Month: January 2016

Stanley Donen

Movie, movie are actually two films of very different themes. If the first one is good, the second is very good. Stanley Donen is a consummate specialist of the music remains patent with the second story the beauties of Baxter, which makes an exercise in vibrant rhythm that I, at least, has left me excited, I have moved the feet in the armchair and I am excited when dies Baxter of the rare disease that has called Spencer and that affects only people from the show. The first part or movie is hands of dynamite and is a homage to the classic boxing tapes. Harry Hamlin is Joe Popchick, a young man who goes for lawyer but before an illness of his sister in the eyes, decided to get into boxing to afford an operation that can cure it. Blinded with a cabaret dancer bundled with a kind of gangster who becomes his concerned manager, you will make mistakes that justified after returning with his girlfriend always. The nexus of both films is George C. Scott who is out in his interpretation, first of Popchick legal boxing trainer and then by Baxter on a paper, say that unforgettable.

If gloves in the first movie, the second is booties Baxter. And on both ends up dying surrounded by people who want him, as a beloved father. In fact, thats the image that transmits throughout the film, the good father. Coach of Baxter and boxing gloves businessman of musicals have many things in common but which predominates is the kindness and intelligence. Women are great: the main star of the show of the beauties of Baxter, the young girl that you will end up replacing, the girlfriend of Boxer, in the end, all. And musical numbers what to say!, dazzling, not forgetting the accounting officer on the piano or the closing of the show successful at the end of the second Movie. In short: magnificent Stanley Donen film in 1978, this fan of Fred Astaire with dynamite in the body and legs, as demonstrated when handed you the honorary Oscar to his career in 1998 and began singing Cheek to Cheek and dancing tap dance. Formidable.

Meditates Reactive

Change your life completely, begins to be you who decides to do, when to do so and how to do it, the days when others you controlled the day has to be just a memory, just a bad experience. At the moment in which you take control of your life you will be a man happy, happy, satisfied, complete, perfect and with a long smile painted on your face. That means you’re reactive, because you react to external stimuli, but you’re not in control, stimuli have control, the initiative, which is opposite to be pro-active, when you’re in control, when you decide that it is what you have to do. Now you can ask me I have to always be proactive, always have control of my life, of my actions, that does not tire, and will never be more reactive? Clear that Yes, sometimes, you have to be reactive, for example, if a collaborator of yours asks you for help, a distributor of yours don’t understand something and wants to you explain this matter, of course, in that situation you’re reactive, you take that action to explain, clarify the situation or some doubts, because someone has asked you, but most of the time you have to be the owner of your life and only a small proportion have to be reactive. Here I must clarify something very important: I said to control your life, not the lives of others. I am not saying that you have to transform into a classic head, impose your point of view by force and anyone who wants to have a personal opinion will be expelled, excluded and punished. Please do not malinterpretas me, I said that you take control of your life. Because it is a really great as a home, nobody can control others, but that, all you can control is your behaviour, your thoughts, your attitude and your person.

Practical exercise: 1. the decision to be pro-active, to take the reins of your life or your business. You have to feel that you are the owner, you are the master of your life and your business. It is a decision that will change your life forever. Click Howard Schultz to learn more. 2 Steers, understands and accepts that you control only your life and actually do it, but not to commit the terrible mistake of trying to control the lives of others, do not do, you can and should control your life and not the lives of others.

If you don’t understand that thing and trying to control people in your environment, you will have only problems and headaches and you were to ask because your life or your business are a disaster. 3 Meditates 10 minutes or more, every day on this issue, imagine yourself as the owner of your life or your business. 4 Be reactive when it is the case, when the situation requires it. Video GRATUIT * or: how to reprogram your mind to be the leader of your MLM business. Click here and download it now. In the end, leave me a comment on this article, your opinion matters me much. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei the corner of the wise: the root of all political control is in fear of the living, and that of all control religious in the fear of the dead.

European Commission

More than six years have already passed since it came to light the Community Directive 2004/18/EC, which obliged European public administrations, among other issues, to incorporate new digital character in procurement procedures. For assistance, try visiting Douglas R. Oberhelman. With the entry of these electronic procedures, companies benefiting would be with regard to business opportunities and it would contribute to competition between suppliers, triggering a greater European economic growth. However, the implementation of an electronic contracting with European scope implies a great effort that requires the standardization of processes between the different Nations and complete interoperability between platforms, leaving behind the borders in the processing and allowing that each company can be competitive in any of the international scopes of contracting. The European Commission, which has developed a number of programmes of work in this regard, during the aforementioned period marked the year 2010 as a reference in the calendar so that all administrations definitely adopt those mechanisms that would make procurement a fully electronic procedure, term that has been extended until 2015 on the basis of the situation in which we find ourselves in this regard. Different administrations, over these six years, have evolved towards modernization and the implementation of European regulations, gradually entering the online world and engaging in the same measure, to supplier companies. There are currently, in the Spanish State, very advanced administrations with regard to electronic public procurement, such as the Basque Government, which is very actively involved in the developments at European level; However, most of the administrations are progressing at a slower pace. All the efforts so far have been directed towards the automation of internal records management processes and the creation of a profile of the Contracting (required by the law of Public Sector contracts), being very few administrations that are betting for some time by a fully electronic public procurement. There are Software vendors that offer solutions for the management of records of hiring. .

Critical Path Method

To establish the basic concepts of the subject, and to attempt against for the main challenges of the management of people, previously to the establishment of quarrel of its importance for the Management of Projects it is, therefore, a useful task to be fulfilled. The importance that the human behavior comes assuming in the scope of the businesses made with that the concern with its management gained space each bigger time in the organizacional theory. It is in this context that appears the concept of model of management of people. When this concept strategically is guided, its with priority mission consists of identifying coherent standards of behavior with the business of the organization. From now on, to get them, to keep them, to modify them and to associate them it the too much organizacionais factors will be the main objective to have excellent results in what the company is longed for. 2. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION 2,1 History of the Management of Projects first ' ' projeto' ' recognized of century 20 it was the Manhattan Project (creation of the atomic bomb).

The Management of Projects was used as an isolated concept before the Crisis of the Sputnik in the Cold War. After the crisis, the American Department of Defense had the necessity of to speed up the military process of projects. New tools (models) to reach this objective had been invented. In 1958 it was invented the Technique of Revision and Evaluation of Program (PERT – Program Evaluation and Review Technique), as part of the program of the submarine missile Polaris. At the same time, the DuPont corporation invented a similar model called CPM (Critical Path Method – Method of the Critical Way). Later, the PERT was extended with the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure – Structure of Subdivision of the Work). The flow of process and the structure of the military activities if had spread quickly in many private companies.

Micro Niches

The probability of success for who wish to start a business on the internet, is not defined by the bell curve. Success in the market is not governed by the normal distribution. This mathematical model explains, for example, that we can choose an individual from a population and know what probability there is that is higher to 1.8 m taking a sample of the population. The importance of the bell curve, is because there are many variables associated with natural phenomena that follow the model of Gauss. They are continuous random variables that follow this model.

For example. Psychological characters such as IQ mistakes made when measuring certain magnitudes sample statistical values as the average morphological characters of individuals then the probability of accessing a business successfully in a market where competition and economic factors are that make the chances of success, we could think that our probability of success is in the tail of the left of the campaign, with one probability of less than 5%. But by good luck Chris Anderson described in his famous article in the magazine Wired October 2004, with the title The long tail (the long tail), the distribution of the internet business are understood within a very long tail. Such a queue would be formed by the relatively low population, interested in many and varied topics. He described certain types of businesses and on the internet and in the digital environment, economic models that have changed the laws of distribution and the rules of the market. The cost of storage and distribution that allows digital technology has been reduced, thus. The critical mass of population needed so that a product is profitable already not necessary to be so high. That makes it now necessary to focus the business on a few products of success, in the best sellers.

There are two markets: one focused on high performance of a few products and other, new and not yet familiar, based on the sum or accumulation of small sales of many products, which can equal or surpass the first. Thus, small market niches can bring added benefits that only a few large niche market products. That means that anything you can do, which is regarded by the people around you how rare, may interest more people outside your immediate environment. You can make others know what you know and that you seem so valuable. Because surely that also it is for many others as you will discover in business ideas. Using these market like and using information you will find in embarks on the internet can create a product such as software, ebook, a book by printing on demand, an audio file, a video that explains things. If you are interested to someone buying it because it is difficult to find information and coveted by those interested in the subject.

Francisco Javier Madrid

He has won a contest for a phone company. The sticker with your workshop will be placed behind the driver’s seat. McLaren-Mercedes cars publicitaran during the Formula one European Grand Prix in Valencia to a modest Extremadura mechanical workshop, thanks to a contest of the company Vodafone, one of the sponsors of the British team. Under most conditions Ben Horowitz would agree. Thus, workshops Javi Car will look in the cars of the champions of the world Louis Hamilton and Jenson Button alongside large firms such as Hugo Boss or Mobil 1, as explained by the owner of the business, Francisco Javier Madrid. Madrid hails from San Sebastian (Guipuzcoa), but is settled in head del Buey (Badajoz), where his parents are from more than one decade ago, when he opened this small business as a freelancer. The owner of the workshop and his wife will be able to enjoy completely free training sessions and the race from the same boxes of McLaren, in addition to greet the two pilots; his wife enrolled you in the contest without He knowing it. You may find Howard Schultz to be a useful source of information. Lucky made after they were chosen from among more than 4,000 persons to live a unique experience, to remember all his life, according to mechanic. Sticker with his workshop, about 30 centimetres, shall be placed behind the driver’s seat and above the air intakes, so it believed that when it will be good it will be when pilots are in the starting grid.. .

Managing Director

The Tyrolean metal packaging specialist PIRLO offers also customers of doses in small quantities a top service you incorrectly assumes that pays off a cans packaging only in large quantities in mass production. But the Tin or metal box is the perfect packaging container by PIRLO also for the producers of small and very small amounts. And precisely to these needs has devoted themselves to the Kufstein entrepreneur PIRLO in recent years and found a perfect solution. The Tyrolean metal packaging specialist has achieved through the implementation of a successful concept that the Tin as economically non-billable and reasonable package for small consumers is the ideal solution. By the beekeeper to the cocktail bar of the beekeeper and his honey bucket is also addressed, such as the painter with his required buckets of paint or better said everyone who is looking for a packaging solution that is safe, clean, well printable or measure with advertising for its product packaging. And the presentation often plays a significant role in a packaging.

Whether as a back sealable packaging unit or as disposable, the Tin or metal tin can in different size and form are used as versatile, that are hardly any limits the use. And with PIRLO also for small consumers, who increasingly discover this product with enthusiasm. Even if the range of the online platform includes to exclusively stock and not in the shop are available custom-made, is always something. It is worth noting, where metal packaging can be used anywhere, because in addition to the traditional audience for the online platform, the SME’s, there are also requests from customers who have nothing to do with packaging itself. So, a Vienna cocktail bar that has decided to serve up a her drinks in honey buckets. That pleased those responsible for PIRLO, because it shows the potential and the quality of the packaging material not least metal.

The deviating slightly from the standard”usage was booked via the online platform, because there can cans in adequate Quantities are ordered. “Offer under, we all, for the is a metal box as the ideal packaging solution set out the possibility of cheap and in reasonable quantities to buy directly and without large expenditure directly from the manufacturer”, explained Dipl.-ing. Rainer Carqueville, Managing Director of PIRLO GmbH & co. PIRLO of cans packaging professional from at the Kufstein/Tyrol location are annually with 200 employees about 6,000 tonnes of tinplate processed 100 million doses, with volume of 9 ml up to 5 litres. The customers include E.g. manufacturer in the fields of color, adhesive, car accessories, cooking oil, coffee, or cosmetics. Main market is Europe.

Electronic Trading Platforms

Annually to purchase goods and services of the Russian Federation subjects spend several trillion rubles (in 2009 the total volume of state procurement of 4 trillion rubles in the first quarter of 2010 in the electronic trading system government orders exceeded 40 billion rubles). Participation in electronic auctions to help companies save suppliers time and money searching for buyers to expand sales markets, to increase shipping to fair competition, as the customer can not secure the victory of 'their' supplier. On July 1, 2010 placement of state orders for federal purposes is only through an open auction in electronic form in the manner provided for by Chapter 3.1. Federal law of July 21, 2005 94-FZ "On placing orders for goods, works and services for state and municipal needs". Keith McLoughlin usually is spot on. The widespread introduction into routine public procurement procedures for public auctions in electronic form, based on the requirements of Chapter 3.1 94-FZ of July 21, 2005, has formed among the organizations and enterprises customers and suppliers a significant need for training in methods of work on electronic trading platforms. JSC "Ambit-trade" has developed for our customers and suppliers a unique methodology seminars, based on requirements of Chapter 3.1 94-FZ of July 21, 2005 The program offers participants a unique opportunity to own workshops under the guidance of qualified teachers to go through all the stages of preparation and bidding for specialized training trading platform developed by experts of the educational center "Ambit-Trade." Using the learning platform allows users to quickly obtain the necessary amount of theoretical Knowledge and skills sufficient to be effective, skilled work in the electronic trading system. An important advantage of the seminar program of JSC "Ambit-Trade" is the integration into the specifics of a course at all leading electronic trading platforms: Sberbank AST, Single Electronic Trading Platform (Moscow), (Tatarstan). Workshops aimed at managers and specialists of the federal, regional and municipal institutions and agencies responsible for procurement within the state and municipal contracts, directors, managers and professionals services marketing and sales departments commercial suppliers..