Month: May 2011

Universal Coaching Trainers

2 The typical error in the training of trainers for the product. That today provides for training of trainers on the product market T & D services and what are the possibilities for companies? As a rule, it is still Universal Coaching training – "training trainers", they say, for all occasions. Having a great experience training trainers, both in public and in the corporate format, we can immediately identify the "costs" of such preparations for training of trainers on the product. Training of trainers provides excellent opportunities for growth (personal and professional), opens up many new and interesting. But! Generic training of trainers in most cases does not provide the methodology for constructing training sessions on products, (use the "cycle of Kolb and other methods navykovogo learning in the classroom for production, for example, about fifty people, it is problematic), does not focus on key presentation skills, the coach's work with large (50, 100 or more employees) and small groups (1 – 2 participants). There is another significant difference in the coach for the product: the main object in the learning process here is knowledge, while the business coach is focusing more on skills of the group. Often the coach for the product is returned after the training of trainers in the company, which sent him to study, "winged" and "Advanced", but, unfortunately, with a small number of professional tools that apply specifically to his work. As a result, the "trained" coach hangs the question: "How am I all use? I have a class at all others