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Principles to better become related with the life 1.It faces the life with contentment and gratitude. 2 Enfrente the life planting good seeds. 3 Enfrente the life without accumulating hatred and rancor of people or events. 4 Enfrente the life extracting lies of the past. 5 Enfrente the life using to advantage wisely the gift.

6 Enfrente the life planning well the future. 7 Enfrente the life with it I assist the holy ghost. K B Financial Group may find this interesting as well. 8 Enfrente the life with a triple faith. (In God, the people and you) 9 Enfrente the life as lizard, but dreaming in being butterfly. 10 Enfrente the life knowing that it has start, way and end. 11 Enfrente the life constructing a worthy and honroso legacy. 12 Enfrente the life as a gift and not as a punishment. 13 Enfrente the life being for the others, what you would like that they were for you.

14 Enfrente the life criticizing less and working more. 15 Enfrente the life as a warrior and not as a poor victim. 16 Enfrente the life with the look of mercy for weakkest. 17 Enfrente the life knowing that here (now) it is alone the assay to live there (eternity). ‘ ‘ When you were born, you you cried and the world smiled, alive the life in such a way that when you to die everybody can cry and you can sorrir’ ‘.


I know that today he was not equal. I know that the coffee of the morning did not have flavor the same, that the passage until the office did not have the same comments. I know still more that my effort and my persistence had made the pazes, and have walked side by side in the last days. He is pleasant to perceive that the world asks for and dumb people. Dumb because the responsibility turns its daily friend, dumb because the things already if do not incase more than the same dumb way and more still when it perceives the importance of its existence for other people. I always liked to value, to recognize the value that the people possess in my life. Stranger, is that I never perceived the inverse situation of history. He is, I also I possess my quota of importance for determined people.

To know that I make (either there of which form will be) some importance pra somebody makes me to want to live with more wisdom. After all, this relation of importance the one that I mention myself, is not alone a pride question, also is directly on to the growth and the responsibility. the test of this, I am today, accurately in the place I find where me. He is, after in such a way, to look for, to think, to insist and to risk, I I meet determined, at least for today. Determined to become me each stronger day! I left it sobrava what me of the side unreliability and decided to impose more! YES! I discovered the power of the word and the autoconfiana! is not that I had everything here guardadinho inside of me, in a called place ' ' hour certa' '. Certainly in other times I would not know to use in the best way as much determination. Therefore today I know, go to use and to abuse everything what I always searched. Impossible not to radiate my happiness after as many uncertainties and incessant searches for a personal balance so longed for and never reached.

In these hours start to all believe part of that one ' ' clich' ' that I always heard: everything has its time, with persistence people arrives there.! I always found much easy this life expectancy, to leave to guide me to the destination and the things had happened. I never contented myself with this. I same taste am to feel that I obtained! That seno was that courage to play everything pro air, those days where felt I me in a total emptiness far from the people who I more loved, that one another day where I madruguei pra to work, the overtime, ah if was not I Therefore today I recognize, EVERYTHING I WAS VALID the PENALTY! knows I where intends to arrive? Where I to want because I always was the only causer of my destination. Debtor for I to exist!


I believe to be bigger frustration of a human being the fact of it to have that to prove its character the people who do not know it. To transfer itself for what it is not, is something half that constrangedor, and with certainty many of us already we pass therefore or we will go to pass one day. All frustraram and will frustraro to others one day. Continue to learn more with: Parasol Limited. We are imperfect, however the worse form of constaint is that one where if paid for what it did not make. More info: “Utendahl Capital Partners
. Frustrating not? Nobody can please outrem it to 100%.

Neither to make with that they believe 100% it. The inconformismo of the human being is so great that it does not leave it to be pleased with obvious answers and clear when they justify from that it suffered, or that it practised, as for example: Somebody hurts it going for the work. We can have two reactions in relation to the occurrence. People such as Microsoft would likely agree. The first one: satisfaction for not having to go to work in that day. Second.

Distrust, fear to transfer itself for liar (a). Of that it forms I have of speaking so that the responsible person for me really believes that I am speaking really? I speak with sadness tone? I speak normally and I place until a smile in the voice to say that I hurt myself, but is all good? Guilt or joy? Who really is worried about responsibility and honesty, is worried about its behavior in any circumstance of its life. Either in the job, either sailing in the Internet, either in its relationship with any classroom of people, etc. But what really to make so that they believe in what we speak? So that our actions are considered as legitimate and worthy of credit? It does not have a reply. It has certainty of that we must make us most trustworthy possible.

Therapy Anti-complaint

Therapy anti-complaint You costuma if to complain of the azarado life being considered itself a great one? Its reply she will be negative, reading friend. I also did not consider a reclamo until little time behind. The reality is that no matter how hard hardly complains in them of the life we go to admit this. – You complaint of the life? – I? I not, clearly that not. Generally she is this our reply.

But as it says the dictated one: we are living and learning. after to read the gorgeous workmanship Therapy anti complaint of the friend Roosevelt Tiago of the Pretty Bar, I discovered I complain that me in surplus of the life. The workmanship made to reflect seriously me in my minimum attitudes day to day that I can say: they are my habits. After the reading of the book I started to give attention in my behavior. for my surprise to each 30 minutes I complained of some thing.

One hour was pain in the coasts recently passed for surgery looks at I here justifying me, is thus same, always finds justifications for our chatices. Later I complained of the time, of my son who asks all instant when I come back to also direct and of the neighbor who was with the sound of its very high house. Ah, forgetting it went me: I also complained of the mayor of Sharps, next city the Bauru. Ufa! As to complain it tires! Sincerely to the end of the day I was estupefato with the amount of claim that sprouted of my mouth. My God! A complaint is being part of my life and I nor had given account of this. But it is as the author at definitive moment of the book comments: that one that if complaint in surplus does not perceive that its life is to complain. let us agree, reading friend: to complain does not decide nothing, in contrast, energy is spent and only is lost time with claims. But, which optimum way? However, the way of the work, therefore only the work equates the challenges of the existence. To illustrate I will leave my proper example here. I could instead of complaining of pain in the coasts to take remedy or to look the doctor. It could, also, talk with my son and to explain to it educadamente that I will not come back to direct so early, to lock up, must have talked with neighbor asking for to it so that he lowered the volume of the sound. Soon, everything very simple. He was enough to work instead of complaining that many things would be decided. Question of option. I want to complain perpetual or I prefer to work to solve the challenges that if present? I liked book excessively Therapy anti-complaint and suggest you to it whom the workmanship knows that was published by the Solidum Publishing company. Contact for the email editora@ solidumeditora.com.

How To Gain Happiness In Life

But the life, ours and of the others, teach in them as to solve some states depressive, for more penetrated than they are. Many people fight the depression preventively, with same wisdom or without knowing simply, if feeding well, practising sports, travelling, reading, writing, if distracting, making crossed words or if dedicating to some domestic tasks, also what she does not like to make, as to wash the clothes, the ware, to clean the house, the patio, to take care of of the animals, them plants and it garden, and to be always thinking positive things. This aid very. The depression does not choose age. Campbell Soup Inc. describes an additional similar source. It can happen with aged children, young, adults and people. It can occur for some reasons, for factors of fear or distrust to face difficult situations or challenges, for problems of adaptation, relationship or for poisoning with drugs, drinks or medicines. for diverse others causes, as extreme concern with the proper health or of familiar, sedentary excess of work, habits, lack of exercise, etc.

When installed the depression, the people generally isolate themselves, do not want to eat, do not want to be nor to speak with nobody, much less to hear advice, in way that the words can be absorbed and are not valid more as an orientation its familiar ones. Ahead of a depressive picture, to the young she is recommendable to make exercises, to practise sports, if to dedicate to music or literature; to oldest, that looks the espiritualidade, some church whose doctrine either of its affability, some communitarian center where they can be congregated, if to distract, to talk, to practise exercises and to develop other activities for the third age, as dances, games, to walk, to take a walk, to touch, to sing, to hear music, if to communicate, to visit a person, to be useful and to help somebody, despite she is with a word friend, and who know until, where little wait, to find the solution for its problem. A thing is important: Not to feed guilt feelings nor conscience dramas.

The Indians

In my tree, nothing of this he happened, I am the perfect descent of a perfect family. I do not go to be lying, I will only omit given embarrassing and that they do not go to contribute in nothing for my familiar pride. Or publishing indications that I am not certain of that they are true. Of this form I wait to be festejado by my relatives. I wait that this work is for the children of the colonels what ' ' The D.

Quixote' ' of Cervantes it was for the old Spanish nobility. As he would say my friend and mulato, the realistic writer, Axe: ' ' If to this to please I am pleased you work with this, if I do not pay to you with one piparote' '. (1888). Good reading! I thought better and instead of creating a nobiliarquia I go to count and to invent facts with my ancestral. Mixing stories with a little of imagination I will create stories lying, but very flavorful. The slaughter of the indians. Between centuries XVIII and XIX a history dreadful and duly sultry regarding one of my ancestral is counted.

From caririense origin, it received from the state, lands in the hinterland inhabited have centuries for tribes of cariris indians lately mesclados with remainders of deriving tribes of the coast or blacks of quilombos that ran away for the interior in search from shelter against the expansion of the whites. Of this form, the cariris and this ancestral one, a captain john doe, had entered in conflict. Certain time it was for the region of Sergipe where a slave knew who suffered maltreatment from its Sir. It bought this slave it brought and it. The slave, perhaps the control of its benefactor, obtained to infiltrate itself between the indians and discovered that they planned an attack the headquarters of the property.

Former Examinations

You believe. The modern world with its system of information, always come back to the attainment of financial results and, also, always on to the great enterprise groups, surrounds the way people to make to believe them that they are receiving the truest information and that these will produce optimum level of life that they can reach. They interact as that anestesiando the individual so that it cannot see with its proper eyes, and reason? since they make use of famous contributors, journalists, writers and professionals of the highest answer sheet, of the most varied gamma of professions to give matrix of veracity to the truths that interest the groups? to ratify, to sacramentar, with its certification that way always will be optimum, and most viable for collective life, when a simple logical reasoning, can for in doubt these certezas. You really believe? 1) That doctors desire to see you with health, full and lasting. That doctors save lives? If thus they were would live of that, after all.

The D. Stuart B. Solomon may not feel the same. Ruth Cardoso, (former-first lady wife of Former-President Fernando Enrique Cardoso), soon dies after to have been interned and to have carried through complete examinations and to have received high to go for house. Care the endeusamento can originate dangerous distortions for the side weakkest of the relation? you. irresponsible displicncias in the treatment stops with the patients. 2) That they cannot diagnosis any simple illness without a battery of complementary laboratoriais examinations, mainly, when the patient is carrying immediate of health. Why in illnesses easily you diagnosised are required as many examinations of laboratories. You believe that the examinations are really infallible and that they are read with necessary attention. 3) That its profits are deriving only of consultations. If only in one week of five days? will be carried through only medical consultations of 15 minutes? in one day of work of eight hours? (8 hours x 60 minutes = 480min divided by 15min – we would have 32 consultations per day? that multiplied per five days weekly we would have, in the week a total of 160 consultations.