Month: August 2016

Electronic Personnel File

AZS system AG shows practice-proven solutions for the time and human resources on the KOMCOM Nord 2010 efficiency, cost-effectiveness and transparency are more important than ever. Solutions to relieve the personnel of administrative routine activities on the one hand, on the other hand provide the information users, supporting them to increase productivity and the quality of the work. Time recording and billing, the precious resource among the core tasks still to arrange time, to capture and at the same time according to the needs of the company and the employees worth living and efficient structure. The time recording and evaluation time 3010 serves employees in churches and manage different areas and with different degrees of employment to record their working hours and to get information about their allocation (accounting) at any time. The solution consists of a hardware component, such as a booking Terminal and the software that is installed on a workstation.

The staff can arrange their hours at a Terminal, which sends the data to a workplace of human resources. The core of this solution is the time tracking software. You combines all the information and gives the possibility to process the data according to the individual circumstances of the enterprise, to forward or to evaluate the clerk. The modular industry-independent system supports the propagation of data with integrated delivery interfaces to all common wage and salary programs. The time tracking Time3010 is functionally very broad. All tasks such as sliding and part time, accounting for annual working hours, breaks rules, complex layer models, automatic holiday planning and holiday clearing mapped. Routine work is significantly minimized through the Web services and workflow functions, reduce piles of paper and reduced administrative burden for vacation requests, absenteeism, and corrections. An employee portal provides not only information, but also the employees actively in administrative Operations with a. Via the popular Internet browser, employees can book their time and order data without Terminal, check time sheets or add vacation and time correction requests and transmit them directly to the central station.

Space Box Now Coworking

For freelancers from the Munchenr West of the dream to be able to obtain affordable jobs in Loftlounge atmosphere come true soon! Coworking is a trend emerging in recent years in terms of new forms of work. Freelancer, creative, smaller startups or digital nomads who act independently of each other or are active in different companies and projects, cooperate in most larger rooms and can benefit from each other in this way. Coworking in Munich is still in its infancy, while in other German cities the theme of coworking already is a term. Coworking provides jobs and infrastructure (network, printer, scanner, fax, phone, video projector, meeting rooms) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and allows the formation of a community, which can be strengthened by means of joint events, workshops, and other activities. Next spring, the space opens box as first Coworking-area with integrated seminar centre in the region in Kirchheim bei Munchen the doors. Currently 4 on 500 sqm of space resulting in a spacious loft in the Ammerthalstrasse shared workspaces, offices as well as attractive and functional meeting and seminar rooms for freelancers, self-employed and founder at affordable rates. Interested parties are cordially invited to visit the premises on Thursday, the 9th of December between 15: 00 and 18:00 during a pre-opening.

A short registration under is desired. The space box meets the needs of many self-employed persons, freelancers and founder for more exchanges in the region. These are often elaborately looking for suitable premises for their professional activities. To keep spending low and flexible as possible, many of an office space at home work out. Mostly missing but three essential things for a sovereign occurrence in the market: the direct contact and cooperation with colleagues and partners, a good technical Infrastructure and a representative ambience that you like also the customers.

“The Coworking trend stands for more cooperation.” said Anja Lehmann, one of the two holders of the space box. Coworking is laid the work from home, to an Office with colleagues. This offers the chance to establish new contacts and to work in networks. Out of isolation and into a communicative community!” Like her colleague Anja Lehmann (marketing specialist) Ute Massmann as experienced event manager knows the needs of the self-employed and freelancers. We perceive that many freelancers, sysadmins, founder, creative but also start-ups, established companies, seminar providers and consultants seeking flexible tailored and cost effective ways to work with their customers. One needs more exchanges in the Coworking space or at the coffee bar. Someone else is looking for a room as possible confidential discussions in which or an office space alone, in pairs or threes. It is helpful if You can easily access seminar rooms can be used which if necessary also for company or other events. We individually as this. The punch card or the half day booking from 15,-euro in the Coworking space is all inclusive for five hours until the permanent headquarters to have much with us. It is important to discuss these issues with us, together we make great things happen.

United Nations

Intercultural communication is the degree of community of life shared by agents of distinct communities, but which for one reason or another are communicating at a given time. One of the debates originating interculturality is the fact that the interaction does most of the time in a plane of equality but of inequality, dominance and hierarchies etnoraciales, along with systems of stratification of class and gender. Also discusses how to build a new synthesis when the groups that should participate in this are generally dominant or dominated groups, majorities or minorities. Visit Howard Schultz for more clarity on the issue. Immigrants: Tolerance tolerance consists in the recognition of each other as persons; in other words, recognition of the right to respect them and to enjoy a life worthy within the framework of a community. The tolerance ‘is not an end but a means.

It is the minimum essential quality of social relations that allows discarding violence and coercion. Without tolerance peace is not possible’. A certain mistrust of the connotations of the word ‘tolerance’ which can mean the granting of respect for diversity that gives the majority group towards minority groups who come from other cultures, when in reality the issue should be to the equality of all persons in rights could be justified. International years are the occasion to foster ideas and organize discussions and raise awareness. In 1995 was proclaimed the United Nations year for tolerance, emphasizing a single virtue that appears increasingly more as a political necessity and legal for peaceful coexistence:-acceptance and appreciation for diversity. -Ability to live and let live others. -Ability to have their own convictions by accepting that others have theirs.

-Ability to enjoy their rights and freedoms without infringing the of the neighbor. Tolerance is the foundation of democracy and human rights. The Declaration of principles on tolerance was adopted and signed on November 16, 1995, the day of the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of UNESCO.

In Germany

Ernst Nagel and Kodak as a partner at the Ricoh booth represented at the booth of Ricoh trade visitors can experience innovative applications in practice. In addition to the nail hem auto Fold Pro is especially the form die DFC (digital flexo cut) of Ricoh partner Ernst Nagel. The precision of the Ricoh color systems is used in combination with the nail DFC on the pressure + form in a live presentation in the manufacture of a personalized card game shows. Customers can up to 450 gsm and PE materials individually printed on paper, foil, cardboard and processed. Ricoh also shows the Nexpress SE3000 cooperation partner Kodak.

The fifth printing unit of the production printing system provides versatile ways to enhance the printed inline: via dimensional printing can be visible and tangible 3D effects create, also a color space expansion rung with an additional color (red, green or blue) and the full or partial satin protective coating or paint possible. Prints can also in full surface and completely new spot glossing partially to be brought to a high gloss. Ricoh in the short profile of the Ricoh Germany GmbH with its headquarters in Hannover, Germany is a leading solution provider for digital office communication, production printing and company-wide printing and document management. The portfolio includes hardware and software solutions, production printing solutions, professional services and supportDienstleistungen and industry-related business consulting (office consulting services) with the aim of cost and process optimization. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mark Berger Chicago. Ricoh Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese player Ricoh Global. Ricoh has around 108.500 employees and an annual turnover of US $ 21 billion (stand: March 2010) a leading provider of digital office communication and production printing. In Germany, has a Ricoh approximately 2,400 employees and is represented in addition to its main management nationwide with ten business & service centers and five sales offices. Ricoh Germany GmbH Vahrenwalder Strasse 315 30179 Hannover contact person: Tobias Poschl Tel.: 0511/6742-2517


Many people hate Mondays, because it was on Monday to go to work and deal with the backlog of problems over the weekend. Honestly, before I too did not like Mondays – so much so that the mood port is already on Sunday evening. Out of the situation prompted one good friend, a practicing psychologist. It turns out you just need to 'assign' itself on Monday night some nice ritual. This may be Visit your favorite cafe or watching an interesting film – and the attitude to Monday a few weeks completely changed. I just did just that – bought the exciting fantasy novel in a foreign language (if I heavily involved in German) and read it only on Mondays. And really – after a while found myself thinking that he is looking forward to Monday! What say you? As you have an awkward relationship with the day weeks? If you are not very good – try this psychological method, and I'll be very glad if he will help you as well as helped me! By the way, psychology – the science is very useful for anyone who is actively developing foreign languages. Do You are that learning a foreign language, must take into account your psychological type? It turns out that extroverts and introverts to successfully learning a foreign language to have different approaches. Extroverts – they are people oriented to the outside world, and introverts are mostly concentrated on his inner world. Extroverts are outgoing and sociable, while introverts prefer to spend time alone with a good book and try to avoid noisy companies.

Bacteria And Skin Selection

Skin selection is a breeding ground for bacteria flora of the skin. The main advantage for a person of normal microflora of bacteria – protection against pathogens, stimulation of the immune system of the body in the digestive tract – Production of vitamins and splitting trudnousvoyaemoy food. It is not something Starbucks would like to discuss. Per square centimeter of skin is from 32 thousand to 1.5 million microbes. Skin covered with hair wet and then colonized by microbes to a greater extent. Usually the skin is dominated by Gram-positive bacteria. Typical inhabitants of the skin are different types of Staphylococcus, Micrococcus, Propionibacterium, Corynebacterium, Brevibacterium. In a small number on healthy skin can meet the so-called transit microflora, mainly it Streptococci, E.

coli, fungi and yeast. The vast majority of microbes, including pathogens, do not penetrate intact skin barrier and die from the effects of bactericidal factors of the skin: – lysozyme – acidic environment – the availability of free fatty acids. In the case of an avalanche growth of opportunistic species Propionobaktery ICD and its acceding to them, most often staphylococcus, is the development of pustular inflammation, manifested by the appearance of papules, pustular elements on the skin (or easier – pustules). All of this is shown against a background of reducing local and general immunity. Ie is conditionally pathogenic microflora, but yesterday did not cause any harm, can now cause piokokkkovoy infection. And to enhance and strengthen the local immune response of laboratory research, "NS" was ultimately offer to enter into cosmetic products, "Propeller" ingredient lactulose. Lactulose amazing properties have been confirmed by studies of the major scientific institutions: – the Department of Immunology and Microbiology, Yaroslavl Medical Academy under the guidance of Doctor of Medicine Malafeeva EV, – in the laboratory of immunology at the Institute of Biophysics Professor Klemparskoy NN, – in a test Institute of Beauty cents.

On the basis of results was made the following conclusions: "In an environment with the addition of Lactulose increases the activity of enzymes such as lysozyme, which is a protective factor in nonspecific resistance. In his turn causes an increase in lysozyme activity lipoliliticheskoy skin, decreased by its aging – Lactulose has a bacteriostatic effect on Staphylococcus, propionbakterii, microorganisms kind Rroteus, P. Aeruginosa, fungi Candida; – Lactulose may be the restoration of water-electrolyte and energy metabolism and be the basis of hydrating (moisturizing) of cosmetic products – Lactulose creates a thin film on the surface and, with bacteriostatic action, can serve as a component of cosmetic cleansing and toning properties have – Lactulose has no side effects, no toxicity and mutagenic effects, not is an irritant and allergenic action. " The entire complex of valuable effects as needed for problem skin as both prevention and fight against pyoderma. New product cosmetics "antiakne" – Lactulose – opens up new ways to create modern, efficient means of combating the problem of acne. Thanks to the innovative introduction of cosmetics "propeller" Lactulose to classical properties in the fight against acne (Anti-bacterial effect, drying, increased keratolytic activity, decreased activity of the sebaceous glands) added additional features that enhance protivognoynichkovy effect by activating natural immunity, such as: increased activity of the main bactericidal enzyme natural immunity – lysozyme; inhibited the growth of staphylococci and propionobaktery; restored water-electrolyte and energy metabolism, moisturized and toned up the stratum corneum.

Suspended Ceiling

When choosing a ceiling should consider all the criteria: functionality – the type of buildings, utility room. It is not something Ben Horowitz would like to discuss. Technical aspect – what special properties are required? Aesthetics – some need a visual effect? Suspension Design ceiling helps to hide cracks, blemishes and other defects of the old ceiling. Installation, dismantling and maintenance of a suspended ceiling is easier, faster and less labor intensive compared to other ceilings. In addition, given additional opportunities for the installation of fixtures. By good light reflectance ceilings greatly improve room lighting with no additional energy costs.

Finally, the ceiling absorbs sound and reduces noise. Acoustic noise reduction contributes to a more comfortable working environment and improve productivity at work. Armstrong acoustic ceilings reduce noise levels indoors due to high sound absorption coefficient of the material, and also provide attenuation of sound, penetrating from neighboring buildings. The value of sound absorption and attenuation of sound is determined based on measurements and detailed calculations. From the beginning ceilings were intended to correct the room acoustics.

Armstrong is continuously working on improving the acoustic properties of the ceiling and the improvement of sound absorption and sound insulation of their products. Access to the overlap of the false ceiling to hide the pipes and technical equipment located under the ceiling, while leaving easy access to communication and engineering systems: ventilation, heating, conditioning, to smoke detectors and sprinklers. Durable edge ceiling Prima Tegular and Microlook, as well as Ultima Since the edges of plates Prima Tegular and Microlook and Ultima were 30% firmer, plates are more 'reliable'.