Military Government

Moreover, the benefits were submitted to a fort appeal electoral, without counting on the propaganda of the military government that considers the advantages of the agricultural retirements as a great conquest of the regimen. By the same author: Douglas R. Oberhelman. The oldness, in the agricultural environment passed to be perceived as natural and social phenomenon that if uncurled on the human being, common as, only, excessively indivisible one. It was understood that, in its totality the man of the field, suffered and aged precociously, confrotted with problems and limitations of biological, economic and sociocultural order that singularizam its process of aging. (SIQUEIRA, 2000, p.122) dispendiosos the agricultural benefits are e, as it could not leave of being, cause a sensible impact in the structure of the accounts of the providence or the social security with the incubencies that are not covered by specific contributions. They imply in a deficit of agricultural system in more than the half of the value of its legal or tied prescriptions in the case of the urban patronal contribution. A serious problem of the financing of the system is placed then, transforming it into a question not yet solved.

However, it has of if considering that the agricultural benefits proceeding from the previdenciria reform, brought the revitalizao of the agricultural familiar economy, constituting, in the agricultural way, a social category of pensioners whom if it differentiates, and very, of the traditional agricultural sector of the past. This differentiation if translates a new form of life, of subsistence and familiar production that fulfill an important function in the life of the aged ones satisfying its necessities, also psychological. In accordance with Veras, (1987, P. 228) Many times, in the oldness, the problems of health between the agricultural workers are caused by multiple patologias, exhausting work in the farming, and above all for the solitude and the poverty. The lack of company of the old one, in the current days, is directly on to transformations that if operate in the interior of the families (P.