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Event Brand

Event agency professionals stage undoubtedly temporary brand worlds with fascinating experience value the virtual communication among the invaluable benefits of our digital age in all its diversity. Who’d know better than the advertising pros of an event agency. Everyday life in most areas of business and society is hardly conceivable without Internet and mail, video – and teleconferencing, mobile – and Web telephony. But perhaps the question is for an event agency, whether this development also negatively impacted certain industries? What is it for example with regard to the alignment of regional, national and international trade fairs? At first glance, would be Yes may be to assume that the relevance of exhibitions proportional decreases the virtual communications to further develop. But this is not the case.

On the contrary: each operating successfully on the pulse Agency of event, in Dusseldorf or elsewhere working understands the importance of trade fairs and exhibitions especially in times of global economic processes. Every advertising professional a Event agency is aware that E.g. industrial or consumer trade fairs are perfectly suited not only to facilitate contacts between providers, as well as current and potential customers, but to make it sustainable. For an event agency specialized in trade fair design is of course the radical content change, for example, international industry shows today inevitably must understand to achieve their goals with their entire know-how effectively to support. A case study: The challenge, three-dimensionally in space to experience the brand message is for the event agency entrusted with the planning and realization of a booth in Dusseldorf. This translation”of the brand message has to understand the event agency as corporate architecture job.

Temporary Work

The demand for flexible labour increases more and more. At the present time, many employers therefore put on temporary work. Not only employers but also as workers believe that there is a higher chance of employment in the temporary work in a professional entry or re-entry. Educate yourself with thoughts from Howard Schultz. New approaches are required due to changed demands on workers and employers through the constant flexibilisation of the labour market. Temping carries enormous growth potential, the acceptance in society and the importance for the Austrian economy are still rising. More and more employer rely on flexible workforce. That temporary work in future will win even more important, believe not only the employer but also employees.

Almost half of the Austrians is of the opinion that there is a higher chance of employment in the temporary work in a professional entry or re-entry. According to a study, 10 percent of all jobs in the temporary employment industry are filled with professional newcomers. The new entrants can Time work create a bureaucratic entry into professional life. While they benefit from the flexibility of the industry and the large number of customers in the different employment sectors. Workers thus hands-on experience in various occupations and are nonetheless flexible. The re-entry into the workforce just for the generation of 55 +, after unemployment and maternity leave is facilitated by flexible work model. According to the study management 2030 innovative management of tomorrow”of the future Institute is the trend in the labour market and the company increasingly in the direction of complexity and flexibility. With an unemployment rate of 4.9% and the large number of skilled workers in the 55 + generation, temporary work is the working model for the future.

As a result of the enormous growth potential of the temporary work sector, but the impending shortage of professionals in Austria also the MLS Personalbereitstellung GmbH looking is for qualified professionals from abroad. The company MLS this has good experience made with Polish professionals, which as an incentive see use in a reputable company to come to Austria as temporary workers. About MLS Personalbereitstellung GmbH MLS Personalbereitstellung GmbH provides its customers for more than 20 years flexible workers in the industries of trade, industry, production, and the construction industry from Austria as well as from abroad. Due to the current situation of insolvency of various personal lender, the MLS Personalbereitstellung GmbH is a reliable partner in the area of personnel deployment with its high credit rating. Not ident message: MLS Personalbereitstellung GmbH company, Central Kalsdorf bei Graz and 7 branches in all Austria, attaches importance to the fact that with the MPS personal service GmbH, 8075 Hart bei Graz, Pachener Hauptstrasse 90 (weekly releases KSV by the 24.06.2013 – section Styria reorganisation proceedings without equity management) is not identification or in any combination. Press contact: MLS Personalbereitstellung GmbH Mrs. Cathrin Huber main street 284a A-8401 Kalsdorf Tel: + 43 0 3135 53227 37 fax: + 43 0 3135 53227 9937 E-mail: website:

Efficient Quality System

Optana and qcompetence agree cooperation Optana, a provider of standards-compliant quality management systems and pattern processes for medical technology and qcompetence, the consultant for quality management and the approval of medical devices, today announce the signing of a cooperation agreement. Both partners will cooperate intensively with the creation and distribution of effective quality management systems for manufacturers of medical products and customer service. In the center of the cooperation is the development and quality management process int: EQ, which covers all relevant process demands of medical technology as a tried and tested model process. Ben Horowitz is open to suggestions. Thus, a manufacturer can very quickly create the conditions for the approval of its medical products. In cooperation with qcompetence is this pattern-QM-system tailored implemented at the customer and the implementation supported up to the certification. A major challenge in the development and marketing of medical devices is to keep track of the numerous legal and normative requirements and to optimize the product certification for different markets.

Through the use of a pattern process, can be drastically shorten the time to market of a medical device. “Optana has led to the integrated process of development and quality management int: EQ developed, proven by numerous customers in practice: the int: EQ contains all necessary procedures, forms and templates, to massively simplify the approval of medical products and the certification of the quality management system”, reported Wolfgang Kern, Managing Director of Optana GmbH. qcompetence takes the pattern development process int: EQ in its product portfolio on. “” “qcompetence is with his experience the process implementation, customization, and training of the int: EQ at the customer as qualified partner” carried out by Optana “says Bernhard MUMM, Managing Director of qcompetence GmbH. through the partnership and pooling of expertise with Optana we can offer optimum customised solutions”. “With qcompetence we have found the perfect partner for the complement of our product offer.” forward Thomas Franke, product manager of Optana GmbH. in addition to the highly competent advice from qcompetence we will, based on the experience of qcompetence, in the future more market-oriented supplement offers, like E.g. specific country requirements for Europe, United States and Canada to the int: EQ, can offer.

” For further information, please contact: qcompetence Barbara Scheidl GmbH Edisonstrasse 6 85716 Unterschleissheim Tel.: + 49 89 316 059 8770 fax: + 49 89 316 059 7777 Thomas Franke Optana Medizintechnik GmbH sales office Erlangen Henkestrasse 77 91052 Erlangen phone: + 49 176 38115922 fax: + 49-6026 9976841 about Optana: Optana Medizintechnik GmbH advises and supports in their Division since many years successful manufacturer strategic process and quality management in the development and approval of medical devices. It provides the specially created integrated development and quality management process int: EQ as its own product as well as unified process in a partner solutions with the company Methodpark SW AG. Qcompetence: The qcompetence GmbH is a consulting firm that operates in the fields of international approval of medical products (Regulatory Affairs), quality management (QM), risk management, and process management for medical device manufacturers. Based on many years of experience, qcompetence offers its customers reliable, competent and effective support with field-proven solutions.

Efficient Staff Win

BONAGO as exhibitor and speaker at the 2nd employer branding Summit Munich, 04.10.2012: for the second time that takes place on October 9, 2012 in Wiesbaden with the employer branding Summit top industry event for personal marketing, recruiting, and retention management. HR experts present their success stories under the headline the talents successful strategies for the talent markets was for”morning!. “BONAGO is together with Janina Bierwirth by Hubert Burda Media a presentation titled increase the attractiveness of employers by employee loyalty and efficient employee recruitment through social media-based solutions” keep. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ben Horowitz on most websites. Especially the question of how companies can win future high potential is in the focus of this year’s employer branding summits. An attractive and clearly positioned employer brand is an important tool in recruiting in the competition for qualified employees? Also the potential for competitiveness as an employer are far from exhausted, which especially in the commercial, Consumer goods and media industry is noticeable. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Howard Schultz.

Together with Janina Bierwirth by Hubert Burda Media BONAGO Managing Director Mark Gregg solution approaches will, how companies can win with the help of social media-based employees recruit employees tools efficiently new employees. BONAGO job referral platform, employees of a company are incorporated into the recruitment process. Free abroad over 12 different channels can be submitted by mouse click. Employees can then not only by E-Mail, but also on social networks such as Facebook, XING or LinkedIn publicly share abroad or send selected individuals of their personal network. Successful setting employee, who recommended the applicant receives a bonus in the form of vouchers. As second priority Gregg will respond to employee retention, for example, by the MitarbeiterCARD. Companies can monthly up to 44 euros their employees with the rechargeable card tax-free to come.

In addition to experienced experts such as Ali Obeid by continental or Frank Schmith by Deutsche Lufthansa also voucher specialist BONAGO on the exhibition site will be. The BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media, is the expert in the use of vouchers, rewards and incentives. BONAGO sells and developed vouchers marketing, sales, and employees to improve incentives for the applications and offers a neutral and cross-industry B2B consulting to its customers. The product portfolio includes certificates in the areas of shopping, refueling, cinema and experiences, as well as consumer incentives. Contact: BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH Maria Pickrahn Bajuwarenring 14 82041 Oberhaching near Munich phone: + 49 89 622 33 77 51 fax: + 49 89 622 33 77 99 E-Mail: Web site:

Privatimus Offers Immediate Security Consulting And Risk Minimization

Headquartered in Hamburg, Privatimus security and consulting services provides for an exclusive clientele; worldwide. HAMBURG, Germany (17 October, 2013) Privatimus today announced its official launch. The company offers security consulting, risk reduction and preparedness, for an exclusive clientele to family offices, family foundations, exposed and high net worth individuals, as well as asset management and enterprise customers. Headquartered in Hamburg, Privatimus offers its clients global security and counselling services. With a global network of experienced security consultants and with more than 20 years of professional and industry experience for some of the world’s largest multinational corporations, as well as for family offices, family foundations, asset management clients and exposed individuals, Privatimus offers an exclusive service, which provides protection of personal, financial and family interests of his clients at the Centre of all cultural boundaries and time zones.

This Privatimus premium service offers world-wide protection of privacy, the reputation, of the assets and the identity of its clients and their family members. The services of the company include knowledge-based risk assessments, strategic risk defense concepts and operational safeguards, and also investigations and tests by people and companies. In addition, Privatimus business-continuity management provides for family offices, travel security, crisis and risk management, safety training, social media awareness, electronic eavesdropping protection, as well as the recruitment of personal security. The company also offers its protected and innovative procedure of the OSRINT – open source risk intelligence, which enables to identify personal and risk information from publicly available sources, and to keep in focus. Data security for document exchange between customers and Privatimus is a specially installed secure file sharing portal can be used, provided the confidential documents and reports. Sven Leidel, a partner at Privatimus, features a comprehensive expertise in more than 20 years of industry and professional experience. He is professional lecturer on the topic of travel safety, as well as to the special topic “Protection of vulnerable persons”. His comment to the service and to the specialization: “we offer a very personal service to our clients and discreetly take care of one of the most important areas of their lives: your safety.” Our customized services based on a close and personal relationship with our customers, resulting from mutual trust.

The values on which our daily action is based are confidence, individuality, precision, reliability, integrity, and professionalism. “Our demanding protection strategies are ‘Made in Germany’, and all over the world.” About Privatimus GmbH, we are a company with integrity and extensive expertise. Focus since 1993 our experts in the care of an exclusive group of people enjoying an appropriate attention in the public because of professional or private activities, a particular financial situation or family history. With our global network of experts, we support our customers nationally and internationally. We thus ensure that is a best possible assistance across national and cultural boundaries and the personal interests of our customers are protected. Life demands perfection.