Month: January 2013

Gastric Bypass

The surgeries often are not an option we choose. Dan emergency, in case of any mishap. But many times, we have to undergo surgery in order to improve our quality of life. This is the case of persons suffering from overweight. One of the options to improve your life if you’re an overweight person is the Gastric Bypass operation. Dr. Edward Mason introduced this technique in 1967 and has had different modifications through time, what has led her to be each day more efficient.

Of what trafficking Gastric Bypass technique is an operation that reduces the size of the stomach produce less food and in the same way also the calories that enter the body they are not absorbed in the same manner as before. All this is in order to create a custom for your stomach where he becomes accustomed to receiving less food and can thus consume fat that has within the Agency to go gradually losing weight. If you’ve already thought many times in what is the best way of that you recover the vitality and energy that some day you had. He attends the specialists to see if you’re a candidate for Gastric Bypass operation.

Sherlock Holmes

Whether you're driving, or a large group of workers companies, development of active thinking is necessary. In addition to quick-thinking is another important quality, which are developing our courses. This aktsentualizirovannaya memory, that is skill at the right moment to recall the desired information. If a man remembers the great amount of detail, he will remember everything related to the topic. Now much more important to remember a small amount of information that only the most important thing, but at the right time.

For this need to handle large amounts of data. Do not remember, but it is processed. Remembered only that small portion that may be needed in the future. Sherlock Holmes held the same views. He compared memory of a man with a loft. Many of his litter, collecting things that will never come in handy. And when there comes the need to remove a particular item, find it is not easy. Genius is not stored in the detective's own attic of extra stuff, doing only the necessary.

Holmes ignorance in some areas around puzzled, but in the professional field was not equal to it. Naturally, it is not necessary to understand "the method of Holmes' literally – general erudition is very useful. However, the processing and utilization of certain information (such as articles scandalous direction) while it is better not to spend. Same with large amounts of data: better not to clutter attic all in a row, and put the real problem and you need to remember just to be sure in a timely recollection of this information.

The Dishes

At the same time as a hostess, not soap box itself, and do not wash them …. What about us? Hand on heart, 90% of Russians do wash windows, mow lawns (if you feel an urge), and puts the children grandparents (in the worst case – grandparents). In fact – when we ask a child to wash the dishes – we ask him to share with us a part of our daily duties. Those we ourselves perform every day without hiring dishwashing field dinner, "a specially trained person." Imagine what happens when we pay for the same child washed the dishes. The child has erased the line between responsibilities at home and …

extortion. That is usually clears (erases, strokes) – mom, but if you do it for her – that she will rest, and I get pocket money. Pay your child once and you will hardly live to see the child voluntarily helping around the house – it will require payment regardless of your well-being and the kind of homework. In this outrage, you can send only to myself – this is the fruits of your education. Imagine a situation – my mother paid for his son washing dishes. Son marries, his wife falls ill (or ill feeling during pregnancy) and asked her husband to wash the dishes.

And he asks – how much did you give me for it? Say – nonsense? Not at all! He was always my mother paid for the performance of 'women's duties' – the wife is worse? My husband can not say it to his wife, but in this situation, he will feel free to reward yourself in some other way, because he worked on the house. Invent ways of self-promotion you can do. What should I do? If your family does not hire workers coming (and in most Russian families, the way it is), then the household responsibilities are divided among all members of the family, which is likely to carry them out.

Strange Play

That uncertainty, produces it some discomfort or anxiety by fear of the unknown (drama). But if he’s seen the film several times, as he already knows what will happen (melodrama), anxiety disappears. As we see, the melodrama is always a safe play because we always know what is going to happen, but is very impoverishing, because it never happens nothing new. It is exchanged freedom for security (is better bad known that good to know). The strange thing in psychological terms, is to find a man married a woman; a mother is always with a son, two brothers and a father with a daughter, a sadist with a masochist, etc. That is why when an executioner there a victim, when a parent will have a son are complementary and necessary, couples looking to calm each other, staging the corresponding melodrama.

If I am an expert player of Mus., me go of accomplices to play the game which dominated. If someone proposes me to play poker, I shall refuse because I can not risk me anxiety that gives me the unknown and the fear to lose. We know that the melodramas will outlast thanks to melodramatic accomplices that give the replica allowing play to continue. Any melodramatic conflict resolution passes through changing the melodramatic accomplices by dramatic allies. You need to find healthy people who do not come into the game an accomplice who proposed them. The first dramatic ally should be the therapist.

This should help the patient to realize the consensus accomplice which moves, identifying those constraints, and impoverishing games representing the patient’s unconscious form, a thousand times. Once identified the game or melodrama, must help him, through interpretation, see actors or complicit in this melodrama in question. Subsequently, using the technique of repeated differentiating to stop repeating there to show him the way to get rid of these accomplices and begin to surround himself with allies, who are those who go to help cope with the new and unknown that is called life. On a previous tab I spoke of a man who was accumulating racing University. To its melodrama I baptized with the name of the eternal teenager. To be able to represent you fully, I needed accomplices who permitted it. In your case the melodramatic accomplices were his parents. He was trapped in not grow and remain the eternal teenager. Paper which dominated, reinforced you his accomplices and to which he was addicted. This patient delayed its growth and independence everything it could. In short: refused to live the drama of life. Every melodrama encloses in itself one or more conflicts. In this example, was that the nuclear conflict was fear to grow, but within this core, unless there were other two conflicts, which were separated from parents fear and fear to enter into the competitive adult life. It is therefore quite common therapies, have to work in parallel with parents, children, boyfriends or girlfriends of patients. Because in general these, unconsciously, are complicit in the patient consensus, that must be weakened to achieve his dramatic release.


Truily the word you is faithful and all the prophecies contained in the bible come if fulfilling, see earthquakes, even though in Brazil that we found that he was free of this, but nothing escapes of the word Mr.! We see attritions and wars between the nations, however what more we can perceive in general in our way, they are the presence of the sin and the iniquity if multiplying and consequently the love cooling in the families and churches, the family as all we know is the base of the society, if we have well structuralized families we have an excellent society and the church (which we are we ourselves) possesss the incumbency of the maintenance and to promote the practical one of the Biblical social principles, that are ours rule of practical life and. However we live at a time of comodismo in the churches where evangelho is many times more seen as ' ' the source of the material enrichment and individual' ' of what ' ' spiritual and coletivo' ' , where the love is banalizado through many words and few actions, each one feels ' ' GREAT MERECEDOR' ' of the blessings, of the aidings, the love, all understanding and attention, and mainly of the services gratis of its next ones, and, he was not this that Christ taught in them, Jesus said that if somebody to want to be the greater that is the minor in the direction to serve its next ones in all good workmanship, for the glory of God through the exerted love for whom they hug the cross of Christ to serve of light to the world, the Word in says that if you you says that she loves the God and she does not love its next one, is liar and son of the devil! Now we go to reflect together, let us look at for inside of we ourselves, our consciences and let us see where place we have in the placed one, in the place of servants or ' ' super merecedores' '? The bible says in them on two generations, either sincere and answers pra you yourselves which of these generations of people you are belonging. .


This questioning was displayed so that the level of knowledge regarding the region was verified where the Valley of the interviewed Mamanguape.O is located left to be transparent a reduced knowledge of the coast, a time that having informed already to have carried through innumerable visits the cited region, limited to cite it only the Bar of Camaratuba. In the following question North was asked on the knowledge regarding the Coast. The interviewed one cited only the Bar of Camaratuba and Baia of the Treason. Although Zimmermann (1996) supplies seeming that the agricultural tourism is an activity that grows aceleradamente in the world, and is esteem that its growth will have to be remained in development. It is not possible to perceive an easy transposition of the goddess of that attractive the tourist ones of the region if incase only in the aspects of littoral region. In the referring question to the knowledge regarding the Valley of the Mamanguape on the part of the interviewed one, the same it informed to possess knowledge on characteristic histories of the cities of the Valley, however if it presented reticent to the being questioned on some of these characteristics. It still revealed its contentment on the Project of the Fish Ox, commenting its possible tourist use as attractive. Fact, that made direct connection with the room questioning, that inquired after the opinion of the interviewed one (1) regarding the tourist potentialities of the Valley of the Mamanguape. The interviewed one (1) confirmed the existence of great potentialities, speaking on a development project creating with intention to become the Coast all North, including the Valley of the Mamanguape in an area of tourist exploration, its littoral aspects and of agro tourism. For Graziano Da Silva, Vilarinho and Dale (1998) the use of agro tourist tourism as attractive requires the accomplishment of a process of aggregation of services to the agricultural products, as well as the valuation of the existing not material goods in the country properties.