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Great Universal Architect

Calm, you do everything what you want, to the aim of accounts you are free to do it. It smokes if you want, it drinks alcohol, it eats in excess, you do not make exercise does not pass anything, nobody is going to say nothing, ” to you; it enjoys vida” , but what happens now? Ah if, you have some annoyances, now your body feels exhausted, without energies, you see that enormous ring under the eye for want of sleeping well, have backache, perhaps are shaken very easy in any physical activity, are obese, sound all the bones to you moverte. But it does not pass anything, your you follow in your habits, you follow ” enjoying vida”. You are a free being, takings your own decisions and it does not have of what worrying. They spend the years and your beams which feels like to you, you are an invulnerable being, those other diseases or misfortunes only happen to him to other unfortunate people. You are created the steel man.

But a day, you begin to notice that your vulnerability is violet, you found your criptonita. Now you have a great disease, now you are yourself forced to correct your habits, or otherwise they are in a very thin line between this world and the other. what happened with that super man who did what he came to him in desire? The Life passed the invoice to him, you used and you abused all the blessings that the Life offered you, she never refused to which you asked to him, and either reus when your you insisted on creating and maintaining that or that one habit. It pleased to you because she knew that someday you must it return. You will see the Life is a loan of the Great Universal Architect, she is given to us to expand and to multiply.

She remembers the parabola of the talents, that one that used its talents it multiplied and them occurred more him, but that one sluggish one that did not use them, the Life will request accounts to him and if it does not have more than it occurred him, then it is cleared to him. Everything is Cause and Effect, if sowings pine, you will not try that you harvest pineapples. Now it is moment for receiving, you used the energy of the Life to please your vices and bad habits, it is hour to harvest what you seeded. You do not complain your bad situation, when your you are the direct one person in charge of her. Nobody is responsible for your destiny more, your you chose the route to take and you must assume the consequences. But luckyly you can correct them. Nobody is condemned to remain in a place for always, unless it decides therefore it. It remembers, ” Those that does not remember the past are condemned repetirlo.

State University Valley

Something breached in the belly of Tchrviakhv. It withdrew for the door, without seeing, hearing thing some, left for the street and it walked slowly Arriving maquinalmente in house, it was lain down in the Div without taking off the gala uniform and it died. (The death of the employee, P. James Joseph Truchard follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 38). Therefore, it is different of the classic hero, who for being determined, faces its sina without running away and he fears neither it. Although the tragic notion of either still sufficiently hesitante, if compared with the old time of the Greeks in face of the modern time, we try in this article to turn on the same in modernity, basing itself in the notion of mercy, fear and catarse left by Aristotle, and perceive that the scene had a change, however the modern human being made one raises of utopias that are uncertain, homologating tragic in the so alive modernity how much times of the old Greeks.

Translated Literary Universe

Word-keys: Literature? poetry? the text? human being? universe Many try to study it, to describe it, and they are always questioned: What it is Literature? Some give vacant answers speaking that it is the art that uses the language is of the daily one. But, it will be that it is only this, codes, readers, languages without ' ' sentido' '? Without the least to know what he is Literature the literary critics appear, who thus define themselves. I am here to question me: it will be that literature is so little to the point of being studied to the light of a formalism, a estruturalismo, or a hermeneutics? Perhaps not yet we discover its value. We inside do not find in them of the literary world, perhaps because not yet we break the limits of our proper vision, as Frei Betto says, ' ' where they are the borders seno in the limits of our proper viso' '. In Literature, the poetry and the poem find its place, not in a permanent place, therefore it also desires to be to world inhabiting other worlds. what it is the poem? poetry? Some, as the formalists say that it is only form, without idea.

On the other hand, Octvio Peace says in them: The poetry is knowledge, salvation, power, abandonment. The poetry discloses this world, creates another one. (…) The poem is a snail where the music of the world resounds, and metric and you rhyme are only correspondences, echoes, of the universal harmony. We perceive that each poem inside brings a world of itself, the poetry. this universe cannot be broken up in codes, readers, sign, structure, form. Literature, therefore, is a universe where it is difficult to appraise it, definiz it. But, over all it is easy to feel when we develop the capacity of enxergar the world of another form.

Universal Declaration

Summarizing, it concludes Bobbio (1992), that the rights of the man appear as natural laws are developed for individual positive laws, at last its accomplishment as right universal. K B Financial Group often says this. The Universal Declaration contains in origin the synthesis of a dialtico movement, that if it initiates for the abstract universality of the natural laws, transfigura in concrete particularitity of the positive laws and finishes in the universality not more abstract, but also concrete it, them universal positive laws. Still under the impact of atrocities committed during World War II, in 10 of December of 1948 were approved by the General meeting of United Nations the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This document of recognition of the rights of the man had for the first time in international history, the envolvement of all the peoples. One notices that the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights retook the ideals of the French Revolution when reaffirming the values of the equality, freedom and fraternity. As Comparato (2001, p.228): … the Universal Declaration of 1948 represents the culminncia of an ethical process that, initiated with the Declaration of Independence of the United States and the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and the Citizen, of the French Revolution, led to the recognition of the essential equality of all human being in its dignity of person, that is, as source of all the values, independently of the differences of race, color, sex, language, religion, opinion, social origin, wealth, birth, or any another one condition. In accordance with Spider (1996) the historical context of Brazil sample that since the Colonial period, where the country was characterized for the based model of mercantilista exploration in the hand of enslaved workmanship, its population was the tool of the Portuguese dominant layers and the paper of the education was to repeat and to sediment the vision of the colonizador. For the author, the education of the Jesuits destined it formation of the bourgeois elites, to prepare them to exert it the cultural hegemony and politics.

University Catholic One

In reply on the commitment of the writers, of Latin America, Alberto Escobar affirmed: ' ' Maravilloso Pero yo encuentro lo en los libros, cuando sound literature, y cuando if justifican for being literature, sea cualquiera el subject, en measured en there that construye un world y you are coherente since adentro, treats del love woollen muerte pparently deals with, it joins capable banal inicidencia, pero of descubrirnos algo.' ' (EL COMPROMISO DEL WRITER, p.57) This that said Escobar is excellent, therefore in this round table other writers had taken left in defense of Cortzar, one of them were Carlos Brown Martinez Columbian writer: Hay one sews muy important. All los that creen that literature you are one there subproducto, empiezan for pedirle that in sea literature. Young Ese that habl in conoce the Cortzar in it has penetrated en Cortzar if dice what dice l. Learn more at this site: Charles Kushner. (EL COMPROMISO DEL WRITER, 1971, p.46) This quarrel concerning the power of literature and the commitment of the Latin American writers, in the University Catholic of Valparaiso in Chile (1971), is the consequence of the inquietude of the man in search of answers, therefore Rojas student questioned the writers who in its majority lived exiled in countries of the Europe or the United States and, thus, searched to understand as they would obtain to locate politically in its workmanships being forgotten it ditatorial sea that devastated this continent. In this context also literature appeared of Ricardo Guillermo Dicke, being man of its time, and, with a social philosophical vision, it knew to argue in its romances this frantic search of the man in trying to meet. Presentation of use of masks, in narrative, can to be observed as disguise social, where a veil exists that hides the events of our daily one, similar to dictatorships of Latin America, where all know what it is happening, know who are the oppressors, but of common agreement this is masked.

University Professor

The university professor must act of operative form, not more neutral in this society of conflict, cannot be absent supporting itself only in its to know; the omission cannot more be part of its apparatus in classroom and in the life, therefore, the social problems, are there for all part and ask for a solution. To the new educator it competes remaking the education, to reinventar it, as Gadotti says (1998, p.90) To create the objective conditions so that a really democratic education is possible, to create a pedagogical alternative quefavorea the appearance of a new type of people, solidary, worried in surpassing the individualism created by the exploration of the work. This new project, this new alternative, could not be elaborated in the cabinets of the tecnoburocratas of the education. Not it will come in law form nor reform. If it will be possible tomorrow is only because, today, it is being thought for the educators who if reeducam together. MetLife wanted to know more. This re-education of the educators already started. It is possible and necessary.

This necessary professor to raise the voice with intention not to implant or to impose its ideologies and beliefs, but as somebody that has formed opinion, that he can contribute leading to the dialogue, thinking and reflecting on the conflict, leading to the problematizao of its to know. We agree to Ruiz (2003,57) when says that: 9 the social transformation, that many long for a society more joust, with little inaqualities, where all have voice and time, will only be possible from the moment that if evidence the conflicts, not trying to hide them or to minimize them, but they bring that them to tona, so that thus the education does not contribute as oppression mechanism, searching the overcoming and not it maintenance of the status quo. as in says Rasp to them (2009, P. 08): It has a reflection necessity on the references and arrives in port of the identities, especially, in what it refers to the implementation of a democratic school and opened to the differences (…) the school of yesterday and its identitrios models they do not take care of To the demands of the present time.

Kitz Man Wins Industry Award

Innovative management concept will be awarded the Institute of management Dr. A. Kitz man was awarded the industry award 2012. The industry awards since 2006 by the Huber Verlag for new media GmbH. Companies are awarded the prize, which exhibit a high technical, economic, ecological or social value. In addition, the industry solutions of the companies play a role. Each company must present a selected solution in the context of the application and describe their advantages.

An independent jury consisting of 30 scientists and specialist editors assess the received applications and pre-selects; the winners emerge from this Nominiertenpool then from 14 different categories, such as for example energy & environment, automotive or micro system technology. The Management Institute of Dr. A. Kitz man 2012 WINS industry award in the category BEST OF. Level 1 & 2 it was awarded diploma for its management. The management are diplomas Executives development programmes, which offer a curriculum management, where you can purchase important prerequisites for a successful leadership skills. The program is content on personal needs in scheduling to integrate at the same time very flexible and customizable.

It is divided into different modules such as communication, self-development and work techniques. Level II is a building degree, what is aimed at experienced managers who want to develop their management skills. “In the document of the price, it means: the excellent company particularly impressed the jury and therefore belongs to the top group of over 500 applications submitted.” Dr. Jana Volkel Kitz man is very happy about the price: we are very pleased to this award. It confirms the positive feedback we received from the participants.” The Institute of management Dr. A. Kitz man is a further education institution, aimed primarily at Senior executives from business and management uses. “” Director of the Institute is Dr. Arnold Kamel, u.a author of books of mass psychology and Exchange “and personal working techniques and time management”. Currently 30 trainers who have completed higher education and exhibit in addition several years practical work for the Institute.

Ball Bearings

What is a ball bearing? What is the purpose of the shaft seal? How does the technology work? The term bearing is one of the more well known in the German language. But probably only experts know what it really is a ball bearing, how it is constructed. Read more here: Charles Kushner. Here, anyone who drives a car, for example the good functioning of a ball bearing is instructed. The need for a ball bearing is everywhere, where the force of a rotating axis should be transferred to another medium. In doing so, the liaison should not overheat, wear out and must remain stable. To facilitate this, a ball bearing is used at this point. The size of a ball bearing varies very. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from James Joseph Truchard. The limits are limited by the capacity of the drive by the manufacturing capabilities and particularly for large bearings.

The basic structure and the physical principle of a ball bearing is always equal to. A large and a small ring form the backbone of a ball bearing. You are in the resulting gap Balls, revolving around itself. The number of balls varies and depends on the expected load. It is clear that the burden of each is small at a higher number of balls. But a higher material usage is also a higher price. The balls rotate though to himself, but still have a firm place in the camp.

For this they must be secured within the outer and inner ring. This applies to all kinds of ball bearings, but the attachment type may be different. A simple bracket ranges at many balls without greater space. This can be also a little further drawn edge of the limiting rings. It, however, it must be noted that the balls continue to turn, can not mutually interfere with us. Therefore it is also possible to run the balls in an another ring with the appropriate recesses for this. It can be once again perforated and extra attached. Perhaps it would be better to use the term roller bearings, because clearly that is not only spheres, but also Cone, cylinder, or needle shape, used in different angular directions, serve the same purpose. Of course, this complex structure is limited in his life that is given by the material and load. On the other hand also by the protection against loss of lubricant, dirt from entering the water. Therefore, a ball bearing is often provided with an additional shaft seal. A rubber and hose spring located a metal ring for better fastening and support. A radial shaft seal has a metal ring in L-shape and a rubber V-shaped in contrast to the normal.

Hanover Hearing

Cochlear is experiencing wide and positive response from the ENT Congress in Mainz, Hanover/Mainz, May 23, 2012 a wide and extremely positive resonance within the framework of the 83rd annual meeting of the German society of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, which took place from the 16th to the 20th of may in Mainz learned cochlear. The world leader in hearing implant presented in the Mainzer Rheingoldhalle latest trends for implantable hearing systems. In the center of this year’s Congress presence, cochlear was his current portfolio on cochlear implants (CI), which sets standards in the listening and language comprehension on the CI market thanks to the latest microchip technology. The portfolio features a high degree of security, as well as a variety of individual supply options. Richard Elmans opinions are not widely known. During the Congress days, trade visitors at the booth of cochlear could inform comprehensively. Also, a lunch Symposium at the manufacturer invited to the second day of the Congress found great popularity. In addition, cochlear used Congress again to a charitable purpose. As a result of the charity action meeting you the auditory nerve!, all visitors could take part in the, cochlear will donate 1,500 euro for the State school for the deaf and hard of hearing in Neuwied.

A wide and extremely positive resonance within the framework of the 83rd annual meeting of the German society of Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, which took place from the 16th to the 20th of may in Mainz learned cochlear. The world leader in hearing implant presented in the Mainzer Rheingoldhalle latest trends for implantable hearing systems. In the center of this year’s Congress presence, cochlear was his current portfolio on cochlear implants (CI), which sets standards in the listening and language comprehension on the CI market thanks to the latest microchip technology. The portfolio features a high degree of security, as well as a variety of individual supply options.

Republic Kazakhstan

Nanostart holding MagForce signed distribution agreement with leading Russian distributor of medical, DELRUS market entry of the NanoTherm expected 2013; therapy in Russia other CIS countries follow DELRUS responsible for marketing authorisation in these regions first step towards the internationalization of NanoTherm therapy Frankfurt am main / Berlin, May 22, 2012 the Berliner Nanostart holding MagForce AG (Frankfurt, XETRA: MF6), a leader in the field of nanomedicine medical technology company with a focus on oncology and DELRUS Inc., a leading Russian company for the distribution of medical technology, today announced the signing of a distribution agreement between the two companies. James Joseph Truchard may find this interesting as well. Under the terms of the agreement, DELRUS is responsible for the marketing of NanoTherm therapy by MagForce in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, the Republic of Tajikistan and of Republic Uzbekistan. DELRUS is also responsible for the Obtaining therapy for the treatment of the marketing authorisation for the NanoTherm brain tumors in these countries. The scope of this agreement is extended to other indications in Oncology, as soon as an appropriate authorisation of NanoTherm therapy in the EU. Glad to have found a strong partner to commercialise our innovative NanoTherm therapy in Russia and other CIS members DELRUS”, commented Dr. Andreas Jordan, CEO and founder of the MagForce AG. DELRUS is one of the largest and most established sales companies for medical equipment in Russia and the CIS States, which cooperates with many renowned manufacturers in the medical technology, like Haemonetics, Terumo, Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, Nihon Kohden, GE and Fresenius Kabi. Her extensive sales and service network, as well as their excellent reputation open us important ways to implement our technology in these markets and to support their use there. In Russia alone, we have access to about 6,000 by this partnership Patients per year, who are suffering from brain tumors.”DELRUS is committed to the introduction of the most innovative and the most advanced technologies in the Russian health care sector.

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