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Of this type of people it has very many, because who you think that the bookshops estan full of hundreds of books that say for example ” As To lower of Weight in 10 days Eating everything what you gusta” or ” Like Increasing your Muscular mass in only 4 Weeks With Only 20 Minutes of Exercise in Casa” , the authors of these books know that we are million people whom to them east type of information enchants, to many of us likes quenos explains like making the things passage by step. 4. – The FOURTH type of learning of the people is those that estan Ready to ” TO TAKE ACCION”: To this type of person they do not like the theory, they are but proactive, when they listen to some audio one or they learn any technique, immediately they go and they take action to implement it. I CONSIDER EAST TYPE OF PEOPLE. He is why to this type of people at the end of each article, video or education it is necessary to say to them that they take a passage from action, is necessary to say the following step to him that there is to give to obtain the result that wishes. These are 4 types dePersona, and now that already you know this, I hope that whenever you write article, that you send a mail, that you make a video etc..