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Disposal in the ground: it consists of depositing in I fill with earth bathroom the leftovers of the treatment. JUSTIFICATION A time that some generators are unaware of the legislation simply or tries to run away the responsibility not to arcar with the costs of the treatment demanded for law, this work is justified for the disrespect with the environment and the weak fiscalization next to the generators of the residues OBJECTIVE This objective work in detailing the types of residues proceeding from the health services and clarifying the alternatives for treatment and correct destination of the same ones, facilitating to the agreement of the legislation and application of the same one. METHODOLOGY The first part consisted of the bibliographical revision around the subject, what it clarified what and which are the residues of the health services, the generators and the process that goes since the generation until the final destination, passing for the storage in the origin place, collects, transport and treatment. A visit was made technique in a generator to know which is the types of generated residues, if a plan of management of residues exists, which previously involves the described stages and which the final destination of the same ones. With the data in hands the work was structuralized in accordance with norms techniques proposals and concluded with the aid of the meetings with the orientation. RESULTS As data gotten next to the generator during the visit, most of the generated residues are of group D, that they are the common residues. The residues had been detailed in: remaining portions of foods, periodicals, magazines, bottles, packings, hygienical paper, diapers and other types of dismissable. These residues are directed for the daily collection and led for the disposal in I fill with earth bathroom, not needing previous treatment for if dealing with substances biological contamination safe from. . Charles Kushner Real Estate pursues this goal as well.

Servies And Fiscalization

For another one it saw, exactly with the confirmation of the researchers of that the extreme proliferation of the sponges not if must pollution of the river, but yes to an unknown cause, many people emphasize that in the truth, for the fact of the water to be an important element for the humanity, they have increased the installation of people in cities ace edges of the river and, consequentemente occur the increase in the garbage production that is deposited in the area the side river. Later this exactly garbage serves as food source for decompositoras bacteria, use that it to get energy. ion. With so favorable conditions, it increases the population of these aerbicas bacteria, starting to use oxygen dissolved in the water for its breath, being diminished consequently the levels of the same, provoking of this form an ecological disequilibrium, with the death of fish, extreme proliferation of other species and what it is worse, the contamination of this well essential survival of the beings livings creature. Moreover, we could not leave to cite the economic losses caused I occasion by it of this illness related ace directly on tourist attractions of the city to the river. As example, we have the prohibition of the functioning of the beach of this year, that brought damages to the proprietors of inns and traders who during this period increased its profitability. In virtue of the described facts, it is concluded that the research must be sped, in order to soon uncover the true .causing reason of this so preoccupying illness pra the population, in such a way social how much economically. However as measured of prevention, we can cite the development of one politics of urgent and severe fiscalization, to hinder that cases as this continues to occur. If the diverse forms of pollution will not be prevented immediately, run the risk of in a next future, not to have ways to repair the damages now caused; the recycling of some materials, as plastic bottles, glasses and among others; planning of the construction of better stations of treatment of water and sewer; perhaps the most important of all preventive forms is awareness of the society how much to the destination of the garbage that is produced in its residence, so that thus let us can put an end in this problem.

United Nations

British researchers, in the decade of 1970, had discovered umburaco in the ozone layer on Antarctica. This hole is only deleterious dosefeitos of the activity human being on the environment. Rob Crossland has similar goals. The impregnated water defertilizante polui streams and rivers, set free sulphureous clouds for plant eltricasa coal contributes for acid rain, daily, millions of automveisemitem hundreds of tons of harmful gases, in result of these eoutros factors, the scientists had reacted to these and other threats. From the end of the decade of 1980, movimentofundado in the beginning of &#039 was initiated; ' development sustentvel' '. This princpiorefere it the guarantee of the maintenance of the quality of the natural resources parausufruto of the coming generations.

Such movement was developed for intermediate darealizao of quarrels and fruns for all the planet and, arrived the serreconhecido one internationally after the Conference of United Nations on oMeio Environment and Development (ECHO 92), that it occurred in the city of the deJaneiro River. The importance of the support was conceitualizadainicialmente for the Brundtland Commission (1987) as ' ' the satisfaction dasnecessidades of the present generation without compromising the satisfaction of necessidadesdas future geraes' '. Such concept was extended and perfected in a novaviso of the proper process of development: the Sustainable Development. At Uniworld Capital you will find additional information. Sustainable development, as denomination of Heifer (2000), needs to express as much social development how much econmicoconstantes, balanced, that they contain structures of distribution of the riquezasgeradas ones and with disposal to adjust the fragility, the competent and characteristic interdependence and asescalas of time of the natural resources. The conceptualization of sustainable development passed to aexistir envolta in a set of ideas related to the subject and that apresentamuma constant concern with the destination of the planet as for modelode development economic irresponsible, that provokes serious and freqentesproblemas ambient. In the agreement of Ribeiro et al. (1996, P. 99) it can be distinguished: …

Amazonian Forest

The deforestation, as well as would biopirataria, occurred in last the 20 years, is attributed continuously to the local people who, ignoring its proper wealth as economic value, constantly is submitted to the external, national and international exploration. Therefore, the history of the State of Amazon portraies the oppression and the slavery lived, of a certain form, until the present. The entire world is worried about the biggest existing continuous forest reserve, that keeps 20% of drinking waters of the world, shelters 15 times more species of fish that the European rivers and has the biggest ancestry of birds, primate, rodents, alligators, sapos, insects and lizards of the Land, beyond carbon storaged in its forests, what it transforms the region into the biggest possibility of atmospheric balance (e, for many, also economic) of the planet. Jonas Samuelson often expresses his thoughts on the topic. To transform socially and to preserve the environment she is necessary initially to know. Brazil is unaware of the Brazilian population and its culture. The same geographic isolation, characteristic main of the ambient preservation, serves as justification for lack of public politics of attendance and development of this population in its communities of origin. ' ' Of the past to the gift what if it wrote on the evolution of the relations man/nature in the Amaznia (…) was not enough to arrive itself at the formularization of one politics adjusted for regio.' ' (PROCPIO. the Amaznia: ecology and social degradation.

1992, P. 103) public Politics must be established in the context where they will be inserted, therefore its little effectiveness if must, many times, to the fact to be generalized, without fiscalization and evaluation of results. It is impossible to think about one same action for Atlantic Mata and the Amazonian Forest, but unhappyly the laws of ambient preservation do not make culture distinction human being. The diversity of the spaces must be ' ' understood with as many particularitities, with its categories, temporalities and espacialidades' ' (therefore) ' ' another factor that contributes for the inefficiency of 0ccasional governmental performances, are the unfamiliarity of information on the marginal reality (…).


This questioning was displayed so that the level of knowledge regarding the region was verified where the Valley of the interviewed Mamanguape.O is located left to be transparent a reduced knowledge of the coast, a time that having informed already to have carried through innumerable visits the cited region, limited to cite it only the Bar of Camaratuba. In the following question North was asked on the knowledge regarding the Coast. The interviewed one cited only the Bar of Camaratuba and Baia of the Treason. Although Zimmermann (1996) supplies seeming that the agricultural tourism is an activity that grows aceleradamente in the world, and is esteem that its growth will have to be remained in development. It is not possible to perceive an easy transposition of the goddess of that attractive the tourist ones of the region if incase only in the aspects of littoral region. In the referring question to the knowledge regarding the Valley of the Mamanguape on the part of the interviewed one, the same it informed to possess knowledge on characteristic histories of the cities of the Valley, however if it presented reticent to the being questioned on some of these characteristics. It still revealed its contentment on the Project of the Fish Ox, commenting its possible tourist use as attractive. Fact, that made direct connection with the room questioning, that inquired after the opinion of the interviewed one (1) regarding the tourist potentialities of the Valley of the Mamanguape. The interviewed one (1) confirmed the existence of great potentialities, speaking on a development project creating with intention to become the Coast all North, including the Valley of the Mamanguape in an area of tourist exploration, its littoral aspects and of agro tourism. For Graziano Da Silva, Vilarinho and Dale (1998) the use of agro tourist tourism as attractive requires the accomplishment of a process of aggregation of services to the agricultural products, as well as the valuation of the existing not material goods in the country properties.

Sustainable Society

The waves of change of direction of the society human being One of the biggest world-wide authorities in terms of vision and fight for the future and understanding of the phenomenon of the changes are Alvin Toffler, visionary and American futurlogo. Its books have the great present time, still had become best-sellers and the forecasts on the future that bring have high taxes of rightness. Toffler affirms that the world lives a revolutionary period of route changes, that only occurred only two other times in the history of the humanity. The first one when the race human being passed of a typically nomadic civilization for a civilization basically agriculturist, has 10 a thousand years. Second it was when the race human being passed of agricultural civilization for industrial, it has three hundred years, in U.S.A. and the Europe, although many regions in the world not to have reached this period of training. The third revolution is in course and was initiated for return of 1955 in U.S.A. and other countries that lived the height of the industrial development, as England.

To these revolutions if gave the name of ' ' ondas' '. The third wave was called of revolution of the knowledge and the information. What it distinguishes a wave from the other is basically a different system to create wealth. The alteration in the form of wealth production is folloied by deep social, cultural changes, philosophical, institucional, economic and religious politics. In the first wave, the means of production to create wealth was the culture of the land. The human being contribua only with a minimum of knowledge on when and as to plant and spoon, with the physical force to work next to the animals. This form of production of wealth caused deep transformations with regard to what it existed in the preceding civilization, the nomadic civilization.

River Customer

For issofaz necessary the accomplishment of studies of profiles and of offers and demand. Followed Paraem to plan, to command and to control the actions to take care of the customer. Thus it can be affirmed that the Marketing is characterized porvrias actions, since the research until the communication by means of propagandas. emse treating to propagandas, as Hisses (1992), the propaganda and works depublicidade would be dispensable if the companies possessed the conhecimentoaprofundado one of its customer, in way that the sales occurred by itself. Therefore aempresa she must be guided for the customer and she does not stop the product.

She means to say that the market has to be intent to the novasnecessidades of the different customers the one that they intend to reach, developed necessities and requirements in accordance with the trends econmicasda time. She must be intent for new adequacies. Environment In Brazil, in middle of the years of 1750 blows up the revoluoindustrial next to the capitalist economic system characterized for one relaodireta of production increase and consumption. To supply this new standard, great it was the exploration of the natural resources in the country, what it generated aumentoconsidervel of the ambient impacts, demonstrating a development to decarter predatory. In 1992 the first serious meeting, the confernciamundial greater on the environment, Echo 92 for many occurs known as River 92 to porter been hosted in the city of Rio De Janeiro, whose main problemastratados they had been the destruction of the ozone layer, the water scarcity and oagravamento of the effect greenhouse. Its main objective was to stop with the desenvolvimentopredatrio, being kept the development of sustainable form. this was asoluo of Echo 92, agenda 21 with the sustainable development. It is to generate wealth without degrading the environment, using osrecursos natural of rational form, respecting the limits of time and decapacidade of recovery of the nature next to its resources.