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IBS Specialist Event For The Metal-working Industry In The Midmarket

“Best practice in quality and production management with factory tour at the Rees Zerspanungstechnik KG theme: integrated quality and production management in medium-sized factory tour by Rees Zerspanungstechnik KG, Hohr-Grenzhausen, the 04.10.2011: at the 28.09.2011, the IBS AG together with Rees Zerspanungstechnik KG to an event best practice in quality and production management had” invited. Experts and discussion forum was specifically geared towards the needs of metal working company in the SME. In the theoretical part, it was explained how medium-sized companies through quality management improve a process. The project leaders from the House of Rees joined the participants with her presentation on the RPM Rees process management – on the subsequent factory and production tour. It focused on the work preparation, manufacturing and quality. Ben Horowitz has much experience in this field. In addition to a vivid representation of the resulting benefits and increase efficiency through the use of the IBS solution was by the The particular acceptance of employees on the machines mentioned speakers. The participants could experience the IBS solutions in active use in all areas. So were captured on the CNC machine via the BDE Terminal amounts and Committee and to the current order a SPC audit performed and recorded.

“It is very impressive to see how a company with such passion and motivation applies to the lean management thought and this with the aid of the IBS Solutions”. , so Jurgen Wolf, Marketing Director of the IBS AG. We are proud to count companies Rees to our customers.” Thomas Rees, Executive Director of Rees Zerspanungstechnik KG added: the beauty is that our employees live the lean thinking and identify themselves with the system and in each area, and without my personal emphasis. Last but not least is the result of the continuous use of the IBS solution.” Can the talk again on the year’s IBS: expert circle on October 26-27, 2011 hear in Hohr-Grenzhausen.

Managing Director

The Tyrolean metal packaging specialist PIRLO offers also customers of doses in small quantities a top service you incorrectly assumes that pays off a cans packaging only in large quantities in mass production. But the Tin or metal box is the perfect packaging container by PIRLO also for the producers of small and very small amounts. And precisely to these needs has devoted themselves to the Kufstein entrepreneur PIRLO in recent years and found a perfect solution. The Tyrolean metal packaging specialist has achieved through the implementation of a successful concept that the Tin as economically non-billable and reasonable package for small consumers is the ideal solution. By the beekeeper to the cocktail bar of the beekeeper and his honey bucket is also addressed, such as the painter with his required buckets of paint or better said everyone who is looking for a packaging solution that is safe, clean, well printable or measure with advertising for its product packaging. And the presentation often plays a significant role in a packaging.

Whether as a back sealable packaging unit or as disposable, the Tin or metal tin can in different size and form are used as versatile, that are hardly any limits the use. And with PIRLO also for small consumers, who increasingly discover this product with enthusiasm. Even if the range of the online platform includes dosenprofi.com to exclusively stock and not in the shop are available custom-made, is always something. It is worth noting, where metal packaging can be used anywhere, because in addition to the traditional audience for the online platform, the SME’s, there are also requests from customers who have nothing to do with packaging itself. So, a Vienna cocktail bar that has decided to serve up a her drinks in honey buckets. That pleased those responsible for PIRLO, because it shows the potential and the quality of the packaging material not least metal.

The deviating slightly from the standard”usage was booked via the online platform dosenprofi.com, because there can cans in adequate Quantities are ordered. “Offer under, we all, for the is a metal box as the ideal packaging solution set out the possibility of cheap and in reasonable quantities to buy directly and without large expenditure directly from the manufacturer”, explained Dipl.-ing. Rainer Carqueville, Managing Director of PIRLO GmbH & co. PIRLO of cans packaging professional from at the Kufstein/Tyrol location are annually with 200 employees about 6,000 tonnes of tinplate processed 100 million doses, with volume of 9 ml up to 5 litres. The customers include E.g. manufacturer in the fields of color, adhesive, car accessories, cooking oil, coffee, or cosmetics. Main market is Europe.

CFD New Trading Instrument

CFDs as new investment on private investors come to after warrants and certificates. CFDs (contracts for difference, or contracts for difference) previously reserved exclusively to financial market professionals as a backup instrument. The biggest advantage of CFDs: Unlike warrants and certificates there is no expiration date or issuer risk in these derivatives. A CFD is a leveraged bet on the payment of the price difference between purchase and sale price of a base. This bet is for rising and falling prices for shares, indices, currencies, commodities and bonds. Furthermore, CFD investors with low capital investment can speculate. This increases the yield opportunities on the one hand, but also the risk.

Nevertheless, we keep CFDs for an interesting investment vehicle. As with derivatives, interesting trading strategies can be implemented. In addition individual investments or deposits can be secured like. CFDs are lucrative for money houses and broker. In contrast to certificates or funds, CFDs offer a high potential for growth. Also there is a margin-strong business. Therefore in particular online brokers and banks could turn around the CFDs to the breakthrough for private investors. Germany is already after the United Kingdom and Australia, the third-largest market for CFDs.

2008 almost 30,000 trader at the brokers cavorted. Beginning of 2010 there are 50,000. Many banks therefore closely monitoring the fast-growing market and to look for partners among the brokers. CFDs can be traded so far mostly about specific broker? And just in the selection of brokers, investors need to be very careful. Because the providers promote aggressively to customers. To lose sight of the essential, between the advertising but quickly. More info: Howard Schultz. This, just choose of the right broker is a prerequisite to have good chances of success in the CFD trading. Conclusion: CFD Trading offers lucrative opportunities private investors (and managers). CFDs are established as another speculative investment product. It is likely that banks and brokers to expand their offerings and in Future more and easier ways will give to trade CFDs. Note: FUCHSBRIEFE took CFD Trading scrutinized. “In our publication CFD trading opportunities for investors” we explain how CFDs work and what is investing to make sure. Also we present promising trading strategies and show concretely, what the CFD broker to look for when choosing.

ADAC Around

A profitable business idea for job seekers and customers constantly offers career online24.de rising E-commerce market in Germany. About 40 million buy over the Internet and provide for a turnover of 27 million. The business concept of the storeforyou group, who introduced the shopping town for the first time 11 years ago, therefore in 2006 received the top award. For job seekers who have serious occurrence, PC with Internet connection and telephone, the shopping city is the chance ever to earn a part-time basis from 27,500 euros and full-time 92.600 euro. Caterpillar has much to offer in this field. Differently than other companies beginners must not begin here at zero, but they can drive up yields, are up to 97.5% above the industry average. Consumer products are shopped around 35% cheaper and all the advantages of the city increased by commissions.

See for interested parties who are looking for new challenges and strive for a lucrative legitimate independence all the information for a new Start. The high number of visitors the shopping city show that online shopping trend. The benefits are obvious: the comfort of your home without parking needs, stress and umbrella is the customer King. He chooses to free and non-binding registration on the portal in peace around the clock, when it suits him, his goods out from a selection of over 1000 vendors and receive up to 35% Additionally instead of discount cash as refunds to your own account. Well-known companies such as Nokia, source, ADAC, Neckermann, SCHLECKER, Tchibo and even unknown companies fulfill your every desire. Additional services and a 150 euro loyalty bonus rebate granted customers unique benefits such as trend Scouts, which every week for the best and most unusual offerings. A bonus is guaranteed no hidden costs for each order. The customer saves time and money and optimizes its investments. Contact: Lothar Mathis parallel 70 60538 Neunkirchen Tel: 06821 913896

House Batteries

Schawenzl.de expanded its product range to the model of the House Joyetech C of ego after the Schawenzl Web shop has been received a redesigned and restructured in many areas, there is news now also in the field of e-cigarette again. The range has expanded to the model of eGo-C from the House of Joyetech. The eGo-C model of the electrical cigarette is characterized by very long battery runtimes, enlarged depots/tanks, as well as its modular evaporator. The eGo-C is equipped with manual batteries as opposed to the model 510T, which must be activated by pressing a button. Although the manual batteries make a steaming without the impossible, press a button, allow mute the eGo batteries and to curb so unnecessary power consumption in return but to do so. The five-time pressing the button two seconds the batteries of the eGo-C model can turn on or off. Also, the batteries were equipped with a level indicator at the depending on the color of LED the charge state of the battery is displayed.

So you have always a good overview of the power of the electronic cigarette. A special development of eGo-C is the modular design of the evaporator, which in this model is divided into a head of the evaporator and evaporator base. In contrast to the 510T model a consumed evaporator must not completely be replaced but a low-cost replacement of the evaporator head can be made. In addition to the environmental performance, this is an enormous relief in the area wear costs. The design of the eGo-C is what makes itself felt in the larger diameter of the battery compared to the 510 T model something more robust.

The eGo-C 510T is however not in in terms of steam development. Also here, a dense and very voluminous steam which will convince not only beginners from the eGo evolved during use. Also for ambitious steamer the eGo-C represents an excellent choice model runtimes and the large depots with the dense steam development, the long battery. Loading the eGo-C is also at the 510 t both via a USB port as well as possible with the ordinary socket. The higher power of the eGo-C reflected too in the price, which is why the eGo-C Schawenzl.de single set as both a Starter Kit is available.

Defense Sprays ProTECT Pepper Spray Trading

The Pro-tect pepper spray has OC accounted for only 3prozent. But even this very low value must be no disadvantage. We explain why. The Pro-TECT 40 spray is a very good and yet cheap pepper spray which you can order on the Internet quickly and easily online, because since it is marked as a spray against the animal, it is freely available in Germany and is not the gun laws. The big advantage of this defense sprays is of course the beam which emerges on pressure as thick fog and thus does not require a precise objectives. Through the mist hitting an attacker with the Pro-Tec 40 spray even if one is not so unerringly or the attacker moves and you can not clearly aim at him. If you are in panic and fear a real advantage may be just because even though it would certainly meet in normal situations may not always say under such pressure, whether it really is able to achieve his goal with the beam. Another advantage of the Pro-TECT 40 spray is it, that this pepper spray just OC has a concentration of about 3%, what’s right is low, as most aerosols are OC between this level and up to 13%.

However, the small amount of the active ingredient is actually beneficial, because the irritation faster alone subside and the pain for an attacking dog are considerably lower, which certainly is just for animal lovers of importance, although they of course yet fully sufficient to fend off an attacking dog. Also also, irritation, you may even blends, fail due to this low concentration significantly weaker, what always can happen precisely inexperienced people in a spray, if you did not think about, to be sure to get yourself none of the dog repellent spray in the wind. Because this pepper spray as animal repellent spray is marked and thus freely available, you can it easily simply order and went home via a shipping have delivered, without this you would have to provide more evidence or other administrative expenses would have to take in stride. For athletes, which are much in the fresh air, and get to do it always with moving targets in the form of dogs, this dog repellent spray is made perfect and very easy to use, by its structure and also of the composition which is also a very important point. Due to the range of around 2 meters, you can maintain also a certain margin of safety in case of an attack by a dog and so prevent it before the successful defense can come to injuries caused by the dog, what is of course also an important aspect of this sprays, as well as the fact that the straight approximately 9 cm high bottle in each small bag and hence at the sport without much effort in the position is one, to lead them to. You can buy the repellent spray on the Internet or at the well-stocked retailer. Dieter Wenger, Ulm

New Insurance Policy

Designed specifically for loading and disposal operations of brokers including specialising in supply and disposal companies Gamal & Berns? Homann GmbH (GBH), has brought a new insurance policy on the market aimed specifically at privately-run subsidiary of Stadtwerke. The police specifically designed on demand of many customers of GBH in the supply and disposal area, covers extensively and a hand all risks, arising from product liability, the low voltage connection Regulation (NAV), the low pressure port Regulation (NDAV), as well as the use of energy consultants. Go to Douglas R. Oberhelman for more information. Associated with the use of the liability policy emerged a comprehensive service package in the area of insurance management. While it was the local authorities in the past, to provide for the supply of electricity, gas, water, district heating and for the disposal of waste many of these tasks by the municipalities to newly established, privately-run limited liability companies have been transferred in recent times. Due to the liability framework for a GmbH and their managers (CEO) result is thus completely new liability risks, which cannot be compare with liability under municipal law. As privately-run limited liability companies are subject to the provisions of the civil code, commercial code and product liability law etc.

The latter is for example, if the city work as a supplier of raw materials, E.g. the delivery of drinking water to food manufacturers, occurs. And the supply of electricity is to be regarded as product delivery and thus subject to the product liability Act. Multiple customer requirements with the new policy positioned GBH of once more than competent and innovative insurance broker for supply and disposal companies. Already in recent years individual, related to these businesses cover designed with regard to the protection of fixed assets of supply and disposal companies, today belongs to the standards at many companies in Germany. Well over a hundred companies of the supply and disposal industry take advantage of the different solutions of GBH. Founded in 1899, it is one Gay & Berns? Homann GmbH with over 220 employees in 12 locations to the few still owner-managed, large and independent insurance rungsmaklern in Germany with a very wide customer base from diverse industries.

Chief Thomas Walther

The future of buying and selling is boxline now with online shop for plastic transport containers in the Internet. This is a truism. But professional service providers in the business sector it hard still to settle their transactions on an online platform. boxline, the online brand of WALTHER folding systems GmbH as provider of transport containers, pallets and accessories, plastic, now shows how an online store can represent a logical extension of the business model. 90% of all Internet users shop on the Internet, 40% even more than 10 times in a year. This is the result of a recent study of the Association of information management of BITKOM.

The message is clear: the Internet has become a trading platform. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Electrolux. Specifically, the younger target group between 15 and 29 years doing business like in the supermarket on the Internet with same naturalness. Now, many business professionals are shaking their heads and say: everything is very different with us in the B2B area. We include only facts and figures, since you can result from the Do not use consumer sector.’ But that’s only partially true. Marketing researchers have long shown what actually common sense already does: we are not to other people, when we walk through the Office door. Who weekend at amazon & co.

bought has, who has watched videos on youtube, is same media also like, if they offer plastic boxes or explain machines. A study of the RWTH Aachen for the electronic procurement has identified 10 years ago, that 38% of the companies surveyed regularly use online stores to the professional procurement. We have recognized the potential and decided to use it “, Thomas Walther, Managing Director of boxline, says that brings so many advantages for our customers, that we actually past could not on a boxline-shop.” The benefits are in fact numerous: firstly the permanent availability must be named. is open daily 24 hours. The direct connection to the ERP system will also sure that any change in inventory, which has impact on delivery times, can immediately be mirrored in the online catalogue. The customer login establishes an individual relationship with every shop visit. The shopping cart or a memo pad simplify the selection process here. When purchasing the necessary data from the customer profile be, making buying easy and secure. And also as a sales tool, the boxline shop should not be underestimated. The daily practice shows that the shopping search is usually first delegated at lower levels of decision-making in the field of transport logistics. The gathered there results then the buyers. The boxline shop facilitates the access and search information about transport boxes or plastic pallets. The purchase is then decided he can be made easily online on the basis of existing information. That doesn’t work but for all tasks in the transport logistics”, clarifies boxline Chief Thomas Walther. Special customer needs require either detailed professional advice or the complete redesign of a transport container. Thomas Walther: The advice will remain also a core competency of boxline. “Nevertheless we have made a big step into the future with the shop.” Thomas heal

Daimler Trucks

Whether it concerns the future of industrial work, lifelong learning, demographic changes, the secure handling of information in times of the Internet or resource efficiency as ICT-competence centre for the land of Bremen with an excellent international reputation, the University Institute makes an important contribution to the implementation of the high-tech strategy of the Senate, making it usable research results especially in regional innovation systems. The structured improvement Since the founding of the TZI is one of the primary goals of the organization is of the knowledge and technology transfer between the academic and industrial partners. Keith McLoughlin often addresses the matter in his writings. Therefore work at the TZI in addition to the application-oriented ICT research also steadily in projects of timely and practical transfer concepts. Daimler AG Daimler AG is one of the world’s most successful automotive companies. With its divisions Mercedes-Benz cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Daimler buses and Daimler financial services, the vehicle manufacturer is among the largest providers of premium cars and is the largest worldwide-based commercial vehicle manufacturer. Daimler financial services provides financing, leasing, fleet management, insurance and innovative mobility services. The company’s founders, Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz made history with the invention of the automobile in 1886. As a pioneer of automotive engineering, Daimler also now shaping the future of mobility: the company is innovative and green technologies as well as safe and high-quality Vehicles which fascinate and inspire.

Daimler has consistently invested in the development of alternative drives with the aim, in the long term to achieve the emission-free driving for years. In addition to hybrid vehicles, Daimler thus offers the widest range of locally emission-free electric vehicles with battery and fuel cell. Because Daimler considers it as a right and obligation to meet its responsibility for society and environment. Daimler sells its vehicles and services in almost all countries of the world and has production facilities on five continents. The current brand portfolio premium automotive brand in the world, the brands smart, Freightliner, Western star, BharatBenz, Fuso, Setra and Thomas Built Buses include the most valuable in addition to Mercedes-Benz. The company is on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Stuttgart listed (stock exchange abbreviation DAI). In 2012, the Group dropped 2.2 million vehicles with 275,000 employees. The turnover stood at 114.3 billion, EBIT amounted to 8.6 billion… WFB Wirtschaftsforderung Bremen GmbH WFB Economic development of Bremen GmbH is responsible on behalf of the free Hanseatic City of Bremen for the development, strengthening, and marketing of economic, trade fair and event location Bremen. Its primary objective is to contribute to securing and creating jobs in Bremen with their services and offerings, and to offer good conditions of the Bremen’s economy for the business success.

Sophisticated Transport Solution

Air freight – the sophisticated solution of transport air cargo as a transport solution? Who closer deals with this special type of freight forwarding, will very quickly determine that air freight is one of the safest and fastest solutions in the field of logistics. Specialty air cargo air cargo is a specialty of special transport companies. Transport all kinds of goods worldwide and characterized not only by speed, also the reliability should not be forgotten. The growth rates are rising worldwide and the cargo plane is becoming increasingly important in the economic field. Allow special programmes, which are particularly important and no time delay, by an air freight forwarding safely and quickly to the respective target promoted.

The air cargo characterized solely by these possibilities. The cost of air freight is often assumed that air cargo is pretty expensive, but this is a mistake, which is repealed by various aspects. The cost of storage, waiting times are minimized, the capital will be only short bound. For that reason alone large companies take the air cargo forwarding more and more. But even small or medium-sized company can save a lot of money with the services of the air cargo forwarding.

The services of air freight if you are facing the services to the financial outlay, notice very quickly, that the air cargo proves the optimal alternative means of transport. The feature in detail: Quickness? is produced by the aircraft a much shorter journey time security? by the short duration of the transport problems are hardly possible during the delivery time reliability – the broadcast can be timing very carefully planned capital costs – storage costs, as well as the waiting times are minimized, it creates a short capital. Conclusion whether you’re a small business, medium business, or large corporations in the economic market, first of all don’t matter. You should deal strictly with the topic of air cargo. In the course of time, this will Means of transport increasingly prevail and all companies that are more or less internationally, no longer come to this kind of transport solution. The air cargo will play an increasingly important role in the field of logistics in the near future.

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