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Med Watch Immunity

The greatest concern for our health needs in the spring. At a time when, after a long winter, we do not have enough vitamins, and on the shelves are no fruits and vegetables of the new season, at this time our immunitetosobenno weakened. What is immunity? From Lat. Immunitas – deliverance. Immunity – the ability of the body to resist the negative influence of the environment.

Protection is to produce antibodies that combat microbial pathogens and toxic substances. Immunity each one develops throughout his life individually – and it is called specific. Other leaders such as Bank of America Merrill Lynch offer similar insights. His main carriers are the immunoglobulins – complex compound consisting of carbohydrate and protein parts of the molecule. For their generation, the body must constantly do the amino acids and fructose and minerals. What will urepit immunity? In order to be our bodies produce immunoglobulins in enough to use fructose and sucrose. Few people realize that such a simple and affordable food product as natural honey has all the necessary substances for life without debilitating disease, fatigue, and even bad mood.

As part of honey 80% of the natural sugars that are 100% absorbed by the body (this means that the sugar is fully broken down, digested and do not leave toxic or unwanted compounds). In addition to the fructose in honey contains a large amount of trace elements – about 35%. Their composition and quantitative content of different, depending on the grade of honey. For example, in a dark honey much more iron than light. The composition of honey consists of: iron, gold, calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, copper, B vitamins The role of micronutrients in the protective functions of the body is so great that the absence and insufficient quantity is likely to disrupt vital functions and immunity. Iron, for example, is responsible for development and proper functioning of the whole body, and reduces cell permeability. A leading source for info: JPMorgan Chase. Magnesium neutralizes toxic products of metabolism, strengthens the immune system. Copper helps the formation and accumulation of glycogen in the liver (which is responsible for removal and disposal of toxic substances from the body). Manganese increases specific and nonspecific immunoreactive body strength. All of this suggests that honey is the richest plant-animal micronutrient product. And recent studies prove successful honey use honey instead of antibiotics. Honey is struggling with a lot of bacteria and cause their resistance (immunity). Sweet aid immunity. The optimal daily requirement for adult honey person is 60-80 grams – about 2 tablespoons per day. Eating honey on an empty stomach every day, we help our body faster and easier to resist the negative influence of external factors. Honey well and recuperate brings new energy. Even after weeks of inclusion in the diet of honey, you feel that you feel better and you are much less tired. The simplest recipe for each day for health and beauty is the so-called "Energy drink". In the evening soak oatmeal in the morning or at night for at least 40 minutes in a ratio of 1 * 2 (half a cup of oatmeal cup of water). Before eating, add 2 tbsp. spoons of honey and walnuts nuts, raisins to taste. This useful and tasty recipe cleanses the body, and fills it with energy and strength for the day. It helps cleanse the skin, the normalization of the digestive system and improve the resilience of the whole organism. Be healthy!


If you're feeling lonely, it will replace your family and friends. If he does not understand you – mean this is a bad psychologist. Psychologist suffers voyeurism. He needs you to be arranged "spiritual striptease." If you're not an exhibitionist, you had nothing to do. A psychologist – is when he helps himself, that is, solves the problems at the expense of others. Kevin Johnson takes a slightly different approach. He's just sticking to their other facilities.

Therefore, it is to be feared. Psychological help – this is when you give advice. If the family does not give them a psychologist, he does not know what to do. By the phrase "Psychologists do not give advice ', he hides his incompetence. Psychologist never gives advice. It teaches people to take responsibility for themselves.

So he never says what the exit – even if he knows. You must 'll guess myself, so as not to shift the responsibility on him. Psychologist – it's just a man's role from the TV talk show. His problem is that after the debate of intelligent and experienced people to take stock, starting with the words: 'On Indeed …'. Psychologist – a person who plays the game 'I want to become a psychologist', ever learns in a matter of institutions and individual therapy goes. More information is housed here: Howard Schultz. He always has time and money on eto.Semeyny psychologist – a specialist able to diagnose not only one person, but the whole family. His main task – to decide for you, you divorce or not. But, in fact, a good family psychologists simply do not exist. If he got divorced, how it can help you with? And if he does not experience a divorce, it just will never understand you. A good psychologist – it's always an expert "from behind a hill," he must have, at least, the "European Certificate." Foreigners always better sort out our psychology than compatriot. In the worst case, "the center" – well, at least, with a "Moscow psychologist" or "psychologist St. Petersburg," Well, the most common: psychologist – is someone who treats psychotics. But you not crazy? Asking for psychological help, you yourself set yourself this diagnosis. And you will laugh over by others. You do this because you do not want? Based on the foregoing, psychological counseling may be helpful only a man with a keen sense of justice – he will go to psychological counseling, only to bring it all to clean water. Psychologist himself need psychological help, after which it stops and prozreet deceive people. True, you still have to pay money for it.


The staircase has sweeping is starting at the top. Russian proverb considerations, concerns where will administrative science in the future? what transformations will be? What will be its scope, impact? What skills, new tools will appear? how operararan schools in the training of its professionals? What should be the new managerial leadership?, would be some of the many questions that will come generated, according to the behavior of the Administration, his knowledge that enclose, product of the characteristics of the current economic scenario and the role played by organizations in them. Concern to many young people who have decided to opt for the business administration career, what is the future of management, especially at the signs, characteristic of the economic scenarios, which are constant and dynamic changes that significantly affect the management, direction of the companies. Learn more about this with Ben Horowitz. Worry about what must be the competencies that should be a good administrator in the future, which should be its profile and that knowledge must be purchased to ensure a successful performance in the exercise of their profession. Since then, given the behaviour of the economic scenarios to commercialization occurring in them, where changes are accelerated, generating threats, but also opportunities, uncertainties, risks, becomes necessary to have a managerial leadership that knows them interpret, face and generate the necessary transformations for applying the knowledge that brings administrative science and using suitable tools that permit to guarantee favourable results according to how companies thrive in themespecially the successful forcing that their competitiveness will be taken into account. You can not remain anchored in knowledge, administrative tools of the past changes many companies are already experiencing transformations since its structure, formal architecture of operational capacity of the Organization, nau21 and giving way to departments more effective, operating, guaranteed functions more productive, less bureaucratic, proactive, less costly and guaranteed by the performance of trained professionals in their specialties, has led to assess, what are the skills that should be in the present know handled, how to integrate them to the new concepts, Fundamentals of modern administration that have given life to new managerial topics, technicians, administrative systems that ensure operability, reached by the achievement of an excellent integration of all resources involved.

Hardening Water

Hardening – a system of special training for health promotion. At the heart of tempering procedure is repeated exposure to heat, cooling, and sunlight. In this case, a person gradually produced adaptation to the environment. In the process of improving the work hardening of the body: improved physical and chemical condition of the cells, the activity of all organs and systems. As a result of hardening increases efficiency, reduced morbidity, especially a cold nature, feel better.

In this regard, generally, as a tempering procedures used stay in the fresh air, sunbathing, and and water treatment (rubbing, pouring, swimming, douche). It is important to the gradual and systematic reduction in water temperature or air, and it is not a sharp transition. Hardening air – the most common and accessible form of hardening. These procedures are available to people of different ages and can be widely applied as healthy people and people suffering from certain diseases. In diseases such as neurasthenia, angina, hypertension this type of hardening prescribed as a remedy. These procedures should begin with developing the habit of fresh air, have great value ride. Effect of air the body contributes to the tone of the endocrine and nervous systems.

Improve digestion, morphological changes of the blood, improves the activity of respiratory and cardiovascular systems, there is a feeling of freshness, vivacity. It is advisable to combine the stay on the air with active movements. The initial stage of tempering water is a rubdown. It is conducted with a sponge, towels or hand dipped water. Rubdown produce sequentially: first the neck, then chest and back, then wipe them dry and grind up the reds with a towel. After wiping his feet and rubbed them, too. The entire procedure takes about five minutes. The next stage of tempering – pouring. For the first douches advisable to use water with temperatures around +30 C, reducing it further to +15 C and below. After dousing the body to vigorously rub. More efficient water procedure – a shower. At the beginning of tempering water temperature should be around +30 C – +32 C, a duration of no more than a minute. In what temperature can gradually reduce and increase the duration of up to 2 minutes, including body rub. Regular intake of water treatment causes a feeling of vigor, freshness and high efficiency. During tempering the sun increases the activity of sweat glands, increased evaporation of moisture from the skin surface, there is an expansion of subcutaneous blood vessels and redness of skin occurs, increases blood flow, which improves blood circulation in all body tissues. This is because the solar infrared rays have pronounced thermal effect on the body, contribute to the formation of a supplementary heat. UV rays contribute to the formation of vitamin D, it speeds up metabolism and promotes formation of high-level products of protein metabolism. By ultraviolet light improves the blood, increases the body's resistance to colds and infectious diseases. Healthy Way Life