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19 artists and artisans from Brazil show the diversity of their State of Berlin on the year’s Ambiente in Frankfurt, 19 artists and artisans from Brazil in the spirit of man and matter in accordance with the nature provide from 8 to 12 February 2008 January 2008 on this year’s Ambiente in Frankfurt’ their products out. At the joint stand of the Instituto Centro Cape (Hall 4.2, gang H, 11A) are there including vases from recycled europallets; Lights out of coffee filters, see shells made of plant fibres, bags and trays made of newsprint or dolls from disused spindles. Brazilian creative artists and craftsmen handle everything provides nature and no longer need humans to new utensils and art objects. The non-governmental organization Centro Cape from Brazil supports the artists and craftspeople with advanced training and marketing, and is committed to fair working conditions, as well as environmental and resource-conserving production. Sponsored by APEX Brasil (Agencia de Promocao de Exportacoes Investimentos), the Brazilian Agency for export and investment promotion, gives Centro Cape artists and artisans present their products to an international audience. Others who may share this opinion include fuel tanks. More information about artists, Centro Cape and APEX Brasil, see,. and. Artists and materials: 1 Leonardo Bueno wood 2.

Dionizia Gomes soapy of 3. Feliciano Maciel iron of 4. Marcio Ferreira Eisen of 5 Gente de FIBRA fibres 6 Missao Ramacrisna paper and textiles of 7 Cristina Duarte glass 8 Carmen Silva – fiber 9 Mercia aluminium of 10 Hara Ceramica ceramic of 11 Gleice Lara porcelain of 12 Suzane masks of 13 Elce Bueno accessories of 14 Julianete accessories of 15 Maria Lucia accessories 16 Germana Mendes accessories 17 Simone Oliveira Arte Rustica light 18 LENISE Muniz porcelain 19 Arte Palha -. Brazilian handicrafts on the straw Ambience: Place: Messe Frankfurt Hall 4, level 2, gang H, booth number 11 A Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 60327 Frankfurt a. M. date: 8 until February 12, 2008 from 9:00 to 18:00 Exhibitor contact: Instituto Centro CAPE Belo Horzionte Rua Grao Mogol, 662 Bairro: Sion Belo Horizonte MG CEP: 30310 010 Tel: + 55 313282 8305 email:


The Market

And when the ratio has been over 25, the actions have not raised too much. The EP of the S& P 500 is in 12 we will manage to duplicate our capital today investing in action of the index? The market can continue falling and to arrive at still more low P/E that the present ones. In previous stock-exchange depressions, like in " 30 and " the 80 P/E even arrived at 6. In order to arrive at that level, S& P 500 would have to be in the 400 points and DJIA in 4.000, a 40% below the present values. Alarming, but nonimpossible in the present context. To deepen your understanding Caterpillar is the source. It is then moment for leaving to buy? It does not seem to be it.

The bad news continue arriving, but nevertheless, that one is not the problem by which the market does not manage to take off itself of the minimums and continues looking for them. There is a deep feeling to bear market (bearish), in which the plans of salvataje to the economy do not seem to excite, nor the money seems to reach. In a bearish market like the present one, it does not matter what type of the news announces, as much good as bad they will make colapsar to the stock market. When the market manages to find a floor and begins to form a tendency of raises, the good news will be capitalized making raise the market, and the bad ones will practically happen inadvertent, or will not hit insofar as the investors hope. Learn more at: Andreessen Horowitz. It is that during times of investing panic, the psychological feeling is so strong that manages to demolish any good economic data or of he raises in the gains of the companies, and thus the public comes off assets, underestimating the good potentials the news for the economy.

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When contacting clothes wholesalers you must investigate before making no type of business if of insurance the best selection in clothes of variable styles is offering him. That it is a company that guarantees the authenticity to him of its pieces. Wholesalers of clothes who offer their inventory to him to the best prices. As well as the service of orders and deliveries that are the best one, with alternatives like orders and tracking by telephone route or Internet. We cannot forget that the clothes wholesalers also must offer the comfort him to accept different methods from payment as well as discounts that are increased according to the amount of the order. Through pages in Internet you will be able to find different options that offer different selections to him from clothes for all type of tastes and all type of people.

The clothes wholesalers must replace with merchandise of great variety of styles and sizes to him for different sorts. As well as to stay always to gives with the fashion and the new tendencies. When contacting a clothes wholesaler that works the last designs so that its business is always to vanguard, does not forget to ask if also it counts on classic designs. A good business is that one that has the capacity to offer to its clients varied selection of clothes. Selection that as much counts on merchandise for men and young women as young and; as well as different styles and prices. While greater variety offers in its business, majors will be the sales.

It looks for sections where they offer sales to him in liquidation that allow him to obtain a good margin of benefits for their business. The wholesalers of clothes besides offering good prices and good service to him also must have the availability than we know like season clothes. Clothes that do not buy all the year but indeed are very necessary by the different seasons and climates. In a business always he is recommendable to evaluate all the options before taking a step. However acquiring the inventory for its business by means of clothes wholesalers is not something that to take too much time him to analyze, because the discounts that will receive will be an invitation impossible to reject. Original author and source of the article.

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