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When imported the practical models and of management do not present no trace of the local culture, can occur the conflict of cultural values. Being thus, it is of basic importance to know the profile of the local culture. Another problem is conflict inside of the proper organization, appearing then, to the calls subculturas, that can appear and grow in such a way that they finish developing so different beliefs, rites and values they separate that them of the remaining portion of the organization. They influence the behavior of its members. An example would be a department of YOU (Technology of the Information) that it implants new systems that are beyond the knowledge technician and of the abilities of the majority of the collaborators. Exactly with training, the excessively collaborating ones can resist the changes or demand a long period of learning, creating one empecilho for the sprouting of pertinent solutions to the problems of the organization.

The calls multinationals, many times, fail for not attempting against to the question culture and subcultura of the region where it installed its branch office. The culture must be taken in consideration to foresee the behavior that the employees will come to have inside of the work environment, therefore the local culture will be able to exert greater influence front to the organizacional culture. In meanwhile, adjustments are inevitable. The organizacional culture can suffer some adaptations throughout the time, exactly that the corporation resists they. In accordance with Vergasta (2001) the organizacional culture is not something ready and finished, but it is in constant transformation, in accordance with its history, its actors and with the conjuncture. The changes normally occur due the external pressures, such as governmental lines of direction, technological innovations and the proper competition. But the modifications also can occur for internal factors, such as, variation of the managemental model, modification of the work processes, insatisfao of internal customers, among others.

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Toys. To these merchandises they could, still, be added another one for joint Executive order of the Ministers of the Finances, Agriculture, Commerce, You fish and Industry. Done exception: Parcel posts and Samples without carcter commercial. Donations and suppliments destined the dependent missions of United Nations, since that destined the uses proper. Articles without carcter commercial, carried in folloied luggage.

Where circumstance is the IPE is facultative? The importer can opt to submitting the merchandises not enclosed for the IPE. Obligator to a Facultative IPE. This same IPE will follow the s accurately proceedings and is subjects to the same rules of an obligator IPE, culminating, also, in the emission of a ADV or ADVN (ADV=CRF? Certified of Verification; ADVN? Certified of Not Verification) the only one exception is the obligatoriness of the rotulagem in Portuguese in the merchandises with Facultative IPE the importations does not subject to a Facultative IPE Benefits to the arrival Angola of a Green Canal, that is, of a faster desalfandegamento. IPE has monetary costs? Yes. It is of the responsibility of the Importer to support the costs of the obligator IPE or the Physician, in the value of 0,75% of the FOB, for ADV or ADNV.

They exist Penalizaes in case that if it does not carry through the Obligator IPE? Yes. Sanctions are applied, protected from 26 article of the DEC. Executive 124/06, that is, not the accomplishment of the Obligator IPE, implies: Payment of the maximum tax of the import duties. Accomplishment of inspection in the destination and respective payment. How one effects the licensing and the opening of inspection order daily pay-embarkment? The process is initiated with the sending on the part of the exporter of an invoice pro-form (FP) for the importer, specifying (art. 16, Dec. Executive, 124/06): Exporter? Name, Address, Fax, Telephone, Electronic Address, complete and Contributing N.. Importer – Name, Address, Fax, Telephone, Electronic Address, complete and Contributing N..