Eduardo Cabau

Psychotherapy allows you to train and develop the I observer, by way of critical consciousness. Read what was written, makes it possible to observe our patterns of thought. 2. Helps acquire and retrieve information. Therefore, it serves to fill gaps in dissociation (think, feel and do loosely) that all patient presents. 3 We know that writing is a much slower process that think or speak, so we force that every idea to be processed further, producing a greater connection with oneself.

4. One of the goals of psychotherapy is to make aware (manifest material), the unconscious (latent material). As well, when we write our experiences, we are identifying manifesto of the same (it is the conscious, rational and descriptive phase); but at the same time, by writing them, the thoughts are still threats to take specific forms, resulting in much easier its understanding and further therapeutic processing (access to latent material). 5. In the form of confessional writing, where it is written focusing a particular problem, according to Dr.

Pennebaker (1997) people think differently after writing about trauma. Translating the experiences to human language, they begin to structure and organize, which seem to be endless facets of the incredible facts. 6 Lets you gain self-awareness and self-knowledge. We learn to express what we feel and feel what we express. 7 Serves to change patterns of thought, with which we are working on another objective from psychotherapy: mobility of roles and ideologies. 8. In the story therapeutic modality, allows the subject to have its own voice and acquires an identity. Writing a story with happy or positive end, allows recover again the road to autonomy, towards their own freedom and therefore, to find new projects in life. It facilitates symbolic redress. 9 There is a mode of writing, which I call the therapeutic letter that I will develop in another post. It is a very useful tool to restore communication between people. Finally, I dedicate these last lines by its importance, at first written material that request and that is called the autobiography. Explained them, that that document is the starting point towards change and while it is true, that we can again start the script of our life, what we can do, is work on the consequences of the same and change its ending. I say, that it is making the best of his life the next 50 years. The slogan that I teach, to the request of the autobiography It is the following: bring me writing in a maximum of 15 sheets your autobiography, with those events you consider significant, pleasant or unpleasant and you consider that I should know. This document is an excellent road map, to plot the paths where the therapeutic process just begun must go.

What Is A Personal Loan?

Before defining the term “personal loan” which everyone has heard through the extensive and aggressive advertising that usually throw financial institutions to promote their services, we will define the term loan. Which has been framed as a financial obligation acquired by a person to request money for a specific purpose, where it is committed to refund the amount due within a stipulated period plus an interest rate (which is the gain of the bank). Before defining the term “personal loan” which everyone has heard through the extensive and aggressive advertising that usually throw financial institutions to promote their services, we will define the term loan.

Which has been framed as a financial obligation acquired by a person to request money for a specific purpose, where it is committed to refund the amount due within a stipulated period plus an interest rate (which is the gain of the bank). We now have a clearer sense loan, now explain the term personal loan. This is an immediate application of money where the borrower offers as collateral his own person, that is, agree to pay a monthly or fortnightly payment to the amount requested. Regularly, it is necessary to have several guarantors, who put it in epic terms “swear allegiance” to the borrower undertaking to answer for the breach of this. But do not panic, these types of loans have been categorized as an easy and economical solution (yes, and read, expensive!) Because they allow a number of investment at an interest rate which, although somewhat high, freeing up the stress due to the payment facilities offered by banks. ‘More information:

Financial Consultant

Without financial consultant, you can easily get lost in the intricacies of the conditions and calculations. For Western clients to deal with intermediaries to obtain a mortgage – a common occurrence. Bank – a huge complex structure, it is not always possible provide individual attention to each borrower and even more so to help in collecting documents. Mortgage brokers perform hard work in preparing the client to obtain a loan, to help choose from hundreds of proposals optimum, so that the bank he comes "ready". In Russia the market of such services is still young.

For support of the deal until recently had to pay 1-2% of the loan. The sum was obtained impressive, and the high price frightened away many. But the market grows and develops, more and more players, more diverse in every line of credit products. In this sea without a pilot can not do. Banks, insurers, appraisers understand that they themselves need support intermediaries, enabling them to return. Then the brokers would take a significant part of communication with customers and clients themselves to this type of counseling will be available.

Only now begun to appear so-called credit supermarket: a small one-time fee 500-2 000 rubles. they pick up the customer loan product that best meets his needs and taking into account their individual capabilities, and was escorted directly to the conclusion transaction. Sometimes the contract for the same time commission can advise you over the years for various types of loans. How does the loan supermarket? Professionals help to understand what the client's needs. (Here you an example from life: people believed that he needed the cheapest loan – the lowest interest rate – but in the course of the conversation it turned out that in fact he wants the minimum monthly payment.) Within an hour of pick up Database list of "impersonal" sentences – only the conditions, without specifying the banks. Once the customer has made his choice, he helped to collect the documents and submit them to the bank. With a negative decision mediator to investigate the cause and trying to find other deals, with the positive – to organize insurance and cost estimates found an apartment – in general, for the transaction to the finish.


Business Philosopher

But every time they have a free moment, they think (sometimes aloud) about what they want. We can say that, dreaming, they focus on their goals. Dreaming to become rich is to remember: imagination – a preview of the upcoming events of life, exactly at the time said Albert Einstein. Buddha had previously claimed: all that we have – is the result of our thoughts. Unfortunately, many of us stopped dream used to wake up and think about how not to be late for work, and coming to work, thinking about how to eat quickly, to deal with the chores, go home, have dinner, turn on the tv or sit down with newspaper in a warm and soft sofa.

And life rewards thoughtful, giving them jobs, transportation, lunch, dinner, tv and a warm couch. But no more. The second habit – to meet the capabilities of “yes”. I do not just have to go with the business suggestions to his friends, and those that are rich, are more likely to meet the capabilities of “yes”. Specifically, in order to get rich, we should try to become rich. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers about it, responding to the proposals “no.” Reply “No” – it is easier, safer, more stable, does not need anything (and most importantly – themselves) change. Failure to respond to the proposals – is also a habit.

Skill save everyday life. And not changing anything now, do not expect changes tomorrow. The third habit is that they do not give up, calling the failure of temporary difficulties and losses lessons. Jim Rohn, Business Philosopher, in his speech once led the statistics, which asserted that the average American millionaire, before getting his first million, twice became bankrupt. That is an average of two attempts ended in failure before the third effort to bring the first million. When I heard it, both saw half of the hall shook his head affirmatively. Their experience confirms what Jim said. It turns out to be rich to get one at a time more than the fall. But the fall in pain, in the second time – even scary, but unfortunately, without falling here in any way. Sometimes, after the fall of our experience, our subconscious trying to protect us, says: do not invest and not to develop, you can lose, having torn, rob, planted, swim with the tide, and perhaps will beat a milk and honey. To disable this experience, would gain new habits – to perceive life as an opportunity to act and to dream bigger!