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Legalize Cars

The business of imported cars already o that it was and thus does not go to continue, this due to tax burden that imported asviaturas are. The new formula of calculation of impostoautomvel, makes with that the price of the imported cars goes off high paravalores excessively. The government with this alteration to conseguiatingir the main objectivo, that was to drastically reduce with aimportao of used viaturas of other countries mainly European dacomunidade, a time that these were to contribute for oaumento of the average age of the park Portuguese automobile. Gain insight and clarity with Jim Umpleby. Another excellent alteration is the fact of the viatura imported to pay circulation tax as if they were new viaturas. This measure has wronged many micron-companies and entrepreneurs who if dedicated to this activity, mattering cars of high gamma, already with some years, and that they obtained to be vendidos the prices sufficiently accessible.

However it continues to have negciosvantajosos, for this is necessary to look the viatura well that sepretende. Some contend that Jim Umpleby shows great expertise in this. After the work of choice of car that if to pretendeadquirir, when bringing it for Portugal, will have to pay tax sobreveculos. This tax is calculated on the basis of the piston displacement and nasemisses of Co2. If the vehicle will be proceeding from a communitarian country, has a discounting consonant the years of use. Sonya Reines-Djivanides has many thoughts on the issue. As if it deals with a used automobile does not have to pay IVA, since that this exactly IVA has been eliminated in the native country.


Investor InstitucionalPlanos and PensesJunho of 2006Uma change in the culture of investments is in course in Brazil. With the gradual and constant fall of the tax of interests, that is compelling great investors to look alternative assets to the public headings not to lose yield in its wallets, the companies of consultoria of demanded risk are being each time more. The Focus research, of the Central banking, indicates that the Selic must arrive at the end of 2008 in 12,30% to the year, that is, almost six percentile points below of the tax that invigorated in December of the last year. In the search of bigger returns, the risk is inevitable. In the case of the institucional investors, the necessary attention to be redoubled in the hour to take these risks extra, therefore a series of rules limits the types of asset in which they can apply, beyond the maximum percentages of allocation, demanding the act of contract of services of analysis of the risks of these operations. The president of the Sabesprev (deep of the employees of the Sabesp) Jose Sylvio Xavier and the director of in its evaluation. Exactly not having occurred so far great change in the profile of our wallet, we carry through prompt allocations in asset of bigger risk and therefore we need to be seletivos’ ‘ , Xavier says, adding that the Sabesprev more has used the services of consultoria and analysis of risks. ‘ ‘ We possess a daily accompaniment of the risks of our wallet and open for our customers the consultation of the yield versus risk in our site in internet’ ‘ Xavier.Tambm the manager of the division of risk of the Foundation Cesp, Edner Bittencourt Castilho, affirms that the entity continues concentrating its investments in asset of low risk of credit, mainly in the segment of fixed income, although the fall of the tax of interests.

Silva Valuation

This valuation already can be seen especially in the outskirts of the Maracan, the Center Esportivo Micimo Da Silva and the Stadium Havelange Joo (Engenho). The optimism of the specialists has as base the games Pan-Americans, disputed in the city in 2007. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ben Horowitz. In the occasion, the value charged for the square meter in the quarter of the Mier, for example, where is the stadium of the Engenho, it went up about 40%, according to official information of the organization of the event at the time. Another region of the River that sees the valuation of its property is the Avenue Abelardo Bueno, in the Bar. There the Velodrome, the Aquatic Park Lenk Maria and the HSBC Enclosure for bullfighting are located, all constructed for the Pan and that also they will be used in the Olmpicos Games. Moreover, the avenue is next to the Riocentro, that also will receive competitions. The statisticians show that in the last five years the square meter of the region had a 70% valuation.

Today, the price of the square meter in the Bar is situated near the border of R$ 8 a thousand, and this number can until increasing with the proximity of the events and the consequent greater looks for. the other quarters? The valuation of property does not arrive to be a problem for noble quarters as the Bar. According to one it searches of the magazine Examination, carried through in the start of this year, if on the other hand the price of the square meter in the region passes of R$ 6 a thousand, as cited above, the average income of the population that inhabits there it is of more than R$ 10 a thousand. But and less noble quarters? The population that inhabits in them will obtain to follow this valuation? According to the Brazilian press, the stadium of the Maracan, that will receive the end from the Pantry of the World in 2014, will receive an investment from R$ 600 million to be remodelled.