Month: November 2014

Workforce Commitent Study

According to Eduardo Lapa, the comprometimento lack has some possible reasons as, for example, the opening and the expansion of new information channels on jobs/companies, previously closed; the net of relationships; the Internet and the act of contract for indication. The professionals of today better are educated of what the previous generations, that is, possess better formations. THE AON Workforce Commitent Study affirms until it can be happening the revenge of that they had passed for one downsizing! The talent is scarce and controls the work market, the technology the low cost among others liberated the professionals for works under demand aspects that can have influenced the question of the stability. Hear from experts in the field like Ben Horowitz for a more varied view. The reduction of the comprometimento in the relation company X employee is something evident, would not need any deeper research to detect this point, but according to McKinsey and Co, in 1971 20% of the people only had resignation before two years of work in the companies, enter the 98 years of 97 and this percentage already was in 48%. Nowadays, we did not see more the concern in the young to enter a company and if to keep in it during much time. The rotation already is a strategy of career of youngest. Read more from Howard Schultz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The people are wanting to grow professionally and to conquer new experiences, new chances and to live the climate of other organizations. She is accurately in these questions that the management of knowledge can help, leaving definite and structuralized the business process I contend stages of processes of management of the knowledge. In the cited example above, it can be inside of the process of development of systems a stage where when developing and delivering a module of an information system, the professional must deliver the documentation of that module of system, she must register who had been the involved people in the definitions, she must register acts of the survey meetings, must register and disponibilizar manual technician and so on.

Stock Articles

Earning them a certain rating, you can get regular customers who will order you a variety of articles. This article may be research, critical essays and others. Some believe that the work should be only through the stock exchange, since it guarantees the payment of labor. But others prefer to work independently, as it allows you to earn much more. Therefore, there is opportunity to earn several times more spending less time at the same time. If you have caught a few regular customers, we can assume that you provided a fairly stable income. But for this to occurred, it would be good to do a portfolio, which will showcase various types of articles. Do not forget about advertising.

Potential customers should be given an opportunity to assess your work style. To do this, submit a sample of your article of manufacture. Most of our customers has its own requirements. Features articles can be very different. Someone wants an article had a density of keywords in 10 percent of those who wants to formal writing style, but for someone important point is the presence of rare, previously unknown information or complete the uniqueness of the article. The best option we believe created his own website at where you can talk about your talents and skills, and demonstrate them.

There will be samples of your work on different topics. The advantage will be published links to your work, who are on other sites. The qualitative sample article can be a great incentive for customers to apply for work for you. If you have not got your own website, it is not a problem. Some exchanges provide copywriter opportunity for a modest fee, to publish an advertisement with their proposals and the terms on my site. Need to 'short' to tell a potential customer, why the work should be referred to for you, since you can only do it at the proper level while maintaining features of their paper, commissioned by the employer. Whatever your article: article research, critique, it should be interesting and easily-readable. Most people already in the first paragraph, lose interest and therefore need to captivate the reader from the very first sentences. If an article is written in simple and easily understood language, the people show interest, and not even noticing it, finish reading it through. If it will find for himself something useful, it will do fine. About respects must say the name of the article. On the one hand, it is necessary that it be unique, but on the other be a simple and very common question, for example: 'How do I turn the laptop? '. Naturally, the article should give him a full answer. Using these simple tips, you can become an author of articles that like readers and are popular with customers. And just to add some money to his basic salary. And this amount completely depends on your diligence and talent.

DISA System

Secretary-General proposes an automatic caller to enter the number for connection with a specific department or employee. Necessary to define and outgoing calls. For optimal load ATS use certain ratio of external and internal lines, it is usually 1:3 or 1:4. To do this you need to determine which of the extensions will be have access to the city network, which outside lines will be used for this, who and how the lines will go on long distance and international network. Many PBXs have additional functions, use which requires additional units and modules feature a direct access to the system, or DISA. In addition to establishing a connection to a specific employee.

It provides an opportunity outside the office to take one of the Trunk a location nearby and always stay in touch, voice mail, which will most effectively handle incoming calls and avoid losses due to absenteeism in the workplace accommodations function. For example, population control and check-out, wake-up calls, information about the status of the rooms, etc. They are widely used in the hospitality industry; CTI – Computer Telephony Integration. Allows you to integrate with the PBX answer what type of PBX Select – analog or digital, for the basic functions for them are the same. Analog Digital PBX cheaper, similar in capacity, but on the other hand, are more modern digital PBXs and have more high quality communication. In addition, digital telephone service offers more features such as DECT or CTI. The choice of handsets to work with the PBX also not without significance.

Most manufacturers offer a PBX system phones that are compatible only with these exchanges, and providing convenient access to all service functions. Most models have a proprietary telephone speakerphone and LCD display, which displays information transferred to the PBX. Conventional analog phones do not provide such opportunities. Manufacturers of ATS, as a rule, rely on the fact that on the table the user has a PBX system should be phone, and analog phones will be used as fax machines, answering machines and modems. The downside is that the system more expensive than conventional phones and cabling may be different from wired analog phone. So in determining the location of jobs needed to foresee the number and location of system telephones. It is important to note that despite the opportunities did not have selected ATS, incorrect configuration and the main thing.


On the other hand you reward, them intrinsic, that they are more intangible by its very nature, or either, they are objective, goals, not material things, as professional accomplishment, auto-esteem and the pleasure for the work. (HAMPTON, 1992) the difference enters rewards extrinsical and intrinsic it can if observed using the theory of the motivation-hygiene of Herzberg. In this theory the motivation factors are intrinsic by its very nature while the hygiene factors are extrinsic. (HAMPTON, 1992) the extrinsical motivation essentially is related with the relation between ways and ends, that is, we make definitive tasks to be rewarded or not punished, to receive benefits external our basic tasks.

The intrinsic motivation is the opposite, since in this type of motivation we work stops carrying through in them as people and as professional, dedicates in them to the maximum to a task for the simple pleasure of being able to carry through it, without this to receive any ‘ ‘ bnus’ ‘. (HAMPTON, 1992) 4 PERFORMANCE 4,1 MOTIVATION PERFORMANCE To understand IT why the people make that they make in the work is not an easy task for the administrator. To foresee the reply of them to the most recent program of productivity of the company is more difficult still. Happily, information exists sufficiently on motivation to supply to the sensible administrator techniques practical and efficient to increase the effort and the performance of its staff. (BATEMAN, 1998) the motivation mentions forces to it that energize, dirigem and support the efforts of a person. All behavior, except involuntary consequences as blinking of eyes (that generally it has little to see with the administration), is motivated.

Google Links and Sites

While some are ashamed if they have to make announcements to get more traffic, in this case is imperative to do so because Adwords and Overture will provide the utmost in order to increase traffic safety. You can check for yourself the success of the ads on those search engines that have reaped good results for many companies. Many have used this system announcements and many reaped the benefits. Do not stay ago. Each coin invested in an ad for Google and Yahoo, it’s worth. 2) Make trade or business links to other sites If you exchange links with other sites, both will benefit from the efforts made to enhance both traffic their sites. When a site offers a link from another site, could be provided including traffic each generates.

The efforts are doubly beneficial because the two are working to generate more traffic. The more links traded with more sites, the greater the traffic that can be expected. 3) Use Viral Marketing Viral marketing allows you to spread the word about your company and its products or services with almost no cost. This is a method of marketing can be very stealthy, you can attach your company name, product or link to a multimedia product such as a funny video, entertaining game, an interesting article, a gossip site, etc. With this method, people are “infected” with creativity and entertainment to the point that what happens to their friends, relatives and acquaintances.

4) Find and use the phrases and keywords for your content Search engines look for certain keywords that they must show in response to inquiries made in its pages. In doing so, if you have the words and the right keywords, that will help you reach the top of the ranking results of search engines. You can write your own content or hire someone to do it for you. 5) Write Articles that can lead people to your site Submit articles to sites containing the same issues with which you deal. If you sell car parts write for sites where the materials are needed. Attach the end of the written description of your site and products or services offered, and a link to your website. 6) Enter in forums and online communities Capture a market and explain your expertise and credibility. When you show it, people will trust you and your site, and also what many people say their trust. The traffic will increase, because they know that you can provide what they need. 7) Finally, offer your newsletter subscription If many people know enough about you and that experience is shared with many others, you will find a loyal traffic that can provide even more traffic by word of mouth recommendation. If you awaken the curiosity of your customers, they will rush to help you with your traffic. Want to Know More about how to generate more traffic to your website? Then Visit.


own affiliate marketing business often attend these, thinking that they will help your business prosper. These courses and seminars very often disappoint them. First, are usually quite expensive, you have to pay the seminar or course over the travel and hotel expenses. Most of these are taught in tourist destinations across the country. Second, the person giving the seminar or course is usually doing a kind of promotional work, while they give to know the information in the course or seminar, its real aim is to sell his latest book or software. The truth is that, all what you learned from that seminar probably was written in his book.

You could have saved thousands of dollars if you would have just bought your book and read it more rather than pay for the course. While it is true that you should educate yourself on the marketing of affiliate, the best resources are not courses. However, the books if they are not, if you simply read about affiliate marketing, you can learn everything and save much money. Only considering sites for sale to the public such as Amazon or EBAY, you can get hundreds of titles on the subject, there are many guides that show you step by step how to get your business’s marketing of affiliate is going well. Another great resource for marketing of affiliate is Internet, simply writing marketing of affiliate in any major search engine and we received many results of information. There are many free online courses that you can take on the topic if you wish, read the information available to you for nothing.

In a course or a seminar will not teach you more than you can learn online for free. Magazines and newsletters are fantastic resources for marketing of affiliate newsletters are generally free and contain good and valuable information about particular programs. You will hear people who works in the marketing of affiliate, your Council worth about what they are doing now to consider it in what you want to do in the future. Finally, one of the advantages of joining a marketing program of affiliate is the support you receive, any good company should want that you to succeed; To most benefit you get better for them. They should give your own advice and provide a network of support that is available to you, this could be an agent with whom you can get in contact or advertising materials, also can offer a wide variety of things to help you build your business and constitute one of the most important and reliable for you. If you are considering joining affiliate marketing, then you should ascertain what it is, don’t spend money on seminars and expensive courses, better look for books, newsletters, online information and companies themselves. Much of the best information is available free.