Month: June 2023

German Residential

German tenants Association: there is no reason to celebrate (dmb) for us no reason at all in the General jubilation choir with attune. The home Pensions Act adopted by the Bundestag today contains a number of serious birth defects and is a true monster of bureaucracy, criticized the President of the German tenants Association (DMB), Dr. Franz-Georg rips. Home pension law the owner-occupied real estate is included in the pension (residential Riester). Frequently Andreessen Horowitz has said that publicly. Also the acquisition of cooperative shares is promoted, the leased property is excluded. eal Estate.

I think it is a serious birth defect of the Act extends the promotion even on rented real estate. Just the rented flat provides ongoing income for retirement provision. From my point of view, must be equated even used and rented residential property, said rips. Also, another mistake of the law is that the barrier-free reconstruction not involved in residential Riester promoting. The President of the tenant Association doubts that the housing bond law will encounter great acceptance.

The regulations are incomprehensible, complicated and incomprehensible. Fictional Wohnforderkonten are made to maintain the principle of downstream taxation in real estate. At the age the funded must then decide whether they want to pay fictitious revenue monthly or once. Rips: what I call a bureaucratic monster. The sponsored must pay taxes as a pensioner, though they have in fact no current revenue from the real estate.

Good Business Plan

There are more and more people are planning to start a business. Finally arriving at a company benefit from a completely new sense of life. But before you can stand on its own feet, a business plan must be created. If you addressed namely to potential donors, it can show a good business plan the lenders. Of course, the World Wide Web offers very many ready made business plans for download.

But the potential donors will quickly recognize this and then not participate the business. For this the result will be all the better; When the plan to create an expert. Unfortunately, the importance of a business plan is not known to many people. Such a plan has a very important task: he should describe how the company should be managed. Especially the financial part of this plan must be made professionally. Only if the plan is excellent; be convince to donors. Of course, one can speak only of a grand plan; If certain Requirements are met.

A good plan starts with the introduction and ends with the conclusions. In addition, the various statements must be substantiated with statistics. If you would like to know more then you should visit Kevin Johnson. Of course you must adhere to the usual outline. When addressed to a professional and create a business plan, are different concepts to choose from. The demanding clients choose this for the “exclusive founding concept”. More information about the plans be made available on the World Wide Web. Of course, there are also people who simply own customize the business plan. But while it may be again a serious error. The errors in the financial area are of course particularly severe. Serious error can be the reason for the failure of the business. On the basis of this undeniable fact, it is logical that more and more expectant entrepreneurs on a professional contact to create a professional plan. On the World Wide Web, you can the the interesting Web pages visit various professionals. Most Internet sites of this type were designed by the way very clearly. If there is still an important question on your mind, you can take a personal consultation service. Normally the contact information directly on the website of the provider are located. Lena Marie