Month: January 2014

International Monetary Fund

In the investigation of a murder, a detective which boasts has to ask: who benefits from this death? And so it reaches the murderer. Mobile is the key piece. Therefore to know what is really behind the media noise which reports on the crisis and the measures taken the great powers or the G-20 and the recommendations of the International Monetary Fund, it is essential to follow the method of the detective. They benefit to whom the measures taken and which will be taken? The crisis is resolved with the intervention of the State against the liberal antistate? As lucidly denounces Professor Vicenc Navarro of the University Pompeu Fabra of Catalonia (Spain), so-called liberalism is interventionism of State, but in favour of the business world and the rich classes. Thus, the liberal fallacy is revealed. Reagan, leader of the alleged liberal revolution, in its Presidency increased public spending enormously, generating a deficit of 6% of GDP. Venerated by all the neo-Liberals, did speak to the State far more than his predecessors. It did so by increasing military spending, whose economic stimulus and job creation was lower than that if the investment had been in public services such as health, social services and infrastructure, it reminds us sensibly Vicenc Navarro.

Therefore, the issue is not only to increase public spending in the State, but it that spending is blatantly in the interests of the citizen most. Up to now, the fabulous bailouts in the United States and the European Union have been in the interests of the small minority of class banking and financial. They will next announced in United States State interventions favour the majority citizen? There will be intervention and public spending, has been always, but not always to the benefit of the vast majority. The great economy, financial economics and the economics of smoke (the speculative and cheat) are controlled by large banking groups, corporations and transnational corporations, whose leaders, those who decide and have power, just come to the five hundred, according to calculations by Ignacio Ramonet.

Yandex Taxi

Perhaps after reading it you'll already know in advance how and what to do in such situation. Sometimes it is the arbitrariness of the driver, iogda and part of the firm – the carrier. By the way in Moscow now more than 400 companies and carriers a large part of the them – it's just that only the dispatch and that can take a taxi and send it to the driver. That in such firms and is the arbitrariness of drivers. But do not be thinking that where their cars – all excellent – not quite – a dachshund Minutes of miles – and is attributed to the driver a couple of minutes or miles – and here it is trash.

Well, where you can control how long is the trip – almost nothing. The driver can also drive up earlier to you and call back later – and you out and will still have to … I hope after reading the article, you will discover all the secrets for themselves and will already know how to act. Here, in this article, there is a need to consider how people cheat. How they are administered in confusing variety of businesses. How exactly you ask? Here I will reveal their secrets. So, let's say that you will need to order a taxi to the Airport.

Although there is, for example, easier take a taxi into the city limits. This is more clearly say so. So, you go to the Internet, say on Yandex, request taxi and there is a lot of web sites.

Traditional Women

They had once made the mistake that led to the parting with a loved one, and now prefer to be reinsured fear to repeat it. One may agree with the widespread view that age men are passive, but should be right to say the presence of a certain percentage of laziness in their behavior. In this and blame the women themselves. In an attempt to achieve a real gender equality, they have voluntarily set up on their fragile shoulders, not just the traditional child care and house, but also leadership positions in business and industry, cars and other men's classes. The initiative is known, is punishable. Many representatives of the strong half of mankind have received her as a natural era of matriarchy and settled comfortably in front of TV with a bottle of cold beer.

Now they have no desire and Time for grooming, gifts, and other attributes mannered in the tradition of a century ago. A women is simply not strong enough to fight for more and the main thing that makes them truly happy and winged. How, over time, suggests they experience, it is not money, and fashionable clothes, do not envy the white friends and colleagues, and even the popularity and admiration of loyal fans, and is available in virtually every sense – love of a man. Let the age it is quiet, discreet, had lost an excessive emotionality, but still an exciting and unique beauty. When men are young they are male hormones, and kind of Homo sapiens are often enviable activity during this period, almost every women are able to find a mate.