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The future of the existence human being irremediably would be stamped? Such consideraes send in them to the past, when thus a catastrophic vision of hecatombe was told final: ‘ ‘ (…) the sun if became black as horsehair bag, the moon all as blood, the stars of the sky had fallen for the land, as the figueira, as shaken for strong wind, leaves to fall its green figs, and the sky was collected as a parchment when it is rolled. Then all the mounts and islands had been moved of its lugares’ ‘ (AP 6:12 – 14). Which apocalyptic vision of countless minds of imaginary human being of the years of the Cold War was softened in the current days and radiates mythical thoughts, ghosts, torments and distresses of the final reality, which is not there is, to revs, they are, they are the fruit of mazelas human beings, the way of capitalist production here, which, creates and recria a mrbida, different society, hedonista, consumista extreme egoist, over all exploring of same itself, to daily reproduce the old formula contained in the principle: ‘ ‘ homini lupus homini’ ‘. He will exist tomorrow then? We will wake up one day and we will contemplate ‘ ‘ new skies and new terra’ ‘? We will feel the perfume of the flowers of the field, the smile of the children, the happiness of the old ones? Will be possible one day to dream and to live in a new world, libertos of illnesses, pollution, poverty, wars, hunger? The peace and the continuity of the life are mere devaneios, utopias or chimeras? The reply to these and other questions that the men pursue it has centuries, are not there it are, in the blackout and emptiness of the infinite space. They are here well close, of me, you, all we, in beating of the heart, the allotment of the bread, the squeeze of hand; in it I hug fraterno to the brother, in the preservation of the life and the planet. The contemplation and worship in spirit what It was and always Will be unilaterally send in them to the practical one of the good and the love to the next one.

Olvidar such millenarian lapsing matters in the conviction and in the practical one of the exclusion to the fellow creature, to act thus is to be unaware of our origin and destination, therefore we are one only and complex organism. The society human being does not support more tension and the consuming perpetrated for the way to produce, to support and to become related inherent to our days. All form of indifference and exclusion to the other, represents the danger of the continuity of our proper existence and essence. The society of the future, will not be erected under the rules of current the predatory and capitalist economy. A future society never will allow the destruction of the planet solely for the burning hot desire of the profit. The truth is not there is! The generations of the future do not deserve to live under the sign of the legacy of the dullness, and the last embezzlements. Today it is time to revert the inconsequentes actions of our social relationships, after all we survive of what we remove of ‘ ‘ mother-terra’ ‘ , and on it more than never we will depend.


We live in a society where each step is more important that the lost time. It runs it runs of the pedestrians it goes, it and it comes of the vehicles and the desperation to arrive in some place has cut with a scythe lives and taken others as much, together with the families, to the desperation and an epidemic without equal. It is the evil of our days. It is the evil of the new century and is the result of the progress. Not that it is of all bad. At Bank of America you will find additional information. Recklessness, imprudence or ineptitude are the reason? RECKLESSNESS 1 (Recklessness = of Latin ' ' negligentia' ' term that assigns lack of care or application in one determined situation, task or occurrence.) 2 (Recklessness = of Latin ' ' of neglegera' ' nothing more it is that the diligence lack, implies negligence, laziness, absence of necessary reflection, characterizing itself also for the inao, indolncia, inertia and passivity. In the Eli bible &#039 was considered by God; ' negligente' ' for knowing that its children were bad and it did not make nothing for proibiz them to violate the rules cultuais.

* Then, recklessness is lack of respect, care, endeavours or passivity in relation the rules whose resulted it is the punishment. IMPRUDENCE Imprudence is a precipitation behavior, of lack of cares. (He is to act without precaution, precipitated, imponderado.) * Being imprudence the CAUSE, then, is lack of education and punishment, whose resulted to restrain it is the fiscalization. INEPTITUDE (Ineptitude is the incapacity, the lack of specific ability for the accomplishment of an activity. ' ' To pilot or to lead a vehicle automotor' '.) * Being ineptitude, then, it is ability lack whose resulted it is education. Education, fiscalization or punishment are the way, the final result? If it does not only think about this, therefore our form is cultural to lead or to pilot. The important one is to go in the root of the formation, to still inculcar in the mind at the beginning of the formation of the conductor on ability, prudence and on endeavours one to transit and insurance better. The Change has that to initiate itself in the mind.

Brazil And Poverty

In Brazil, throughout history, the poverty has been considered case of policy and, therefore, associate the dangerous classrooms and the targets of repressive strategies or the sanitary monitoring. In fact, this represents today until the classic treatment of the social matter, disclosing a system that is not capable to decide its main contradiction: while the social production and the work are collective, the appropriation of its fruits is monopolized for a part of the society (IAMAMOTO, 2000). The slavery it is a problem that generates inquietude in our conscience and that during much time, the theoreticians of the social matter had considered, and many still consider the problem of the servile forms of work a mere residue of a convicted past and in extinguishing, surpassed for modern and contractual forms of convivncia and work (MARTINS, 2003). This is not atemporal phenomenon, and yes a delayed expression of proper contradictions of the capitalist development. At Charles Kushner you will find additional information. The servitude for debt and the not contractual forms of exploration of the work continue having a function in the intermediate and poor sectors of the economy.

The terceirizao of the work places these sectors the service of the great capital and the great companies, what it ahead puts in them of a true system of exploration of the entailed work to the proper dynamics of the capitalism. (MARTINS, 2003, P. 153) the act to enslave human beings in and for trabelho is described for times in a historical context, or as a natural process of the destined capitalism to disappear. However, Martins (2003) considers the slavery contemporary as a form of if getting maximum accumulation of capital. Some actions of humanitarian character exist directed to fight and to extinguish the forms of enslaved work, however the actions of fiscalization, function this of the State, are insufficient. Brazil is one of the few countries that possess groups of repression to the enslaved work.

The European

According to Mattoso (2003, P. 24) Africa had true organized empires, with unquestioned tribes and authorities there, also met tribal confederations and city-inns with its rich markets in the way of the gold, the spices and ivory. Its markets were rich in varieties of things as the salt and until slaves, in all Africa if it found, fishing, hunting a people, shepherd, trader and agriculturist warlike, what in it makes to see that the European tried to erase the history of Africa as if he did not exist until its arrival. The religion in diversified Africa and, as well as the languages and etnias. For them the religion and a form of social organization and is variant of the animismo, and it keeps fits the black in its daily life. With the arrival of the European and the allotment of Africa it hears the collapse of kingdoms, tribal and etnias groups, that had had great influence of the same, transforming its life religious politics and. The marks of the settling had been deep implanting its religion, its language and its politics, desconstruindo millenarian traditions and customs.

2 the COMING OF the BLACK FOR In agreement BRAZIL Mattoso (2005, P.) the trip of the black in direction to Brazil has few stories, but with certainty not of the best ones. The documents alone inform the duration of the trip and ignore the time of suffering passed for captured between the capture and the landing in America. We know that the black since the moment of its capture in Africa until its sales as merchandise it passed for terrible sufferings, many until had died in travel, therefore in the slave ships they were accumulated as objects, things, without comfort or hygiene. Keith McLoughlin wanted to know more. Ships as the Emilia that in 1821 brought the Bahia an enormous shipment of slaves that always arrived in port in Brazil bringing black that in its place of origin they were princes and kings and that during the trip was separate of its tribe and family and carried in conditions sub-human beings, where but the resistant ones only survived.

Michel Foucault Speech

on the basis of constataes made for Martino (2003 P. 21) according to author ' ' The religious institution is also a social institution. Therefore as functioning, one does not run away the rules determine that it. It is a social, relatively independent universe of the individuals that cultivam' '. The religion is understood as soon as starts to be institution using of this for the practical one of ' ' marketing religioso' ' , phenomenon that will be cited more ahead. social 2.Religio, Consumption, Image and Speeches. When working with the theory of the social speeches, one perceives through it the function that the speech exerts in the construction, reproduction and transformation of the world vision that we have. The texts take in them to travel in way to a world of words, and through this we perceive ours not originalidade, a time that a speech is born of another speech and this also sends in them to a new speech.

But it is important to stand out that the speech does not analyze only the texts of restricted uses of language, but yes everything what it inside generates discursivo direction of the social context. In accordance with Michel Foucault in the book ' ' Archaeology of the Saber' ' launched in 1969, cited in Young chicken (1999), one confided doors pra a concept of that speech is also one practical social one of production of texts that appear in the bulge of practical the social ones where we engage in them in the interior of the social institutions. We will be treating in this article also in the way with that the religion as social institution uses of the practical media in the social one, observing that the speech also appears not – verbally what we go to deal with using citations studious authors below and, and the traverse of the analysis of speech in the compact disc layers? s religious.