Month: October 2018


Each of the models is as undeniable advantages and disadvantages unique to her. As for the competition circuit Media with each other, print and Internet, the situation is far from unambiguous and quite controversial. When people start foaming at the mouth to prove the benefits of competition and the "invisible hand" to talk about the situation and preferences of readers to compare the benefits of electronic and print media, inevitably, by virtue of belonging to a particular segment of the journalistic community, begin to "go too far." Competition in Russia – is still the thing! Talking about free from the effects of "pressure groups" do not have the Russian press, and because of this and fair competition is a rather nonsensical in terms of "sovereign democracy" in Russia. Not to be unfounded cite a specific example. About a month ago, we were in Adygea, a new independent newspaper "Vector", which immediately became famous for its sharp enough publications critical of official policies haves.

And what happened? No sooner had it become, as they say, on foot, followed by a very specific action prohibitive from government officials to stop it. The newspaper has been concluded contract with the printing plant for replication publication to the amount of 4000 rubles. And so, when was born the third number, its founders have been disconcerted by the news that from now on will be printing services for them to do 32 000 rubles, is 8 times more expensive! So much for fair competition, here's the administrative arm in action, here and "interaction in the common interest"! It seems that the problem of competition and the Internet, print media in Russia has not yet acquired particularly acute and in the near future they will co-exist peacefully. Do in the near future of the 100 residents of Russia 90 users "worldwide web" is unlikely. Not too many people in Russia regularly use the services Network, and if we take into account the nature of this use, it must be admitted that it is not in quantity but in quality. Internet must also be able to use as a tool to explore the world and self, rather than turning it into clean water razvlekalovki and senseless "chatnik." The idea of creating a site based on the regional media as an information center for the Internet community, the Republican at the first glance it seems very attractive. But as soon as there is A number of questions about who will build this site, who will finance it and who will act as administrator and moderator. After moderator – this is the same censor, sometimes even worse, because here mingled not only ideology, but also private-interest groups, and vkusovschina clean water.

And finally, on counter-terrorism and corruption. I think that this case competent authorities and the media challenge – performing in the role of switch between power as such and the public. This will be the most honest position, and while the national media with the task to cope quite well. As far as tolerance and xenophobia, the majority of journalists Adygeya, especially the Soviet school, hold internationalist views, and xenophobia in our multicultural country to be just as something indecent.

Mass Media

The farther away the more. Former entertainment is no longer generate buzz, have to look for something more sophisticated, exclusive and expensive …. After the yard swing, American roller coaster – it’s just the bomb! But after a parachute jump in freefall from a height of 4000 meters, funny roller coaster seem kindergarten … and all of life becomes a race for something new. Dreaming about the next “new product” or a flight to catapult many of us forget that the happy hormones – endorphins – you can get not only in the pursuit of extreme experiences, but also with ordinary human pleasures. A leading source for info: Kevin Johnson. As you can see, almost all the ways to influence directed at to reduce to the minimum of what is human, that we have: our soul, our morality, our conscience.

What is man without a soul? The robot, a zombie, a puppet … And what are the – you know, and myself. Second question: who and why is all this necessary? Logic follow simple: feeding the average layman sensations, new and compelling images, drawing them into the adventure, investigation, promising new kryshesryvayuschie feelings, and various print online newspaper, TV shows and Web sites have thus to his readers and viewers. The main point is that all this is addictive. And the wider audience can be zombie – the higher the rating. The higher the rating – the more attractive to advertisers. The more advertisers claim to be essential – so it is more expensive. The more expensive the ad space – the higher the profits channel (newspaper, website), which will inevitably face higher wages employees, and in particular the administration.

And one more thing about which we should not forget – it’s sponsors and the ideas that they dictate. Visit Reade Griffith for more clarity on the issue. It is these invisible gray cardinals try using the media to turn people into puppets then to control them, using as leverage television, newspapers and internet.Kak not be tempted? Our childhood is far behind. But this does not guarantee that we are not affected, marching with monitors and screens TV. We – adults and we also have interests. Mass Media welcomes them at the same time dictating the rules. How can resist information that affects our minds? Analyze. When you see on the screen of the new character, who like almost everyone thought – due to what he attributes to attract people? What is its efficiency? If you really want to succeed Dr. Hausa, consider: what do you like (or what not enough): attachment to drugs or misanthropy still high intelligence and skill to use it? Feel it. If the monitor with a small black man such as Mr. Freeman’s sarcastic voice leads you to believe that you do not live so – feel yourself. What exactly do you want? Really throw your hard drive t give a mobile phone? Or are you just afraid to lose face, without answering the call, “And you little …?”. It’s a banal odds manipulation. With psevdologicheskih structures can drive in your head that you want. Do not forget it. A phone and leave the hard drive itself – and they will serve more than proving the unknown, that you do not tryapka.Ostavaysya a man who chooses his wishes and makes his plans for the future. Be confident in their actions and decisions. And then the manipulator will be less chance you upravlyat.Chitay IT’shnye blogs and journals.

David Rockefeller

The trap was borrowed in large banks in New York and London petrodollars ‘recycling’. These ‘eurodollar’ banks provide dollar loans to desperate Third World countries initially on a “floating rates” tied to the London rate of LIBOR. When the LIBOR rate rose during the month by about 300% as a result of the Volcker shock therapy, these debtor countries were unable to continue to pay interest. Urged the IMF and began the greatest Rogue Sabbath in world history, mistakenly called ‘The debt crisis of Third World countries’. This crisis is quite predictably provoked a shock policy Volcker. For even more details, read what Ben Horowitz says on the issue.

In 1986, after seven years of relentlessly high interest rates by the Fed under Volcker, filed credulous public as “squeezing inflation out of the economy U.S. ‘, the internal state of the U.S. economy was terrible. Much of America began to resemble the Third World: the growing slums and double-digit unemployment, rising crime and drug addiction. The Fed report showed that 55% of all American families were net debtors. The annual federal deficit has reached unprecedented up to this level of over $ 250 billion In reality, Volcker, a personal protege of David Rockefeller of the , was sent to Washington for one purpose – to save the dollar from free-fall and collapse that threatened the role of the U.S. dollar as global reserve currency. This role of the dollar as a reserve currency was hidden the key to American financial domination. Once U.S. interest rates skyrocketed, foreign investors have rushed for profit by buying U.