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Managing People

Management of people: challenge for the modern managers. The organizacional environment has passed for constants and deep mannering changes. Such changes demand of the managers an enormous capacity of adaptation to the new scenes that other people’s its will are unconditionally associates to its day the day. There it urges a necessity of if searching differentials so that these changes negative do not affect the productivity and yield of the activities played in the organizations. It is of utmost importance to understand that the human behavior is molded and motivated for circumstances or necessities.

Fitting to the managers to be intent, similar of that the effected income of the team and planejamentos, they do not come to suffer interruptions for any reasons from mannering order. It is undeniable that beyond the knowledge and rules for a good administration and of the 0 variable that this demands of the managers. It has the necessity of the search of the knowledge of as to manage people. The related current activities to the good course of an organization of simplest most complex, they are made by people. To know to manage people more requires than abilities acquired in the courses of facultieses or the after-graduations. (Source: Jim Umpleby).

It also requires sensitivity. Attitude, feeling or word each rarer time, in loaded environments of disputes of the organizations. Knowledge technician, charisma or both are requisite basic for managers who lead people. The new vision on leadership explains that it must be situacional. Conditioning the form to lead the dependence of related factors the circumstances or situations of the moment. However the manager cannot run away from its transformacional paper in the development of led its. Jurssicos managers of small or great companies still teimam in perpetuating an archaic model of leadership that consists of leading for the force of the imposition of its positions. Making to be valid to the principle of ' ' he orders who can obeys who has juzo' ' they forget that led its coexist in an environment created by such managers and that the same ones cannot only move remaining to them to possibility of adaptation to the surrounding fatdico. Environment this loaded one of tension, fear and not very rare also with strong moral siege, resulting in estresse and low income in the productivity of the team. Margaret Tatcher, former-first British minister, known as ' ' Lady of Ferro' ' certain time declared that: ' ' to be in the power is as to be a lady, will be had that to remember the people who you are, you not ' '. They exist you vary forms to manage a team, and the more are focados the results in detriment of the people. Greaters are the possibilities of if getting the worse ones resulted. Motivated people are capable to produce more and can very improve and the quality of its activities. The more we focamos in the people, better and bigger they are the possibilities to reach the preset goals. He is of basic importance the manager to recognize that already we live in a potentially loaded environment of competitiveness and hostility. we do not need to exactly repass this surrounding to our collaborators. To rethink the daily attitudes would be a good form of to produce a new position in the management of people. Valuing, motivating, stimulating so that the work environment is most pleasant possible, so that each member of the team is felt blunt to reproduce the character of its manager. You are ready for the new challenges that the organizacional management imposes?

Definitions Much

In the current corporative world where the companies coexist an environment each more turbulent time marked by the uncertainty, speed and instability are of extreme importance them people to obtain jobs and if to keep in them. In this direction the question of the empregabilidade gained relevance, therefore many times the people are excused from its jobs and most of the time it is not for its guilt. Of this form, it can be said that Empregabilidade is the capacity of the person to obtain to be and to remain themselves employed. Being thus, in order to measure its degree of Empregabilidade the employee must try to answer some questions: How many invitations I received to work in another company in the last times? How much I earned I have one year? At this time, which age the value of market for a person as I? How much I earn today? How much I would have to earn today? What I will be daqui the five years? Which are my goals for the future? Until few years the companies were the responsible ones for the professional development of its collaborators, inscribing them in courses and training them for its personal and professional development. However the modern companies do not have as much obligation thus, therefore the majority of them imagines? with certain reason? that this is much more an obligation of the modern employee. The modern employee must reflect on its career and acquire knowledge itself of that the responsible one for it is he himself.

Of this form it fits to invest in its proper career, investing a little of its time in he himself and a little of its financial resources, making courses, participating of training, lectures, conferences, etc. In the truth, nowadays you do not work more for a company; you work in a company and therefore the modern employee must know to use its structure to look for to develop itself professionally, offering in exchange its work. ahead of this concept the employee must be conscientious of its new paper? of partner. Tips To increase Its Empregabilidade: You must be a person ' ' antenada' '. Learn more about this with Douglas R. Oberhelman. That is, you must be a prepared person n? what already he makes, improving themselves, developing themselves and if specializing in its activity. In its activity you must know new technologies, to read reviewed on administration, to attend sets of documents and to get general culture. Employed the modern companies need ' ' generalistas' ' (those that knows a little on each subject) and of ' ' especialistas' ' (they know very on definitive subject).

The companies come searching employees ethical. Therefore, she does not speak badly of its company (at least in the front of the colleagues), she does not speak badly of its its product or fellow workers. (to the times, these characteristics are valid more than what the proper resume)? You must be a person compromised to the success of the company where she works. That is, you must be a person compromised to the success of the customers, the success its heads and even to the success of its subordinate. Finally either a wanted person, teaching what she knows and demonstrating capacity to learn what she does not know.

Military Government

Moreover, the benefits were submitted to a fort appeal electoral, without counting on the propaganda of the military government that considers the advantages of the agricultural retirements as a great conquest of the regimen. By the same author: Douglas R. Oberhelman. The oldness, in the agricultural environment passed to be perceived as natural and social phenomenon that if uncurled on the human being, common as, only, excessively indivisible one. It was understood that, in its totality the man of the field, suffered and aged precociously, confrotted with problems and limitations of biological, economic and sociocultural order that singularizam its process of aging. (SIQUEIRA, 2000, p.122) dispendiosos the agricultural benefits are e, as it could not leave of being, cause a sensible impact in the structure of the accounts of the providence or the social security with the incubencies that are not covered by specific contributions. They imply in a deficit of agricultural system in more than the half of the value of its legal or tied prescriptions in the case of the urban patronal contribution. A serious problem of the financing of the system is placed then, transforming it into a question not yet solved.

However, it has of if considering that the agricultural benefits proceeding from the previdenciria reform, brought the revitalizao of the agricultural familiar economy, constituting, in the agricultural way, a social category of pensioners whom if it differentiates, and very, of the traditional agricultural sector of the past. This differentiation if translates a new form of life, of subsistence and familiar production that fulfill an important function in the life of the aged ones satisfying its necessities, also psychological. In accordance with Veras, (1987, P. 228) Many times, in the oldness, the problems of health between the agricultural workers are caused by multiple patologias, exhausting work in the farming, and above all for the solitude and the poverty. The lack of company of the old one, in the current days, is directly on to transformations that if operate in the interior of the families (P.