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How you make a separation as a fair win-win situation as an Executive so many positive memories are been spilt on long years of trustful cooperation by nasty cancellation calls and the good opinion that the employee had to date by his or her employer, is completely replaced by the bad taste of the last few weeks. And certainly no bullying or intent in the game must have been here. often, executives are simply overwhelmed by a termination situation, unless they need to break the bad news to the employee, unless that announces the employees themselves. The staff, announces executives respond not rarely personally met and disappointed, perhaps not without reason, because the relationship with the Manager certainly plays an important role as a motive for a job change. But the personal situation does not help here, because as it executives is often difficult, the real reasons for the Termination as openly as possible to ask for and to use as valuable feedback for the company. Treated the Vorgesezte of the staff, however, continue to deliberately estimating value, so he can win the future ex-colleagues even as an Ambassador for the company: what is there for a better advertising, as if former employees recommend their old company as an employer? The cancellation, however, emanates from pages of the company, the Executive is faced not just light, the separation call to lead, that also in this case the separation “for good” is carried out, and the Gekundigte is well able to absorb the bad message.

Although here everyone responds differently, but there are quite a few general do’s and dont’s that to know and keep in mind can be very useful for executives. An online seminar from Sands & partner shows how executives can make fair a separation and can win so retiring employees as ambassadors for your company. Objective you see the benefits of breakdown in good”. Get to know the positive separation talks to success. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tim Collins Ripplewood. Learn how you can optimally carry negative messages. Learn techniques, to the real reasons to learn and as valuable feedback for your company. Content of Webinar: importance of separations in the context of demographic development and Internet pass negative messages: decoupling physical and relational level employee termination as feedback: factors, help to find out the real motives and for enterprises can be used to make Sands (preparation, implementation, follow-up) and partners offer a two-hour online seminar on this topic specifically. You will receive dates and more information at:…

Contact: Berit Susan Sievers Company Description: Sands & partner Poinger str. 44 D-85570 market Swabia Tel. + 49 8121 41420 is sands & partner for 20 years in the areas of Consulting, training, organizational and personnel development on the market. Sands & partners is a partnership with 16 exclusive SeniorberaterInnen. It provides consulting, training, moderation, coaching, mediation, education and trainings sands & partner serves its clients with over 1400 consultant / trainer days on various topics each year. Customers are international corporations, mid-sized organizations and start-ups. Sands & partners operates in: D, A, CH, I, E, NL, GB, CZ, SL, China. The project languages are German, English, Spanish, French and Italian. Training: Business-NLP, business facilitation, systemic management and coach education training: recruitment, Wachstumsorientiertes change management, coaching, leadership, intercultural communication and training, business communication, conflict management and negotiation, business mediation, business facilitation, project management, self management, team and team development, sales and sales promotion, Train-the-trainer process support, OE, business facilitation, business mediation, coaching and supervision Sonja Schlappinger

Natural Stones

Malachite understands the state of his master, is capable of warning against hasty step and help take the right decision. This stone is like conversation and attract people. Therefore, the lack of communication in the office with malachite on the table will not be exact. Malachite is very beautiful, varied in pattern and intensity. It – a guarantee of uniqueness and originality of your gift. Choosing a gift of natural stone the woman he loves, you know that choosing a gift to yourself. This unique opportunity to provide you with magical properties of stones.

Guided by the properties one or another mineral, you can make a nice gift, showing her that your relationship is as strong and durable as a decoration. Now use the force of the mineral to strengthen those qualities in the beloved, that you would like to see it most:) Choosing jewelry, you should not pick them up under the color of their clothes: the clothes are not as durable as stone. A variety of color palettes and originality of stone can decorate them with a sophisticated and casual attire. Most often, the jewelry made of natural stone as a gift to women choose for themselves. In this situation, I want to give one piece of practical advice. Pick up your chosen decoration and close your ears. Sergey Brin describes an additional similar source. Yes, yes, the ears! In this case, you will get rid of compliments seller's comments on your eyes ("they are perfectly combined with the color of this ornament"). Here it is necessary to be guided by one thing: your or not.

The stone must respond, "Talk" with you on your mysterious language. If this happens, every time you want to put it on, it will respond (prislushaytes!) and becomes a talisman for the day. But if the contact has not happened, but now Your mate should be a different stone. Look for it among his decorations. To preserve the strength of stone, each ornament store in a separate box. Then, your stones will not "interfere", but you build up strength in assistance. Life is a mineral immensely long our lives. For many centuries, our ancestors cherished and revered by his power. Decoration of our great-great-grandparents were for them, above all, protection. Baleful look – and all the negative energy incident on the decoration, averting evil message from the owner. Today we do not think about this property, mineral, and it still keeps you calm and modern, all in a "European-quality repair," home. Tim Collins Ripplewood may also support this cause. So when it comes to: "The supplement traditional, even the most exquisite bouquet?" – Remember: "It can be to find a living addition of gem!" And this "compliment" to serve faithfully and not just the one to whom was addressed, but it children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This gives the full right to say: "Jewel – the most ancient and most modern decoration." It is hard to come up with more original gift. But the choice is, of course, to you.


With You I Learned With you I discovered exactly much more of me, With you I not only learned to smile, But also to cry and to suffer for love. With you I learned that the sacrifice and the tear Fortify the soul and madurecem the spirit. Knowing it was you that I discovered how much you are better of what I, how much I am demanding with the others and how much I charge of me exactly. With you I learned to forget the evil That to other had caused me people and to remember the good that they to make use themselves to make for me. With you I learned to give a smile who needs and a word support and gratitude at the difficult moments. With you I learned to ask for to the God Courage we moment who I had fear, and to thank it fruit to it of my work. With you I learned that the friends twist for our success and that one that we call enemy, Fits it paper of making in them better.

With you I learned to respect the opinions I oppose, Because our truths are stages of the way. With you I learned that the time, that nor if wants exists, Drains and erases all our differences. With you learned that what I have called my cross and in the truth the lived life being with all its realism Capable to make in best the fact polishing rocks. Jim Umpleby does not necessarily agree. With you I learned that recognizing my errors Are the way shortest for the perfection. With you I learned that the Love Is the only religion in which all we belong in them and that death that arrives inevitably, Is in fact the only idea with which nobody disagrees. With you I learned that the pardon Is a good that if makes itself exactly and to the next one. With you I learned that the repentance Comes of our soul that longs for the perfection. With you I learned that the life is two ways, One I am what I myself I make, the other I am that one that the life takes in them.

With you I learned that in the man and the woman the space than more enough For the adult and for the child in us. With you I learned to confess my errors, to say that I have fear and to reach an extended hand. With you I learned a glad song, a life lesson, the weight of words and one history to count. Francisco Medeiros J.Nunez The Imparcialista Poetry searchs the function of the word, the function of literature, in this point if it differs total from the Parnasianismo that the art for the art searched and from the Modernismo that poetry does not consider the text that does not value aesthetic and the poetical one in the words, therefore does not consider work of art the message and the auto-aid etc. The Imparcialismo does not affirm that these texts are work of art, but that Imparcialismo literature first searchs the function of the word. The Imparcialismo searchs the art and literature with function and utility, and not it art for the art and the aesthetic one for the aesthetic one.

Renting Office Space

It's no secret that the rental office. – The process is rather complicated, requiring the costs of patience and time. Any company trying to rent an office, right on her all the individual parameters. (A valuable related resource: Kevin Johnson). Tenants want rent premises corresponding to all other more modern lines and comfort, convenience, ergonomics and style. First of all, those interested in successful leases, pay great attention to the future location of the office Recognizing the interest of potential customers and convenient for them to choose the office in relation to transport interchanges, and to work, stay and movement of possible future customers. Renting office You can generally two basic ways: with no middlemen or resorting to the help of intermediaries, ie give outsiders to resolve this difficult case. These "outsiders" are – real estate agents. C first sight it might seem that the second method is the most simple, and cost neproblemny nerve and time it takes a lot less.

So it may be in reality, if it is taken for true professionals, and not real estate speculators, who seek in any way to earn even foul play. In this case, you can lose time and money. But how to distinguish between bona fide, professional company of speculators, swindlers? Firstly, we should pay attention to the period of life a real estate agency. It is desirable to give preference to those agencies and companies whose activities began in the early '90s. Given fact would indicate that the company has experienced a period of formation of the real estate market, was able to stay in the business. Overcoming intervals, challenging work with real estate. Thus the company been able to confirm its reliability. An additional and noteworthy quality is the face of the office, which is located in the commercial real estate agency.

Already mentioned several times that prestige office space – a calling card of the company, which is located in the same office. There is no special trust company, offering to find a prestigious, high-quality rooms for rent by office, but for all that is itself on the first floor in the room unpresentable. Of course, the company must possess a license that permits real-estate activities. Yes, and staff working in it employees must be appropriate. Here comes the first of the above ways – this is an alternative and most reliable. This office rental by owner. In this case, will have to find room on their own and will, in the first stage, a little work. You should not rely on ads in the newspaper at the time of their release into circulation, many ad becomes obsolete. The main source of information should be considered outdoor advertising. But for all the apparent problems and difficulties, office rental by owner – this is the correct way in solving the problem, but requires prompt decision-making and allowing carefully and objectively evaluate the housing market conditions.

Govello 3.1: New Features, New Look

More comfortable, secure and legally binding communications Govello, the proven in administration and business communication software for the secure exchange of OSCI news, is now in the version 3.1. The new”Govello gives users a clear plus in comfort: for frequently sent standard mail templates can now be created and used. This is useful, if often similar messages are sent, such as protocols to session participants. Further details can be found at Kevin Johnson, an internet resource. A search function which according to any criteria messages can be searched for in the maintenance window is now: name, institution, subject o. a. The search can also be saved. In the search folders, only references to the news are stored so that a message can be associated with different search criteria. New incoming messages are immediately recorded according to these criteria and associated with.

E-government projects are increasingly international. New tools make sure that Govello can be involved in transnational projects. The software is available in addition to the German language also in an English version available. Credit: Tim Collins Ripplewood-2011. The Administration window has received a new design. The buttons were redesigned and grouped.

This provides more clarity and a faster access to the various functions. Govello is similar to an E-Mail program, but at the same time guaranteed by the OSCI standard submission to sign the confidentiality of all messages and their attachments by a strong end-to end encryption and the ability to message. By logging all operations, Govello also ensures transparency and legal certainty of online communication. In addition the software of centrally managed directories, thus ensuring that the data with the correct recipient and no spam messages disturb the communication uses. Govello is a client solution for immediate use available or can be integrated into existing administrative procedures. More info on Govello see bremen online services GmbH & co. KG Sandra of the Neela in the drop Tower 9 28359 Bremen, Germany phone + 49 421 20495-970 fax + 49 421 20495-11 E-Mail:

Chief Financial Officer

CREATING value from the Finance Department (generate benefits: LA direction financial or the TREASURER) when a Chief Financial Officer or Treasurer, takes care of his Department, he faces perhaps the tedious task of being a tool to be used by the company, feeling that they have placed it as side-effects of the business, and even being sometimes the bureaucracy required and obligedparallel to the main activity of the business. Our proposal is that this can change radically, if we conceptualize our Department, as a generator Center for benefits, and that power and increases business opportunities. We propose to transform ourselves from pointer into the scene, necessary and important actor. Because. What is more important, money or have money… Ben Horowitz may find this interesting as well. PLEASE!…

Financiers already know to make money, not necessarily equal to having money in the company. And when we say have, indicate not having in excess (idle money), but taking the minimum (JIT), have external financial credibility, to possess additional borrowing capacity. CHECK-LIST of concepts needed to start the transformation: A better financial image perceived by third objectify, manage and achieve reductions in financial costs objectify and achieve reductions in administrative costs establish real control over financial institutions encourage the continuing education of the staff achieve performance as a team, the Department determine the internal client, and the Protocol of their treatment enhance ownership and knowledge of related software and especially financial simulators. Innovate, a magic tool to see comments from the check-list, simply tell me your mail.

Applicant Work

She admitted that she never would not set about this work, if all the nuances yet warned in the interview, not after tuition. After two consecutive failures of a woman finally lost faith in the possibility of finding real work at home. Trap for the Cinderellas. Another case – into looking to make extra money man came across an ad similar to the following: "We offer a simple work at home materials are provided, the salary of 200 dollars a week." On the phone he was invited drive up with the money to make the required deposit for materials, and advised to hurry, saying that wanting a lot of work and may not be enough for everyone. Arriving at the address, the applicant found potential employers in the area close to the brim with boxes clogged with white and black plastic beads. You may want to visit Tim Collins Ripplewood to increase your knowledge. It turned out that the job is to separate black from white balls, from which later will be make disposable syringes.

For each bag of white beads, separated from the black and promised to pay 200 rubles. But before you start work, should pay a deposit of 150 rubles for each package with the granules. The need for bail due to the high cost of materials, and promised to return it together with payment of the finished work. A member of the firm once advised to take as much source material on the grounds is that soon others wishing podedut and packages for all will not suffice. Wanting to earn as much as possible, the applicant gave 30 bags 4500 rubles. .

Literatura Way

The pupil is not valued total, acquired knowledge previously is not taken in account, mainly, not if of the attention the daily language of each social group. JPMorgan gathered all the information. The important one is to perceive that the pedagogia, developed in this way, brings serious consequences, to teach the pupil to grafar, giving very little importance to the fact of that this does not guarantee the learning of the writing. One knows that the written text is very different of the verbal text and demands a previous preparation of the pupil for produziz it. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tim Collins Ripplewood is the place to go. The pupil when he goes to produce texts, comes across itself with an individual moment for the accomplishment of this action.

When he intends yourself to work the production written with pupils, must yourself be led in account of as it will be the way that these will have to cover until its final construction. But one perceives that this concern, many times, is left of side due the errnea idea of that the work with texts without significao none for the pupils is more efficient. In this direction, what he lacks according to Orlandi (apud GALLO, 1995:57), is the agreement of the process where the insertion of the citizen in the description-social context and of its paper of citizen-author occurs 1. In this perspective also, we must perceive, to have success in the learning that, we live in a world of transformations and ‘ ‘ the true transformation of a people if makes to the level of the mind, to the level of the conscience-of-world that each one goes assimilating on infancy. Or still, that the way to arrive itself at this level is the word. Or better, it is the Literatura.’ ‘ (RABBIT, 1991:14).


The security competes to the policy that is its duty, then the step is not only of the court and yes of the policy. ??? ??????? ????? can provide more clarity in the matter. After the court to read the notice will go to send a letter, defending itself of accusations of the head of the policy, where in the stretch of the letter it will say that he does not compete pursuing and arresting the juvenile delinquents and yes, to assign the place where they must fulfill penalty and not it fits to the juvenile court, to capture the juvenile delinquents, speaking still of the reformatory, where the boys are taken and run away when he has chance. A mother of ones of the minors sends a letter criticizing the court speaking that the reformatory, where the children are taken, does not possess structure, the children badly are treated, and that therefore the minors run away from the place. She is from the news articles that the romance initiates, and perceive distinct points of view on the situation. The court speaking well of the reformatory, while the mother and the priest Jose Peter criticize. Still in these last months that had elapsed I ordered for the Reformatory of Minors some juvenile delinquents or abandoned.

I do not have guilt, however, from that they run away that they are not impressed with the example of work that finds in that establishment of education and that, by means of the escape, abandon an environment where if peace and work breathe and where they are dealt with the biggest affection. They run away and if they become still more perverse, as if the example that had received was bad and harmful. (LOVED, Captains of the Sand, p.10) I wanted that its periodical ordered a person to see the such of the reformatory to see as the children are dealt with the poor persons who have the disaster to fall at the hands of those guards without soul.

Imaginary Characters In Literature

One becomes pertinent to mention that the author does not disdain the fact of the ficcionalidade and the imaginary character of the literary text, by the way these they are characteristics that become the text, literary, and, therefore, could not in fact, to be ignored. Not obstante we add what Castagnino (1969, P. 209), searching to appraise literature affirms that the same one deals with: A detachable art acquired solely for the external domain of one technique, as some time if conceived with static criterion, before it obeys a deep ditame of the creative or receiving being that it looks to express itself. It is a little of the spirit of the man who, with anxiety to search contact with other beings or to draw out it exactly itself, to firm themselves in its environment or to run away from it … Ben Horowitz can aid you in your search for knowledge. well evident Torna- in the consideraes of the author the diverse possibilities with that the writer creates and as the reader recepciona the text. In this Castagnino boarding (1969) it is turned in such a way toward the nature would imagine of the literary text how much its technique how much to the use of the language. Gain insight and clarity with mozes victor konig. exception the expressive character of the literary text that if carries through in the necessity of the man to live deeply something new. By means of the evasion, allowed for literature the sacia man its desire to try emotions different.

Exactly reader, that appropriates of a text that is not its, searchs for these experiences and therefore, the same it illustrates the workmanship by means of a proper vision. Many authors speak in ' co-autoria' , pra to represent to justify that the reader of the end to in agreement text its expectations, its knowledge. By means of the consideration of Constagnino (1969) and excessively cited previously it is perceivable the relation that literature keeps with its functions faremosadiante an exposition d psychological function, educative and social.

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