigger approach of the University with the professors in the base, back in the community.

To conclude the morning, the contents had been instituted, to be lived deeply in accordance with each objective, activity and the problematizao, inserted with the twine published in the coletnea of texts of the System of production and processes of work in the field, subject in study, later these contents, had been socialized with the great group demonstrating the existing proeminences between the contents and the daily one to be lived deeply by educating. The finishing of the morning if gave, with the delivery of the syntheses of all the process of the lived deeply pedagogical day until the present moment. for the reflection of that they were present, was displayed a message, on the butterflies, very interesting and propitiates at this moment, therefore we need much force of will to adhere to a philosophy that enaltea the life of who to be in the field, has seen that the reality is very difficult.

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Another excellent point pointed by Darwin is the affirmation of the populations, where it retakes Malthus, on the desproporo between population growth and amount of foods. This argument must structurally be analyzed preventing the exageros. The imperfections of Darwin could compromise the example? Not. Of form some. The imperfections can come to corroborate that the paradigms, in accordance with Kuhn, are not structuralized in way closed, finished and finished. SBG Architects oftentimes addresses this issue. The proposal of Kuhn when analyzing the change of the paradigms of the edge to a science opening while a proposal cumulative.

The change of paradigms caused by the diverse attempts to understand the evolution of the species inside opened space for a vast quarrel of science. What I intended with this example? To show the structure of the change of paradigms since the construction of Lamarck until the construction of Darwin. The three presented theories are not isolated in time and nor is total other people’s between itself, they, in its cerne possesss a conceptual linking, as it could be analyzed in the consideraes that follow. 3.CONSIDERAES FINAL What it is evident in the lines above is that I finish for ' ' defender' ' the boarding of science presented for Kuhn. What it is more evident still, that even so well is structuralized, the theory of Kuhn possesss imperfections. The present historical context in the formation of the paradigms also can come to function as a strategical element for the paradigm change. The historical context is not exclusive instrument for the understanding of the scientific community, but it can be an instrument with projection for a paradigm change. The external elements can bring situations that are determinative for such change. For example, after the attempted against ones of 11 of September, in the United States, the determined Asian countries had a radical change in the American foreign policy in relation, that to only register that I am searching one example is of natural sciences, but it is possible to use it in an analysis of sciences politics.


Of this type of people it has very many, because who you think that the bookshops estan full of hundreds of books that say for example ” As To lower of Weight in 10 days Eating everything what you gusta” or ” Like Increasing your Muscular mass in only 4 Weeks With Only 20 Minutes of Exercise in Casa” , the authors of these books know that we are million people whom to them east type of information enchants, to many of us likes quenos explains like making the things passage by step. 4. – The FOURTH type of learning of the people is those that estan Ready to ” TO TAKE ACCION”: To this type of person they do not like the theory, they are but proactive, when they listen to some audio one or they learn any technique, immediately they go and they take action to implement it. I CONSIDER EAST TYPE OF PEOPLE. He is why to this type of people at the end of each article, video or education it is necessary to say to them that they take a passage from action, is necessary to say the following step to him that there is to give to obtain the result that wishes. These are 4 types dePersona, and now that already you know this, I hope that whenever you write article, that you send a mail, that you make a video etc..