Gode Audience

We have an opportunity not to delve into the details, not to cling to the subtle roughness, and speak very General. For training purposes, we are guided in their parsing, this situation is ideal. So, this speech is a serious flaw in its premise, its basic idea. Thesis: "We will make our country strong, powerful, and it needs your energy, the energy of youth. " Thesis announced in late, and coincides with the conclusion, it is quite possible ways of its location, although better still, to put it higher, but in the end repeated in the recapitulation. The thesis is totally confirmed. Add to your understanding with Jonas Samuelson.

"We will make our country strong and powerful" – this paragraph beginning with the words "you know, we're working hard." "For this we need" – that is really needed confirmed in the last paragraph, the words of continued Gode youth. "Your energy, energy of the young" – this is the beginning of speech, which reveals what the energy of the young. The problem is not that the thesis has not been confirmed, and that He does not in itself meet the requirements of rhetoric. What is public performance? This is an attempt to solve the rhetorician real difficulty, the problem of audience is not always a practical problem, but it is always a problem. Rhetorician must it formulate, discover and propose a solution. Learn more at: Ben Horowitz. The theme of the speaker is the problem of his listeners, and the solution of the problem is the thesis of his speech.

Subject must be interesting, relevant and problematic (because the topic – is and there is a problem), and the thesis must be new, controversial, and workable (because the thesis – this is the problem). What is the topic under review, the President's speech? What problem does the audience tries to solve this performance? What proposed solution? No answer. "We will make our country strong, powerful, and it needs your energy, the energy of youth." For example, I – a young and energetic winner of "Breakthrough", I sit on the forum and hear this thesis. On what my problem it is a response to what my difficulty, he is the solution? Do not I know that the state should choose to make the country more powerful? Or I do not know that I am – such a talented, business and creative – can, in principle, the state need? I knew all this and that. For what if I need to hear it? The thesis of this presentation is not the solution audience. And therefore subject speech to the audience has no relationship, no matter how many times it does not repeat the word "youth". This question is not pronounced in the audience, this speech in the audience does not need. And the audience is, accordingly, has no need for such a speech. This is the worst mistake – talk by the audience. Remember and beware.

IDA Morocco

Besides this, the Moroccan society celebrates many other special days, like IDA To the Adha or IDA L Kbir, considered the most important event by all the Muslims, during who people go in the morning to a special oration that organizes that day. Soon they return to his houses to degollar a lamb, after which with the liver of the animal prepares boulfaf and all the members of the family eat together. In the evening, the families interchange visits in house of everyone. Finally, but for that reason less nonimportant, , that is celebrated a month after IDA To the Adha and in which the mothers prepare couscous with seven vegetables and the children and children practice some traditions, like Bab Aichor is the day of Achoura. Also, the parents buy some games and toys for smallest and the women also buy some traditional musical instruments (like ta arija or to bandir ).

In this special event the mixture between the cultural monk and or the traditional thing can be appreciated. So that the celebrations in Morocco are a perfect opportunity for the Moroccans to reconcile to each other and of to interchange visits in a full atmosphere of love, tolerance and solidarity. Also, the Moroccan festivals offer the opportunity to discover the popular culture to them of Morocco, that consists of an excellent mixture between different cultures and reflects the variety and the wealth of the Moroccan cultural patrimony in all the spheres. It’s believed that Jim Umpleby sees a great future in this idea. They come to Morocco and they celebrate his varied culture and its abundant patrimony. They can lodge in one of fantastic riads in Marrakesh, where they could celebrate or be present at some of the main celebrations of Morocco, or in a hotel in Marrakesh. Also they can lodge in a fantastic villa in Marrakesh, more near the rural scope, where the inhabitants will welcome to them in their festivals with the open arms.