Month: May 2020

Infantile Education

Therefore, the more prepared and brought up to date the professor it will be, better for the child. The repertoire of the professor must be vast: stories make-of-count, poetries, books of figures, folklore, even subjects current. It can be worked in some ways and with several subjects. The environment also is very important. To create a small library in full classroom stimulates the children, to make one cantinho of reading is primordial. The educator can make traditional rodinha to count a history, and thus all can participate. After to hear and to participate of the story, the child can express its feeling representing, changing ideas or drawing in a sheet of paper what she understood of history. METHODOLOGY: This academic work, whose research has as knowledge area Sciences Human beings, focando the importance of stories in the Infantile education, will have as methodology: in to first it arrives in port it place theoretical of authors as: Fanny Abramovich, Maria Alice Faria, and of magazines specialized in the considered subject.

In as place if it opted to comment of a teacher of the Infantile Education in the Garden Castelinho School counting histories for the pupils, with the intention to know the importance given for this professional to infantile stories. In third place, the reaction of the children will be observed in experience to hear histories. Finally analysis of this material will be made. Thus, such methodology will serve posterior to write my academic work. DEVELOPMENT: In infantile stories, the presence of protagonists who can be children with exemplary behavior, or as villainous is very common. Books, friend of falantes animals are common children also reading, hearing histories, interacting with parents and professors in histories. Many professors use the resource of infantile literature as learning source, but many do not know as to act, as to proceed and they do not know what they are losing, therefore infantile literature it can and it must be used as playful resource, thus developing, a pleasant behavior in the child.

The Incessant

Fear not let her move. I heard many voices to her around and others did not seem to realize the horrible and unbearable bustle that caused those. Ben Horowitz spoke with conviction. Soundproof bustle? This was only broken when some boring and malicious child made him a comment on the little contribution that was bland, little refined, ugly people like her for the world. They break the incessant bustle! How do they dare? The incessant bustle! The voices sometimes sang. Religious songs, believed to realize the girl that they were. Clear that on this occasion no, because we change to another tune.

It is that this was a special occasion. Perhaps the angels speak to me pondered hopeful. Perhaps they want to take me. Perhaps they realized that I do not belong to this world Oh, nonsense. Life was a conviction. Dreams, desires that come from her unconscious: fall off the swing. Roll down hill and drag all those unfriendly children with her.

Silence the voices with the DIN that would shock that would suffer her body to the fall. Desires beautiful and pleasant, but were not good. No, they weren’t good. But it was a perfect plan. Noisy blows. J P Morgan Chase: the source for more info. But I do not fall from the swing or hem downhill claimed she. Not dare to face the pain, the very phenomenon. Little girl who lives in a bubble. Deluded girl! said you, hum, the voices in his head. He lowered the swing as an illusion. It hastened the words within your mind to ask passers-by to help her down from where I was, but no sound came out of her mouth, she had always been silent. You should wait for that would come that the woman who was in charge of her and other children to help her. If I wanted to. If it is not forgot him. Could not find the owners of his madness if it is that they were beyond square meter occupied by swing and is would that if got off of there, perhaps the angels already don’t they sing you occasionally These religious songs and perhaps already would not it will lead to paradise, as she believed. Because it would have fallen into error, as all others, of impatience. Because she not erred, or Yes? Being silent wasn’t an error, she supposed. It is not. And that is why I get paid? As you move? I already bored of this music, turn it off, I want the other. You shut up, only not greet nor smile, this is a sad story. The be one scary (or cautious, rather) wasn’t a mistake. She didn’t want to do harm or to others or herself. Very often he thought of ways of torturing all these idiots, but she never wore anything out. She was good, she not erred, why Angels sang him (Angels?), and why she remained almost stationary swing, sometimes daring to be daring and give a little impetus to this to demonstrate to others that really was not so strange as they said, but that was the most sensible people Careful, cautious was not that it was cowardly. Only, perhaps, it was a little crazy and white angels carried it is another part to a room of white walls, for example. This is a sad story. There are more serious issues to minor in life. Most serious voices that minor? Dangerous voices acuity in whistles words that say nothing. And you dragged into making bad decisions.