Month: July 2014

Rome Equipment

In addition, piles are used: CD –loaded blade with "bucket" shape (sticky materials); VR – Variable radius (remediation and planning work); V – lumberjack tree stump grubber; K / G – brush cutter for clearing territories, "the rake" – for clearing the site. Since the equipment caterpillar bulldozers middle category occupy the major share of the market all the crawlers, the choice of equipment to be installed is also very wide. Total worldwide dozer and ripping equipment for crawler tractors produce about 100 companies. For example, Caterpillar uses other than their own bulldozer blade Balderson, Bateman Mfg, Rimco, Rome, Weldco-Beales. A similar situation occurs in other manufacturers. Among the producers of equipment can also be attributed, and independent manufacturers producing equipment for the models, taken out of production. Bulldozer blade has its own limitations on the type of application and, as usually associated with features of a tractor.

For clarity, we present a table of applicability to some of the tractors. Severe category of first crawler dozer and ripping aggregates severe category appeared only in the late 1950's. This was preceded by increasing production quotas in the construction and mining, which required high-performance, heavy machinery, and conventional bulldozers can not. Mechanical cable drive working bodies and gear box to restrict the scope of the use of bulldozers. Only after the development of mass production of reliable and compact hydraulic actuators became possible to produce an bulldozers large power and weight. By the bulldozer-loosening assembly (BRA) category carry heavy machines weighing over 30 tons and a capacity of more than 300 hp The large mass and high cost of maintaining these heroes impose restrictions on the range of their application.