Month: November 2013

Building Materials: Wood

Wood has been used for centuries as a fuel and as construction material. Wood-organic material composed of cellulose fibers. It provides water and other nutrients to the leaves and other growing tissues, and has a support function, allowing woody plants to reach large sizes, or stand up for themselves. People have used wood for millennia for many purposes, primarily as a fuel or as a structural material for buildings, tools, weapons, furniture, packaging and paper. Wood is an important building material, at a time when people started building houses and boats. To late 19th century, almost all the boats were made of wood, and wood remains in common use in shipbuilding today. Wood, which is used for construction buduet commonly known as lumber. Engineered wood products are more and more in construction.

They can be used in residential and commercial buildings as a structural and aesthetic materials. In buildings made of other materials, tree will still be found as an auxiliary element, especially in roof construction, in interior doors and frames, as exterior cladding. Wood is also widely used as formwork for create a form that is poured concrete, reinforced concrete in many wood-konstruktsiyah.Primenenie most importantly it has the advantage that it is the fact that it is a natural cleaner produktom.I can be used for different goals. To date, modern equipment for processing wood, as well as the modern system of lumber drying, allow us to produce high-quality dry-edged planks of spruce, pine, larch, fir and other species. Planing lumber is also carried out only on the equipment of leading European manufacturers, in compliance with all international requirements and standards. Wood is the main material of our house natural building material, used by people for thousands of years. In terms of ecology, wooden house, beneficial in all stages of manufacture, installation, operation and disposal. You'll enjoy life for many years in a warm, dry house with a wonderful micro-climate. Setting a frame house on a foundation made by a team of specialists in just one week! This means that the long-awaited examination of the house can be made only on the second day after the installation!


On 30 April each year ends the presentation of the statement of income tax, it is presented at the Ministry of Finance here in El Salvador are retained and each year thousands of statements that present tax refund, the reasons why are retained are multiple, with this article I guide you to avoid or overcome the most common mistakes when making your tax return. First: If you are employed your employer must provide proof of your income and deductions reported to the Ministry of Finance, it must contain the actual data submitted by the company in the form F910 to avoid discrepancies at the time that the Treasury cross the information submitted by you in the statement of income and deductions report provided by your employer.

Often we find where the income statements reported by the company is less than what the employee reports in the statement. Use this record to make the declaration. Second: If you work for various companies or worked in the same year different companies, ask for their constancy to each of the companies that conducted the retention, confirm that your former employer as reported in the report that amounts withheld and reported it, if your employer has not reported it and you report on your return surely forfeited his return process solvent until you or your employer about the problem. Third: If you provide professional services independently (without labor dependency), can deduct expenses that are necessary for the performance of their work, but beware that not everything can deduct what you spend, such as a fuel can only be inferred 50% of the depreciation as well as the cost of the supermarket and others that are not for the object or money. Presenting inflated costs for the tax computed at the end is a minor and leave us to return is another reason why the tax returns that do not return the Ministry of Finance. Usually costs more than 20% of revenues may fall into the sample taken by finance and will have to bear.

United Nations

In that, beyond the importance of advocating democracy in Latin America with which nobody disagrees, Presidents have invested precious time. After the pronouncements of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations, MERCOSUR He could you have issued a joint statement of support to the deposed President, Manuel Zelaya, and tackle their own affairs. For another occasion were, however, economic obstacles that warned the President Tabare Vazquez, soon to finish his Government. Uruguay assumed the Presidency pro tempore of MERCOSUR with the premise of promoting proposals related to internal trade, the movement of goods from other areas, the asymmetries among member countries, external negotiation and strategic projects. It is difficult, in plan of showing off, a President protruding in a forum of this kind raise the Elimination of the double charging of the common external tariff. Not convince other members, among which the most commonly injured would be Paraguay having no maritime ports, Uruguay fair agreement with Brazil. Very interesting what he says, that in almost two decades of existence, MERCOSUR had some successes: served to temper the disputes between the Argentina and Brazil. In the custom of clothing in it It is the dilemma: the bilateral does not have to be a regional matter. Of the four countries which founded MERCOSUR, Brazil always offered resistance to the establishment of regional bodies. Lula, whose term will end January 1, 2011, will not have the honour of having consolidated block, because, in a way, he has earned, without boycotting it, for projecting to his country with a position of regional leader who, until now, not had assumed.