Last Coach

Do not neglect formal requirements, first evaluate the education and experience, and then look for charisma and "energy ram." – Gather recommendations. Be sure to check experience professional who wants to sell you their services. Example: In one case, the company searched for a coach. At the interview the candidate presented himself as a professional and experienced person, but when the prospective employer has requested recommendations from the last job revealed that the candidate with the real work of the group had never experienced. Naturally, the leadership was forced to refuse him! – Ask about completed projects. Find out which projects requested by you subject and participated in what capacity the coach, ask about the results. Example: In the competition for the position of business manager in our company attended a candidate.

From the interviews and conducted work-shop general impression was good, but had doubts. Then we caught up with training company, in which the candidate had worked and whose participation in projects related. From the conversation it became clear that most of the projects he's just heard on the general meetings, and some participated as an assistant or extra. – Ask to see how you can further written training program. As practice shows, the outstanding coaches in the main consider themselves those who know how to write essays on the theme of his freedom, calling their training programs.

Be careful when choosing – the error will cause harm to your company. At least, it wasted money and frustration in training as a method. – Measure not only what you show! In the profession of business-critical systems thinking coach, personal maturity and ability to work as a team. This can be assessed only by reading between the lines in a conversation with the coach. Ask him questions that he is not ready, ask how it will behave in a particular situation that will advise your staff, if they fit him with a specific problem.


Internet E-mail

For example, first place a classified ad: “Welcome to your business. More about :…’. Then the following ad: ‘Tired of work? Relax in business …’. And so on. Low persistence of many boards is another problem – is that such boards ‘live’ is not a lot. But there is a great variety of new boards. If You do not have much time to search for new boards, use the best known and largest boards – such boards live long enough! Hunting spammers to your e-mail spammers prey on each address displayed on the Internet and even more so – to address e-mail, which you leave on a bulletin board with his announcement. Moreover, your e-mail comes into the view not only of professional spammers who collect special database of addresses e-mail, but also less dangerous, but also very annoying various representatives of business in the network, who are eager to acquaint you with your project.

And the more active you will be advertised on bulletin boards, the more spammers will start to poison all sorts of your life. And even if you suddenly stop to advertise on billboards, emails flow spammer never run dry. Of course, you can give your ad on the bulletin board without specifying your e-mail. But you will lose much of their potential customers. Not all Internet users who like to go to the advertised links, it is easier to just write a letter. Therefore, e-mail please indicate. As make sure not to lose part of your customers and not to run a professional spam?