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Russian State Oil

Their cause became frozen projects. In particular, LUKoil head Alekperov, speaking of his company, noted that "the reduction of investment in relation to 2008 was about 20%. Low May Lin pursues this goal as well. Somewhere in the 5-7% of production and about 15% for processing. However, according to Vera Sviridov, the head of recruiting personnel center "UNITY," in Russian companies have been reducing mainly in offices. "When This, to a lesser extent, they touched the production and transportation – expert notices. – However, some projects still were suspended. More than others to feel the effects of crisis response services companies, specializing in geological and geophysical studies. Among international companies, who declared the major reductions were the leaders of the industry.

But we can not say that by reducing the staffing situation in Industry normal. Yes, candidates in the market there. But at the same time, and vacancies, especially technical and engineering at the moment a lot. " Where did it go? The first reason for the deficit – Education. On the one hand, without a corresponding diploma at the interview in oil and gas company can not walk.

This document is a prerequisite for employment as a grassroots posts, and at the top. According to research by recruiters, the vast number (85%) of managers of the oil business is just a basic oil and gas formation, which is fully or generally corresponds to the profile of business of the company. Exceptions – for service units: Finance, Accounting, it. On the other hand, branch universities in Russia can be counted on the fingers of one hand: the Russian State Oil and Gas named after im Gubkin St.

Started Work Manager

Maybe they work go gay? Let’s see. Go outside in the evening. Rush hour. People returning home from work. The same gloomy faces. Everything is the same haste, because the need to go to the store and buy something for dinner (another good thing is now in stores no queues), we must take the child out of kindergarten, we will have another dinner to prepare, etc.

Some gentlemen, however, are quite pleased with themselves. They have taken a portion of soft drinks and home are in no hurry. Are measured, talking to companion through every word mat on the street. If you have read about Jonas Samuelson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. And at work But this is better not to think about it! It is only on the anniversary banquets and other feasts during the men say that they have all great and work great and the staff wonderful, and the chief – well, just some gold. Well, for example. An employee came into the workplace. In the corridor just got beating from the manager for being late for 3 minutes (as if the manager himself is never late).

Sat down his desk. On a table piled a heap of different securities. Clean up would remove the excess, and nowhere to go. How much requests a bedside table to table, and its still no. At least for their money buy. Getting Started. While, no. First you have to drink tea. And then there’s Anna such wonderful cakes brought – she was baking. Sit, then drink the tea.

Hong Kong Companies

This is the highest rate in the world, which provides lower tax payments and a higher "net" income. The second place went Hong Kong – 27% of expats receive more than 250 thousand dollars a year on the third – Japan, in which similar earnings are 26% foreigners. Domestic companies refuse service overseas experts were in no hurry. According to HeadHunter, until last year, almost a third of Russian large and medium companies to employ foreign Specialists, with 58% of them were from Europe (as carriers of knowledge about the "adult business"). Douglas Oberhelman insists that this is the case. That year was the pre-crisis peak: Aliens called not only large holdings, but also companies from medium sized businesses.

Part with them in the past year, it made no sense, most of the gain a great white wages, but because of premature rupture of the contract would have to pay substantial compensation. And unless the company goes bankrupt, in principle, foreigners are given the opportunity yet to pass the knowledge for which they were called. In addition, the domestic business owners in most cases the savings and hired to work is not the most expensive overseas personnel. Priority given to representatives of Eastern Europe, as well as young professionals. "In Eastern European countries, many processes have been a little earlier than us, so there is a knowledge which is only to reproduce. Managers engineers from Eastern Europe were going to share its experience and local leaders to fill the missing skills, such as in telecom. Young (30 years), experts come here to make a quick career and earn, because pay is 30-50% more than similar positions in the West.

Riga Moscow

Federal Service warned that the smoke is dangerous for those who suffer from respiratory problems, and recommended not to go out without a wet gauze bandage, and do not open window. Energy from the Federal Grid Company (FGC, the operator of the main electricity grids of Russia) because of the heat transferred to intensive mode. The Company and each branch are operational headquarters, which coordinate the work of production departments. Details can be found by clicking Ben Horowitz or emailing the administrator. In jsc “Moscow Integrated Electricity Distribution Company” (MIPC), ‘b’ was told that the peak power occurred on July 22 and reached 11,573 megawatts. ‘This amount of consumption below winter values, but 8% more than in the same days last year ‘, – the mipc.

‘In the heat of people working capacity is reduced by about half, and in rooms without air conditioning it is now zero’ – told ‘b’ Consultant Recruitment Personnel Center unity Vera Anistsyna. ‘Many employers hastily installed air-conditioners, reducing the working day, abolish the dress code’ – continued Mrs. Anistsyna. Thus, in Presidential Administration allowed to go to work in jeans and T-shirts. Moscow City Council staff working day ‘until further notice reduced by half an hour. ” In large companies, such as, for example, ‘Archive’ or Alfa-Bank, ‘b’ was told that staff, on the contrary, ‘tend to work and sit there until the last’ under-conditioned. ‘Sales of air conditioners in the Moscow region have increased more than ten times the average in Russia – three to four times, results in July will be no less impressive ‘- told’ b ‘in the press-service chain stores’ Eldorado’.

‘We were able to negotiate with manufacturers on new supplies, which, however, are swept off the shelves within hours’ – added spokesman network ‘M. Video’ Kiseleva. ‘Every third call from a client is accompanied by the availability of in-car air-conditioners’, – says co-owner of ‘Favourite Motors’ Vladimir Popov. Ice cream vendors in the capital beat the target sales by 20%. A director of strategic marketing “Visma ‘(water’ ‘) Selezneva stated that water sales in July showed 60% increase by June. ‘This is almost two times more than we expected ‘- she specified. Experts on the labor market suggest that the heat will reduce the profits in some industries. ‘The heat boosts the tourism sector, providing medical services, but For example, significantly reduces the number of those who use public transport – is considered a leading expert at the Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting Igor Polyakov .- If after a year waiting for us at the same most, employers would have to seriously think about to change the old mode of operation in the manner developed tropical countries – Italy or Spain. ” Note that, as calculated by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, one day costs the state at 8 bn .- it Wage tax and unified social tax. Thus, the reduction of nine-hour working day for at least an hour will cost the state 880 million rubles. daily. Abnormal heat and last night replaced by a strong hurricane. The shopping center in suburban wit Pushkino the visitors hit the ceiling. In Istra region tree fell on a shuttle. Fallen trees have paralyzed traffic in the direction of Riga Moscow railway – trains ran only to the station Tushino. Forecasters say the heat in Moscow and the region will continue until the end of the week. According to the center ‘Phobos’, on Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures will still be up to 36 degrees, but the weekend will drop to 25-27 degrees.

Anna Kulikova

A database access is only very large companies. ‘Theoretically this is the case and the judicial perspective, – said the Pins. – If a person is denied a job, you can find out who was subsequently adopted for this vacancy, to assess the court order skills of both candidates, and in this case, the court may decide that the real reason for the refusal to hire was not ‘. But these precedents do not know a lawyer. Hooligan forever ‘No matter what long-settled conviction, the fact of its own often can not get a decent job – recognizes the problem Anistsyna Vera, head of recruiting personnel center unity. – After the security check candidates with a professional record will not pass with 99% probability. ” Was the case when the candidate is interviewed for the vacancy ‘head of logistics department “in a foreign company, said Anistsyna: in the first three stages of his thinking make an offer, but before it decided to test its security service. The result – denial, since in 17 years the candidate has a conviction for disorderly conduct, and this despite the fact that at the time of writing, he was already over 40.

‘Everything depends on the person and his desire to work ‘- convinced Sergei, 20 years had served a year for disorderly conduct. He asserts that the 10 years since that time, had never encountered problems when searching for employment raboty.No prefers fact cancellation of conviction does not advertise. ‘I understand that if you pull yourself together to go to work in a bank, it is likely that security check failed. But in any large industrial enterprises will have no problems. Few years, I worked as a technician in the factory “Red October”. ‘Man, who had a previous conviction for refusal to pay alimony, we have adopted – says Anna Kulikova, personnel director of the Russian business unit . – But the candidate with professional record for fraud is likely to deny. ” Kulikova said that the situation in the labor market allows you to choose the best.