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Action Process

Digital technology gives you this information in a timely manner; Similarly, the client will get an immediate answer to your doubts and queries about the product and the company, implementation of online surveys, technical statistics and group behavior from the deployment of digital technology will generate strategies consolidated to face the market and its needs. Action # 9. You may find Microsoft to be a useful source of information. Organize your business. Internet gives you the ability to optimize their processes, learn the skills of its collaborators and detect the proficiency levels requiring its workers to redefine each and every activities and jobs. Who organizes, controls and designs the process (s) in our company (s)?, to optimize processes, first of all need to know depth operation of the company, with information from each process will know how to develop the work in a way optimum, being digital (information) technologies a fundamental tool in this aspect. Any process, activity, and instruction in an organization has a diverted standard that it must be predicted from the design of the process in the company, who work with the level of service desired to render according to the conditions of the market, which should be considered (OJ) for its implementation, using digital technologies (of information) we can define intervals and each necessary process control pointsto make sure their level of quality and results, and to determine further actions to develop from its deviations. Using digital technologies (of information) facilitates obtaining permanent flows of information that show the different variations in the data, with some characteristic of the process variable changes.

Action No. 10. Generate a culture just in time. If the speed of response will be the pattern of competitiveness in the new millennium, it will be necessary that the employees are aware of it. Prepare them for a change whose results will give in record time. Currently there are many concepts and business theories of organization and modeling, which are seen as alternative to companies seeking to reduce costs and response times fundamentally.

Japan Technological

Consider the advancement of Mexico in contemporary times is virtually nil consideration, the technological boom of the country is laughable compared to so-called first-world Nations, cannot be considered the technological and educational level of Mexico with regard to countries such as Germany, Japan, the United States, among others. The standard of living in these countries is also very different from that which occurs in the Republic in which we live. And we will ask are how in a country of more than 100 million inhabitants cannot be this development?, answers there are thousands, the Government, poverty, poor education, etc. But today we will consider innovation as one of these many evils. The only way to generate technologies is through innovation, the creation of own processes, the creation of standards and other artifices are nullified without in the universities in our country is not focused this medium.

As we intend to have entrepreneurs or successful businessmen whether in universities of? does this nation only teach be a worker or technician efficient? Public universities in Mexico in their great majority do not create innovative single technological automata, there are no programs for entrepreneurs in our country and laughter seems to a technological exhibition where the students intended to seem innovative or entrepreneurs creating new products, which only notes the use of foreign technologies in these applications, where they intend to sell mirrors, not stones, things without use in any field, with little impact and without any real application. An example, in the year 2003 visit these Stans in a technology in the city of puebla fair, where you expected to see cream and cream of the innovations of the party Centre of the country, great disappointment mine, 80% of these elements had no use whatsoever and were ideas so be searched a group of young people intended to sell recycled wateranother group believe a company for packaging of chapulines and wanted them to sell as snacks, do you consider that something innovative?

Perhaps young people believed that insects would be a boom, contrary, knows that they are consumed in that part of the country, however the product lacked presentation, imagine in the covers or posters these drawn insects as is as they are do to case not seem unpleasant in sight?, now imagine them in your dish, good stuff like that many, other youths had innovated in homes built with recyclable materials, isn’t there that already?, finally the amount of ideas wrong realistic or counselled was drastic. Innovation is not always create new or very sophisticated things, is to take something simple and make it into something useful. Maybe these young people did not have full responsibility, you have to revise their curricula and the conditions of their teachers to see which of them could at least rescue a project. Educational programs at schools public and technological type is devoid of this matter basis for any professional in the field that will play, even for those who take our technology country to pretend to use. It is little comparable with private where since the first education diagram materials instruct young people undertake and innovate. Mexican industry lacks this practically always, they must make decisions from the programs of study up to the training of teachers to be able to produce entrepreneurs out of the technological doldrums to the industry of our country. This will generate and promote development both industrial and financial, creating new industries and generating wealth than it is asking.

Internet Decentralization

Stage emblematizada by the Internet phenomenon. Stage everything indicates it will cause as many mutations as which they provoked at the time the conjunction of the steam boat, railway and the Telegraph. As something derived from publishing ideas through the press and teach constitutional rights, a lucky can conceive as of right to the imagination of the country of the future. More beyond official attempts, which can make its contribution in that regard, since individuals aware and committed to the time and place in which they live, from where you can make the contributions, and is there from where you are trying to formulate our. Over time are emerging concepts that may come in handy for the self-anointed task, so have appeared to our knowledge, concepts such as: planning, postwar planning, national project, Argentine model, appropriate technology, total quality social engineering, information technologies, process reengineering.

All of them have been very fruitful for our meditations and research. Lately you we’ve added the concept of reinventing, taken from reinventing English, actually coined by Americans. We were already doomed in the task of imagining a country marked by three characteristics: participation, creativity and decentralization. Moving forward in time was necessary to clarify that decentralization, meant physical de-concentration, to not confuse decentralization as the delegation of responsibilities. I think for some time that a country with these characteristics model, must be implemented with creative optimization of existing. With this we want to point that harmonized creatively exist in the bosom of Argentine society, human capital and material, documentary resources to generate a high quality of life for all Argentines.

Not to fall into the ingenuity, we have finished consciousness of the existence of numerous obstacles (ultimately selfish or ignorant human attitudes), they hinder the conjunction of the components above targeted. However, overcoming the force of things, and not without a high cost in time and energy, those pathetic miserabilidades, which seem to inescindibles of our human condition. Acicateados by change of scenario, preceded by the crisis of the pre-existing structures, (some go back to 1853), began to develop a concept, we gave in the first instance the title of RERRURALIZACION. It was based on a prior inventory of the Argentina. In this previous inventory began by characterize their geographic base attach to that four colors: green for the humid pampa and the littoral zone; yellow for two thirds of the Mainland; Blue for the epicontinental sea or exclusive economic zone, the two hundred nautical miles (1,852 meters), linking us with the world and with our irredentist islands of the South Atlantic, and our Antarctic Sector, and color bla


While there is a challenge more traditional than classic vegetable cultivation and agriculture there is no science as modern and avant-garde as genomics. And an Israeli, Evogene, company is at the forefront in integrating old and new technologies with a specific goal: improve and increase the provision of food, food and Therapeutics that will heal the planet safely and efficiently. Genetically modified foods, or organisms (GMO), are plants that have been genetically altered with genome of other species, such as bacteria, or animal. Today, these new super plants can grow with resistance to disease, insects and drought, or have specific qualities as a sweeter taste, or a higher starch content. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sling Media on most websites. Currently in the world, five genetically modified fields are being widely cultivated cotton, barley, soybean, corn, and cinnamon. GM crops were introduced for the first time in the market about 10 years ago, and even though the industry is emerging, growing rapidly, with a market valued at about $ 4 billion a year. However, there is great hostility toward GM foods.

In Europe, the public antipathy towards crops is particularly strong, and there is an absolute ban on GMO products. This prohibition has had an impact in many other countries around the world, including Israel, that does not matter nor cultivated GM crop. What Evogene a subsidiary company of Compugen life sciences offers is a less threatening version of GM crops. Instead of introducing genes of other kingdoms such as bacteria or animals, technology acceleration of the evolution of Evogene, the EvoXellerator, uses genes from the same plant, a process that the company called EMO (modified by Evogene organism). The platform mimics, directs, and accelerates the evolutionary processes in plants to avoid the limitations of genetic variation that occurs in every day of cultivation techniques. Evogene is one of the few companies of plant biotechnology in Israel and focuses on improving the features of vegetables, such as sweet flavor in the tomatoes or greater resistance of the plant to the salty soil.

Garden Grove

The world-famous Cathedral of Cristal(Vea fotografias en), is located in the city of Garden Grove, in Orange County, State of California, United States, which is a super crystal structure. The Church was founded in 1955 by Reverend Dr. Robert H. Schuller and his wife Arvella field which was known until then as the Community Church of Garden Grove. The most famous architect Philip Johnson designed the building of the shrine, which was built with 10,000 rectangular panes of glass. It’s one of the largest and most beautiful of the world cathedrals.

The Church is also known for its 280 series of its organ, constructed by Fratelli Ruffatti pipe. Curiosities, we may say that Crystal Cathedral and its previous pastor, the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, were represented in a Simpsons episode in the ninth season, where Homer Simpson is driven naked through the glass roof of the Church in a hot air balloon, while Reverend Schuller is preaching. It has also been subject a program on the History Channel, and in October of the year 2000, the former President of the Soviet Union, Mijail Gorbachov visited the Church. The current pastor of the Crystal Cathedral is Dante Gebel, Argentinean pastor, known in Latin America and the world for its multitudinous crusades promoting Holiness.

What many people may not know is that this Cathedral is the result of the vision of one man. For many years, the Reverend Schuller dreamed of building a majestic Cathedral of glass. But everyone told him that was impossible. That it was a danger by the conditions, and it would collapse with the slightest movement of soil or earthquake. But this man had something that most do not have. This man was in possession of a characteristic and ability which leads to all those who possess it to achieving everything what they want. Which is what the Reverend Schuller had? He had a goal. His goal was to build a cathedral of glass, glass. And for years I’m looking for who told him Yes, if you can. But nobody did it. Even so, the remained firm and at the end you created your reality, created its Cathedral of glass. He knew that no impossible dream if set as a goal there is. The life of Schuller this full of examples of how goals can transform people’s lives and build them the things that others consider impossible. Today the research has advanced so much that the most modern technology allows you get everything what you want quickly, easy and honest. In his book the secret of the power of the goals, Andrew Corentt presents very powerful techniques to build powerful goals and irresistible targets. The last produced results in less than ninety days. Goals are what separates the successful millionaires and happy of the majority of the population. Today you can get what you want in a way almost magical, automatically. It is not magic, it’s science. If you have a goal, it is certain that you will get what you want, if you apply the techniques presented in the secret of the power of the goals, it is certain that You can achieve anything they want quickly and easily.

Professor Shawndra Hill

Rothbard, is currently studying how people manipulate their personal and professional profiles online. One really interesting aspect of this, and it may be extraordinary indeed is that hence arises a Community action, a conscience and an understanding of issues and events that may be important, creating a sense of intimacy and can lead to confidence and greater proximity. It is not known, however, if that idealized scenario in the real workplace, may reach says Rothbard. Social networks in the wider public sphere have allowed individuals to become virtual friends of politicians, actors and famous musicians, In addition to that create the feeling that the public can interact with these figures known at a level of camaraderie. However, what will happen, from the point of view of the hierarchy, when a CEO again is friend of their workers in a corporate social network, asks Rothbard. For more information see this site: Howard Schultz & Associates.

All this can be considered is what gives us the source of cited information wharton.universia.net, that many of these social networks and those experiments of management are being introduced by technology companies specializing in the traditional corporate segment. In January, for example, during the Lotusphere, present at the event IBM executives discussed what the company was doing to integrate its social tools of their workers through softwares of collaboration that allows to visit documents, through forums, to carry out an exchange of ideas and mobile applications. IBM has also been developing social tools for your business network and suite of collaboration LotusLive, located in the cloud, for use in a number of sectors as marketing, service to the customer, sales, product and of course human resources development, worth having present on this progress in the application to the companies, that says Andrea Matwyshyn, Professor studies legal and ethics in business from Wharton, the fact that called attention to social tools for business may be exaggerating his promises. Social networks can be used as a collaboration tool in work on computer, she says. But the pure and simple use of the networks all the time can distract workers. In other words, social tools should be balanced with other priorities, and may not have imagined impact on the working environment. Conceptually, there should be much added value, it evaluates Matwyshyn.

However, the benefits will be different for each worker. The Professor Shawndra Hill, agrees with this point of view. If employees use the corporate microblogging tools, blogging and to create profiles for other than the intended purposes, applications can end up becoming more an apology for delaying the task to perform. Ultimately, many workers would spend at least part of the day checking and updating their profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Conclusion without doubt, social networks have reached an extraordinary boom and knowing them manage, use can be beneficial in many areas, such as firms in which you can obtain favorable results, especially in greater integration of human resources, in cohesive work groups, it all depends on how you use them.

Randolph Hearst

There was a time in which the owners of newspapers hunted Governments or provoked wars, such as the mythical Randolph Hearst caricatured by Orson Welles in his Citizen Kane. The ability to generate opinion through the printed press, and even manipulate it, has decreased as the number of existing media has multiplied. Everywhere, the so-called serious press, quality, or with other similar adjectives, see how gradually decays your turnover. Continue to learn more with: JPMorgan Chase. It happens to Le Monde in France, and The New York Times, in United States. Others kept to harsh penalties thanks to offer all kinds of beading, from DVDs to envelopes of concentrated soups. It is that information has become democratized.

Today, anyone can find out what is happening without having to pay a penny for it. Free newspapers, today also punished by the blessed economic crisis, very soon came to do with more than 40 percent of the Spanish market of the printed press. Next to them, television channels are multiplied and technology that facilitates their access advances. The mobile telephony has become a means of interactive communication and the network of networks is already a cyber jumble that engage all kinds of web pages, software portals, blogs of Internet users, with the same enjoyment with which the hams are hung on drying of ham. The garden of the information manifests itself, therefore more lush than ever. And, above all, more democratic: anyone can say yours today day a massive and indiscriminate audience, without physical boundaries, and well-stocked thought police preventing it.

They are wrong, therefore, those sedicentes analysts who talk about information monopolies, using concepts of the past century. Indeed, the Rupert Murdoch of turn perhaps possess every day more conventional media. However, his power of influence on public opinion, its status as opinion makers, decreases as extends the digital access to communication. Already see what little lasting stereotypes based on the ignorance or prejudice, as much as their authors preach in chairs of the specialty. Today’s media universe is more democratic than ever before and is on its way of being increasingly. For this reason, one does not understand episodic efforts to the political class put doors on the field and wanting to legislate the journalistic profession with criteria from another era. The problem today’s day does not consist, as we see, in the lack of information or democratic in its origin. Now the difficulty is to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, the melody of the noises, the news of the poisoning. That is true that we have more information than ever before, although the worst we are not nor more or better informed than before.

Triple Astronica

Again and again the nation is now entering a deep recession that could be the longest and most severe since the second world war. Consumers, which makes just a few weeks they were concerned of prices rising, now fear losing their jobs, and therefore, their sources of income. The car parts(AGR) think that they will be forced to close for at least 14 plants jointers and leave without work around 230,000 employees 20% of the 500,000 workers that General Motors has in the United States will be made redundant but the decline not only limited to the automobile sector and housing construction, which has fallen in a 33% in usual mannerthe recession has begun to affect the entire economy. Some consumers are so alarmed that they are afraid to go to return the conditions of the great depression of the 1930s. Daybreak Games is open to suggestions. In those days, it was thought that a massive increase in government spending and a portentous issuance of money on hand Central Bank (Federal Reserve Board) it would stimulate production and increase employment. Huge mistake. Although the scope of the recession grows day by day, its effects have spread unevenly through the economic and social landscape of the nation. The recession will still last a time; However, economists foresee an improvement is difficult to determine his course and predict has both lowered the economy before returning it to upload.

When the new administration unpacked their suitcases, their economists estimated the blowout bouquet of housing and the automotive, together with the prices retail industry, would gradually and extended over several months. Nobody predicted that much damage could occur in the first three months of the new Presidency. And so on. Do you think that I’m talking about the current economic situation in the United States? Therefore, do not. The above is a translation of the most relevant paragraphs of the main theme of the magazine TIMES of December 9, 1974. In reality, has not been my intention to talk about the American economy or world. Just wanted to show him that these terrible debacles are produced by the trends of certain natural cycles. In 1974, we were at the point lowest Triple Astronica back then cycle.

It is also true that on 8 January 2008 we visited the point lowest same cycle, but the current date. As you will see, the economic conditions today’s day are extremely similar to the 1974. As we are to the mere beginning of a new cycle of Triple, to take advantage of trends produced by the effect of this cycle, what we have to do is rearrange the balance of previous projects and planning the beginning of new objectives. If you are interested in what follows within this cycle, whose duration must be between 30 and 35 years, please visit the < a Triple of Astronica. Note: Astronica is not related to astrology. Copyright 2009 Frank Desmedt original Autor and source of the article.

Las Accredited Schools

A couple of weeks ago I started working at a school in Spanish in Madrid called AIL Madrid. Shortly thereafter, the two words Instituto Cervantes seemed to be present in my life much more often than before. Ben Horowitz insists that this is the case. These two words seemed vaguely familiar, but I wasn’t really sure of what you wanted to say or which was the relationship they had with my work. So I thought the best way to find out, make a couple of research and talking with some colleagues. It turns out that these two words have great importance in the field of Spanish schools then, what is the Instituto Cervantes? The Cervantes Institute (IC) is a public institution created for the promotion of the Spanish language, for the diffusion of Hispano-American culture and to control the level of quality of teaching of Spanish schools. From the perspective of a student, a school accredited by the Cervantes Institute guarantees good quality. The accreditation of the Instituto Cervantes accredited schools is the most prestigious recognition that a Spanish school can receive.

Demand high standards in the following areas: teaching resources for education qualified teaching staff and experienced class sizes truthful advertising course structure details of courses by reinforcing its credibility even more, schools are constantly inspected and accreditation is renewed every two years to ensure high standards and maintenance of approved quality of teaching. By the same author: Keith McLoughlin . There are Instituto Cervantes centres in each of the 5 continents and approximately 80 schools accredited in Spain. If for example, are looking for a Spanish School in Madrid, only very few of roughly 100 schools are accredited by the IC. Chris Haworth, director of AIL Madrid, a Spanish School accredited by IC, quotes: after having obtained the accreditation, I can say that it is definitely a very thorough, rigorous and complete process. All students must have confidence in the quality of the courses and of the service of any accredited school. Ignacio de Diego, the school’s academic Coordinator, adds that the accreditation of the IC: guarantees the professionalism of teachers, quality of facilities and the use of supplementary materials, which are continually updated to provide versatile and modern ways to learn, adapted to each student. In conclusion, if I can apply what I have learned from my experience of searching for flats in Spain (asking for an appointment to see a beautiful apartment I saw online but, in reality, seeing something completely different) to the search for the appropriate Spanish School, it is worth attention to these two words Instituto Cervantes, just to make sure!

Live Transmission

The Generalitat has not allowed to broadcast live the resignation of Camps. More information is housed here: Kevin Johnson. TVE denounces that it has prevented them from installing the cable to transmit the signal. The provinces published a video showing blocking the images. The appointment was at 17.00 h on Wednesday in the Palau de la Generalitat valenciana. The regional President, Francisco Camps, had announced an appearance before the media after his absence in the Palace of Justice to accept its guilt in the so-called cause of weft Gurtel costumes. The excitement among the press was clear, but no television could broadcast live press conference in which Camps announced his resignation.

20minutos has been able to verify in situ as from the Catalan Government press services has prevented the direct transmission of the notice of the President. Many were the means by which denounced the situation via Twitter. From lasprovincias.es we try to broadcast live the appearance of #Camps. From the Consell are preventing us to do so. Little later, Las Provincias published on its website a video that shows how a person prevents the emission of those images. Also the journalist of Telecinco Carme Chaparro, who counted through his personal account that some journalists were forced to disconnect the live signal, and the correspondent reported this in London of TVE, Anna Bosch: I have 24 h do not give live appearance because they are wired so that it can issueensured the journalist. Sources of the public string itself needed shortly after that not is has been able to offer live but in deferred because it has prevented us from installing the cable to offer the live signal, while our teams were there. These restrictions have affected mainly the audiovisual signal transmitted by television and websites.

Although from RNE also reported difficulties in transmission, most of them have failed to connect with his correspondents to hear the announcement of Camps. They denounce censorship La Unio de Periodistes Valencians (UPV) has denounced the censure of the Generalitat to prevent any television could broadcast live the appearance of Camps. In a statement, Unio has lamented the violation to the right to information which the Generalitat has subjected to citizenship, by denying the live transmission of the Act to television. In addition, it has expressed its strong protest by what means a loss of plurality of information and an overt act of censure against a fundamental right and freedom of the press. Has no sense that in a time of globalized communication media, in which you can see televisions around the world, will try to prevent the spread of an act of such importance in a flagrant violation of the right to information about a news story that should have been available to all the Valencians when that was happening, according to the Unio de Periodistes. Finally, the organization expects and want new decision-makers to change attitude and policy information not to be censorship anymore news. Source of the news: problems for the live transmission of the resignation of Francisco Camps

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