Month: July 2012


B of marketing no longer (if, of course, when most of the world begins to use the latest software versions) need to explain how to get an RSS reader, but will be able to concentrate solely on presentation of their business and benefits to end-user. C better integration of RSS in Microsoft tools will allow other uses of RSS, far beyond basic content delivery in the form of stories, podcasts and products. Marketers and developers can deploy rich interaction applications to facilitate communication and business / personal interaction more fluent, easier and more effective. In essence, for many experts in marketing advanced marketing capabilities with RSS will mean their either “in” or “outside” the game. D This is now official. Marketers have to start taking the initiative and implementing RSS feeds across all innitiatives communication, public relations and direct marketing sales.

And above all this, Google recently began publishing Google AdSense ads in RSS feeds too. The deeper meaning behind this is four times: A The new “program” is the opportunity perfect for RSS publishers to monetize their RSS feeds. With Inclusion in Google’s standard “runnings” of AdSense ads, publishers can expect to monetize on RSS immediately. B This is another reason for publishers to start publishing their content via RSS, especially since it costs them nothing or very little, but will provide an additional source of income. With the low cost aspect of RSS, we can expect a flood of new publishers to set up RSS feeds of their content to generate additional AdSense clicks. C With the announcements in RSS feeds, more advertisers will notice RSS and its marketing potential. D Using RSS advertising publishers not only create an additional source of income, but in reality they are sure not to miss opportunities for ad revenue. We used to refer to RSS as the future.

Success In Business – What Really Counts

They know each other better than their colleagues in their field and will be rebuilt in spite of them on the career ladder You wonder how your boss is again and again, get credit for the success of its employees, although he himself has little idea of the matter The secret is in the right mix of success factors. This article says what is important. Intelligence One of the prerequisites is intelligence. The more complex and difficult the job is, the higher must be the person’s intelligence, which it carries. You must fit to work, because an egghead comes in a profession that little mental demands not only not very happy, but few succeed. Without solid knowledge expertise runs nothing. You have mastered his craft, to come forward. And we must be willing to keep his skills up-to-date. “Learning is like rowing against the tide, they say. “Anyone who stops driving back.” Lust for power who wants to progress up the career ladder, this must really want to. Nobody willwashed up, you have to fight his way. Which means, everyone must decide for themselves. In any case, there are enough alpha creatures that fight for the leadership position in the pack, and in the end most of those who fights on the dogged, who gave up the last to win. The use of performance will not be confined to their own position. The performance must be a value in itself, the result should come first and not only achieved because of the career. Excellent performances speak for themselves and are always top-arguments when it comes to the next career move. And only with excellent performance over a longer period to reach outstanding positions. The ability to communicate during the individual champion is over. No one comes as a lone top. You have to create networks to build links. This requires social skills and empathy. Anyone who wants to lead must be able to convey his ideas and his staff for peak performance. motivate Self-Sad but true: one of the most important skills, so to speak, the turbo on the career ladder is the ability to push themselves in a favorable light. Investigations of recent times show that there is a correlation between salary and number of subordinates one hand and deft strategic self-presentation to flattery and sycophancy on the other. That means: on a slime trail you are likely to come a little faster to the top. Stress resistance careers not always been straightforward. One must also be able to overcome dry spells in which it runs not so good, you have to work against time and can withstand pressure, should not be discouraged from opposing opinions and failures. The conclusion of expertise can be extended, but some other important skills are more persnlichkeitsabhngig and change in adulthood is no longer strong. From harmoniebedrftigen sensitive creatives will most likely not assertive and ellbogenstarkerOffice are politicians. But that’s what it ultimately not matter. Studies have shown that the subjective satisfaction is not necessarily with the objective success, the level of salary and therefore the number of subordinates is related. Often, even those who are satisfied that you have not quite made it to the top.

Before hundreds of

Before hundreds of militants and villagers who, in most cases, were below 30 years of age, the leader of the CTA said that “we must generate class consciousness in popular sectors,” and paraphrased the intellectual Norberto Galasso, who assured recently that “currently the only class is right”. read more …


Digital Contents

Tomorrow Tuesday will begin FICOD 2010, the Forum the International of Digital Contents, organized by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, point of contact of more than 15,000 professionals, 120 collaborating companies and 200 rapporteurs of the digital market. During 3 days the professionals related to the world online will analyze and debate on the electronic commerce, the possibilities of Web 2,0 to generate business and its advantage on the part of specialized entrepreneurs and investors in this sector. Round tables, factories and communications will help to understand the present state of the digital industry and the sector us of Internet, as well as to venture us in the immediate prediction of, and the future not so immediate, of a world that has not stopped to grow in the last decades, and that will continue it doing it one more a speed than vertiginous in the next years. The light in an abundance of communications. The professionals of the digital industry will be able to find many keys and conclusions about the present state of the sector.

Perhaps the worse thing of FICOD 2010 is the great existing difficulty in deciding between the immense existing supply of activities to choose, that will allow us to approach us a little more the new technological and enterprise tendencies that we will know in the next years. Luis Sancho, entrepreneur and expert in the sector e-business with companies like (at the moment acquired by,, or its present project shells and recommends the main communications and fundamental round tables for the sector of the electronic commerce and its immediate future. The inauguration will be fundamental to enter matter, carried out by one of the majors gurs of marketing online and the new technologies, Guy Kawasaki, that will try to explain the transformation to us of the relations between marks and consumers through the social networks and Web 2.0.