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Multi Dimensional World

Telme offers instruments that you build your network, so that you connect to the Internet, so you can share and communicate from your phone, your computer or your cell phone freely the world of tomorrow, today the technology is transforming our way of living the dreams of yesterday are our realities of today and the future belongs to those who have the courage to catch the opportunitythe wisdom of taking the correct decisions and the freedom to choose how they want to live their lives. Telme offers you the opportunity to share his vision of a world in which people, thanks to a competitive and accessible technology, have the same rights and perspectives, are an integral part of the world’s fastest growing wifi network, and can connect you to you and your community with masses ever-increasing of people across the world as the only company of Multi Dimensional marketing in the worldTelme rapidly expanding its network of fixed and mobile telephony became the first wifi system in the world made of people to people: bringing technology to the most remote communities, creating clients where there are few and simplified the lives of millions of people. Telme offers you a business opportunity low risk of which occur only once in the life. Register at time don’t waste one minute. It is simple and easy. Original author and source of the article..

Financial Mistakes

In the current times of crisis many people are looking for other options to earn more money. However, many times they forget the importance of wisely managing the money they already have. Click Electrolux to learn more. Why the response to a deteriorating economic situation is not more money, but more education. Once a person has acquired basic money management skills, their situation will improve even though it does not necessarily make more money. Ideally you should learn how to generate more revenue with money that already has in his hands. Unfortunately traditional education does not include the area of financial education. This fact, coupled with the current trend to consumerism and the ease of acquiring credit cards that lead to spending more of what one has, is the main reason because many people are currently in economic problems.

The ignorance on the subject of personal finance leads people to make many financial mistakes that can even be fatal. Below you will find the 12 errors most common financial which are named in the book of proverbs in the Bible, written by King Solomon, the richest and wisest of the world man: 1. be endorsement of another: the man devoid of understanding commits and exits guarantor in favour of the neighbor. (Proverbs 17: 19). 2 Greed: there are those who spread and it is added more; and there are those who retain more of what is fair, but come to poverty (Proverbs 11: 24,25) 3.

The lack of honesty: the weight and fair balances are of the Lord; All the weights of the bag are his work. (Proverbs 16: 11). 4 Be very naive when someone tries to sell you something: the simple believes everything it, but the prudent look closely his steps. (Proverbs 14: 15). 5. Pride: the reward of humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, the honor and life. (Proverbs 22: 4). 6. The debt: dominates the rich to the poor, and the debtor is slave to the lender. (Proverbs 22: 7). 7. The lack of planning: with wisdom a House is built, and wisely takes hold; All precious good cameras are filled with knowledge and desirable. (Proverbs 24: 3 and 4) 8 Chase quick riches: the greedy man runs after wealth and knows not that poverty shall come upon him. (Proverbs 28: 22) 9 Ignore the poor: that gives to the poor will not be need, but he who closes his eyes shall have many curses. (Proverbs 28: 27) 10. Betting: fortune obtained with fraud decreases, but which is covered with job increases. (Proverbs 13: 11) 11. Negligence: which is also negligent in his work is brother which destroys. (Proverbs 18: 9) 12. Buy a good before you can pay it: sorts your work outside and have them ready for you in the field, and then builds up your House. (Proverbs 24: 27). If you need help to change their financial situation, they will love our 10 facts about how to have a business that a mother taught her son and as a result of which he became a millionaire at age 21! You can download them for free on of Bettina Langerfeldt, whose passion is to teach people of all the ages as acquire a vision for your life, set goals and then pursue the specific education so that they can achieve them.

Office Partitions

Office partitions will solve the problem of personal space. Agree that most of the modern office can boast of a large area. But sometimes there are situations where the organization of personal space for each employee – just a necessary event. Of course, that distinguish a separate room for each employee the office, or set any – that the bulk heavy construction, delimiting the office partitions for office, mobile, glass, sliding partitions. Depending on the purpose of the office, its design, you can choose one of these species. Stationary partitions are robust, which is fastened to the floor and the ceiling.

The advantages enjoyed by fixed partitions, can be regarded as high strength, opportunities for decoration. Mobile screens are easier option. Mobile screens are not permanent fixtures, thus achieving easy assembly and disassembly of the structure. Glass walls provide good insulation against ambient noise. At however, such barriers do not conceal the space, make the office more bright and modern. If the office premises has several functions, for example, serves as a negotiating room, designed for a large number of people, and is also a workplace for our employees, the best option – is the installation of sliding partitions. Sliding partitions allow you to organize the space as you want it to Depending on the situation.

Eurobasket Poles

The feminine selection dominates the equipment host by 63-78. Recently JPMorgan Chase sought to clarify these questions. Sancho Lyttle was the best player of the Spanish combined one. Germany is eliminated with three defeats. The Spanish selection of basketball took advantage of east Monday its resources to dominate itself the one of Poland (63-78), anfitriona of Eurobasket 2011, and it was classified for the following phase like second of Group C, thanks to a great last quarter before the Poles, with a partisan of 28-13. Between the Spaniards, who could not count on Valdemoro, they emphasized Lyttle, with 18 points and one great work in dnsa; Torrens, with 17, and Palau, author of 12 points with two triples from the center of the field on the horn at the end of the first one fourth and of the party. Kobryn was best of the Poles with 20 points and 13 bounces.

In the first quarter, ' roja' it found problems to dnder to Kobryn and got to be six down to the six minutes of the party (16-10). But as soon as the equipment tightened in dnsa and Lyttle, Torrens and Palau, this one with a triple in the last secondly from the center of the field, saw hoop, Spain it began to prevail little by little. A 9-2 partisan, after reaching at the end of first period tied twenty, gave to the players of Jose Ignacio Hernandez his first substantial advantage (22-29) with an extraordinary Lyttle to the front, that was not only the best one in attack, but robbed balls to the Poles causing counterattacks that mined the moral of their rivals. The zone of the premises half-full the second quarter either did not give result to Poland, whose dnsa could not with pivots Spanish. One of two more additional shot of Lyttle left a 31-37 in the marker to the rest. The aim of Poland beyond the line of triples offered a partisan of 13-4 in the renewal, to which it contributed the Hispanic error from the free ones.

13 National Liturgy Week

And thus begins the Assembly gathered in his name, the starting point of the celebration in the person of the Minister, because the Minister is in relation to the sacramental species, from Trento. Instead here now forward, then passes: Assembly, Minister, Word and sacramental species. So it is already underlined the presence of Christ in the Minister, linked to the Assembly, and is Assembly presides over the Minister, icon of Christ’s presence. There has been a change of order, and this change is through’s research. In the year 70 when the Roman Missal was published for the first time, Paul VI, we already find this order, according to the dynamics of the Eucharistic Celebration.

Vicesimun Quintus Annus apostolic letter, 1988, tells us that Christ is present in the prayerful Church, gathered in his name, we already find a specification, prayerful Church, then we are already in the concept that the liturgy is prayer, we should not forget that concept of what it means to pray. Second, does not say that Christ is present and acting in the person of the ordained minister who celebrates. Come out other words, ordained minister. Speaks of the proclamation in the Assembly. Therefore it is not the word read, but proclaimed, and then tells us that the action of the Holy Spirit, is present in the sacraments and in the sacramental species. Catechism of the Catholic Church. 1992 As it is a comprehensive text that looks at all the presence of Christ, not only celebratory, it tells us that Christ is present in his word, the prayer of the Church, the poor, sick, prisoners. It is the first time that referred to such cases.

There is a deepening of that presence. In the sacraments, in the sacrifice of the mass, in the person of the Minister, in the sacramental species. In a broad context is not limited to what is the Eucharistic Celebration, it is also a cast of presences, a little messy.

MLM Entrepreneur Business

Do you have the characteristics that should have a successful MLM entrepreneur or you are destined to life the role of artist? As the owner of the MLM business, you will encounter difficult situations, which will never face simple performer. Do you have everything you need in order to cope with them? But know this, you can answer a number of important issues … you are susceptible? Can you absorb information like a sponge? Do you read the article about successful people and try to discover whether all the careful, you can use in your MLM business? Entrepreneurs have an incentive, the inspiration and knowledge from different sources. Can you motivate yourself? This entrepreneur does not need a boss or someone who would fit for the job. He is an incentive, and can do the job, even when it no one will say what to do.

If you do not have internal motivation, then you are unlikely to become successful in network marketing. Are you podnapryachsya for a while, plugging their will? Have your MLM business on the Internet, it means to sacrifice something, at least in the beginning, started to develop. Do you need the approval of others? The entrepreneur is often a lone wolf. Many people simply do not understand such a life. Therefore, in order to be successful, you should not care what others think of you. You bring to a conclusion that doing? A good businessman always brings the follow through. It's one thing to have an idea about something, and another realization and implementation of their ideas into reality. You risky person? If you are afraid to take risks, so it's not your element.

Entrepreneurs adventurous in spirit. They are not afraid of anything. If you hate risk, it is unlikely to cost you to start your MLM business on the Internet. Do you ever present thirst for more? Entrepreneurs – those who never satisfied with what he has, and always trying to increase it. They have a thirst for something new and fresh, they want more than that can give them a traditional job. If you do not feel this inner thirst, it is unlikely you succeed in online business, because in order to succeed in MLM you should be very strong desire to do it. I wish you great success!

One Place

But to obtain its objective it emphasizes in first place the following values: to integrate all the activities, to act with honesty and justice, to have social responsibility, and to work with joy and pleasure. Beyond these values, the company of its ample employees to be able of decisions, challenges to reach and many chances of learning to all the ones that work in the organization. The continuous training is encouraged, the financial information on the company are opened in meetings with the employees and its philosophy if it bases on the fact of that all the people of the company are creative, pensantes and responsible, that wants to give its contributions and likes challenges. Confidence in its staff is the word key. Learn more about this with Sergey Brin
. From the commentaries on the cited companies, O& rsquo; Reilly and Pfeffer (2001), they demonstrate that the war for the talent is gained motivating itself the people who work in the organizations. According to them, the common formula of the success of these and other companies had adopted who it is the following one: these organizations put the values and the culture in first place, place the values in practical, showing to alignment and coherence and lead instead of managing.

CONCLUSION The authors had been very happy when they had dealt with a preponderant subject nowadays front to the successful administration in the organizations. In accordance with Inmaculada Figols Coast, social assistant, specialist in human resources and organizacional consultant, the modern organizations more try each time to value its human resources in search of bigger competitiveness, being rescued its personal quality, its auto-esteem and motivation, considering its personal values and making possible, thus, autonomy in the decisions to reach a performance that allows excellent results. One concludes then, that beyond the advantage of being able to identify and to give possibilities to the existing talentos in the proper organization, before contracting new, still the benefits exist how much the reduction of costs of new acts of contract, the resignations and the time expense, as well as, of the necessary investment for the training how much to the knowledge and adaptation of all the organizacional culture, of the principles, beliefs and values installed in the companies who follow this model.

Calculate Your Ceiling

Ceilings – simple, convenient and attractive option processing facilities. They have not only a decorative function, but also to successfully hide the communication carried out under the main ceiling and allow you to embed spotlights and does not require alignment slabs. Various constructions of suspended ceilings allow you to implement any ideas of interior designers and meet all the requirements for premises. A variety of materials from finished ceilings, provide a solution to problems of insulation, ventilation and fire safety. No need for additional finishing (painting or pasting) allows for the process of installing a suspended ceiling in the short term. And the price of a standard suspended ceiling systems makes these available to all customers. Ceiling of the most common design with a hidden frame. They consist of: the visible lining elements (plates, panels), guides are needed for the frame (can be visible or hidden), the elements of fixtures (pendants, connectors elements, inserts), supporting elements attached to the main ceiling of the room, and wall decorative details, installed in the ground near the ceiling to the walls.

Calculation of fastening the ceiling conducted on the basis of five times design load, and the allowable deflection is taken not more than 1 / 250 span. Also, be aware that between suspended ceilings and the main should be a space for natural ventilation, as do the design must ensure ease of maintenance for electrical equipment (recessed lighting) and access to hidden communication. One of the most common variants of the ceiling is cassette.


ORGANIZATIONS ADHERE Sergio Diaz, Coordinator of national youth Tehuelches grouping for the demonstration, reported that he is working in different places and will perform various types of actions, such as marches, cultural activities and delivery of information. He explained that in recent days joined Antofagasta, which responds to the concern of the rest of the country with this type of project, as well as also the twin us as Chileans around the conflicts that unite us and the things that are happening in Chile. Julio Meier, fly fisherman, director of the Chamber of tourism of Coyhaique and leader of the Committee of recreational fishing, comprising 95% of the companies in the region, also joined the call. We are inviting to all our partners manifest in this great activity on day 29, because we have always been supporting clusters that are defending the natural resources of Aysen said, adding that it has the time to demonstrate that natural resources are not traded. We are a tourism development of Aysen, and these projects seriously affect our sector, therefore we declare us opponents since we are by another avenue of development for the region. By artisanal fishers of the cooperative Chairman of artisanal fishermen and shipowners of Puerto Aguirre, Honorino Angulo, indicated that we talked much with the Government and has not listened to us. Today to do joint strength with our colleagues who took away the freshwater and sea are taking us, therefore now must show the Government that this is not a region to come to plunder.

Today we must do strength, therefore I invite my colleagues to 29 are all telling him not to HidroAysen and not the acquires who come to pollute our region. On behalf of the organizations of the southern area of Aysen, Victor Formantel, explained that the country with the coastal people are working since long time United, and the idea is to strengthen the bonds of unity that we have developed. In Tortel there will be demonstration, Cochrane a March and a matted, also in Chile Chico, whereas residents of Villa Cerro Castillo and Bahia Murta will come to Coyhaique or moved to Cochrane, while in Villa O’Higgins, are also preparing activities. Francine Herrera, Chile Chico, reported in the Sun City will they join the neighbors Autoconvocados in the former grouping in defense of Buenos Aires Lake (in Chile Lake General Carrera), and the idea will be to make Marquez, where begins the international road, with the idea of walking by all the populations so that people can see that we are showing us a demonstration at 3 in the afternoon on the bridge. Then we will make a mate to invite the community to share, ending with an artistic show that people express that opposes dams. Finally, Alejandro de el Pino pointed out that the motivation of the manifestation is not only this project HidroAysen, there are many who are moving in Puyehue, in San Pedro, in the same Bio Bio, Quinteros with coal, i.e., are a series even at the northern area with the mining companies and the intervention of groundwater. And many others that relate to water and energy, and which are being cause of conflicts in different parts of Chile. FURTHER information journalists Patricio Segura Ortiz9 9699780 / Mitzi Urtubia9 2256238 / Andrea Winkler8 8271644 / original author and source of the article.


Our life is our reflection. At birth all we have equal opportunities to get ahead, however, there are those who decide to act, and others remain anchored in their grudges and regretting her luck. So each who receives what he styled and while the result is not always positive is just our responsibility. Love is the only cure of the soul. We may have an illness, but we are not the disease. We can have unfortunate, but we are not that misfortune. Each one of us we are the love that God has given us, the rest is passed.

It is never late. It is never late to forgive, never too late to talk and never too late to give love. We must take advantage of the time that has been given to us to evolve spiritually. Accept our life. God gives me strength to accept what I can not change, Dame value to change what yes I can, and give me wisdom to recognize the difference. By accepting we can flow and continue our destiny. Things that are never going to be able to change, but we can see it in a different way and stop suffering.

God’s plan is perfect. As much as we see the world and our lives as the opposite of what they wanted, not so. God has put us in the perfect place to allow our evolution, polishing our shortcomings and make shine our virtues. Now that I grew up and already you can understand, this is what I thought and I share it with you. I don’t know that so well or that so much bad you could have fact; but I do know that both evil and so much good you made me; as well as I know that you gave me life and therefore forgive you heart. A daughter. Original author and source of the article.

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